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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Foreign permanent resident is against 6.9 million population

Written by: Ralph Bonifacio

I may be foreign-born but I’ve stayed in Singapore long enough to understand the plight of many local Singaporeans.

I can say that I’ve understood them to the extent that I, just like many, have resented the PAP government’s endorsement of the white paper regarding the population increase of 6.9 million by 2030.

Although I’m simply holding an SPR status as of current and thus, having no right to participate on local politics in a deeper level, I would like to express my discontentment about the government’s plans.

I, too, am discontented about the super-crowded environment of this city-state and disappointed and baffled about how insincere and disconnected the government is over public sentiment.

How can they still shrug it off when this “noise” is all over the place, it’s more than just “noise”?

Before anyone tells me off and say I should just keep quiet, I can’t.

I’ve stayed in Singapore since age 5, spent my childhood life here,  studied and worked here.

I am concerned about this country’s future and resent the PAP’s insane plan.

I wouldn’t want to be one of their lab rats lured by dangling carrots and vote for them simply because they gave me carrots.

I love this country and I want to see the people love, live happily and growing old in this country. Isn’t that part of patriotism as well?

Giving them carrots isn’t patriotism.

I hope our participation would let the government not take us too lightly and actually listen to what the people want to say. Before everything is too late…

Editor’s Note: This article was taken from a post from the event facebook page meant for the protest on 16th Feb at Speakers’ Corner.

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  1. Teo says:

    What time will the Speakers’ Corner event start?

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