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Thursday January 24th 2019

Inaugural labour day protest – first in Singapore’s history

With ten days to go before our sequel protest event on May first, I am all apprehensive yet excited at the same time and realised that the next ten days may be the longest period of my life.We realised that we are also creating another piece of history in Singapore here as so far no one has managed to organise a labour day event from the ground up – ever and we are proud to be able to do so for the first time!
We may even contemplate doing an annual labour day protest from now on – like what many other countries have done for decades.

We hope that Singaoreans will come out in full force to attend our inaugural labour day event – orgainsed by the people for the people!

All along, pro-government NTUC is the only organisation which held annual May day event indoor and it is not really accessible to the ordinary Singaporeans.

The guests are all invited and it is done prim and proper inside a air-con conference hall.

We have already created initial history with our Feb 16 protest as 4000 die-hard Singaporeans held the biggest post-independence protest in Singapore and we are very proud to have achieved that.

We have tried to include as many Singaporeans as possible to help us organised the labour day protest so that it represents a ground-up movement than the official top-down kind.

It is not all easy but the efforts are worth it…

We have printed 1000 car decals and tried our best to distribute them all out as soon as possible as they will be useless once the event is over. The cost is bore by a Singaporean.

We have also received news from NParks that we need a police permit as foreigners are participating in the event.

We have decided not to apply for the permit as firstly we do not have foreigners helping us to organise or speak at our event – as per our first Feb 16 protest and secondly we have never being asked to apply for any permit except for the online speaking permit.

The clause stated in the NPark ruling for foreigner participation is also unclear i.e.

#10.  A Police Permit must be obtained if permanent residents of Singapore are speaking or organising a demonstration, performance or exhibition, and/or if foreigners are speaking or participating in or organising activities at Speakers’ Corner

The clause is very clear on all other aspects of foreigner involvement except for the participating in part.

Do foreigners who attend the event deemed as participating in the event?

We have all along organised numerous protests for the past few years and I am sure that foreigenrs have attended some of our previous events, – we were not told to apply for any permit except for this one.

So all this is really puzzling and so far no authorities have come out to offer an official explanation.

To err on the side of caution, we will advise foreigners not to attend our May first protest in case we are in breach of any law. We want to apologise if this offends our foreigner friends.

I have also removed the banner post to encourage locals and foreigners to attend our event – which in the first place may probably have caught the eye of the authorities.

We most likely will have livestreaming so our foreigner friends who want to witness the venet can catch it online. We will advise on this once the livestreaming link is confirmed.

We will also put up certain signages at speakers’ corner to advise foreigners not to attend our labour day protest on that day.

This is regrettable as we felt that both locals and foreigners can enjoy the protest together in a peaceful manner as all of us will suffer from the ill-effects of the 6.9 million population white paper.

Anyway, our thirteen great speakers include:-

Robert Teh (66, retiree)
Raymond Yap (66, working – manager)
Vivian (27, single mum employed)
Darren Lai (42, married underemployed graduate)
Toby Lim (33, physically challenged graduate underemployed) and

Justina Yapp (47, stay at home mum with kids).

Other great speakers include:-

Ms Chan Wai Han with Function 8,

Mr M Ravi – human rights lawyer,

Mr Tan Jee Say – politican,

Mr Vincent Wijeysingha – politican,

Mr Jolovan Wham – social activist

Mr Nizam Ismail – corporate lawyer cum activist and

Mr Leong sze Hian – financial wizard cum activist.

See you for our inaugural labour day event organised by the people for the people!

Written by: Gilbert Goh
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Reader Feedback

15 Responses to “Inaugural labour day protest – first in Singapore’s history”

  1. Kelvin Low says:

    Gilbert, I have booked my return ticket in March when this event was first announced ! I think your team must make contingency plan for crowd control in case more than 10,000 were to turn up ! HLP & its surrounding might not be able to accomodate more than 10,000 crowd !

  2. Eric says:

    I think there is a very good chance that it will be at least 10,000 turnout.

    Hopefully, the voices will be loud enough to be heard!

  3. chillax says:

    I will be there

  4. Cool says:


    I will sitting under the shade of the tree sipping on my red wine and munching my croissant. I admire such display of love for the country.

    Saluteh to Singapour


  5. Returned SGeans says:

    So wht time is this event?

  6. Ken says:

    Anyway, I don’t see why should foreigners be involved. It would be very ironic since the topic is really about government letting the floodgate open to foreign PMETs which threatened the employment opportunities of local singaporeans. If any, the foreigners would feel grateful to our govt. So I don’t see what they have to protest about, if at all. They prob hv more to sing about our govt mammoth effort to attract them to our shore at our expense! So this should be strictly Singaporean. That’d make more sense.

  7. Ken says:

    And why is the time of the event not stated anyway, my dear organiser? Can’t even get a simple thing down?

  8. Geok Choo Kwa says:

    Dear brothers & sisters, and supporters of 1st May events, the relevant authorities are keeping a close watch on this event including your Facebook page. My posting and support on 1st May Facebook has warranted the authorities attention and they have prevented access of my Facebook account.

    I’m very glad that my posting with peaceful message deserve such great attention from the authorities.

    To Gilbert & speakers of 1st May event, let us all wise up and be SMART in our speech. Let’s refrain from defamation. Put our message across to our fellow S’poreans in a diplomatic way,

    show our IQ & EQ to our fellow S’poreans (so that they know they can rely on us to lead them),

    no accussation or personal attack on PAP politicians or MPs or Ministers,

    free ourselves from unnecessary lawsuit,

    preserve our freedom to organize another gathering,

    preserve our right to vote in next GE, and

    push for an early GE.

    Many S’pore citizens are suffering and may not be alive in 2016. Can’t wait. GE soon???

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