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Sunday January 21st 2018

Malaysian seeking support for prolonged unemployment

Dear Gilbert,

Hope this mail finds you all well.

I’m writing to you after coming across your website when I did a search for career coach last night.

Just to give you a bit of a background about myself.

I’m originally a Malaysian but became a Singapore Resident since I got married to my wife who is a Singaporean 2 years ago.

My wife has a decent job with one of the listed company’s here, and I was working for a MNC in KL.

Due to my wife’s single mother who is aging, we decided stay in Singapore as a family, thus I took a leap of faith by leaving my job in KL and moving here around mid last year.

With my credentials and experience in working for many reputable regional IT centers, I was confident that I’ll secure a full-time job in short time.

Things did not, however, turn out to be the way I expected.

I hired a professional to rewrite my resume and constantly applied for jobs (now close to 300 relevant ones). I then used the time to develop myself; prepared for and completed my PMP (by, approached CDC for PMET specific assistance, etc.

I’ve had a number of interviews, which did not land me any jobs in the end; reasons I received were various, such as that I’m over-qualified, do not have specific technical hands-on, and recently, that I have been out of job for too long.

I must also share with you that I did work as a freelance consultant on web solutions and consulting on IT infrastructure services during this period of unemployment; just to make sure I don’t stay dormant.

Not to take up too much of your time, I’ll keep the story up to here for now.

For now, my wife is still working, thus we are surviving to an extent, but it’s becoming more and more difficult for both of us as the situation persists and I’m very worried that it will only get worse.

I am actually in desperate need of any help/advice/directions I can get from good souls like yourself, to get me back on track, and literally back on my feet.

Hope to hear from you soon, my friend.

Best Regards,



Hi Kumar

Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear about your predicament.

We actually cater our support  services more for jobless Singaporeans but will try to help you here.

Its quite a long period that you are unemployed so I wonder what really went wrong?

Searching for  a job can be a rather exhaustive project which taxes the mind and the emotions.

Many give up after searching fruitlessly for more than a year so I am glad that you are still in it.

In this tough competitive world, net working is crucial for a successful job search so do venture out of your confort zone and network with more people.

Also write to all your contacts and ask them for job referrals as many people in the work force have more resources than us sitting at home.

They are also able to alert us when their company has a job vacancy.

I have also attach my ebook How to survive unemployment for your reading pleasure

Take care and stay positive.

We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh

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7 Responses to “Malaysian seeking support for prolonged unemployment”

  1. sal says:

    Hi Kumar, I have been in your situation before… I know someone from IT industries who have to become sales person selling PC, laptops and accessories when he was retrenched….at least he can apply his IT knowledge doing sales, until he can find a better job. That’s the reality of life, its better to have a job than none.

  2. J Y says:

    I have read recently from ST that there are about 7.5% jobless males in the 25-64 age group, while the rate is 29% for females in the same age group. Hence, I believe there are thousands of locals out there who are puzzled how MOM can put the jobless rate at 2% for so long. Maybe they just assume that many of those jobless are housewives or retirees.

    MOM also assume that the resident employment rate is hard to increase further base on 2% jobless rate. Thus, they are always asking for more FTs to come here. Why can’t they consider those thousands of jobless locals first before employing from overseas?

    Is there really no better options than becoming taxi drivers, insurance or property agents, service staff, cleaners etc.? I mean PMETs may be demoralised doing those jobs though they can at least have food on the table. But the problem is whether there is a more susbtainable solution to the problems that jobless locals face.

  3. Anon says:

    “Kumar”, you can apply for teaching positions in polytechnics. In today’s “boom” economy the polys are not too choosy about recruitment. And also lecturer positions in polys are on 3-yr contracts, so they’re not that particular.

    You may think it’s degrading and a downgrade to teach in a polytechnic, but at least it’s a stable income while you plan your next move. Furthermore, being a poly lecturer is much less mentally stressful than teaching in primary or secondary schools.

    • BJAdi says:

      I have to disagree with Anon about the polytechnic.

      I have been working in the aviation industry for almost 10 years. My background and degree is in aviation engineering. Last year, after many applications for a lecturing position in a poly in the east I was finally called for interview.

      Initially I thought I had a good chance given my years of experience and background.

      The first interview with the subject coordinator went well. I had a good feeling when I walked out of the interview room.

      Then I had a second interview which was a little bit tougher with the department head but still I was optimistic.

      Then came another call from the poly asking me for a third interview with a panel of directors.

      This was later followed by another interview with the subject head where I was asked to give a short presentation.

      And it was at this point that the subject head told me that I did not make it.

      After all that, I questioned the entire process. Why did it take a subject head to reject me when I went through all those interviews even with the panel of directors?

      So I leave it to you to find your conclusion to this

  4. David says:

    I am a husband like you who is unemployed & have a working wife but with children.

    We are a family of Singapore born Singaporean which wonder why foreigner can get a job in Singapore but not me as a citizen of Singapore which I worry for myself & my children future.

    I sometime question myself what go wrong with my qualification & experiences which I try to pin point & correct it in my CV but still…UNEMPLOYED!

    I am lost like you but have yet to give up hope. Let us hope that we can get a job soon.

    One thing I hate most is Government. Stop adverting that we are a wealthy first world country when your wealth did not benefits me. Even if I am sick & unemployed as a citizen of Singapore, I still needs to pay upfront in public hospital before I can get a medical consultation. Is this how a first world country treat their citizens?

    I am very mentally sick of you & sometime what I hope my physical body can give you a punch on your face for being hypocrite! Please wake up your idea! Yes, you! You know who you are!

  5. Desmond says:

    Have you thought of moving back to KL with wife and her mom?

  6. Bread Maker says:

    I came across a lot of case similar to you that a lot of PMET professional lost their jobs.
    Many of the investor found that cost in Singapore is too expensive mainly issue from wrong development strategy launched by Former Minister, Mah Bow Tan.

    Transformation of the manufacturing sector to tourism sector is merely a good excuse to land the billion dollar IR Marina Sand Projects in the mother land of Singapore. This project is the factor has resulted residential property price has increase dramatically and business units have force to switch to other countries, end up the retrenchment begin.

    You are encouraged to invest in energy industries to provide cheaper electricity for people, but you insisted merely one project to end up destroy the whole business atmosphere in Singapore.

    Now, you never seen the profit has rising but drop sharply across the industries.

    Who did the false? I sure you know.

    I don’t know why some Singaporean voted for Brainless MPs or who is just care about their own interest without consider about us?

    Every country has government and there is no wrong for government, but PAP should not be ideal ruling party for government at next general election.

    Perhaps, Singapore should have the strong-hold opposition alliance party to defend people interest and basic human rights.

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