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Saturday January 13th 2018

Political reason why our government allows foreigners to overtake us?

I seldom felt so enraged when I received emails from our readers until I received one from Francis the other day.

Francis wrote how he was ousted from his company – a global Fortune 500 conglomerate, by a foreigner Indian IT director from India. He is now happily resettled in Melbourne – one of the  tens of thousands of Singaporeans forced by the recent economical circumstances to relocate elsewhere  in search of greener pasture.

What irked me was how easily the Indian IT director could replace our own local executives, without any repercussion, with his own people from India. Somthing is wrong with our human resource policy here and so far the ministry of manpower has kept quiet about this hiring discrimination.


Countries in Asia, Africa and South America have practised ethnic cleansing all along to drive out enemy tribes who are considered unfriendly to their cause but our  country has effectively carried out economic cleansing – one that replaces local workers with foreign ones.

The more sinister ethnic cleansing is defined by the United Nations as the elimination of an unwanted group from a society,  by genocide or forced emigration.

Throughout history, majority ethnic groups purged minorities groups out of their countries for territorial or political gains.

These examples include the purge of Armenians by the Turks beginning in 1915, Jews killed in the Ukraine in the late 1910′s as well as during the Nazi regime, Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge in the 1970′s, Bosnian Muslims in the former Yugoslavia early this decade, and the slaughter of the Tutsi minority by the Hutu majority in Rwanda in 1994 (source: United Nations, 50th Agenda).

Economic  cleansing being practised here?

Though we may not have entered into such grotesque activity yet, the signs are there and its pretty ominous.

Nevertheless, we may have enter into a dark period of economic cleansing – foreigners arriving on our shore invited with open arms by a regime to take over our jobs and hiding  a sinister agenda for political gain.

The agenda   though subtle is equally damaging as economic cleansing has driven  many of our citizens into deep depression and some have even attempted suicide. Those who can emigrate will do so – leaving the country to  well-to-do foreigners with good paying jobs  to gain control.

One in three workers in Singapore is a foreigner now and at least 1.5 million foreigners, carrying all kinds of work permits,  have settled down on our tiny island state – artificially inflating our population to a miserable 5.1 million and stretching infrastructure and employment opportunities to the max.

Amidst this economic sizzle  which is supposed to benefit its own people,  entire companies have been replaced by foreigners and one only needs to walk along busy financial centre at Marina to witness the ugly manifestation.

Singaporean executives  ironically remain a rare representation in our best economic model thus far – the financial sector.

Deustche Bank, Barclays, Credit Sussie, Hong Kong Shanghai Bank – all banking giants out to clamour for a lucrative piece of the Asian economic miracle here could only mysteriously employ a majority of foreign executives on its payroll. We don’t have enough talents – so say the employers and agreed by our government.

Let the foreign talents come in – not by the tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands as our own local workers sit by the wayside and envy at smartly-dressed foreign executives file pass  on their way to work in gleaming glass-towered buidlings! Never before any country in the work has work discrimination being so obviously  and maliciously played out - against its own people mind you.

For the first time in history, more foreign doctors (60%)  last year registered with our Singapore Medical Council (SMC) than local ones – a reflection  of economic  cleansing that will continue unabated in the near future.

The government has also shamelessly used tax-payer money to lure foreigners via a comprehensive website meant to simplify procedures for immigrants coming into our country.

Government-linked companies, multi national companies and even small and medium enterprises splashed out full page advertisement abroad in search of foreign  workers  to fortify their economic prowess as companies continue to shun local workers labelling them lazy, choosy and hard to please.

The government has always asked its own people to welcome foreigners into our midst as if not – jobs will evaporate, investors will run away and the economy will collapse.

However, it could not properly explain why capable well-educated citizens continue to stay jobless or enter into under employment by driving cabs and taking on low level jobs in order to survive.

If this happens in any country in the world, citizens will gather together and speak out against such employment discrimination but in a law-abiding country like Singapore -  whereby even a lone demonstrator can be arrested, we are being denied such basic human rights and can only count emigration as a way out of our misery.

