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Saturday January 13th 2018

Lady PMET must compensate company six months’ salary upon resignation within three years of contract


Dear Gilbert,

I am writing to you as I have stumbled upon your website on a few occasions previously – read about work issues and problems  faced by alot of readers who have shared their stories.

I would like to first of all, thank you for setting up this website to help people like me and offering help in counselling  regarding our work issues.

I am a 27 years old local Singaporean  with 4 years of working experience  in the purchasing and procurement line.

I did alot of multi-tasking and were comfortable to handle my  responsibilities confidently. Currently, I am employed with another company for almost 3 1/2 months.

The position which I had applied for is Procurement Services Coordinator and  I felt that I could meet most of their requirements stated in the job advertisement.

Since the last 3.5 months with this new company, I realised that my main jobscope  and duties are not  what were stated in their advertisement.

I have high expectations prior to the interview and was  ecstatic when I was informed that the job was offered to me with the salary benefit  of my expectation.

I accepted the offer readily, considering that this company is quite stable with instant confirmation upon employment though they have a policy of not allowing an employee to leave within 3 years.

However, after staying with the company for  the last 3.5 months, what I had been doing was mainly assisting another Procurement Services Coordinator with the issuing of Purchase Orders typed out manually using ACCPAC system, typing out Purchase Requisitions manually using Microsoft Excel Worksheets, filings of Work Orders and Purchase Orders, emailing and scanning the according Purchase Orders to the relevant suppliers and vendors.

On a weekly basis, I have to send a mass email of the list of pending Purchase Orders list to the accounts department and do a report on raw metal prices.

Other than that, once a month I have to assist the Materials Management Executive with costings of raw materials and such. And on top of that, I am also required to key in data entry figures in the files.

Also, I am made as the minute-taker during meetings with and suppliers visit.

As you can see from my above descriptions and explanations, these are very minimal duties that I am carrying out in my department.

I discussed my expectations with the Executive in-charge of the department but still nothing was being done.

I was advised to talk to the person who interviewed me which is the Purchasing Manageress but from what I have seen, many colleagues who have raised their issues and concerns to her got backfired.

She will simply shout and scream at them and there was even a time, I heard her screaming to one colleague, “You don’t want to do it, is it? That is the new job assigned for you. How dare you argue with me? I am the Manager here!”

Right now, I am in a dilemma as I have signed the company’s contract – if I resigned and decided to leave less than the stipulated 3 years’ time frame, I am required to compensate the company with 6 months’ salary.

As I have mentioned, in the earlier part of this email, there was no initial probation period upon employment but instead, employees are offered instant confirmation as a permanent staff as per the company’s benefits.

I have called the Ministry of Manpower yesterday afternoon and seek advice from their Customer Service Officers regarding terminating my contract. Under the clause of the Employment Act (link:

Termination of Contract with Notice

The party who intends to terminate the contract must give notice to the other party in writing.

The notice period to be given depends on what is agreed in the written contract. If there is no written contract, the notice period to be given depends on what the parties have agreed upon verbally.

If there is no such period previously agreed upon, the following shall apply:

Length of Service Notice Period
Less than 26 weeks 1 day
26 weeks to less than 2 years 1 week
2 years to less than 5 years 2 weeks
5 years and above 4 weeks

The day on which the notice is given shall be included in the notice period.

The length of notice to be given by an employee (in a resignation) and an employer (in a termination of employment) are the same.

By mutual consent, notice can be waived.

Rejection of employee’s resignationAn employer cannot reject an employee’s resignation. The employee has the right to resign at any time by serving the required notice or by compensating the employer salary in-lieu of notice. Failure of the employer to allow an employee to leave his service is an offence. The employer shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.

Compensation from employees for terminating a contractContracts that require employees to pay a monetary compensation (in addition to notice pay) to the employer for terminating the contract before the completion of a specified period are not covered by the Employment Act. An employee can resign at any time by serving the required notice in accordance with the provisions in the employment contract.

