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Monday January 15th 2018

23-year-old Burmese permanent resident offended by comment made by Singaporean and threatening retaliation

Dear Gilbert,
For your information, I have chosen to no longer reply to the idiotic comments on your website. This is not because of your advice or because I am giving up.
It is because my girl friend is worried about me if I take this further.
So in order to appease her, I have promised  not comment on my article. However, do keep in mind that you have told me and everyone on the website that you will be moderating and those comments that are insulting will be removed.
Well I suggest you take a look at what this fellow called chillax is saying about me.
I assure you Gilbert, if you do not remove his comment, it will show to me and everyone that you do not keep to your word. And if the comment remains, it will FORCE me to retaliate and from all this email exchange with me you should know that I am one who can express himself very VERY well.
And my comments will reflect EXACTLY what I am feeling about some of these people. Of course once I reply and you remove my post, it will show to me your true standing.
And I will be FORCED once again to conclude that you are being racist, removing only my comment and not other people who are also insulting.
So Gilbert I suggest you let this chillax person know that I am NOT to be trifled with. Believe me when I say that I have ways and means to find out exactly who and where he is posting from.
I don’t have IT experts as friends for no reason. IP addresses are easily traced. And also, assuming I intend to go to authorities and report that this chillax guy is spreading anti-foreigner sentiments, it will not go very well for him.
Remember that just because many foreigners are not saying anything about this issue like me, ALL of them are feeling exactly what I am feeling.
All it takes is a spark to set the whole thing on fire. So we should be very careful what the foreigners are allowed to see when people speak ill of them.
The Burmese are a very proud race Gilbert and I am not an exception.
If we have made a mistake, we don’t mind people looking down on us.
But those who have achieved something and are insulted like this, we will not take it lying down.
If the comments are not removed, the chillax fellow will need to find the dirtiest little hole he can find, crawl into it and never come out because Burmese people everywhere will be looking for him.
What he said is a racial, and national insult to us. Do you want his comment getting out there to show what kind of people Singaporeans are?
I myself don’t generalise Gilbert, you know this. I know that there are only a few of these kind of people in Singapore.
But the media, my people and the rest of the world might not be so generous when it comes to judging the character of the entire nation based on just these few individuals.
I hope you will do the right thing by removing offensive posts, because if you don’t nip this problem in the bud, you can be damn sure the media will come down hard on this issue.
His comments will show the world exactly how xenophobic Singaporeans are…
Editor’s Note:  It is unsure which comments made by chillax are found to be offensive by Simon. So far, all comments posted on the two related articles earlier are intact and none has been removed.  We again ask for cool heads to prevail here and that all comments posted will have to be respectful of each other’s culture and belief.
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33 Responses to “23-year-old Burmese permanent resident offended by comment made by Singaporean and threatening retaliation”

  1. David says:

    No Hiring Manager/HR/Employer will be in their state of mind to openly tell some true stories about discrimination which maybe happening in Singapore.

    As a ex-HR practitioner, I can share with you some real stories cause by Foreigner that is affecting Singaporean.

    To attract potential candidates such as Foreigner to join the organization, some organization will provide attractive salary package such as free accommodation & foods.

    However some black sheep Foreigners who are willing to have a very low salary or even a paid cut just because there is no national minimum wage acts & to secure the position thinking that they can have more saving from salary to sent back to home.

    If this does not work out due to their miscalculation of accepted salary, they will just job hop once they secure another new job.

    So how do this affected Singaporean?

    Since there is no national minimum wage acts in Singapore, organization will base on market rate to pay their employee which is created under a false statistics.

    So statistics shown that low salary is the market rate for these positions.

    Can you tell me which Singaporean want to take up these position for low salary when the living cost is very high because they needs to pay for their own accommodation, foods & etc?

    Irregardless whether HR have highlight this issue to their main HQ in other county, how to convince the top management to pay higher salary for these position (apart from adding more work load or/and responsibility role) when market rate salary in national statistics for these positions are so low?

    • jj@39 says:

      So long as PAP remains strong in the parliament house, it is unlikely to have national minimum wage acts in Singapore.

      I wonder will anyone brings this topic up in the National Conversation.