Foreigners replacing local citizens for political reason?

The plot to allow foreigners to invade our economy has caused many well educated executives to emigrate for greener pastures causing a minor brain drain in  the process.

More significantly, the government has successfully got rid of frustrating citizens who will most likely vote for the opposition – further eroding the reduced power base of the ruling party.

The  limit on tertiary admission to eligible Singaporeans is also one sure way to force Singaporeans to study abroad as less than 23% of our primary school cohort enters local varsity programmes. Many who left the country to study seldom return and most educated voters here tend to cast their vote for the opposition as they are found to be more likely to clamour for change within the system.

Foreigners, on the contrary, are given all kinds of scholarships and grants to study in our polytechnics and universities – with the hope that they will convert to citizenship for votes.

Moreover, citizens who stay abroad most likely will not  register to vote as the voting stations are often far away and inconvenient – this was found out during the first-ever occasion that overseas Singaporeans could cast their votes in the recent GE.

For example, less than 3400 eligible overseas voters registered and casted their votes during the recent GE – out of 180, 000 Singaporeans who have stayed abroad! That is just a mere 2 percent of all Singaporeans who stayed abroad.

This is a shocking statistics which  could only pleased  the government as most citizens who have ventured abroad are mostly unhappy with the ruling party  and would have voted against the current regime if they have a chance to vote.

More can be done by the opposition parties to try and persuade our overseas Singaporean voters to cast their votes in the next GE. Opposition party candidates could also gather overseas Singaporeans  and organise political forums for them in future.

It is estimated that every year, 5, 000 Singaporeans venture abroad both for work and study purposes. Many will not return and their votes will be a double loss to the opposition parties especially if our government replaces them with foreign citizens.

Moreover, the state-controlled newspaper continued to broadcast feel-good propanganda about the economy reporting  almost 78% of the resident population is employed now when the ground feels entirely different. Resident population includes our permanent residents and it is safe to say that 100% of our PRs are working now or else they will not be given PR status in the first place.

From trying to blame the problem of our local citizens not giving birth sufficiently to replace itself to employers crying out loud that there are no takers for the many tens of thousands’ of jobs that went abegging, Singapore felt the onslaught of foreigners by the hundreds of thousands  during the past five years.

In the name of globalisation, our  government has kept quiet as foreigners continue to flock to our island state in search of jobs and opportunities – leaving many native citizens high and dry.

The recent  demise of the hugly popular socio-political Temasek Review – thought to have influenced voters to cast their votes against PAP-backed Mr Tony Tan and continual persecution of political dissidents in the past were  sure enough evidences proving that the ruling party will resort to extreme measures to stay in power.

Free trade agreement harms us

Signed agreement via the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has also allowed countries such as India and China to gain strong foothold in our economy – robbing us of valuable jobs in exchange for an economy that thrives on free trade and mobility.

Many analysts have agreed that FTAs mainly benefit third world countries more as they are developing and Singaporeans all along have difficulty  trying to penetrate into other countries’ economics due to our risk-adverse business nature.

A friend told me that on a monthly basis, hundreds of foreign businesses are trying to set up shop here – lured mainly by our friendly business environment and  solid first class infrastructure.

Many bought properties and apply for permanent residence with their business enterprises.

Singapore also became one of the top emigration country for many rich families in China and India – this probably explains why we are the country with the most millionaires among us.

This phenomenon has also widened the income gap further deepening the polarisation rife among the population.

We also knew how  our expats could earn the best wages in the world compared to our local citizens who only manage an income growth of around 1.1% for the past decade.

While foreigners continue to purchase multi million luxurious water front apartments and sip long island tea at some all-foreigner pubs, Singaporeans could only manage with a small HDB 3-room  flat and having $1 kopi at a stuffy filthy coffee shop.

The comparison is  garingly  wide and can be disappointingly frustrating.

Yet the most pressing bizarre question remains in most citizens’ mind – why does the government allows in so many foreigners and more seriously -  systematically  permitting  them to replace local workers at the work place without even blinking an eye?