The terms pertaining to monetary compensation (in addition to the notice pay) for terminating the contract prematurely is a contractual term and not governed by the Employment Act. Where there are disputes, the civil court will have jurisdiction in deciding the outcome.


I understand that I can still request to resign from the company under the Employment Act, but I might need to pay them the monetary compensation which is not covered under this Employment Act policy.

Worse of all, the company has a lawyer’s contract on this as well.

I wish to find out if this lawyer’s contract is valid and what  ways   I can resign without having to pay any compensation to the company?

 I hope to get assistance from somebody to look into this matter and to help me understand the validity of the company’s and lawyers’ contract as well as what that can be done.


Editor’s Note: We have seen the writer and will be seeking legal advice on her case. If you have faced such unjust employment contractual terms before, please email We like to hear from you.

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Reader Feedback

39 Responses to “Lady PMET must compensate company six months’ salary upon resignation within three years of contract”

  1. Sabix says:

    This is just a typical contract stunt SME use to reduce turnover.

    From your description, your job & pay is very low level and clerical in nature. What this means is that replacement can be easily found and the company has not invested substantial amounts in your development.

    A clause requiring you to pay back 6 months unless you stay for 3 years for such a low level generic job is considered onerous and bothering on indentured servitude. Even if the contract is drawn up with legal rigorousity, I am very certain it will not be enforced in a court of law.

    Most retention and anti-competition clauses are very difficult to implement even for senior executives, to do that to a clerk will get the case thrown out pronto.

  2. Dico says:

    I am in a similar situation. I was out of job for 2 years until I went for an interview with my present company.

    I was on a 2 years contract and if I quit, I have to compensate 3 months of my salary.

    I knew that companies that bound employees by contract are corporate scums and are well known to be exploitative, because they are at the upper hand due to the contract. But due to the tough employment market because of the influx of foreigners, I have no choice but to take the job.

    Things were extremely tough for the first few months. I have nasty colleagues and worst, most of the problems come from super nasty and trouble making customers. Unfortunately, most of the worst customers are Sinkies.

    I had a boss who would try to exploit his staff to the maximum, working extremely long hours on many occassions. Working late till 11pm – 1 am is not uncommon for projects. We are not paid any overtime unless we are doing it at site. Anyway the OT pay sucks. Working on weekends, both full Saturdays and Sundays is also very common in my company.

    My boss had also on several occassion called me during my leave to look into certain case which I can do it from home on the internet. He would keep texting and calling you if you don’t respond until you crack.

    My boss had not only exploited me, but also my foreign colleagues. Everybody hates the working environment.

    FYI, my boss is a true blue Sinkie who had worked for others and had relate his working experience with us about how he was being exploited in his previous jobs. Now that bastard did the same to us.

    Lucky for my, I am more stable now on the job and there is only 8 more months for my contract to end. I have taken this period to learn from the job as much as possible so that I would have an advantage in my next job hunt.

    Most of my foreigner colleagues are pretty nice people. They will help you as much as possible if you are unable to coop. However, I noticed that Sinkies are becoming very selfish, most Sinkie bosses are slave drivers. For the last 10 years, all my bosses who are Sinkies are slave drivers.

    This situation can also apply to our customers. Some of the worst customers are Sinkies, they will scream, yell and complaint at the slightest problem or inconveniences and making a hill out of a mole.

    I used to think that the foreigners are the cause of our plight, but I have changed after seeming how my foreigner colleagues were also being exploited by my boss.

    Many of them had come to Singapore for jobs because of the tough situation back at their home country just like many of us who wish to go to get a job in another country with better pay and working environment. However, many had been exploited by the local employers.

    The fault don’t lies with them but our government. They are the crooks that had caused all this problem with their self-serving policies.

    The PAP dogs runs the country like corporate crooks and our labour laws are so pro-business, putting us at the shorter end. Even Hong Kong had minimum wages but a ‘First Class Government’ cannot implement that for the fear of losing foreign investments.

