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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Concerns about 6.9 million population protest

Dear Sir,

I have some concerns that I hope you can address.

I am unsure about this event. As much as I feel the frustration of the issues at hand, some of my friends, foreigners who have been contributing to Singapore for a long time both personally and economically, have been viciously targeted as a result of this “no to 6.9 million” idea.

I understand completely that this is not an event against foreigners but against the ideas presented in the white paper, but how can we all ensure that this will not lead to more xenophobia?

I would like to attend but based on what I’ve seen online, I am concerned about what may happen at the event – not from the organisers, but from the people behind very hateful and hurtful words that have been thrown at me (as a Singaporean who stands up for foreign friends) and my friends who are foreigners/PRs.

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks,



Hi Patricia

Thanks for your mail and its a valid concern.

I will take extra effort to ask the speakers not to stir up xenophobic sentiments especially when some foreigners are attending the event.

We will also announce via the MC on that day  that foreigners are welcome to the event.

However, its particularly hard not to feel some resentment against foreigners working here when you are jobless or worse have been replaced by a FT.

Its natural but still one can control the emotional displeasure.

Let me post up these reminders along the way till the event day itself.

It will be a historic moment and don’t miss out if possible.

We are expecting a good crowd size of around 2000 people attending.

See you on that day!


We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh

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5 Responses to “Concerns about 6.9 million population protest”

  1. /e says:

    this woman is probably one of those “spg” in SG who just loves “ft”, especially western men.

  2. jj@39 says:

    “We are expecting a good crowd size of around 2000 people attending.”

    i don’t think there will be 2000 people attending. S’pore still doesn’t have regain back a protest culture yet after being controlled by PAP for so many years.

  3. Angelia Kwok says:

    Thank you GG for your senstivity to the nature and issue of this protest. We do need to stand up against the number and the fact that as a nation we have had no choice in the matter. I too have made friends who are non singaporeans and the issue is not with their presence but with the very idea that we have been made to live with policies that don’t enrich our lives and I dont refer to materialism at all but instead lessen our rights.
    Thank you again for all the hard work

  4. Revival says:

    This shouldn’t be called a protest. Instead it should be called “Fighting For Our Rights”. I’ve got children and right not I’m shivering cold feeling so unsecured about their future.

    Never have I ever attended such an event. It’s not that I never supported the cause, but thought that someone else can fight for me. However, this time around I’ve made it a point to attend without exception. The well being of my beloved Country, family, friends and fellow countrymen are at stake here. Even those New Citizens will be affected, if this idiotic flawed policy doesn’t stop.

    Will be attending with my family if God permit. Thanks Mr Gilbert Goh. God Bless.

  5. ufo says:

    Swiss density is only 188/km2 and sing is 7000/km2 without the increase of population. I think the swiss standard is more and more unattainable as time goes by.

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