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Saturday January 20th 2018

Protest at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb (Sat) at 4.30pm – Say NO to 6.9 million population!

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Dear Friends,

Transitioning is  organising a protest  at Hong Lim Park Speakers’ Corner on 16  Feb (Sat) at 4.30pm – “Say NO to 6.9 million population”.

Note that Speakers’ Corner is  a legitimate  government-allowed area for protests and public gathering.

We have conducted many such events there previously without any interference.

The government has just announced in a population white paper that they are  targetting  a 6.9-million population by 2030.

The interim plan is to have 6 million population by 2020.

Based on the current 5.3 million population we have, we need an   influx of almost 90, 000 foreigners  a year to reach 6.9 million people in 17 years’ time!

I am sure that you will agree with me that the drastic increase in population is unacceptable as clearly space wise we are already suffering and many local Singaporeans will also be replaced by cheaper hungrier foreigners out to make a foothold for themselves here.

Please let me know if you are able to come for the event by placing a like on the facebook icon below.

We also need speakers for the event and if you are passionate and brave enough do email me at and we will get in touch with you on this matter.

Be a voice for Singaporeans!

I am sure that there will be a large turn-out for this event which affects not only the participants themselves  but their children as well.

We can’t take this lying down!

Singapore for Singaporeans!

Gilbert Goh


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Reader Feedback

43 Responses to “Protest at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb (Sat) at 4.30pm – Say NO to 6.9 million population!”

  1. xyz says:

    I remember immediately after GE2011, PM Lee himself said on TV that S’pore will cut down significantly on foreigner intake, and that 80,000 a month is way too much, maybe 30K-40K a month still can.

    But now PAP has officially dictated that S’pore is to import 90,000 foreigners each month. Bloody hell!

    In fact, even after GE2011 and after saying all the talk cock sorry on TV, PAP actually still imported average of about 80K to 90K foreigners each month from 2011 to 2012. I thought that it was temporary boost to satisfy all the MNCs and SMEs. But now it looks like Sinkies have been conned big time.

    No wonder PAP decided to have the BE quickly. If they call the BE now, PAP will lose by 25% instead of just 11%.

  2. Cremora says:

    It’s per YEAR, xyz, not per month…

  3. David says:

    GE2011 say want to cut down foreigners but did they cut down (or have a significant impact to be consider ‘cut down’)?

    I personal feel that the answer is no.

    During this process, Singaporeans suffer more & Foreigners go back to their home country because they feel cheated which resource is wasted to attract Foreigners can be better used to help Singaporeans, PRs & Foreigners who are currently in Singapore!

  4. J Y says:

    “No to 6 million” should be a stronger message than “No to 6.9 million”. Or even better to use “No to 5.5 million”!!

    Anyway, to look at it from a bright side, this would mean that more GRCs and SMCs will be taken by opposition parties come GE 2016. The PAP always will “do the right thing, even when it is not popular” with Singaporeans. So, maybe WP can gained more seats by then and have a stronger presence in parliament.

    It just shows that a leopard won’t change its spots even after losing some seats in parliament.

    Why is the PAP’s vision of the future so different from ours? Have they lost touch with the ground so much?

    On the other hand, WP seems to be rooted to the ground. Thus, their recent victory at the PE BE is a proof of their hard work walking the ground.

  5. sal says:

    Sorry Gilbert, unable to attend the protest but my support is with you and the organiser…..Sporean first policy!!!

  6. SingaporeanFirst says:

    Sorry, too busy, but u hav my support!

  7. Chan Chee Kong says:

    Will be attending, against population increase

  8. Charlie says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Hasn’t the government made it clear that 6.9m is a guideline for the planned increase in Singapore’s capacity, and not a “target” (as quoted from your above write-up? Please do not mislead the public in using such obscure words. Thanks.

    • David says:

      ‘guideline’ for the planned increase? Where did the number of 6.9m ‘guideline’ come from? To me, it is never a ‘guideline’ because it is a forecast to target 6.9m for planning purpose.

      • Charlie says:

        If not a 6.9million guideline, what else should we expect the government to do? Leave it to fate for planning? Or plan our capacity arbitrarily? Or do we aim for 6million and decry that our foresight has been lacking? Or do we aim for 7million and get protested against?

        • David says:

          So are you telling me that you agree it is not a ‘guideline’ but a ‘forecast to target’ 6.9m for planning purpose?

          • Charlie says:

            No, this is still a guideline.