    It is a shame that after 50 years of development, this this country still have to BEG for foreign investments while our sovereign fund gambled with our reserves heavily in overseas.

    All this summarise to one thing! The SINKIES!

    • jj@39 says:


      I don’t know what’s the position u hold in the company. U have already worked about 1yr+ in the company. Do u have any chance to see the price list, customer list or supplier list, agreement & contract?

      • Dico says:

        I have knows all our customers as we are on the front line. I know a few suppliers as I have got quotes from them before when we have to prepare the specs and cost for my boss to quote.

        I have no access to price list, agreements and contracts because I don’t think he trust those important info with us knowing that we can undercut him in the future.

        However, my contract also stated that we are not allowed to solicit business or work for our customers within 3 years after we left the company.

        • jj@39 says:

          suppliers —> you <— customers

          These are enough to cause great damages.

          3 years! That's too much.

          Well, why must let the boss know who you work for after you left? So what if he knew? Is he going to engage a lawyer to sue you, how much money he want to spend on the lawsuit?

          The possible thing he can do is ask your new employer to sack you if your new employer is his customer/supplier.

          • Dico says:

            He have relatives who are lawyers. There was a guy before me who left the company before the contract expires. My boss takes him to court.

            My boss lost the case. He had since tighten the clauses in the contracts after the case. He knew that he may not win, but he will ensure that you will go thru a lot of stress, trouble and expense. Eventually, I heard that the money that the guy spend was more than the compensation.

            In fact, many bosses knew that they may not win by hauling their employees to court for breach of employment contracts, but they will do so to inflict the maximum cost and inconveniences to the employees. This could make the existing employees think twice before doing the same. I have also heard that there are instances that the bosses win the case and the poor guy had to pay both the compensation and his lawyer.

            Sinkie Bosses are more willing to pay the dirty laywers than to use the money to pay his staffs OT.

  3. Dico says:

    to continue…..

    The 60% Assholes who had vote for the shameless dogs!

  4. J Y says:

    Maybe you can ask those colleagues who are “nice” about the notice period given by previous employees when they resigned. You can join them for lunch and try to make conversations with them. Maybe they are also in the same predicament as you, given your description of how the manageress shouted at a subordinate.

    It is a very sad fact that the employer-employee relationship is never EQUAL in Singapore. 99% of the time, it is the employee who has to give in to the unreasonable demands of the boss in order to survive.

    “能屈能伸” “君子报仇十年未晚” means to be humble and wait for new opportunities to stretch yourself and revenge is never too late for those who have wronged you.

    I really admire those people who can tolerate their employers for years in harsh working conditions and got a sizeable amount of retrenchment benefits at the end of it. It is like a compensation for the “torture” that they have endured.

    If employers know that no matter what they do, you still won’t resign, they will have no choice but to retrench you with benefits.

    Since you are still new, it makes no sense to endure until they retrench you with benefits.

    Hope that a lawyer will be able to help you while you find another job secretly.

    I think the reason why they “force” you to work for 3 years before you can resign is because many people don’t like to do menial tasks with low pay. Furthermore, the tightening of FT also make it harder to recruit them as “slaves”.

  5. jj@39 says:

    According to the employment contract, if Felicia resign then the company has the rights to demand compensation from her.

    If this case is brought up in court, Felicia might not lose. The judge can see thru the plot behind the employment contract. So would the company dare to sue her for breach of contract? Felicia also can counter sue the company for setting up a employment trap to cheat her.

    If Felicia doesn’t resign but stop reporting to work or always take medical leave. So what can the company do to her?

  6. Moon says:

    Well, similar case! I forced to work near rubbish area in security line! (Premier Security Co-Operative Ltd) I quit! But, forced to work 7 more days! Else, must compensate the company! I feel cheated!

