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Monday January 15th 2018

Aftermath of Punggol East by-election – Gen Y explained why PAP lost

Transitioning: First of all, thank you  for responding to our questionnaire on the Workers’ Party Punggol East sizzling by-election victory, can you please state your educational qualification, marital status and work experience?

Dan: Bachelor degree, married, exceeding 10 years’ working experience.

Transitioning: Are you surprised by the wide margin won by the WP? Why?

Dan: I am surprised the PAP is behind when they should be ahead leading the engagement with citizens. Only when PAP realized the WP was knocking on every door did they follow suit. I am surprised at their complacency.

Transitioning: Many Singaporeans have predicted that PAP will likely win the by-election due to the 4-party election battle or that there would at least  be a close fight, what happened here?

Dan: The early bird catches the worm. Voters do want to be wooed.  The PAP was slow on both counts. Case in point. My previous PAP MP Maliki bothered to visit n dialogue with us. PM decided to replace him with a Vikram.

All I hear (not see) is that he prefers social evenings in pubs etc. I saw he drives a Jaguar. He’s only 30.

I suspect he and his type (Dr Koh) are not really interested in citizens’ welfare.

Transitioning: Do you think that the last-minute withdrawal of SDP proved significant in the victory for WP? Why so?

Dan: Perhaps. This is a rhetorical question. In this case, the SDP avoided the bruised reputation and forfeiture of $14,500 election deposit suffered by RP and SDA.

Transitioning: Do you think that with the loss of two SMC within a short period of 10 months, Sinaporeans have now clearly endorsed WP as the dominant opposition party?

Dan: I wouldn’t read too much into that. BE 2012 was WP defending their seat. BE2013 was WP capturing the incumbent’s seat. All in all, it showed Singaporeans gave vent to their frustrations (whatever that may be).

Transitioning: What do you think are the main reasons why Singaporeans are swinging their votes to the opposition in such large numbers?

Dan: Clearly the PAP being the incumbent has shown themselves to be reactive than proactive. Paying themselves millions in a poor economy does frustrate the average wage earner. Their wages remain depressed whilst living costs keep shooting up.

Transitioning: What should PAP do now to prepare the ground for a sweeter general election in 2016?

Dan: They now have the unenviable task of boosting citizens’ welfare in 36 months.

In WP chief Low Thia Khiang’s words –  the policies’ benefits need to trickle to the ground quick.

Transitioning: Many analysts have written that because of the by-election effect, Punggol East residents have swung their votes to the opposition as it will not rock the boat too much, do you agree? Why?

Dan: Partial. Mainly I think the reason is as stated in point 6.

Transitioning: Lastly, how do you think the ruling party will react to the by-election loss? Will they continue with their pro-foreigner policies or significantly tighten the influx as this seems to  be the main grouse of the population right now?

Dan: My humble and contrite view is this. Borrowing from IT terminology. The PAP must stop using patches (“koyok”). They need to go back to the drawing board.

The old paradigm is gone. Singapore society, like many countries, will become more unequal. Question is: how do the Government reinvent a new social compact? A package whereby the have-nots do not begrudge the haves. Eg. How does the Government ensure my family, jobs, healthcare, housing and educational opportunities are not compromised given that my income is only $4k compared to my friend whose income is $15k?

Thanks and end of interview

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Aftermath of Punggol East by-election – Gen Y explained why PAP lost”

  1. paul Peters says:

    Somethings doesnt seem right with this article.

    I read it over several times and came to the conclusion this write is putting up a fake story based on “cut & paste” stories from different times and sources.

    I have grave doubts you actually interview some jobless person.

    I know what it is like to be jobless but your article doesnt really reflect one. You probably spin it from your chair.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      This is a grave insinuation and please email me with your contact particulars if you stand by what you have mentioned.

      If need to, I will issue you a legal letter to prove that we are genuine in all our interviews and reports. survives for the past five years because we are above board and conscientious in our reporting.

      We will not let anyone taunts our site with baseless accusations.

      Thanks alot.

      Gilbert Goh

  2. nt says:

    many foreigners (including PRs) in SG are now very nervous about their continuing stay and employment in SG.

  3. Toby Wilson says:

    The PE BE clearly goes to show that the PAP MPs and ministers do not have an iron rice bowl anymore that they thought they had. At least the PAP should now try to appease sgpns with better needs and try to improve their quality of life. Most improtant is, they should stop bringing in FTs in droves and encourage a Singaporean first policy.

  4. Yenny Ong says:

    Gilbert, I don’t know about others but as far as myself and my husband are concerned, our votes will never be for PAP unless the following take place:

    1. Immediately stop influx of foreigners and stop giving up citizenship so easily (many are saying our citizenship is ‘cheap’);

    2. Ensure all unemployed Singaporean have jobs first before any job can go to foreigner (unless jobs not wanted by local). For a start, all openings in government bodies should be filled only by Singaporeans.

    3. Revert back to CPF original scheme where members upon reaching 55 can withdraw their CPF savings (no ifs or buts), it is their monies afterall.

    4. Give free transport to senior citizen and ensure that they are provided with good medical treatment/care when necessary even if they cannot afford it.

    5. Disband PA, it serves no purpose at all but just wasting taxpayers’ monies. It is an organisation FOR the ruling party and itself, not FOR Singaporean.

    6. Remove Election Dept. and CPIB from PMO and ensure that all parties have level field for playing.

    Our congratulations to WP and Ms Lee Li Lian, well done!

  5. sal says:

    People touch is important of a politician, who knows the citizen struggle in daily life living in Spore. Good policies that benefits the citizen and future generation.

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