  2. Sgcynic says:

    “So Gilbert I suggest you let this chillax person know that I am NOT to be trifled with. Believe me when I say that I have ways and means to find out exactly who and where he is posting from.”

    Spoken like a true gangster. I do not know what the other person wrote. I do not condone it if it is racist and serves to provoke but I do not take kindly to online threats like that above. I am of half a mind to lodge a police report. Now I am glad his Singaporean citizenship is not approved. Maybe ICA’s background check turn up something?

    • Simon says:

      @Sgcynic: Just because I have ways to find out who he is doesn’t make me a gangster. Keep in mind that I can also lodge a police report for racist remarks against me by chillax. So your quick jumping to conclusion of me being a gangster simply shows that you just want to assume the worst of me. So that at least shows me what kind of person you are. Keep in mind, I made no comments about the govt or of all Singaporeans as a whole. I believe that my personal opinions about CERTAIN people, not of a particular race or whatever doesn’t condone any legal action against me. If it does then who is to say whatever racist remarks posted here directed me is also not liable to be prosecuted? Rmb that I didn’t make any racial slights or insults against an entire nation. But someone did. I can let it slide, but I don’t think racist remarks are taken very lightly in Singapore. Check the comments back before making any conclusions. I’m always very careful about not insulting any particular race or nationality at large. Hmm many of you are however, posting very snide comments about people from China. And since its a nationality/racism issue, I wonder who’d get in trouble then. Little old me is just pissed off at a few individuals. What, its illegal to not like certain individuals now?

      • Uh oh! says:

        Didn’t u make a promise to your girl friend not to post and response? Seems the more you post, u offend more people. This requires some self-reflection.

        Many of the PRC comments come in the light that many of those who regard themselves so ‘highly’ with regards to Singaporeans are PRCs. Many of those who make such comments are truly foreigners. Not PR like yourself.

        You have been immersed in our culture but yet still speak like a foreigner and none of the pre-requisites of a PR-citizen to be.

        Our Nationality/racial laws pertain to comments made as Singapore as a whole and the races within and not reference to other countries if you didn’t know. Although it maybe morally reprehensible to insult other countries, but it’s not a legally permissible issue. Our own leaders have made comments about other countries which were not politically correct, but never ran foul of the law here.

        Like other say…we know our laws.

      • Sgcynic says:

        What you wrote speak volumes about the type of character you have. Easily provoked, confrontational, calculating. “I don’t have IT experts as friends for no reason.” your friends should re-evaluate their friendship with you.

  3. Sgcynic says:

    On second thought, perhaps ICA would take into consideration the above and earlier postings by a fervent Burmese who for some reason wants to convert his nationality.

  4. For Real or Not? says:

    It works both ways. If Simon wants to take action against chillax, then he have to answer for his own comments made against Singaporeans including Gilbert….not only chillax but all threads that Simon participated. I am sure the authorities can find more aggravated posts from Simon than anyone else here…since he likes to dish it out based on a ‘retaliatory stance’ for being a ‘proud’ person. And these are the type of comments that got many of our foreigner friends in trouble with the law.

    All this posted as public record.

    Btw, he (Simon) did curse someone to be stricken by disease and die a slow death? Amongst other colourful remarks.

    • jj@39 says:

      Simon even said he would shoot me himself & isulted my parents on how they raised me. These are threatening & sickening remarks that are totally uncalled for.

      Base on these remarks, i think i can lodge a complain against him to the police. If i ever do that & he is found guilty, Simon can forget about obtaining the citizenship. If his PR is cancel due to this, Simon can really start packing home back to Burma.

      If the case was brought up to court, there could be jail term, a fine or some other forms of punishment depending on the outcome of the verdict. Simon could be deported & ban from entering S’pore again.

      So far i have no wish to lodge a complain against him to the police even though i am unhappy with the remarks. I will forgive him as he is just young & reckless. I have no wish to see his family members weep & can only visit him outside S’pore soil.

  5. Isabella says:

    Simon, in every forum, there will be for and opposing views. The wisest thing to do is to save your breathe n time, walk away from the online arguments, n work hard for what you want in real life. It is reality that matters, posts here will not aid your cause in anyway. The 2 Burmese I know are v hard working, decent people, n I totally respect them. All the best to you.

