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Friday March 24th 2017

Boycott our ineffective NTUC union – cancel your membership fees now!

Transitioning is starting a campaign to boycott our ineffective NTUC union and asking our readers who are NTUC members to cancel their membership with immediate effect.

The monthly membership fee is $9 a month from Jan-Nov and the December membership fee is $18.

All you need to do is to cancel your GIRO deduction by going to the bank or doing it online and the NTUC membership will be cancelled automatically.

You need to give three months’ notice for the membership to be cancelled but once they don’t receive your GIRO deduction, the membership should be automatically cancelled.

Unfortunately, on the NTUC website, there is no automatic membership cancellation button so GIRO deduction cancellation on your part is necessary.

Alternately, you can go to NTUC Centre at One Marina Boulevard to physically cancel your membership.

There is an apparent  loss of confidence in NTUC’s ability to arbitrate well for our work force.

The NTUC union is also starting to look like a membership club which cares more about shopping and holiday rebates than fighting for the rights of its’ members at the workplace.

We have receive many emails from readers who have approached their unions for arbitration and many were told to co-operate with their employers even though some of the cases are clearcut employment discrimination.

For one classic case, the member was asked to take voluntary termination with  benefits from the employer  after  he has approached  the union to assist him in a work place dispute.

After two years of the termination, he still suffers from the trauma of unfair dismissal by the employer,  went into a prolonged  depression as a result and needs counselling support.

The reader wants to remain  anonymous.

We are unsure how many local and foreign workers have suffered as a result of the weakened stance adopted by our unions once NTUC  has joined the tripartite movement.

Transitioning asks NTUC to show more teeth in arbitrating for the rights of our local and foreign workers who are often disadvantaged against by errant employers.

Though we do not cordon any industrial strike by our workers, we want our unions to better represent us at the work place.

We  question whether  NTUC has become a softened union when it joins the tripartite movement which advocates for a win-win situation with the government and employers.

We also do not need more rebates at the shopping malls and holiday resorts as this is not NTUC’s core mission.

We want NTUC to carry out  it’s original mission as a union i.e. to arbitrate fairly for the rights of its’ union members when there is a contractual dispute.

We often hear the voices of employers through the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF) or the Association  for Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) but NTUC  workers’ voice is  muted and quiet.

If you agree with us, start cancelling your NTUC membership now!

You and your family do not need more rebates at shopping malls or courses but you need a real loud voice out there speaking for you at the work place!

Let us unite together to pressure our NTUC union to better  represent us at the work place!

Do either post it up here on the comment page once you have cancel your membership or email me so that we can keep track of the number of people who have done so.

Gilbert Goh


Transitioning – unemployment support services

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Reader Feedback

52 Responses to “Boycott our ineffective NTUC union – cancel your membership fees now!”

  1. Ace says:

    Cancelled my membership last year.
    Now can shop for my groceries in so many other places like Giant, Sheng Shiong, Shop & Save etc and don’t need to purposely go to their supermarket.

    Anyway, with the money saved from the subscription, I took my family out for a wonderful dinner 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful family bonding time.

    Ask yourself what do you get out of paying $117 per year? To contribute to somebody’s million dollar salary?

  2. J Y says:

    I was never their member before.

    I read from the papers that the proper channel to air your grievances is as follows:

    1) Approach your supervisor
    2) Then your dept manager
    3) Then the HR
    4) Finally, the CEO if all the above fails.

    The problem is that many companies, esp. small ones, don’t have HR dept. Your ultimate fate depends on your manager. If the manager is a very difficult person that you cannot get along with, how can you tell him/ her that he/ she is the PROBLEM.

    Even when he/ she pretended to be open, he/ she will never listen to you and be in your shoes. He/ she will expect you to give in to his/ her demands since you are dispensable. There is a conflict of interest when your manager also needs to do HR work when there is no HR dept.

    Even the CEO will believe him/ her more than you if you are just a small fish. So in the end, the only way is to find another job. But the problem is how many people can stay there in misery until they find a job? Even when you can get one, the new boss can be even worse. It is a very common vicious cycle nowadays.

    Hence, the most intelligent way is to leave gracefully without saying too many bad things about your boss/ colleagues.留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。

    Some people are just so dumb that they don’t know why almost everyone in the company dislike them and leave one by one.