            Does it make sense for the government to explicitly set and hit for such a target? Further, I don’t think we should try to second-guess the intentions of our leaders here. Neither should we be correcting how our elected leaders are doing their planning.

    • Charlie says:

      Another quick point: what is the agenda of this protest? What do we aim to achieve from this protest apart from voicing our view that 6.9million is not an appropriate number? Apart from simply voicing out our disagreement in this protest, are we putting across any viable options for our leaders?

      • Bob says:

        Overcrowding IS overcrowding, don’t digress.

        WP and some MPs already presented their recommendations. Solve the current problems before talking about having more people! The projections has to be on solid reasoning & not based on economic growth. Can the gov answer for WHOM the growth is For?

      • ice says:

        The agenda is to let PAP know that the citizen is not agreeable to their stupid policy. The actually know it all along, but because of their sinister opbjective of getting in new citizen to vote for them so that they can continue to be in power, they resort to screwing we Singaporean.

        You said that what else can we do other than protest. This is the whole point, we cannot do much other than protest. But the point is that at least this is a start, and who knows what it will end up? I recall the movement in America on removing the discrimination of the black started in a bus whereby a black lady refused to take the unfair treatment, and that spark the whole movement and America eventually change the system.

        As for viable option, what makes you think that 6.9 million is the viable option? To me , I think the numebr should be around 4 million.The most viable option is to vote PAP out in 2016.

    • micon02 says:

      The white paper guideline isn’t realistic solution. The government has yet to acknowledge the root causes. The influx of foreigners.

    • ice says:

      When PAP say a 6.9 million population is for planning purpose, we know they mean target.

      A few years ago, I remember the government also said that 6 million is for planing purpose, and now at 5.3 million, what exactly did the government did with the plan? Nothing, and that is why we have all the problem today-not enough housing, crowded trains etc. So you believe the 6.9 million is for planning purpose? Wake up and do not be naive.

  9. Maria Chow says:

    My family will be there and we will help to broadcast this to friends and relatives this CNY.

  10. JasmineT says:

    Remember the government’s proposed CPF minimum sum guideline was $113,000? But the actual amount imposed turned out to be $139,000 and took place months before the proposed date. That’s how most of their guidelines/proposals turn out.

    So does it mean for the 6.9M population “guideline”, we should actually expect the real target to be 7.9M or more way before 2030 even appears on the horizon?

    • Alpha says:

      Jasmine, please look clearly. If a planned guideline turns out true, this adds to the evidence that the planner has a pretty good foresight. On the contrary, if the guideline fails to actualise, are you going to blame the government for their lack of foresight?

      I hope you see that in both universal events, you will still end up blaming the government. Hence, I don’t know what are you trying to achieve from the blaming at the end of the day.

      Further, like what Charlie has mentioned, we should not second-guess the intentions of the government. You entrusted your votes to them, you let them do the planning.

  11. Max is Boring says:

    there’s no point doing this “protest” at Hong Lim Park. Few hundred people hanging around the park having a carnival isn’t going to bring about change. That’s not how revolution go about.

    • ice says:

      Than what do you suggest? Just sit behind your computer and be a keyboard worrier and KPKB in the cyberspace? Is this how revolution is started? If it is, that is news to me, than by your logic, we should not be seeing what happen in Egypt etc, those people that just need to go to the computer and write some complainting blog entry and wah lah, things change.

      • Alpha says:

        Look Ice, I don’t think you should presume that Max is Boring is suggesting for us to be a keyboard warrior. Please have the basic respect for the intelligence of the people who read and post up here. Thanks.

        On the other hand, do you really think that having this protest would lead us anywhere? Tell us more about your fantasies on the impact. I believe everyone here is interested to know about it.

  12. Ray says:

    Everybody remember to bring a big handkerchief to cover your lower face…

    Also remember to bring your pink IC… it is illegal not to have your ID with you at all times… police may check..

  13. Kimmy says:

    This is when you stand up for singapore, Gilbert thnak you so much for doing this, yes I will definitely be there. Bring my entire family too, tell all my friends as well – must send a message LOUD LOUD to PAP -

  14. john wee says:

    Left Singapore 7 years ago for Australia and has never look back. Sorry, but the state of SG only has my curiosity, not my committment.

    Good luck to you all.

  15. Basil Pereira says:

    I think this protest will show PAP that no Singaporean in heeis right mind would want a huge influx of foreigners. I find this entire idea ludicrous, lacking in foresight, and foolish. Many people in Seletar Hills also feel the PAP need a massive inflow of foreigners – and new citizens therefore – to make up for the definite swing of votes to the opposition. They are paranoid about losing more seats. So by getting 6.9 million citizens, 1.6 potential new citizens given citizenship instantly, they ccan remain in power for infinity. Singapore is overcrowded, and we are sandwiched enough. Vote against this bizarre, muddled headed scheme!!!

