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Saturday January 13th 2018

Join our one-month campaign against 6-million population target

We will be planning a one-month campaign against the 6-million population target set by our government.

Our online polls conducted to date  shown that 88% or 371 votes  are  against the 6-million population mark.

I have spoken to many Singaporeans and most of them agree that the island could not take in any more people especially if they are from overseas.

Our trains are jammed pack even during non-peak hours and our HDB resale prices have shot through the roof in unbelievable fashion.

Many young PMETs have complained to me that they could not afford even our BTO flats as the cost  tend to follow that of the over-priced resale HDB prices in the surrounding area.

Its also unfathomable how we can accommodate an additional 800, 000 foreigners in the near future without sacrificing some jobs held by our own local citizens.

You can’t just bring in so many foreigners and not  provide them with adequate employment and housing facilities.

I have spoken recently  to  many well educated PMETs  who are still  been replaced by foreign talents and there is little job protection for our locals.

Many Singaporeans I spoke to also feel that they could not do anything about the population matter and  simply choose to leave our country – many out of frustration and resignation.

This strong feeling of resignation among the local populace  is the main  factor which  pushes me to initiate this peaceful one-month campaign against the 6-million population target set by our government.

There is also this subtle fear that our local Singaporean population will ultimately be replaced by foreigners in about 20-30 years’ time if the floodgates continue to be so widely open.

I also want to reiterate that the campaign is not targetting against foreigners living here but the adverse consequences of over-populating the country artificially. I am sure that our foreign friends feel the same kind of sardine-like environment when they take our MRT trains and shop in our malls.

Details of the campaign proper will be out soon once we are ready to announce them.

All I can say is that  will be launching it at Hong Lim Park  and the one-month campaign will include a run and forum.

Meanwhile, our site designer has provided us with four  designs and I want our readers to choose  the design which they want us to print for our campaign tee.

Simply place your vote on the comment column below and we will tally them up when the voting  ends on 23 Oct (Wed).

The design with the most number of votes will be our campaign tee.

Once the design is being selected, we will publish the cost of the tee and asks for your online order later.

The tee shirt order is also one way for us to raise some funds for the one-month-long campaign.

Thanks Singapore for your support!

We will count on you to ensure that this campaign will be successful.

Gilbert Goh


Transitioning – unemployment support services


Our Tee Designs For Your Voting

Design No 1

Design No 2


Design No 3

Design No 4


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Reader Feedback

16 Responses to “Join our one-month campaign against 6-million population target”

  1. Return back the old Singapore says:

    Design 3…anyway…ít’s no longer 6 is 6.5 million.

  2. Charles says:

    Number 4!

  3. dennis khew says:

    Number 4

  4. william says:

    siao ah a island so small so many ppl for what?

  5. J Y says:

    Design 4.

    Another way to solve the over-population problem is to reduce birth rate.

    In the future, our people may be living underground like “ants in Beijing”. In China, they called it “蚁族”。Because the people are living like ants crawling underground.

  6. Al says:

    Design 4 – my choice.

    The more is not merrier. More is a burden to its infrastructure, overcrowding, pollution & social breakdown (FT snatching away local women/men), cause of rise in costs of living etc..

  7. Anonypmet says:

    Design 4. BTW, blue doesn’t look like a good background colour for this design. White might be better.

  8. Crowd Phobia says:

    Design 4. But please add more agony to the face and more cracks to the island. This is exactly what’s happening…some buildings are developing cracks due to heavy construction of MRT lines to accommodate an over-sized population. Our tiny island has limited carrying capacity, it just doesn’t make sense to balloon the population. The acute lack of space is making this place a 3rd world country.

  9. Elfred says:

    No. 1. Emphasize on the jobs first

  10. Elfred says:

    Btw, when you meet up with MOM, you might simply be warned to stay out of trouble (subtext: Management crooks need more money for their bottomless holes.

  11. Sha'izad says:

    No. 2 pls.

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