  6. Tim says:

    Your behavior smacks of borderline personality disorder. Probably have been jailed for violence before that’s why ICA did not approve your citizenship application despite serving NS. It is a better outcome for you anyways since you are a proud Burmese.

  7. Fauna says:


    I read many of your comments and it seems to me that you like to ramble on and on and not directly people’s questions.

    What does it earn a person to win an argument in cyberspace? To show that you are more superior to others in terms of your command of the written language?

    You talk about achievements…but seriously what have you really achieved in terms of work, NS and our education service? I think that many Singaporeans have many more years of work experience than you; you have yet to called up for In-Camp Trainings, attended Mobs and the whole spectrum of activities for NSmen…..also many have attended higher education institutions than yourself. When you make yourself ‘proud’ of such achievements….Singaporeans are not scoffing at you but for many….they have already gone through such phases and done more than you could really imagine.

    Also, you contradict yourself when you say you don’t generalize. You do alot of generalization in your posts.

    One moment you say you don’t generalize than another you say that many foreigners think exactly the same as you. Just read the many comments in various blogspots in Singapore. Many of those who came out AGAINST your stories are your fellow foreigners who don’t even believe the story related by you.

    Then another instance you said that you know that its the case of the few, who made anti-foreigner remarks. Immediately, in the next paragraph…you lumped all Singaporeans together and highlighted that ‘chillax’s’ remarks shows how xenophobic Singaporeans are.

    You want us to highlight the various contradictions/generalizations in your posts and in actual fact the truly Xenophobic person is yourself?

    It is good to be ‘proud’ of your country and heritage but it shows on an person’s cultivation and upbringing when they want to use premises to retaliate upon others.

    The means does not justify the ends for many instances.

  8. The Burmese are proud people? says:


    At this point of the ‘debate’ you are still saying the ‘Burmese’ are a proud people and loudly declaring it to all Singaporeans.

    But unless i forget, don’t you want to be part of us?

    You scoff at our ‘Singlish’…implying it’s improper English….you scoff at Xenophobic singaporeans….you scoff at us being ‘lazy and less hardworking’ than other foreigners….you at us for making anti-foreign remarks online. In fact, it seems that there is little you do like about our ‘little Nation’.

    Why do you still want to be Singaporean citizen leh?

  9. Duck says:

    Who is Simon a 23 years old to tell Gilbert what to do, it is just so shocking to read his defensive and contradicting argument. Long way Simon. Not in a position to tell you what to do, but I wouldn’t want you to be part of us here.

  10. David says:

    Simon: There are two type of people who always involve in a fight.

    The first type are like you who always in an argument fight. The person will shout all bad words & challenge the other party to beat him first but never start the fight.

    The second type are the one who will beat up the other party directly and get into a fight without any argument. Clear cut.

    You are above 21 year old & make you an adult which mean you should know what thing is more important.

    I have a Relative who is a ICA Senior Officer with years of experiences which maybe able to help you on your citizenship.

    If you are interested, you can ask Gilbert to sent me an email & I will ask my relative if he can help you on this since I never ask him before for any help regrading ICA.

  11. Uh oh! says:


    Better don’t help Simon.

    He had been given so many offers of help from Singaporeans here…to check with MINDEF and/or ICA personally…yet he had never taken up the offers.

    He never follow up with his S1 directly on why there is a so called administrative hiccup….and also he he had already gone thru the process and contacted ICA and his application was rejected.

    You request your relative for help, then it may become an issue of undue influence and as if the original ICA officer was not doing his job for the original application.

    Why should others pick up the pieces for him, when he claims that he is more than capable to pursue what he wants?

  12. Johson - Australia says:

    Words of wisdom: silence is golden , hot headedness never gets anything solve. Young man if you make a police report or have a police report made against you, do you think your citizen application will even be considered? You are young yes but that’s not an execuse for being immature.

    • ex-PR says:

      That’s true.
      As I wrote earlier, at first I was empathy toward him.
      But after reading his comments/replies, I think otherwise.
      Unless he is corrected his minds/views, I would say his SC application must not be approved.

