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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Generation Y PMET is against foreign labour influx – why?

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Transitioning continues our interview series on the huge influx of foreigners into our country during the past few years.

The sudden artificial increase not only robs local Singaporeans of their livelihood as many foreigners have came in to  replace local PMETs of their jobs but has also create over crowdedness in our transport system and physical space.

We urge that the government will seriously re-consider it’s decision to bring in another 700, 000 foreigners in the next few years to achieve the target of a 6-million population.

Our current online poll has also reflected that 88% of those who voted do not wish to have a 6-million Singapore.

We hope that our government will respect our decision.

Transitioning: Can you please first state your educational qualifications, salary range, age, marital status and work experience?

Dave: MBA, $2500, 33, Single, 10 years

Transitioning: What is your view on the recent foreign influx in Singapore?

Dave: Its getting crowded everywhere due to our high population density of 7252.43 people per square kilometre (highest in the world, with second being Hong Kong – for population above 4 million). There have been research to show overcrowding can cause mental and other social problems.

Transitioning: How has it affects you personally?

Dave: The daily, transport, stagnant wages due to supply and demand.

Transitioning: Do you think that the government has let in too many foreigners within a short period? How many foreigners do you think should be let in? Please elaborate.

Dave: Answer is yes, I have friends who hold MBA and respectable degrees from NTU, SIM being out of jobs at a young age of only 28 years old. Reason being companies are no longer interested in training our local PMETs since they have more options now.

Transitioning: How do you think the government can resolve the current foreign influx situation?

Dave: Promote small businesses and entrepreneurship.

During the great depression, President Hoover supported the rich, President Roosevelt supported the base level, he helped in micro business, etc.

Entrepreneurship CREATES jobs and business.

If wealth would to be concentrated in one location, it is unhealthy for the whole economy taking into consideration, research and study that the rich are frugal people too.

When the economy is bad, everyone gets affected, since business becomes more difficult to do and when everyone tighten wallets, business, fail, retrenchment start happening, the vicious cycle continues.

Transitioning: Many people have commented that there is a lack of transparency on the foreign intake policy? Do you agree? What should the government do then?

Dave: Yes, there is a lack of transparency, this I have no comment.

Transitioning:  Our government has mentioned that because of our low birth rate, they have to import foeigners to solve the problem. Do you agree with this policy? Why so?

Dave: This is clearly ironic, since foreign wives of Singaporean have difficulty getting PR even when they have given birth. Refer to news on Thai woman and her children have to leave Singapore when her husband died. As well as news on Singaporean women going for abortion due to high cost of living Yet workers are granted, this means there is an emphasis on “Money” instead of “Baby”.

Transitioning:  Do you think the the current xenopobic sentiments are unfair to the foreigners and dangerous for social harmony? Please elaborate.

Dave: I personally am alright with foreigners who come to marry local, foreigners who come to create businesses, but I am not comfortable with PMET foreigners who do not create real value for local. The average citizens do NOT benefit or feel the benefits.

Transitioning: There are also very few avenues for the locals and foreigners to intreact and integration programmes are mainly conjured by the government. Do you think that this is sufficient? Can you suggest some other social integration programmes?

Dave: Even two Singaporean neighbours do not interact with one another, I doubt the efficiency of these programmes. If you look at it from the viewpoint of marriage, dating and tourism, then yes.

Transitioning: Lastly, do you think that Singapore really needs so many foreigners in order to survive? Do you think that the whole economy will collapse without them?

No one is indispensable in Business context, will a business collapse if the workers leave? Answer is no (in the short term), reason being a business survival depends on its business models, VALUE creation and strategy. Huge MNCs like HP are loosing money, simply because MORE doesn’t mean better. It’s about efficiency.

End of interview and thank you.

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7 Responses to “Generation Y PMET is against foreign labour influx – why?”

  1. jj@39 says:

    Dave has a MBA with 10yrs working experience but how come the salary is only $2500?

  2. Sal says:

    Depend on the industry you work in….some industry pay peanuts.

  3. jj@39 says:

    I think the future will be:

    The more dip/deg holders SG produces, the more jobless & underemployed dip/deg holders SG will have.

    The more FT/FW PAP brings in, the more jobless & underemployed S’poreans we will see.

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  6. Anon says:

    To readers who think Dave must be a loser, earning only $2.5K with MBA and experience, think hard again…

    With PAP’s open-legs policy companies can hire thousands of cheena PhDs and ah neh MBAs for $2.5K and 6-day work week and 10 hrs daily slog.

    So what you got NUS or NTU or SMU MBA??

    Those Sinkies who are doing well and feeling smug reading all these hard-luck stories, don’t be too proud. I can tell you 100% that luck has a lot to do with what you have, and not your “smartness” or “hard work” etc.

    After 20 years in the real world economy, I have seen all kinds of BS people and arrogant pricks who think they’re successful becoz they “deserve it”, when in actual fact it’s more to do with being at the right place at the right time with the right supportive boss and the right type of company / organisation.

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