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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Young Female PMET Struggling with Work Stress and Depression

Hi Gilbert

I am very glad to come across your website  and see a local Singaporean reaching out to the rest in need. Your website is very informative and like many i like to ask for assistance.

I am a 30+ year old local born female diploma  engineer  who have experience in IT support work.

Currently my contract is up for renewal soon and not sure if my boss will continue on with me around  but I am pretty lost whether I should continue on as I pretty much lost all interest in I.T. with the mass influx of foreigners and the chronic  pressure associated with the work.

What  should I  do next?

I  really hope   you can refer me to some one who  might be able to help me  find my next direction.

I have always been depressive and due to anxiety in work and life, I have not been sleeping well for quite some time leading to  mistakes in my work.

Also I have a health  issue and  low self esteem problem which hindered me in my life journey.

I have  some crying jags at home due to stress/anxiety  and I find myself  becoming very angry and  even tear up.

I have  tried to look for  other jobs but so far there is no response and after  reading your website, I found that I am not all alone.

I am pondering whether I should look for a part time school (non I.T.).

I have interest in animation  since young  but I am fearful if I should take a plunge in that direction esp with my age and considering the current economy.

I understand that all of us is struggling for daily livelihood and this is pretty much a dream which is both silly and impractical in Singapore…hence I  really hope I can get someone’s advice on finding a direction in life as I am pretty much a loner and no friends to confide in.

Would really appreciate if you can refer someone to guide me along?

Thank you in advance.


Lost in reality


Hi Lost in reality,
Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear about your predicament.
Singapore is indeed a tough place to work in given the chronic work stress and uncertain contractual work condition.
I have seen quite a few local PMETs giving up their jobs because of the extreme work  stress here so dont worry you are not alone.
Nevertheless, we must learn how to manage our stress so that we can forge ahead meaningfully and not hampered by its adverse consequences.
In it’s extreme wform, job stress can lead to depression and even serious mental illness.
I am uncertain if you need psychatric help as well given your bouts of depression and tearing up.
Do seek professional assistance if possible to sort this up as it will definitely affect your work performance and work life balance.
Most depression issue can be addressed by medical and counselling assistance.
I can also provide you a career coach to assist  you along the way.
Do forward me a resume if possible so that we can assist you further in your job search journey.
I can also forward it to some potential employers for you.
What are your preferred work positions?
I also seek your permission to post this mail on my blog leaving out your name to protect your identity.
I am sure that there are many out there suffering the same condition as you and hopefully your mail will encourage them.
I will also want to touch base with you in September when I am back. Hope this is ok with you?
Take care and stay positive.
We are here for you. You are never alone.
Thanks & Warmest Regards,
Gilbert Goh
Editor’s Note: We have already assigned the reader a career coach.
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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Young Female PMET Struggling with Work Stress and Depression”

  1. Owen says:

    Hi Lost in reality,

    Just stay strong and be positive. Am sure things will goes well for you.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m also in my 30s and having problems coping with my work.
    Almost every weekend, i’m worried for my work, the deadlines, raising the bar, meeting expectations etc until i lost sleep at night.

    I’d this urge of resigining and just choose a simple low pay job. However i have alot of bills to pay…hence can’t resign straightaway.

    And because of my work stress and troubled in sleeping at night, i took some sleeping pills but this can’t go on forever.

    Though i have not find an answer for my predicament.
    At least i’m glad i’m not alone facing this.

  3. CT says:

    If $ is not a concern, can suggest to take a break before looking for a job.

    But if $ is a concern, then suggest you take up courses in the direction where you wanted and try getting into them although no guarantee.

    I’ve seen many taking up courses, got into the new trade but ended back at their old because of $ & stress.

    If you really wanted to get into animation then you have to willing to take pay cut lah, extra long hours of work lah… long list… so … take a step back and think carefully what do you really want.

  4. Ice says:

    Hi Lost in reality,

    I always feel sad whenever I read such articles. I question why life has to be in this way?

    I myself am in my mid 40s and I have a young son (4 yrs old). Everyday, I wanted to tender my resignation but I just cannot bring myself to do it because I have a family to take care of. I endure the abuse from my boss daily, because I experience being jobless thrice in my working life, but live has come to be a drag…

    I have taken a small step towards doing something on my own, and I hope that if this venture is successful and can replace my current income, I can than leave…..

    Please hang on and be strong.

  5. Desmond says:

    Hi Gilbert
    I am not from PMET person. I have just “O” level with poor result, but, 10 years back , I was working in IT field. I took a part time Diploma IT couse.That was past .I recent resigned from a Quality and Technical job which i was there year. Now, join a friend in the Event Coporate Gift small company. Not use to the nature of job. I resigned without a job. I am already 48.. Not sure will get anymore job. I regret leaving previous job as Q&T. and now i regret leaving my friend place. I should stay longer .My friend place , i need to do delivery. I hate delivey ,but ,as time pass, i understand , it is a small company.. Everything cut cost. Now they alreasy got someone. I wonder i can still get a job ? i just register a job career which held at Bona Vesta CC on 14th.. and the people also advise me to go e2i..Very afraid , my age will be a factor

  6. Be postive says:

    If only we can gather each other, open a business and work together. Then we can have a warm working environment like family working together. No office politics and bullying. We care and help each other out. Alway look forward to working. And Put those mean peoples who like to bully aduse work together and let them have a taste of their own medicine!

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