Are they oblivious to what is happening on the ground?

Are they also doing it intentionally for a political reason?

In countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand – traditionally places whereby there is strong emigration to fuel economic and population growth,  systems are in place  to  provide basic check  so that the locals are not compromised on equal employment opportunities.

In Singapore, the employment system is so fluid that an entire company can be easily replaced by foreigners if the company can hire them using the EP work permit passes – there is no quota for EP passes unlike the S-Pass and the company can staff its’ operations with 100% foreigners.

An EP pass is given out to any foreign talent  who qualifies and if the company is willing to pay the minimum salary of $2,800. Most EP work permit holders can apply for permanent resident status after two years and then for citizenship soon after. It is estimated that more than 300, 000 of our foreigners are holding EP work permit passes and they remain the top cream for citizenship conversion. They are also allow to bring in spouses, children and their own parents  once they have the EP pass approved.

Vote buying through foreign-born citizens

The recent general election (GE) 2011 has proved that having foreign-breed citizens was a huge boost to the ruling party’s votes.

Some political analysts have speculated that if not for the newly-minted citizens’ votes, PAP might have lost more seats besides the ones at Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC.

I agreed.

More than 130, 000 new citizens were registered to the electorate during the recent GE  – a sudden increase of 5% to the total  eligible voters of roughly 2.2 million. Most of them were recruited two years prior to the recent GE – a clear sign that they were purposely selected for their ability to vote.

As seen from the chart  above,  from 2006 to 2009, there was a 13.3% growth in population from 4.4m to 4.9m – an increase of 586, 000 in four short years – roughly averaging about 100, 000 new residents per year.

They may be brought in to prepare them to become naturalised citizens so that they could vote for the 2011 GE.

On the average, 20, 000 of these residents will become citizens each year negating the influence of younger voters that will come on board annually by at least 25, 000. Younger voters are envisaged to cast their votes for the opposition as they are frustrated with a lack of political change within the archaic governing system.

It is predicted that the PAP will have to continue to convert at least 20, 000 new citizens each year till GE 2016 if they want to remain in power with  their 60% majority percentage. It is thus not far-fetched to foresee that by GE 2016, at least 300, 000 foreign citizens will be voting alongside native citizens – representing almost 15% of the total voting electorate.

Most of the newly converted  citizens will also likely vote for the ruling party – more out of loyalty than anything else.

Moreover, no foreigner-turned-citizen will, in their right frame of mind, vote for the opposition as they fear perceived  repercussion more than any one else – being new kids on the block.

While helping  out Steve Chia’s  campaign at Pioneer SMC during the recent GE, I was shocked to detect the huge number of foreigners residing there – probably because of the lower priced properties located in the far west.

I could count at last one out of five properties belonging  to a foreigner there.

Of course, they could be PRs residing in the area and  could not vote but the high concentration of foreigners residing in that area is disturbing.

I have confided in Steve that it is difficult for him to win in Pioneer SMC –  not because he is not a good politician  but that the foreign-breed  citizens is his main stumbling block.

The same thing happened  to Choa Chu Kang GRC whereby the scholar team from NSP stood for election.

Both teams in Pioneer SMC and Choa Choa Kang GRC lost and could only garner less than 40% of the majority votes.

Opposition camps have fortunately gained good ground in the eastern part of Singapore whereby foreign citizens have a poorer showing because of the pricier cost of the properties out there. Most of the opposition parties managed to  garner close to 43% of the total votes casted.

Probably only one in ten households residing in Tampines belongs to a foreigner family.

East Coast, Moulmein-Kallang, Tampines and Marine Parade GRC all managed to garner close to 45% of majority votes on average making them the hottest GRCs to contest in GE 2016.

