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Friday February 23rd 2018

SMU graduate with mental health condition exploited and unfairly dismissed by private educator

Dear Gilbert,

Sorry for responding late to the email.

After meeting you, my flu symptoms escalated and I got sunburnt. I took a rest for the next coming few days to get and feel better.

Maybe it is predestined that I have to meet a lot of obstacles.

Such is my fate that my career cannot take off due to the host of factors, my psychosis, competitive Singapore working environment and unfit career choices.

I initially thought my position in the business development section could really took off, till management bias forced me to transfer over the sales and marketing department - with  good faith that  life would be better in the department in future.

Despite hesitation , I went on and signed the new contract that had a clause that looked like this:

From the effect from 1 November 2012, your remuneration will be $1700 basic, with commission and incentives at the discretion of the company’s performance.

I later seeked clarity from the human resource department,  that the overtime charges and commission of 1.5 rate would apply to everyone.

However, there was no black and white, so we carried out our overtime duties diligently with the good faith that the employer would make good his promise.

Unfortunately, my employer never reimburse my overtime charges which are accumulative of two months’ overtime fees.

However,  due to his existing prejudice and my inability to tolerate his style of work and the management culture, during one tense conflict I was terminated on the spot.

I was very moody nowadays because I could not substain my career.

Previously, I thought that my mental illness condition will destroy my career because I had contracted this after graduating from  university.

While recovering, I took on a string of jobs before I landed on this one.

On recovery, I still realize my threshold of stress and concentration could hold limited capacity, while my family members thought that I had resumed to normal, without noticing the fact that my illness could recur again.

I fought my way multitasking during the job, despite knowing that I would simply make more mistakes that other people.

I don’t mean to give some demerit points to modern society, but it holds true to the fact that not everybody can simply endure the grinds of the competitive modern society, where working late and weekends are  a norm.

Some simply seek out having a work-life experience, but most employers hold it to the fact that if you have to be their slave in order to survive, espousing careerism as an excuse.

And also, many people work hard because of status anxiety, trying hard to get accepted by the societal  norm.

Life is definitely getting complicated nowadays, however Singapore does not encourage alternative ways of living because of its political and economical landscape.

Nevertheless, I thank you Gilbert for giving me a listening ear.

I am getting boiled at this moment.

It’s perhaps destined that I would be limited in my resources than other normal people.

The only solace that I can find is of the fact I am not born in Africa, where more than 16,000 children die everyday.

It’s time for me to get back to the job search yet again…

Best Regards,


Editor’s Note: Any employers who are willing to explore  employment opportunities with our writer please email me at On our part, transitioning will be providing counselling and coaching support for June.

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7 Responses to “SMU graduate with mental health condition exploited and unfairly dismissed by private educator”

  1. p says:

    Hi June,

    Take it easy; we are all made different and have different roles to play in life & society.

    As some go hungry, there are many who are struggling to slim down or eat less.

    If you know or think you are sick, get treated and take medicine. Health is wealth.

    We survive a meal a day (also helps keeping you healthy against excessive eating). Just be yourself! You need not be in the rat race or seek what your other friends are seeking. It’s all about YOU! If you believe there is such a thing call ‘fate’, it’s all in your hands.

    Get well soon and be healthy.

  2. sal says:

    Hi June, I hope you will get well and be strong in managing yourself daily…..Take care.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi June,

    Finding oneself is not an easy task even for the able. Most people just go with the flow like you have mentioned. I have been searching for me, for some time now.

    I believe you should explore entrepeneurship, find something you like to do and persue it. The energy you would get doing something you like is uncomparable. It will also strengthen you emotionally. Why? Cause the only skillset requirement is that failure makes you better. Dont be swindled by the norms of society in singapore where the only risk that people are willing to take is gambling (e.g. 4d, toto).

    I know I may never understand the problems that you face in your challanges moving forward, but I have been stuck many times in life. Thus, the only advice I can give you in such a time is start something you are proud of and you would be able to push forward. Dont be afraid to fail.

    As for multi-tasking and other pressures of life, look at everything as a single task and finish one at a time. Dont care about how others do it, they are not the one doing it for you. You are. So stay focused and take the challenge one at a time.

    I truely hope you do get better.

  4. jes says:

    do you have a relationship with a loved one? i think it can cure you disease also?do you have facebook?

  5. louis says:

    hi june,

    first, start to have a positive mindset despite what had happened in the past. start believing that good things will come to you, slowly appreciate and thank the little things you had in your life.

    you will find that being positive attract good things to you, use or see this as an opportunity to being a better person in the long run.

    smile, have faith …

  6. Cool says:

    Hi June

    I am impressed with your ability to express and articulate your thoughts. Sales and Business Development requires significant client facing work which may not be suited for you. This is only my opinion not having met you. My suggestion is to consider marketing communications or public relation in which both writing skills and the ability to present are sought after.

    All the best

  7. a says:

    Hi June

    I have the same problem as you. Can’t endure the stresses of modern day working in singapore where the work-life balance is non-existent. You may be creative by nature and perhaps you would prefer a job like sales, where all you need to do is sell something, and the method is really determined by you.

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