    ‘Bad.Companies.Collection.Sg.Failures’ in Facebook! 1st created in Singapore! No more quiet for Bad Companies! Click ‘Like’ if you’re not well-fed! Else, stop complaining!

  7. jj@39 says:

    Premier Security Co-Operative Ltd only forced you to work 7 more days. i heard that pico guards force their security guards to work at least one more month if they want to resign.

    Turnover rate in security guards industry is very high so the companies will try to stop employees for leaving by forcing them to work for at least a week or a month. If you insist to leave, they will threaten to sue you.

    All these are fake threats. You won’t be declare bankruptcy by S’pore law if the amount you own the other party is less than $10000. How much money they want to pay the lawyer to sue you over your meagre wage?

  8. Sal says:

    Normally in a country, theres a Ministry Body or Legal Aids that helps workers being exploit by a company …its good to hear from free legal advice from Singapore Ministry before you move on with your action.

  9. Anon says:


    The only question is whether the company willing to spend at least $10K-$15K (minimum) to sue you in court. This is if you say “Fuck you, I will not pay you even 1 cent. I pay you with shit maybe.”

    Even for big companies such as big insurance firms etc, they sometimes have resignation clause in their employment contracts that say that staff who resign within the 1st year or first 2 years have to pay the company e.g. $3K or 1 month’s salary or 2 months salary etc etc.

    Sometimes, staff can take calculated risk and refuse to pay. This is especially if the amount to pay is only a few thousand dollars e.g. $3K. Coz they know that most companies will not want to spend $10K-$20K legal fees to sue you for a relatively small sum.

  10. Tim says:

    The best thing to do now is to wait for Gilbert’s legal help.

    Personally I don’t think your company has a case here. The company did not do enough for you (e.g. send for expensive training, signing up bonus, etc), nor are you important enough to justify compensating them 6 months’ salary for leaving. It is an unreasonable employment contract that won’t hold up.

    A company that has such unreasonable employment terms should have rung some alarm bells. Also I am not sure what sort of duties you were expecting for a position named Procurement Services Coordinator. What you were assigned to do sounds just about right.

  11. 50plus says:

    Probably the easiest thing to do is to play the blur sotong and mess things up, and get yourself fired.

  12. Alex says:

    May be our Gov can do something on this to protect worker.

    I used to work in Challenger SuperStore with similar term. Retail sale Assoc and above, you must pay one-month salary if you work less than 3month.
    Those who join as Management Trainee, you have to pay $5000 if u resign within a year.

  13. jj@39 says:

    T&Cs in a normal employment contract for non-managerial staff is give 2wk notice for resignation before confirmation; give 1mth notice for resignation after confirmation.

    To retain, reduce turnover rate & exploit employees, employers came out with all kinds of T&Cs in employment contracts. Employee can’t do this, can’t do that, must do this & must do that. Failing to do so, you have to compensate the company if not we’ll sue you. I believe the companies will be happy if employees compansate them. This could be deem as a quickier way to earn more money. It could a trap lays for ignorant & desperate jobseekers to fall into.

    When i quit from challenger management associate job, the HR mgr also talked about compensation. I told her i won’t pay & they can go ahead & sue me if they want to. In the end, nothing happens to me.

    i won’t be declare bankruptcy by S’pore law bcoz of the $5000. Challenger also save money by refusing to contribute CPF stating no need CPF contribution for allowances given to workers. This is already illegal & will be fine by CPF board. How much money they want to pay the lawyer to sue us over our meagre wage? If the judge or CPF board force them to pay back every single cent they owned for CPF contribution for the employees. maybe the boss & ladyboss can kiss goodbye to their luxury cars.

    Some companies also came up with the idea of sending employees for courses & force them to sign bonds with the companies. E.g. when the operation mgr & HR mgr of AsiaFoodChannel asked me to attend a customer service course along with a 1yr bond during the interview. i immediately rejected them & leave.