# Constituency Opposition Votes  % Swing PAP Votes  % Swing
1 Hougang SMC WP logo variation.png 14,850 64.8 increase 2.1 PAP logo variation.png 8,065 35.2 decrease 2.1
2 Aljunied GRC WP logo variation.png 72,289 54.72 increase 10.81 PAP logo variation.png 59,829 45.28 decrease 10.81
3 Potong Pasir SMC SPP logo variation.png 7,878 49.64 decrease 6.18 PAP logo variation.png 7,992 50.36 increase 6.18
4 Joo Chiat SMC WP logo variation.png 9,278 49.0 increase 14.00 PAP logo variation.png 9,666 51.0 decrease 14.0
5 East Coast GRC WP logo variation.png 49,429 45.2 increase 9.1 PAP logo variation.png 59,992 54.8 decrease 9.1
6 Marine Parade GRC NSP logo variation.png 59,926 43.4 - PAP logo variation.png 78,286 56.6 -
7 Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC SPP logo variation.png 47,205 43.07 - PAP logo variation.png 62,385 56.93 -
8 Tampines GRC NSP logo variation.png 54,381 42.8 increase 11.3 PAP logo variation.png 72,728 57.2 decrease 11.3
9 Nee Soon GRC WP logo variation.png 57,523 41.6 - PAP logo variation.png 80,740 58.4 -
10 Sengkang West SMC WP logo variation.png 10,591 41.9 - PAP logo variation.png 14,689 58.1 -

Source: Wikipedia

Opposition parties should in fact forsake the western part and focus all their resources on the eastern front during the next GE in 2016 as these seats look close to being captured by the opposition camp.

If the government wants to reclaim back these eastern seats, they have to do something fast and desperate.

Depending on policy changes may not work as how can you do something serious when you keep putting old wine on new wineskin?

Planting foreign citizens may be the only answer and if they could earn good wages, they too could afford to purchase pricier properties in the east – gradually replacing local citizens  with foreign-citizens votes.

A property friend told me how rich foreigners have out-bid many locals in the east for resale HDB houses causing the resale price index to shoot up every quarter.

Most of them could also pay most or at least half of their property cost in cash – making them the darling of many banks out to capture a lucrative slice of the mortgage home loans.


History has also showed ominously that governments will go to all cost to stay in power – even if it means sacrificing its’ own people.

China’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one good example of  how a country  has sacrificed its own people so that the party can continue to stay in power.

Tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were killed in prisons when the government felt that the peace loving movement was getting very popular and felt threatened by the movement.

Malaysia also practised racial   discrimination when the controversial bumiputra policy was introduced decades ago – more for vote snatching than anything else.

Malays are given free education up to tertiary level denying many Chinese from entering universities with a pre-set quota.

Many Malaysian Chinese  have to pay  astronomical sums for tertiary education abroad - a political price they pay for being the prawn in a power tussle for votes among the major political groups.

As Singapore prepares for a looming recession  anytime soon, all eyes will be on our employers – whether  they will be patriotic enough and do the necessary to retain all Singaporean workers and retrench foreigners.

Doing anything else  will only mean mass anarchy and a possible riot in the street as our basic survival rights have being grossly threatened – which the government has turned a blind eye to all along.

More significantly, some Singaporeans I spoke to confided  that there will be hesitation on their part if they are call upon to defend their country in a war-like situation if there are too many foreigners residing among us.

Written by: Gilbert Goh










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Reader Feedback

28 Responses to “Political reason why our government allows foreigners to overtake us?”

  1. CY says:

    Gilbert, I think there’s an error in your post. You stated that there are 180000 Singapore citizens staying abroad. Based on what source? There are only 3453 registered overseas electors from the contested constituencies.

    I am a Singaporean who studied in a local university and I would like to point out not all citizens are what you described in your post. I believe some are way more rational and balanced than you are.

    Frankly speaking, I disagree with many things in your post, particularly the one on Falungong. Are you sure they are peace-loving? Many things in your post are not backed up by concrete evidence.

    If this goes on, I can assure you that this website is going to become another TR, which only caters to the opposition views and does not hear both sides.

  2. admin says:

    Dear CY,

    Thanks for your comment and we do not ask that our readers agreed with us.

