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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Post-protest letters from supporters


Firstly a big Thank You for organising the protest.

I attended with 15 other people in my circle including my colleagues, friends and  young-adult children who brought along some friends too.

It sure took a lot to organize and the impact was felt as word of the success of the event spread around.

Pity that the ruling government chose to stay arrogant and wishing that this was just a flash in the pan. Very much like what elderstatesman LKY thought about Obama?

I went to your website to look around and wondered if it is possible to allow job ads from companies looking for staff.

From another angle, could your society act like a head hunter and provide CV s to companies to canvass them to hire unemployed Singaporeans? Perhaps you have done this before so pardon me if I am out of line here.

I have more than 30 years experience in the banking sector and currently run a team of asset-class advisory in a private bank.

I have been made redundant before and totally empathise with them and have thought of setting up an organisation to help our fellow brothers and sisters to find New employment. Just got too lazy !

But I feel energised after Sat and especially in the wake of what is about to happen here in our country with relentless influx of foreigners which I suspect will create a bigger citizen-unemployment problem.

Perhaps we can meet and I could help in some way or we can discuss possibilities? I am thinking of roping some friends in too to help out if we all believe we can contribute meaningfully.




Hi Gilbert,

Congratulations to you for the most successful event organized at the Speaker’s Corner – delighted beyond expectations in spite of the main stream media publishing articles in the morning trying to sway some minds otherwise.

You have all my support for another event organized. It is imperative to keep this as an on going subject to gather more support from the True Blue Singaporeans. Repeating emphasis on the incompetence and promises not kept will definitely convince more citizens to do the right thing…… Do hope you can find speakers in the next event to surface AIM Sega. I would not be surprised more Pappies will have sleepless nights…..

Looking forward to hear exciting news on the next event in not too distant future….

Best Regards,

James Wong


Thanks Gilbert for taking the pain and effort to rally against PAP bad policy.

Yes, agreed with you.

We welcome foreigners to our island but we are against government poorly thought-out immigration policy.

With this stance, we could win foreigners to our side who was lure here by the government to work and later to be abandoned by their employer.

Suggest we allow some of these foreigner workers who are out of job or abandon

by employer for even cheaper labour to speak at the rally.

Since LKY say we Singapore are world class, then we make sure that the government is also world class and act responsibly not just towards its citizens, but foreigners as well.

Once again, thanks for the effort. Look forward to another rally on a monthly basis.



Dear Mr. Gilbert

I am a 25 year old male born and breed Singaporean that is currently studying in Melbourne, Australia.

I would like to share with you my deepest appreciation and love for your voice that is changing Singapore’s history.

And even though I am not physically there to show my support, you have my upmost respect and gratitude for the courage you and everyone else has in the organization.

Reasons for leaving my country, my home Singapore was due to the influx of foreign workers that has killed the love I once had. But now with your voice and the organization, I have finally found the pride of being a proud, true- blue Singaporean.

With this, all I can say is Thank You.

Please don’t ever stop fighting for the people of Singapore.

Singapore will always be my home no matter where I will be.

From a fellow Singaporean

Editor’s Note: If you are there on that historic day, please write to us at We love to hear from you or any feedback you can provide so that our next event will be better organised. We apologised for any slip up on that day due to the overwhelming crowd as we initially only prepared for 200 participants. We will be more ready for our   next event…stay tuned.

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5 Responses to “Post-protest letters from supporters”

  1. sal says:

    Keep it up! Let the fire burning till GE 2016.

  2. Al says:

    Yes, S’pore has made history!
    We need to reclaim our rights back else S’pore will be sold to the foreigners & eventually the whole country in is gone 444444ever together with the PAPayas (hokkien says ‘kiu tho lau gau sua’ . Thank U Gilbert for organising this event! U the man.. huat ah!!!

  3. Emma says:

    Hi Gilbert, Thank you for organising this event. I missed it but my heart was with all of you. I am so proud of you for standing up and speaking the truth and be the voice of the silent majority. Keep it up. I am sure more like-minded Singaporeans will support this campaign for the sake of our rightful heritage which our forefathers have helped to build. The government was a facilitator but the people make up the nation with sweat and tears. Singapore has seen through at least three generations now and things have changed so much that we the blue-blooded Singaporeans are no longer the rightful heirs of this nation. thank you once again Gilbert! God Bless u and everyone involved in this campaign!!

  4. J Y says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    If you really have plans for setting up an employment agency, please crave a niche for it by giving priority for the most vulnerable among the jobless. Those who are vulnerable are typically people who have been jobless for at least 1 year, or who have been dismissed unfairly or discriminated/ exploited/ bullied etc. before and have difficulties landing a decent job again.

    I feel that many job agents are just forwarding our resumes to their potential clients without a heart and thus don’t deserve their commission. A compassionate job agent should be someone who can match the personalities and work values of both parties other than just matching the skills or experience required. This would ensure a higher success rate and a long-term cordial relationship of both parties.

    As for future protests, you can also hold it on a Sunday afternoon. Avoid rainy seasons as well, so more people will attend and not fall sick.

    You can also take the opportunity to highlight the difficulties of the jobless to gain employment due to the influx of cheaper and younger FTs.

    We understand that employers are concern with operation costs in the face of global competition, but we, as workers need to have a decent salary when the cost of living is ever-increasing.

    You can also highlight cases of discrimination/ exploitation/ bullying in the workplace and appeal to employers to give jobless Singaporeans a chance to learn and progress with the company instead of employing FTs.

    You can appeal for shorter working hours and better work-life balance to put across a point that incentives can’t really boost the birth rate. We need to revamp the work culture here instead to make Singapore a better place to live and survive in.

  5. chua q m willie says:

    Dear Gilbert ;

    Thank you and your team made History for all Singaporean, all my friend in KL taking about this, be for , all friends in KL did not know the hard ship Singaporean facing , Thank you and your team stand up for all Singaporean , Best Regards

    Chua QM

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