    Even if a union exists, it is no use to complain to them. Nobody will help you to take revenge for fear of being in trouble. Just believe that those difficult people will have a shorter life than you since they like to scold people so much.

  3. jj@39 says:

    S’pore tripartite framework consist of the govt, the employers n the employees. but the govt n the employers have the upperhands above the employees.

    NTUC is suppose to represent the employees, the workers but it is being controlled by the govt, PAP.

  4. sal says:

    Don’t trust a politicians, lawyers, salesman….something in common

  5. Zorro says:

    I cancelled my SG Bank Employees’ Union membership when I was retrenched and unemployed for a year. SBEU is affiliated to the NTUC. And, no prize for guessing who are the Advisors of this union that hire & fire at ease — all PAP MPs & ex-MPs (Chandra Das, Ng Pock Too, Irene Ng, Gan Kim Yong & Alvin Yeo)!

    NTUC is ripping-off unemployed workers by tying-up with training companies at e2i for courses discount using NTUC Membership card. Why can’t e2i just subsidize it? Moreover, those training companies and e2i tell unemployed workers to upgrade even for low-level jobs where employers will not give a chance to inexperienced (because of different trade) or 40+ years old unemployed candidates even after getting the sissy certificate!

    So yes, NTUC is a membership club which cares more about shopping and holiday rebates than fighting for the rights of its’ members at the workplace.

  6. Anon says:

    I have never been a NTUC or union member despite persistent pressure from HR and pro-PAP representatives. I became an “accidental” member for 1 month way back in 1995 when my previous company somehow went ahead to setup GIRO deduction. When I discovered the deduction, I immediately canceled it at the bank branch.

    Since 1990 when I started working in the real world, I have always informed my relatives & friends to cancel their union membership fees. I’m happy to say that about 50 people have canceled their membership over the years after listening to me and experiencing for themselves. NTUC is merely a PAP puppet and propaganda mouthpiece. In the tripartite arrangement, NTUC (i.e. workers) is the lowest in rank, followed by the employers, and then the govt which is the highest ranking.

    They are only interested when you are employed so that they can collect your hard-earned money every month. When you are about to lose your job, or when you are already jobless and desperate, NTUC treats you like a diseased animal, even though the sole purpose of a union is to protect you the worker especially when you are at your most vulnerable.

    You look at what NTUC says and does, and it is apparent that NTUC is basically a pro-PAP organisation for sycophants, PAP supporters, future MP wannabees, retirement job for older civil servants who still want good salary + bonus for relax job, and for PAPies to play businessman (supermarket, insurance, pharmacy, etc).

    What about you the worker?? Just shut up and listen to your boss, be happy with your miserable pay and you better don’t create noise or trouble. Play your part as an obedient worker so that foreigners want to invest in S’pore and companies can continue churning out fat profits and GDP.

  7. Duck says:

    Thanks Gil! Already posted to facebook to ask more people for cancellation.

  8. Al says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Had already cancelled long time ago.
    Actually i came across this member card near the outside of NTUC Fairprice & was coaxed to sign it, after went home my wife said i was gundoo to sign for it. Upon hearing this i called up to cancelled it immediately.. else i would lose more innocent money every year.

  9. Jolly Dodger says:

    “For one classic case, the member was asked to take voluntary termination with benefits from the employer after he has approached the union to assist him in a work place dispute.”

    I understand the need to remain anonymous, but can reveal what is the issue that the worker had dispute with the employer? Without having an insight on this, I don’t think that anyone reading this can make a fair assessment of the matter.

    It’s only fair to criticise the union if it doesn’t help the worker when the company is at fault, no doubt. But it’s another story if the worker committed serious mistakes in the course of work.

    Who can shed some light on this matter?

  10. Choo Kwok Leong says:

    I have just cancelled giro payment for NTUC fees.
    I only knew from Facebook about NTUC upping monthly membership fee from $9 to $18 p.m.
    Even at $9 p.m. I didn’t feel it was worth it.

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  12. guttula naresh babu says:

    i no more use your NTUC card plse cancelling
    i requst to you by guttula naresh babu

  13. guttula naresh babu says:

    i no more use your NTUC card plase cancelling my card i requst you by guttula naresh babu

  14. guttula naresh babu says:

    be 4 i cancelling my NTUC card

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  16. oglop says:

    yes i quit too. and i canceled my GIRO.
    but i still got letters from them saying, i must pay 3 months extra membership fee . 9 * 3 = 27 SGD…….