  13. dolphin81 says:

    Hi Simon

    Since u are starting a job in 2012-10, why dun u juz sit back & think what has gone wrong with SG during this transitional period.

    As of unhappiness with not being granted SC, i think it does not really matter for the time being. U can still work, study & live in SG.

    On the current social polarization, it is juz not going to go away anytime soon, so juz keep cool & live with it.

  14. BB says:

    @ Simon,

    Who are u trying to threaten?
    Just pack up and go…..

  15. Chillax says:

    oh dear, are we still talking to farmers with an attitude?

    firstly, is Burma not a third world country? nothing wrong with that unless you feel inadequate about it.

    secondly, isnt agriculture the main driver of the economy of Burma? so majority are farmers anyway? where is the racist and stereotype?

    thirdly, farmers do bbq field rats for food. where is the shame in that?

    Oops looks like someone is very conscious of their own background.

    So Mr Diploma from your post, i have a feeling you are inciting a riot against singaporeans. Perhaps someone can forward his threathening letter to Temasek Review and we can all haul his ass out in the public for threathening, cursing and insulting Singaporean. The rice field await Mr Achiever….

  16. Nelspruit says:

    I was reading all this articles and highly amused by it. Amazing isn’t it, how things said/written in a virtual world can affect certain people in the real world.

    Without endorsing Chillax’s comments, I think he’s the real ‘winner’ in this online war of words. In just 3 lines (or was it 2), his provocation elicited a response that spanned a multitude of lines, paragraphs and another article, much of it written in anger. He went after Simon’s goat, and boy, did he get it or what?

    But what amuses me even more is this idle threat made in this letter to your site.
    ” I don’t have friends in IT for nothing…all the Burmese people will be looking for him…”

    Tolonglah (A Singlish word very suitable I think), I have been in law enforcement and I know what resources the SPF has at its’ disposal to investigate offences under Computer Crimes Act, but to go or expect them to go after each and trace every anonymous post online, is stretching things too far.
    Not to say they can’t but there has to be certain elements there and it has to be a criminal action/threat that threatens life or property. Whatever Chillax wrote hasn’t crossed the criminal line yet, perhaps a civil suit line for slander, but criminal? I doubt so. (Even that is subjective, Simon is only a moniker, not a real name or person easily identifiable).

    Even the Minister (Shanmugam) and a few PAP MPs were allegedly slandered/libeled in articles written to the SBF Forum, and they who are the ‘elite’, the powerful and well-connected couldn’t get the Police to investigate and could only go as far as serving a Lawyer’s letter to SBF, which was duly ignored (the offender there continues to post such things with gay abandon). If that’s all they could do, given the enormous reach and connections they have, does Simon, a mere 23 SPR believe he can go further?

    Tolonglah, I think some 12 or 13 year olds might buy such threats but don’t expect reasonable minded adults to fall for such illusions of grandeur and self-importance.

    Tolonglah, I also know and met Burmese people working, living and studying here. Does Simon think, he can muster all of them, a majority of them or say even just 5% of them, to rally to his cause? Or expect them to feel similarly insulted by what Chillax wrote? You think they got time for that?
    The Burmese are hardworking and tend to avoid controversies in foreign lands, even when the SDP went protesting outside the Burmese Embassy when the previous military junta was in power, how many Burmese living here joined in? And that was for a far more national cause – denial of civil liberties in Burma, compare that to this petty online squabble. How many thousands of fellow Burmese does Simon think will come to his rescue and hunt down Chillax?

    Maybe he should take a leaf out of Chillax’s name and learn to just chill.

  17. Mr Simon,

    Listen to your girl, who has wiser matters up there.

  18. Uh oh! says:


    Everyone know IP is easy to trace.

    But it only leads to the respective Internet Service Providers. Unless, you and your fellow ‘friends’ are willing to do the extreme and hack into the ISPs servers…..i think your ‘idle threat’ to trace down chillax will come to nought.

    If you guys want to take vigilante action, then that comes under the Computer Misuse Act. Anyway, your posts shows that you have the intent……hmmmm, wonder anyone noticing this?