    S’pore MOM employment act is a lousy act. It allows exploitation; shift responsibility by allowing employer & employee to negotiate T&Cs between themselves; provide loopholes for employers to exploit employees.

    S’pore gov controlled by PAP is the biggest employer in S’pore. The employment act is specially designed to protect PAP’s interest. Temasek holdings, GIC, JTC, NTUC & their linked companies etc are all under PAP’s control. Imagine the number of employees employed by them. If exploitation is not allow in the manpower act then they can’t earn big profits & paid their top mgmt executives hefty salaries & bonus.

  14. Sal says:

    AS union are pro company….who going to side with the workers in Spore?

  15. May says:

    @Alex-agree with you that gov must step in to protect its own citizens job seekers also from unfair terms and conditions laid down by job agencies.These job agencies had been given too free reins by our gov for too long and craft their own terms to benefit themselves at our own job

    My friend’s aunt was on an hourly paid contract to a gov project.The job seekers were contracted from different job agencies and their terms varies.Some are lucky no penalty fees only gave advance notice of resignation,others $600 penalty fee if didnt stay till 3 mths and another agency fined $500 if didnt keep to the 1 yr contract, no leeway.

    To any job seekers a fine of $50 to $1000 meant a lot to them as they need to eat so it is sad that our gov who subcontract work to job agencies did not seek to protect its own citizens but let the agencies craft their own terms.

    • jj@39 says:

      The unions must protect its citizens & local employees.
      The S’pore employment act must protect both the local & foreign workers. Foreign workers are being exploited by employers here too.

      Many f/w working in the shipyards, logistics, construction, maintenance, cleaning & mfg sectors are shortchanged. The daily pay of a foreign shipyard worker could be as low as only $18 for daily 12hr work for 6days/wk. When comes to payday, companies or agencies delay paying them money with all sort of excuses.
      Many f/w are found being forced to live under poor living condition too.

      Some companies maybe reluctant to employ jobseekers who are union members too. A former SIMM classmate told me his company Micron dislike employing jobseekers who are union members. Micron mgmt doesn’t like to deal with union. I also heard from former ntucfoodfare co-worker that his former company Asahi dislike union, anyone who is active with the union activity & deems as a possible threat. The mgmt will promote him to some leader position with the company so that he can’t be involve with the union!

      S’pore is a developed country & PAP claimed S’pore is a 1st class country but our employment act is like 3rd world country standard.

  16. Alex says:

    The thing about Challenger Superstore is that they can sack you for whatever reason without compensating you. If you resign within a year you have to pay them $5000.

    I am not sure it is fair for worker having this kind of one way contract???

  17. Alex says:

    Working for Challenger Superstore is that they can sack you for whatever reason without compensating you. If you resign within a year you have to pay them $5000.

    I am not sure it is fair for worker having this kind of one way contract???

  18. jj@39 says:

    Many retail companies require employees to work 6 days/wk, only few will require employees to work 5 days/wk but due to manpower shortage, staff are ask to work 6 days as part of OT. Whether is 5 or 6 days work, staff have to work on weekends & PH. The daily working hours could be up to 12hr.

    During lunch time, staff sometimes require to eat inside the shop so that they can stop eating & serve if any customer walks in. If staff are late or leave early then mgmt are unhappy. The security alarm system or electronic check in/out system will inform mgmt the time you enter & leave the shop.

    The basic wage of a retail staff is just so-so only, OT is extra income. Commission is only good if what the shop sells is luxury items then you’ll better chance to earn high gross wage.

    If any item is found missing or stolen by customers from the shop, the retail staff are force to bear the losses. Mgmt will tell you the item is lost under your care. Now you also being use as a security guard to safeguard their goods.

    You’ll get to meet a lot of weird & snobbish customers that came to find troubles. It’s very tiring & troublesome to serve them. Some bosses, managers or salesman themselves also want to cheat customers for higher earnings. That’s why from the newspapers we knew a lot of heat arguments took place in sim lin sq over electonic goods transactions. Police have to be called in to stop the fights.