    You are free to comment on your differences here and most comments are allowed unless they are filled with expletives.

    CNA has reported that 150,000 Singaporeans are residing abroad as of early 2008:-

    I estimated that the number of Singaporeans staying abroad now has climbed up to 180, 000 due to the unfavourable economical situation in Singapore.

    There is unfortunately no official stats to confirm how many Singaporeans actually stay abroad right now.

    I concurred with you that 3452 oversaes voters have registered to vote at the nine polling stations overseas during the recent GE and almost 95% turned out to vote.

    However, this represented less than 2% of the total eligible voters abroad due mainly to far-away polling stations and overall disinterest with politics back home once you are overseas.

    We cant be compared with TR as they usually have 50,000 readers a day on average.

    We are fortunate to have 500 readers daily.

    Thank you.

    Gilbert Goh

  3. Cornelius says:

    Mr Goh,

    Many thanks to you and the many volunteers who sacrifice so much to give us the real picture. For far too long, the local newsmedia have been painting rosy pictures of the ruling elites and tarring all opposition parties.

    Now with the inernet age, dark secrets are being exposed and we can hear all sides of the stories to come to an educated decision.

    Please keep up your good work.

  4. p says:

    Please identify the MNC by name; you must stand by what you say and be ‘baptised through fire’. Let the named MNC a chance to rebut, if untrue.
    The only way to eliminate ‘social/commercial cleansing’ is by being factual and disclosing the root.

    • Francis says:

      Hi P,

      If you have the authority to back me up and ensure that existing local Singaporeans who are still working in the company to support their families and pay their mortgages are not marginalised in the process of company being exposed of recruiting FT, I am more than happy to shared to everyone in the public.

      Do you think by exposing this out, our government will do anything to change situation around ? The government will just issue a warning letter but what is the use of warning letter when there is no policy or law to back the warning letter up by forcing the company to close down or being heavily fine.

      Do you think the government will let a multi-million company leave Singapore shore for the sake of sacrificing some local Singaporeans ?

      There are consequences if you want to blow the whistle, you have to think of other people who do not want to do so because they are the one affected and not those who have left the organisation.

  5. SGP says:

    I have a very good suggestion which will benefit most Singaporeans. The solution is to increase the rental of foreigners by at least 200% (the more the better). Post this msg to all popular Singapore forums, Channelnewsasia Market Talk, Hardwarezone, Straitstimes Comments, Sgforums. Ask your neighbours to increase the Foreigners rental when they renew the tenancy agreement. The advantages are:

    1. Since most of the landlord are Singaporeans, it helps Singaporeans increase their incomes.

    2. When the lousy Foreigners’ rental is increased, they cannot ask for low salary anymore and employers will start employing Singaporeans and Singaporeans can get their jobs back.

    3. If the Foreigner can still afford such high rental, that means he must be really Talented and earning a higher salary than ordinary Singaporean. This will help to eliminate all of the Foreign Trash and attract the rare few real Foreign Talent. it will eventually improve the quality and productivity of the Singapore workforce

    4. This solution is far more better than asking PAP to raise the foreigner worker levy because the money will end up in the Citizen’s pocket instead of PAP’s pocket. Besides, raising the levy would also mean that PAP will allow more foreigners into Singapore to collect more levies while pretending to solve the problem.

    5. We don’t have to depend on the PAP to implement it. We are already lucky if PAP don’t SABO us.

  6. sturmtruppen says:

    I wonder are the PAP thinking really hard enuf…there are past precedents when you allow “others” into your home and country to “use” against your own citizens will in the end be replaced too by these “others”.

    Imagine these “others” were to raise up to overthrow you…by that time the citizens are either too few or too apathic to “defend” these idiotic short term thinking white clothed parasites.


    For everyone in the end.

  7. EFG says:

    “More significantly, some Singaporeans I spoke to confided that there will be hesitation on their part if they are call upon to defend their country in a war-like situation if there are too many foreigners residing among us.”