    Ian Underwood

    • John Lim says:

      Very irritating to see that we locals are being outnumbered by foreigers in buses, MRT, parks,clinics, food courts, hawker centres and many public places. Looks like we are a foreigners in our own land. These foreigners
      compete with us locals for public amenities and jobs.

  16. sal says:

    Dear Singaporeans….know your rights, vote the party that come out with good policies that benefits the citizen.

  17. sal says:

    Uniquely Spore….highest tax to own a car, beside road tax, Sporeans need to pay other taxes rename as COE and ERP

  18. Malcolm Goh says:

    It’s about time ALL Singaporeans speak out against this idiotic scheme concocted by fools to win votes …

  19. Colin White says:

    The people of Singapore should vote this govt out of office. They do not care for the ordinary citizens. They care only for the scholar elite and granting 1.3 million foreigners citizenship so as to balance a massive vote against them. Article 10 of the Singapore Constitution guarantees Singaporeans “freedom of speech, assembly and association.

  20. Agnes Joseph says:

    Singaporeans should vote against this stupid, brainless policy. Singaporeans should also demand that the govt r eturn their CPF money, all of it, when they turn 55. It’s their money, hard-earned, slogged over for 30 years. Luckily, I got mine when I gave up my citizenship. The govt cannot cover up the stupidity of Ho Ching, and withhold CPF money. They are in breach of contract because all civil servants are now penniless at 55. The govt has deceived Singaporeans of their money because of a fool called Ho Ching.

  21. Richard Lee says:

    This mad scheme to bring in 1.6 million useless foreign talents is actually an evil, diabolical and sinful scheme that is solely aimed at PAP winning back the great swing of votes to the opposition. It DOES NOT benefit Singaporeans. That FOOL, Acting Minister, Chan Chung Seng is STUPID. This donkey-brained scheme is to PROP UP the PAP and prevent them from losing power.

    VOTE them out of power!!
    Do not FEAR them.
    FEAR only GOD, and his angels.
    Happy Chinese New Year!!

  22. Gerard Lam says:

    I turn 55 tomorrow. What do I get? $11,000 – and a letter insisting I pay Income Tax on my miserable amount. $140,000 of my hard-earned money is stuck in the CPF Board. Why? Because Madam Ho Ching has squandered $100 billion of state reserves in Temasek Holdings and the govt needs to withhold our CPF to make amends.

    This govt will be cursed by ALL Singaporeans for stealing their CPF at 55. Our parents got their gratuity and pension at 55. We get nothing.

    They have made us slaves in our own countr. By the way, the Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, and prohibits slavery.

    Guess what – the PAP are actually practising slavery – on its own citizens …

    They must FALL – they must LOSE the next elections – if not GOD is DEAD …

  23. Troy d'Souza says:

    This govt in my humble view has lost the raison d’ etre [reason for existence] to govern. The people have lost faith over this silly, hair-brained scheme, the White Paper to bring in 6.9 million in total. Foreigners may well make up 50% of our population. It will dilute our sense of being Singaporean. If at 55, we can’t even get our CPF, then why shoheoruld anybody work? We just want to be happy, and enjoy our retirement. I love being Singaporean, but I hate what the govt is doing to us. They are treating us like trash, – they deserve to be ousted from power in a popular people power revolution. I hope to live long enough to witness their downfall …

  24. 五星月 says:


  25. JL says:

    Dear All,

    Any preparation done to have cover here ? Looks like weather forecast say will rain on Saturday. Hope no Singaporean are stopped from going and we all patriots should be there despite the rain to show the ruling party how unpopular they are and their policies.

  26. Alpha says:

    The protest would start in 5 hours time. If it rains, let’s see if the above are merely words of the angsty Singaporeans who just simply want to find fault with everyone. Or are these people truly wanting something to be changed. May it rain and wash the lens of every online citizen.

  27. Ang says:

    @Alpha, to your disappointment, almost 5k turned up for this peace and meaningful protest.

    We should have another one soon to keep the tempo going, and I believe this time, the crowd will definitely be better.

  28. Li Sian Rong says:

    I was there and proud to be 1 of the 5k Sinkies in the protesting crowd in saying NO to 6.9M. I was there because I luv my Sinkieland very much.


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