    Retail sector is a unpopular choice of career with local younger & middle-age generation.

  19. Gilbert Goh says:

    Dear Friends,

    I have seen the lawyer and he has advised the reader to seek legal advice if she is served with a legal notice to compensate the company with six months of salary if she resigns within three years of her contract.

    The legal fee payable is in the region of $3k to $4k.

    The lawyer also advised that she can also ignore the legal letter unless the company serves a writ summon which requires her attention.

    This will also require funds from the company to file a writ summon.

    Even if the reader ignores the writ notice and dont pay up, the company has to pay their company lawyer and sue her for bankruptcy as the amount is above $10,000.

    The company may in the end use up more than $10, 000 to follow up with all the legal proceedings and still may not be able to retrieve the money from the reader.

    The final word to our reader is to stand firm when the company serves her with a legal notice to pay up as the judge may even throw out the company’s suit due to the indiscriminatory content of the contract.

    Its also a shame that such local errant companies exisit in Singapore when we are acknowledged as a first world economy.

    Gilbert Goh

  20. jj@39 says:

    Not need to worry about lawyer letter lah. Lawyer letter also not court summon letter.

    Sidetracked a bit. For poor like me, even if i owe some companies or banks’ money, let say one million or one billion. I also not worry. Sue me if you want to. I won’t go to jail bcoz of bankruptcy unless i broke the law.

    Maybe bank officers also have to talk to you nicely over the debts you owed them if you tell them you have decided to declare bankruptcy. But make sure you have already transfer all your assets under someone else’s name(s) or sell away all your assets before you declare bankruptcy. hahaha

  21. Colin says:

    List out the company name so everyone can black list them if we keep company names confidential, everyone else will suffer the same thing =)

  22. Moon says:

    So scary living a simple life! Employers lied the job we do! SII didn’t teach protect ourselves, use my story! Most thought security line is decent! Too many innocents killed! Lot of idiots like me gets fooled!!! I think, I the only poor brave, black list them! All are bunch of cowards!

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  25. oute says:

    Maybe they are foreigners PR turned sinkies lah..

  26. lind says:

    Hi all,

    I was browsing thru on paying compesantion to employer and I saw this.

    My case: I signed an employment letter and I chose not to joing the company as after signing my current company countered offer me a better pay. I called the new company and even apologize to them two weeks before i joined them.

    Based on the employment letter, i have to pay a months pay for the liquidated damages done. I talked to the person who handled my case, and even asked whether the payment can be waived off. He said he had no idea and i even told him to give me the contact number of the person whom i can talk to in the new company regarding the compensation payment but to no updates from him. Today, i received a letter from the company regarding the rescinding contract and asking to send over the cheque of one months pay to the company address by mid-feb. On the letter,there is no contact number of the person other than the company main line. The letter did not state any legal action will be taken. I am having financial diffulties too.

    What should i do?
    Do i really need to pay?
    From who can i seek advice?
    Will they take legal action?
    Although the salary is less than 2k, it is still difficult for me to pay.

  27. Snsd says:

    Hi all,

    I just went for an interview and I think mine is worse?! It’s a 1 yr contract with no probation period. Thus, there will be no increment in salary unless you renew in the following year which they will pay you one month bonus but this is just a minor issue.

    The main issue is that if I quit within a month after signing (rmb there’s no probation so you’ll never know what shit they’re up to), I will have to pay them 2 WEEKS of salary. Shouldn’t this case require a cooling period?

    Secondly, if I quit after working X amount of months, I have to compensate them with the remaining months. At this point, I was doubting my English capacity whether I have read the sentence wrongly. If I quit after 3 months, I have to pay them 9 months?

    The lady boss explained to me the reason they do that is because they spend time training their staff and if they want to terminate me, they will likewise compensate me (Note: The contract only states I pay them Not vice versa.)

