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Saturday January 13th 2018

Forum on 29 Dec Sat at 2.30pm: Do we Need a 6-million Population?

Transitioning will be organising a forum on 29 Dec (Sat) at 2.30pm at NVPC seminar room entitled:-

 Do we need a 6-million population?

Our current online poll has strongly  indicated that 87% of the 1800 respondents do not approve of a 6-million population in our country.

Hear  from our esteemed group of speakers: Dr Vincent Wijey of SDP, Mr Leong Sze Hian – financial wizard, Mr Kumaran  Pillay Managing Editor of TOC,  Mr Naztyn of NSP who is also an accountant and Corinna Lim current Executive Director of AWARE debate on the issue.

Our Prime Minister has indicated that for Singapore to grow we will be targetting for a population of six million people.

One in three workers here is now a foreigner and the recent PRC Chinese SMRT strike has shown that there is a problem  with integration and our unions are also unable to cope with the foreign labour issue.

Our current population is 5.3 million and we are already bursting at the seams with over crowded trains and bottled necked roads.

More seriously, there is no proper blueprint on why the government needs a population of six million people except for the rhetoria of low birth rate and economic growth.

Are we also properly prepared to bring in another 700, 000 people through the immigration channel?

Will there be enough jobs for them? Will Singaporeans be sacrificed again to make way for other foreigners to ply their trade here in the name of population growth?

Transitioning has seen many Singaporeans whose jobs were snatched away from incoming foreign  professionals for the past few years.

Will there be enough housing units for these new immigrants?

Will their influx  to push up our property market to new high in the near future?

The government will also be releasing a White paper on the population growth and Parliament will open early next year to debate on the issue.

If you are keen to participate in this year-end forum on  population growth by artificial means, be the first to sign up by emailing us at

Simply email us your name and contact number and we will revert to you soonest.

Registration is on first come  first served basis till seats run out and we have limited seats left.

Thanks and see you soon!

Have a good holiday ahead!

Gilbert Goh


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