    • Bing says:

      Hi! Me too! I just realized that there will still charge me till 2016 when I want to determine my Ntuc membership card now! And the brainless salesman didn’t mention about the charge on dec will be double. So I still have to pay another 36 bucks’!!! How ridiculous ?

  17. BS says:

    While I agree with some of the issues above, I believe union leaders or union representatives are tyrants or big bullies themselves at the workplace. To make it worst Ntuc union rewards lousy people with May Day awards using union funds. They bring shame to the union as they are poor lousy workers trying to bully good productive workers. In short, union leaders are hypocrites. Don’t know how they won their bill shit awards and overseas trip.

  18. BS says:

    I believe the union should help those deserving help that is if the employer exploits good productive employees. The union should not help those bad hats who are sloppy at work, otherwise the union is collecting “protection money”. If an union member deserves discipline, then it should be meted out. If the employee does a good job and was unfairly treated, then this is where the union should come in. But sadly, this is not the case. I have seen union leaders and members who actually deserve the sack but they are still around bullying good workers. Very ironical indeed. But I have to say that there are both good employees regardless of whether they are union members or not. But to those union representative and members who are bad hats, I would say “Shame to you. You are a disgrace to the work force” and I salute those good employees regardless of whether they are union member or non union member. I can’t stand seeing these union hypocrites collecting their awards published in the paper.

  19. BS says:

    Union representative at workplace doing injustice by protecting unproductive part timer. It reflected poor sense of judgement and gullibility.It is an obvious case of poor work attitude and plain unproductivity and lamely excused over unjustified grounds. Just because the union representative is vocal, it causes a big stir in the workplace and a lot of happiness in the department when full time staff has to be burdened with part timer’s work and everybody seems to be evolving around part timer. When a company engage a part timer to work, isn’t it suppose to relieve the department problem. It seem the reverse is true, pay part timer salary and be burdened in return. Why should a company keep a part timer who does not relieve the problem of a department? Why not change and engage another part timer who could go a better job. Dual problem: management problem coupled by union woes. Maybe Ntuc chief need to educate their own unionist or union representative that they should not abuse their presence in workplace and learn to shut their gap and don’t make unnecessary noise at the workplace.

  20. sal says:

    Union is PAP….PAP is Union. Except SIA pilot Union

  21. Stalin Kannan says:

    Hi in stalin kannan my nric no: G8213377 T i want ti cancel my ntuc plus membership thank u

  22. i want canceled my membership tks.

  23. Thum Siew Hong says:

    Dear sir , I want to cancell my membership as per today

    Thanks you

  24. Sian says:

    (to moderator: is the last 3 posts necessary? posting that they want to cancel NTUC membership on this blog?)

  25. gary tang says:

    Dear All,
    I will like to cancelled my NTUC membership. Due to the reason that I seldom use the card for any specified purchased as I have other cards that gives me more rewards than the NTUC card.
    I find myself paying the fees every month without purpose.
    Kindly accept my cancellation for this NTUC membership card.Date joined since July 2013.
    your’s sincerely
    tang jin huat
    Thank you.

  26. RG says:

    Hi everyone,
    the simpliest way to cancel the card is to call your bank to terminate the GIRO. No other way.

    Also, you can do it yourself online on most bank online sites by stopping the GIRO.

    Dont be surprised if many other institutions are on your GIRO without your knowledge.

    Hope this helps.

    • elise says:

      hello. is it true that all i need to do is just to terminate the giro? i alr done it like half a year ago and now im receiving mails from ntuc asking me to pay the outstanding fee… irritating. im not using their card at all…

  27. I want cancelled my membership card today(20.08.14)please

  28. I need to canccel my ntuc membership .thank u.

  29. vivic lim says:

    I want cancel my NTUC membercard, urgent please…tks

  30. Baskar Prabhu says:

    I want cancel my ntuc plus card please understand

  31. manjari says:

    yes i dont want to continue as union member i just pay member fees only its not any benifits me how many years i am in union member any time i cant get small voucher for what reason i have to continue cancel mu union membership and i will discontinue my giro as diduct from my account membership fees.