    That’s why I took myself out of reservist 15 years ago when I realised what was happening. I think nowadays harder with the decreasing numbers of Sinkie men for NS and reservist. I used to be in IT industry, and even back in 1995, MNCs and GLCs were busy importing foreigners to fill the jobs in IT. Even GLCs like NCS and ST Computer then were hiring foreigners based simply on paper resumes and photostated copies of degrees/diplomas from unheard of universities. No interviews and no tests. I had the misfortune to work with some of them — they couldn’t even install and setup a simple Windows programming environment, for which they were hired to do programming in the first place. Plus 3/4 of the time they couldn’t communicate properly with customers requirements and 3rd-party vendors. And they copy those ABC and mickey mouse examples from manuals to use in actual production coding. Can vomit blood. Nowadays they will copy program code wholesale from websites, previous company jobs, and similar kakis back in their home country.

  8. john168 says:

    take a look at any offshore and you find that 99% of the IT staffs there are foreigners.

    PAP is practising economic geonicide against Singaporeans!!

  9. meh! says:

    This post :(
    I am so call FTrash turn citizen, and love to read interesting pro apposition materials like these. Yes, me and a small circle of friends decided to migrate and settle here, for the better future of our 2nd generation. We were considered 2nd class citizens , but there is a hope in our heart that our 2nd generation will never face the ugliness that we saw in our home keep us going. We shoulder everything that was called to our face(believe me I don’t have any bad things to say about singapore or any singaporean). 5 years ago when I graduate and start my first job as an eager young women, my boss show me my place by purposely pronouncing my name in funny way, keep reminding me about how should I be grateful .Yes, I am truly grateful ! My parents taught me to be grateful of what you can get and lower your head to go inside their house. Who said these 2nd class citizens are voting for PAP? I for one know a lots of us vote for WP, because we don’t believe in power concentration and one man rule them all system. I even go to some of the rallies and show the support, but yeah some of the word hurts . Never mind my feeling! Just wish to express that, just because these 2nd class citizens are silence and didn’t voice out negative things on PAP didn’t mean we can’t see the big pictures.
    Thanks for the interesting article !

  10. Moshe Orebaugh says:

    When I was maturing, Saturday would not BEGIN until “Soul Train” came around the air! I don’t know what personal hell drove you to definitely take your individual life, Brother Don, but understand that you were–and always will be–loved and revered within my house FOREVER! Love, Peace, and SOUL!

  11. MagosBiologis says:

    If you think that “Most of the newly converted citizens will also likely vote for the ruling party – more out of loyalty than anything else”, you obviously haven’t spoken to enough of them.

  12. Sporean says:

    Hi Gilbert, I wish to add that I had myself witnessed Sporeans being ousted by foriegn indians in an MNC too. Like what someone pointed out, there is no point pin pointing which MNC is that as we can expect the usual answer or excuses these MNC and government will give.

  13. YourNeighbour says:

    How can you conclude that Francis was ‘discriminated’ based on his claim alone? He could be ousted because he’s not up to the mark at all. And there is also the possibility that his company isn’t doing well. And his new boss wants a guy who can do better with lower pay

  14. Hello There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. This is a very well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  15. Omituofu says:


    Please stay focus on your mission of setting for the unemployed and under-employed. Providing insight on political matters does not seems fit and appreciated here. At times i read, my mind do swing to pro or anti on some issues but trying to stay neutral for knowledge based without reacting seems difficult. So stay neutral and relates on the plight of those individual experience. There is nothing else for us to prove if we can’t see for ourselves what is Singapore today. The difference is obvious for those that have and have not, rich and poor. Good luck!

  16. [...] Here is a website I found. It is obvious whose side the writer is on, and maybe it conveys negative feelings too strongly. But it does have truth in it. It is completely true that Singaporeans aren’t allowed to protest or anything like that. By the way, the ruling party has been in power ever since Singapore’s independence. Some food for thought. [...]

  17. Sal says:

    Most migrants are grateful to Spore gov for accepting them into Spore….this will make them more pro Gov than against it, same to our ancestor that migrate to Spore earlier.

