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Sunday June 30th 2019

Boycott our ineffective NTUC union – cancel your membership fees now!

Transitioning is starting a campaign to boycott our ineffective NTUC union and asking our readers who are NTUC members to cancel their membership with immediate effect.

The monthly membership fee is $9 a month from Jan-Nov and the December membership fee is $18.

All you need to do is to cancel your GIRO deduction by going to the bank or doing it online and the NTUC membership will be cancelled automatically.

You need to give three months’ notice for the membership to be cancelled but once they don’t receive your GIRO deduction, the membership should be automatically cancelled.

Unfortunately, on the NTUC website, there is no automatic membership cancellation button so GIRO deduction cancellation on your part is necessary.

Alternately, you can go to NTUC Centre at One Marina Boulevard to physically cancel your membership.

There is an apparent ¬†loss of confidence in NTUC’s ability to arbitrate well for our work force.

The NTUC union is also starting to look like a membership club which cares more about shopping and holiday rebates than fighting for the rights of its’ members at the workplace.

We have receive many emails from readers who have approached their unions for arbitration and many were told to co-operate with their employers even though some of the cases are clearcut employment discrimination.

For one classic case, the member was asked to take voluntary termination with  benefits from the employer  after  he has approached  the union to assist him in a work place dispute.

After two years of the termination, he still suffers from the trauma of unfair dismissal by the employer,  went into a prolonged  depression as a result and needs counselling support.

The reader wants to remain  anonymous.

We are unsure how many local and foreign workers have suffered as a result of the weakened stance adopted by our unions once NTUC  has joined the tripartite movement.

Transitioning asks NTUC to show more teeth in arbitrating for the rights of our local and foreign workers who are often disadvantaged against by errant employers.

Though we do not cordon any industrial strike by our workers, we want our unions to better represent us at the work place.

We  question whether  NTUC has become a softened union when it joins the tripartite movement which advocates for a win-win situation with the government and employers.

We also do not need more rebates at the shopping malls and holiday resorts as this is not NTUC’s core mission.

We want NTUC to¬†carry out ¬†it’s original mission as a union i.e. to arbitrate fairly for the rights of its’ union members when there is a contractual dispute.

We often hear the voices of employers through the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF) or the Association ¬†for Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) but NTUC ¬†workers’ voice is¬† muted and quiet.

If you agree with us, start cancelling your NTUC membership now!

You and your family do not need more rebates at shopping malls or courses but you need a real loud voice out there speaking for you at the work place!

Let us unite together to pressure our NTUC union to better  represent us at the work place!

Do either post it up here on the comment page once you have cancel your membership or email me so that we can keep track of the number of people who have done so.

Gilbert Goh


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  1. Pyi says:

    I want to cancel my NTUC membership. Please help me.

  2. WONG WAI YAN says:

    I WANNA TO CANCEL My NTUC card. Please help me to cancel it. Thanks!

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