    Both seem fishy. Firstly, they are unwilling to pay for my professional papers. The latter seems too good to be true. Seriously, are they going to pay me 9 months if they want to dismiss me after 3 months?! Even if they agree to, I bet they will use unsatisfactory performance as an excuse not to pay.

  28. sal says:

    Bring up the issue to the Authority, we must fight for our workers right ….where’s the NTUC? We will be treat like dogs once you sign the contract.

  29. Felicia says:

    I am the writer of the above story. Contacted NTUC Union recently and somebody called me up with regards to my case and requested me to scan and send them copies of my employment letter, contract and lawyer’s letter. It’s been almost 1 month since that and NTUC Union has yet to come back to me with their lawyer’s advice.

    • xiaoc123 says:

      Felicia, I think im working in the company you have mentioned. I don’t think you are still working here. I am also treated the same way as you, wanted to leave but need to pay 3 months salary. So did you pay for it for work for 3 years?

  30. XYZ says:

    Even if you pay $3K to a lawyer for legal advice, the below will be what he/she will tell you:-

    If you’re still in that job, might as well continue.

    If you got higher offers & want to quit then consider:-
    How much the penalty? Is it over $20K? Coz the company will need to spend $15K to $20K just to sue you for bankruptcy. And no guarantee for the company you can pay even if they sue.

    Rational company won’t bother, unless you “owe” a lot of money, and the company knows you have plenty of money & assets they can confiscate thru bankruptcy suit.

    However if the company is not rational, and the company is run by just 1 or 2 key people without many other shareholders, then they can throw away money just to punish you & make your life miserable.

    The company may throw $20K just to make you bankrupt as punishment and set example to the other workers. Coz as bankrupt in S’pore companies won’t hire you. You will need to fake in your job applications, and if found out later you will be immediately terminated and maybe with penalties also. If for govt jobs, this faking will be criminal offence.

    If you recently changed address, and the company doesn’t know, then it will be easier to “escape”. Coz it will be harder to serve notice on you if they don’t know where you are. That is why it is beneficial to be renting instead of playing the s’pore game of being a “property owner”. Actually if you buy HDB, you are legally NOT a property owner — but that’s for another story.

  31. Lex84 says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to disturb. i dunno how can i post here to get advice.

    I am in deep trouble and i don’t know what should i do.

    I have been working in my company A for around 1 year 3 months. Recently, i have found a job and have resigned and move on to company B.

    But in order to resign, i have to pay 3 months compensation. apart of this, i still have to serve 45 days notice. initially my new hiring company B agree to wait for me for 45 days and pay for my 3 months penalty. however, company A refused to look into my resignation especially the 45 days notice portion resulting in a delay of my resignation and as a result i could not serve full 45 days as company B unwilling to wait for me further. End up my last salary was deducted for more than 50% when i move on to company B.

    This is not all. When i join company B, the 3 months penalty never come in and end up i have to pay company A myself. I have went around borrowing money from friends and taking up bank loan. Till now, i have paid around 90% of the 3 months penalty. There is still a remaining of 10% which is around 1.3k. company A refuse to negotiate and request me to pay up almost immediately. Not even willing to allow me to pay by instalments. I am running out of options as i already deeply into bank debt especially my baby is merely one year old. I still have my own reno loan to pay as well.

    Right from the start, company A refuses any negotiation regardless of waiver of the amount or reducing of the 45 days notice (my manager initially agreed to allow me to serve 30 days notice but later stage HR changed). My last pay was eaten up totally also, meaning i work free for the whole last month for company A.

    May i check what can i do or what should i do? Will i get jailed for failing to pay up the remaining 1.3k? What will company A do to me? I dun dare to share it with my wife as she is pregnant with my second child. I am really lost and worry. As for company B, i questioned them why was there a change of plan. They merely amended my contract and told me if i not happy, i can leave. But i need a job. So is another bloody lies.

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