  19. Uh oh! says:

    Computer Misuse Act (Singapore)

    Access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of offence
    4. —(1) Any person who causes a computer to perform any function for the
    purpose of securing access to any program or data held in any computer with intent
    to commit an offence to which this section applies shall be guilty of an offence.
    (2) This section shall apply to an offence involving property, fraud, dishonesty, threats or
    which causes bodily harm and which is punishable on conviction with
    imprisonment for a term of not less than 2 years.
    (3) Any person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable on conviction
    to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10
    years or to both.

  20. tt says:

    To Simon,
    If Burmese were a proud people, what the fark are you doing here in Singapore?

  21. tt says:

    To Simon,
    If Burmese were a proud people, what the fark are you doing here in Singapore? Why are you forsaking your country and grovelling like a dog here in Singapore?

  22. alan says:

    So Chillax, what else did you write that provoke the young man? Based on CIA factbook, point 1 & 2 of your above post are fairly accurate. Below are extracts from CIA factbook

    Burma, a resource-rich country, suffers from pervasive government controls, inefficient economic policies, corruption, and rural poverty. Approximately 32% of the population lives in poverty and Burma is the poorest country in Southeast Asia. GDP agriculture: 38.2%, industry: 18.2% and services: 43.6% (2011 est.).

    Simon, if you disagree, suggest you take the Uncle Sam on to truely demonstrate your gutsy proud Burmese’s spirit.

  23. SG in China. says:

    I am pretty sure this is the type of FT which will iginite the spark and cause social problems in our country. For once i agree with ICA for rejecting his application. I just hope our govt will pay more attention in selecting the type pf foreigners required.

  24. CY says:

    Well, Mr. “Simon”, before you get all personal. I like to share with you my views.
    I am a Singaporean, thus I hope you hear my view out since you are a guest to our nation. Singapore had been a very kind host to foreign workers (including PR).
    PR get subsidy for medical care, did you know that?
    Singapore easily ace for the number of foreign workers in the percentage context, did you know that?
    Singaporean had been nice and warm to foreigners, only till foreign workers crossing the line.
    They as guest, insult Singaporean, calling us incompetent, stupid, etc. Even gone to such extend of posting job advertisement that openly discriminate Singaporean “Singaporean need not apply”.
    Singaporean are only defending our own people and trying to chase out the rude guests.
    I believe Singaporean are very well mannered, despite all anger we have, we only take verbal and civilized motions.
    Instead of being angry in others home, be polite, do some reflection, why Singaporean got so angry over foreigners?
    Singaporean do not need you to come to our home and teach us how to behave, we know the way, that why we are world class. That why our economic is strong. I believe that the reason you are here.
    Singapore do need you, if you can bring in large amount of cash or skills which we do not have such as super high tech knowledge. However, Singapore has many graduates from world top schools to further strengthen our nation position.
    So think for a moment, who are you? How significant are you to our nation? There are many foreigners wanting to come to Singapore, know your position, before losing it.
    Just like to remind you, if you are still a foreigner, be it PR or work pass, if you break any Singapore Constitution, such as threat whatsoever, once convicted, you may be deported and bar from entering our nation.
    Please, learn to be a good guest, if you don’t like our home settings, you may leave.

  25. Gerald says:

    Hi Simon,

    Fuck you, fuck your country and fuck the Burmese people.

    You do not come to other people’s country and fucking threaten them.

    I’ve just insulted your whole race and your whole pissant dictatorship of a country, please trace my IP address and come after me. I’ll be waiting for you and your kind. Until that time comes, you’re a nothing big talker foreign trash piece of shit.

    Have a nice day.

  26. charmer says:

    Hello I’m an ex pai kia from lorong ah soo and no good to talk like this on-line. If you want to talk best settle with coffee table talk. I also have many bro’s from Khmer here and there – they are good people.

    I have no job but what can i do ? We live in a changing world…even Malaysia open gates to Indonesia and even Africa. I walk in Changkat Bukit Bintang in KL and I think I’m in Congo with so many monkeys swinging from tree to tree.

    So to all my bro in Singapore…your NS, ICCT and RC voluntary work all no point. They are here and more of them will come to this country. Good news is you don’t have to go for holiday anymore…just carry your beautiful red passport and take MRT to anywhere and you are everywhere in Asia.

    Singapore…truly asia !

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