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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Canadian family looking for work in Singapore via tourist visa

gopanator on: 16 January 2013, 2:36:13 AM

My wife, 3 month old daughter and I are moving to Singapore this summer. Nope, we do not have expat package and are taking a giant leap of faith.

I have read quite a few articles on this subject and see a lot of pros and cons…. Either ways, we have made our mind and are giving it a shot.

If it works great, if not, we are ready to made the long trip back to Canada.

I am looking for some information re job market information:

1. Is the format for resumes different – if so, please highlight the difference.

2. Reputable legal recruiters

3. How is the banking industry? I know banking is affected globally – how is it in Singapore (any sectors of banking is affected more so than others)?

Appreciate your response. Thanks,


Your Clever Mate  16 January 2013, 8:54:48 AM

Actually, it was helpful.  You need some tough love here, dude.

So, your plan is: husband, wife and infant daughter arrive at Changi airport on a “social visit pass” and then, check into a serviced apartment or hotel or what?

Then you start a job search?  And hopefully find a company willing to hire you / sponsor you for an Employment Pass?

Could this work within the 90 days of your social visit pass?  Yes. Is this likely to work within that time frame?  No.

Anyway, good luck and…

1.  Resume’s are called CV’s here.  The format is mostly the same, but employers tend to expect more info.  Photos, family status, etc.  If not on the CV, they will ask you at the interview.  There are seemingly no “out of bounds” questions for a Singaporean job interview.  “You have one child.  Are you planning to have another?  When?” or “Is your wife working?  No?  Why not?” etc

2.  Not my area, no info, sorry.  The executive search job market is crowded here, there are many many companies.

3.  How long is a piece of string?  Some ups, some downs, lots of jobs that someone has to do.  But in my experience many are filled via local contacts or by cheapie hires from overseas (Indians, Pinoys, etc).


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9 Responses to “Canadian family looking for work in Singapore via tourist visa”

  1. Head Hunter says:

    There are more than enough talents here ( Locals and PRs). Your chance of finding a banking job is very slim, if not no more exist. Plus, there is a movement in Singapore to hire the locals and PRs. So, I suggest you look elsewhere such as HK or Malaysia.

  2. canucks says:

    canada’s unemployment rate for Dec 2012 is 7.1%. the media in canada has reported before that the jobless rate for Asian immigrants is at least double the national official umemployment rate.

  3. sal says:

    Uniquely Spore, you can have a holiday here and look for work. Spore is one of those city who doesn’t ask for local experience so if you are lucky you will get one if the hiring manager is from Canada or Caucasian….an you are regarded as Foreign talent and not a migrant, good luck.

  4. Sinkie pawned Sinkie says:

    As long you are white and foreign, you are considered Talent in the eyes of Singaporeans. Who knows…you might get a fling with a Singaporean Woman. White men are very popular with Singaporean women.

    Enjoy your stay here…and you will realised you can rule the Asians with your skin color.

  5. Jimmy Ong says:

    Get lost back to Canada. Same thing u will say to me if I come to Vancouver looking for job.

  6. JP says:

    @Jimmy Ong,

    I don’t think you have the cognitive capacity to work elsewhere, but if you did manage to get a job in Vancouver know this: Canadians, who live in a free society, would not care that you decided to move there, and would be glad to know that your taxes pay for their excellent social safety net.

    Now get back to your angry birds/shopping mall/chicken rice lifestyle you non contributing zero.

  7. Talk says:

    @gopanator: CPF is (sort of) similar to RRSP in Canada. SG is post tax as compared to pre-tax in CN :-) There is no pension (like what you are used to).

    No snow to clear on your driveway :-) But the heat and the humidity will cook you. Get sun block by the gallons.

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