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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Transitioning helps PMET made police report on harassment by ex-employer

Just as I was about to enjoy a fuss-free pre-Christmas period, in walk Gloria who greeted me politely with an intense handshake.

My sixth sense told me that something is very wrong here as she shifted gingerly on the sofa – her countenance caked with emotion.

Her puffy eyes also indicated that she didn’t sleep much the¬†night ¬†before and may have been crying badly for a while.

I have seen close to two hundred clients this year alone and Gloria must have been the one who sobbed the most before I can even say hello.

I have to go and take out a packet of tissues  from my work station as I waited for her to stop crying.

The stress must be  over-bearing for her as she slowly placed a thick  file before her Рall ready to pour out her grievances.

I saw her email the night before and could sense the urgency in the correspondence.

I always place priority for clients who use words such as hopelessness, suicide and  meaninglessness in their emails.

The festive season is a period whereby counsellors  are on call the most as distressed people feel the desperation of their situation more acutely than normal time.

Your heart ached ten times more when you walk past shoppers laughing out in giety whereas you have to bear your burden all alone.

Gloria’s email is more of a cry of desperation than anything else and I couldn’t ignore the plea for help but I didn’t know its so serious.

I wanted to schedule to see her after Christmas but decided against it and instead see her the day after she sent out the email.

It was the right choice as her desperation and stress level are really sky-high.

In a nutshell, Gloria was harassed by her ex-employer whom she has resigned from about one and a half month ago.

During the period after she resigned, they would sent her threatening email and text messages of which I couldn’t reveal much here.

They also claimed that she didn’t hand over her work properly and even withheld her last month’s pay.

She has approached MOM who initially rejected her claim for assistance due to her managerial position as that means she¬†wouldn’t¬†be¬†covered by the Employment Act.

After much insistence, MOM relented and now they have fixed a date for hearing  just on salary matter alone Рignoring the more serious issue of workplace bullying by an employer.

She also approached TAFEP via tele-conversation who provided her with some morale support.

After the latest email from the employer, she couldn’t sleep much and shuddered whenever she thought of the threatening words.

As she is suffering from high blood pressure, she is also worried about her own medical condition.

“I want to move on Gilbert but they wouldn’t let me,” she told me in between sobs.

“I couldn’t even look for another job due to my current unstable condition.”

Her loud sobs attracted some attention from the other colleagues who are within earshot of the place where we have our conversation.

I told her that she can report to the police if she felt threatened.

Her eyes brightened as she is desperately seeking for anything that will help her out of the nightmare.

Though the emails and text messages do not contain vulgar or threatening words, if she felt harassed by the ex-employers after leaving the company, I told her that she can report to the police.

She agreed and we left for a nearby police station.

At the police station, the police also felt that there were nothing  in the emails that suggest intimidation and harassment  but they still politely took down her statement after much persuasion.

I told the reporting officer that Gloria is stressed up by the situation and is rather unstable emotionally.

I may even have used the word suicidal to push them to take some action.

After taking down her statement, they also advised her to go to the magistrate court if the threatening emails and text messages continued.

I have assured Gloria that I will personally accompany her to the magistrate court if the bullying continues.

I also advised her to see a doctor for her medical condition so that she can have some medication.

After the incident, I felt sad that no official body  could really help our executives who are abused by employers out to belittle their staff.

Transitioning has received  close to a hundred emails from executives who are unfairly dismissed during the past few years and I must have personally seen 80% of them.

Employers could verbally abuse their staff forcing them to quit and  escaped scott free whereas the victims are left to pick up the pieces - often after suffering emotionally for a while.

Many have learned to move on after feeling down for a while and unfortunately so far I have not heard of anyone seeking legal recourse due to an unfair dismissal.

Many dismissed executives do not dare to sue their ex-employers for fear of adverse publicity and how it will affect their re-employment opportunities.

MOM has always asked our  aggrieved executives to look for legal asssitance if they are managerial or earn above $4500 a month in salary during an employment dispute.

They will also only deal with salary dispute ie  if you qualify for assistance and brush aside any other matters.

It is akin to seeing a doctor  with a medical condition and  they can only treat your injury to your leg and not anywhere else.

Employers have long known this loophole and used it to their advantage by asking their staff to sign on employment letters with all kinds of ridiculous terms.

Transitioning has  all along being pushing for the formation of an independent Ombudsman to look after the interests of our hundreds of thousands of unrepresented executives working in our first world economy.

Its a shame that they have nowhere official to turn to when they are of executive level and bullied at the workplace by unscrupulous bosses.

There will always be that odd few who could not move on properly after a dispute with their emplouers though the majority will be able to do so.

Transitioning wants to assure all Singaporean PMETs that if you have nowhere to turn to when you face an unpleasant employment dispute, we will be here for you!

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Transitioning helps PMET made police report on harassment by ex-employer”

  1. J Y says:

    If her conscious is clear, she shouldn’t be afraid by the harrassment of her ex-employers. She can choose not to reply the emails or messages sent to her. As for with-holding her last month’s pay, she can seek help from MOM. However, she must be prepared for the worst i.e. the event that she cannot get her last month’s pay back.

    It is a very sad fact that even though we didn’t do anything wrong, the other party would try to find ways to get back at us. Maybe they are just “jealous” of your achievements and feel threatened by your presence?

    Maybe the harrassments will stop after awhile if she just ignored their emails. Some people are just “sick” and “feel happy” when you are afraid of them.

    Sometimes it is best to “act blur” and not be too sensitive to whatever others say.

    Many years ago, my usual lunch partner was on leave and I went for lunch alone. Then, I met a group of male colleagues at a nearby coffeeshop. They were sitting around a table and welcomed me to join them.

    Since I have known them for sometime, I didn’t feel awkward as the only girl in the group. Then I said that I was very tired because I had worked late the previous day. They knew that a colleague had left and I was covering up for the vacancy.

    However, a guy was blunt in suggesting that I could “go to Geylang if I want an easy job”. He even joked that another guy in the group could be “my pimp”. Later on, he said that “working everywhere is the same”. Then everyone fell silent until we finished our lunch and walked back to the office together.

    Nobody was brave enough to tell him that he was very tactless. I just take it as a joke and that was the only time that I felt “harrassed”.

    • nick says:

      What u said is quite true.even as a guy I face it. Ever my ex superior say as a guy u have no effect when we talk abt boobs meh?shes pretty though but I felt she has no class. Anw I moved on from such plp.u just gotta pretend not to hear.

  2. Colin says:

    she is a nobody and police won’t arrest anyone unless the person harassed by the email is of minister level. the only way is magistrate court to suit for hurt and a lot of money based on the emails.

  3. sal says:

    Is there any legal aid where she can get advice for free?

  4. nick says:

    Nobody will sue.simple,when u are out of a job u havr n money. U will be too busy finding a new job. Once they have paid yr salary,its game over. Mom will not investigate. During probation period,they will just say u are not suitable rather than they don like u. Eso. For chenna y die die must dong until the end of probation period.

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