  18. AleX says:

    You write really well, Mr Gilbert. Can i post this up at Hardwarezone EDMW section? Of course i will quote the source and author.

    God bless.

  19. Steve says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I agree with some of the comments that there are some unsubstantiated references. Honestly, I for one feel one must keep politics out of social assistance/support sites. For the sake of the people whom you have worked hard to support over the years as well as maintaining your integrity as a unbias helper, which would aid you in cause.

    I understand that the government has taken the easy route in someways to encourage growth, however, we should stay coherent and fight for the cause unilaterally and within boundaries. Logical reasons would work with any normal person as long as they long are not blinded by believes. If you lash out what you feel emotionally on policies regardless if it is true or not it only makes you look unreasonable.

    Humans are strange creatures, they are not willing to change, some even think their world is the only possible world of existance. However, they fail to understand it is all about perception, every single thing in the world is about how someone makes you percieve something. And once someone has a strong perception of something, there is nothing or anything or anyone can do to make them change their mind immediately.

    Managing change both in people and environment has to come slowly else the resistance from both believers and environment is too great. We can change perception by taking small steps, this would include constant logical updates on the environment. Or occasional antedotes on the possible directions of policies. The power of the internet is that once you give a small dosage, people tend to argue about that small things, pouring different views on a single element, creating a self judging environment. You need to break down your elements and release a small dosage at a time.

    How does that help you or your cause? Well, you would not be labeled as someone who didnt do your research, even though I know for a fact you are right on alot of your stated assumptions.

    I could go on to mention several factors that you have to consider before releasing such informatinon but I had mentioned to you, I dont like online forums because everyone lives in their own world, not like it is wrong notion but more like that is what they know to be reality.

    Of course this is a long winded message, but the idea is controlled dissemination of information and logic allows people to adapt better.

  20. Steve says:

    @SGP, I like your suggestion, something creative however, people tend to be self centered. Therefore impossible to create the envisioned environment of you suggestion.

  21. Steve says:

    @SGP, I like your suggestion, something creative however, people tend to be self centered. Therefore impossible to create the envisioned environment of your suggestion.

  22. sal says:

    Vote the party that come out with good policies that benefit the citizens.

  23. Ah Niow says:

    What you are recommending to the opposition parties is to concentrate in the Eastern part of the island! So, you are actually stirring conflict between opposition parties and the Workers Party. The recent By-election is a showcase where Tom Dick and Harry thinks that by going into PE, they will stand a chance! But unfortunately no! The Wp has been consolidating themselves in the Eastern part and is very popular with the voters there! The two other parties are down the drain as voters will never vote for them again. Why the opposition did not do well in the western part is because they had no good candidates such as found in the calbre of Chen Show Mao, Pritam Singh etc. Moreover, these opposition parties only visit their target constituencies just before the GE, whereas the WP do it the year round.It does not mean that SDP or NSP if they attempt to contest at say, East Coast or Marine Parade will automatically win!

  24. SJ says:

    I may not totally agree with you on your statistics but since the 1990s, I have always told my Singaporean friends that whatever the PAP govt has done for our citizens, they have done many times more for the foreigners in SG.
    Also, in the last decade, a cousin of mine left Singapore for good saying “the foreigners are having a good time in SG at the expense of the citizens”. The reason why I believe his view is fair is because he is not a Singaporean. He is a Malaysian.

  25. Dico says:

    Why blame the whole world except ourselves? Don’t blame PAP, foreigners or anybody for our plight!

    Who causes this? It is Singaporeans!

    Why? Because you voted for it and you deserve it!

  26. I almost never comment, however I read some of
    the remarks on this page Political reason why our government allows foreigners to overtake us?
    | Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed.
    I do have a couple of questions for you
    if you do not mind. Is it simply me or do a few
    of the responses look as if they are written by brain dead folks?

    :-P And, if you are writing at other online social sites, I would like to keep up with you.
    Could you list of all of all your social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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