  32. Dharmaraj Balasubramaniyan says:

    I members ship card cancell sir pls

  33. Calvin74 says:

    Stop your NTUC Plus membership if it came as a rider with your Income insurance policy, otherwise you count as a statistic in the government’s boast that 27% of our workforce is unionised. Union subscription used to cost me $9 every month and obviously, my supermarket rebates don’t amount to that much. To stop your subscription to the awful M Lifestyle magazine, email with your NRIC number.

  34. Sri sathish says:

    how to cancel my membership, please help me

  35. sri says:

    hi i wan to canncel my membership ,can help me please

  36. Libra Lady says:

    I’ve cancelled my giro online 10mins ago. My spouse adviced me to cancel it long ago. But delayed till after reading all your comments. Thanks to all. For giving me the push. I was blurred by the yearly rebates which when calculated was only peanuts.

  37. pring says:

    Just cancelled my giro deduction for the tooooooo ppppp thingy. Emailed them to cancel and they said they tried yet cant contact me through phone and told me they cant assist. Their reply is sort of telling me they cant be bothered since I am cancelling membership, no more $$$ for them, lol! I emailed them again and they never reply anymore! Really wasted money!

  38. EricNeo78 says:

    I have cancelled my NTUC Memebership by terminating the GIRO. After 1 year into this membership, I only used membership the card once @NTUC Fairprice to get some rebate for purchasing some items which cost less than $30. The Union at my previous workplace did not impress with the way they organized events. Worst still, at my current workplace (same industry), I don’t even feel the presence of the Union at all. So it time to call it an end. No point paying $18/mth for nothing.

  39. WILLY BOBBY says:

    I want to cancel my ntuc membership because my work don’t allow to join because I am working as a Part Time
    Security Guard and I have arthratis and mental illness.

  40. MOORTHY DASAN says:

    is there any chance to cancel to my ntuc membership card on online pls help me any one thanks

  41. Shri says:

    Yes ..its true but unless until Govt should make some law for retrenchment benefits NTUC can’t do anything.

  42. Unknown says:

    I opt for 3 months membership dec to feb. After feb i thought automatically cancelled. Then now in august they called saying i owe them march to july payment and asking me to pay. LOL

  43. Unknown says:

    Cancel my membership since April and till now they send me SMS to pay for the member. Called NTUC and they throw me back to Union and called Union they said is cancel and when I call NTUC it claim still active. So now how??? I wonder if we are living in a high technology country. No one want to be responsible for the case and put this to a end?

  44. Hi,
    I want to cancelled membership cad.
    Ratan lal saha

  45. xyz says:

    For all you jokers commenting here to cancel your NTUC membership …. HELLO!!!!

    You need to email or call your union office & give 2 months notice to terminate your membership!

    Better to email as that will provide black & white proof.

    Then after 2 months, you just log on to your internet banking & cancel your NTUC union GIRO.

    If you’re SIA-LAN, you can immediately cancel the GIRO on internet banking. But your union will try to continue charging you the monthly fees (which of course FAIL becoz no more Giro), and may contact you to say that you o-tang them $$$. You can ignore & fuck care their demands.

  46. Willy says:

    I just canceled my giro today 22/12/2016.
    And also i already sent email to tell them to cancel my membership.

    This should be okay right?
    Because as what i read in the previous comments, some of us will still be contacted by them to pay money. Is it okay if we just ignore their pay request in the future?

  47. usha says:

    Completely agree!
    NTUC is a useless piece of shit.
    Deduct membership fees of $9 per month but they have nothing to show for it. I kicked my ntuc card into the trashbin a few years ago.

  48. Ko Ko Aung says:

    I’m ko ko Aung-G6091369U,I want to cancel NTUC membership card because I’ll go back.

  49. Oli says:

    I just canceled my giro today 09/03/2017.

    Also i had emailed to have my membership to be cancelled as a proof for future.

    Aside to courses and shopping rebates. I dun see any difference from offers via credit cards. In fact I can get all kinds of better offer online for free. Paying $9 every monthly and $18 for the month of December is ridiculous. We spend money by patronize at Fairprice and yet still must Pay???

    Besides, the price tag at Fairprice is no longer cheap… to olden days. Things have changed. I think Fairprice should revised what they can offer before collecting $9 from the members.

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