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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

50-year-old jobless PMET against policy of bringing in more foreigners to solve low birth rate

Dear Friends,

Our government is trying to bring in at least 20,000 new citizens each year in the hope of arresting the low birth rate issue.

 Transitioning is carrying out a qualitative survey of the views of local Singaporeans on  this contentious move and  below is one of such respondent’s view:


Transitiong (T): First of all, can you state your age, marital status, educational qualifications and work experience?

Melvin (M): 50, Married, Diploma, Unemployed since 1/3/2009

T: Do you agree with the government’s stand to bring in 20,000 new citizens each year to stem the current low birth rate here? Why so?

M: Yes and No.

Yes – If they are able to convert PR to Citizenship

No – If they can’t convert 20,000 PR for citizenship in a particular year , they should reduce the PR approval accordingly in the next year to prevent a marginal increase in PR who is in for a free ride on our PAP stupidity.

T: What do you think the government can do alternatively instead of bringing in fresh foreign citizens to beef up the population?

M: The most important task for the government is not to take the easy way out by bringing in immigrants  to stem the falling birth rate. The main task is to do a root cause analysis of our desire to stay baby free and implement effective measure to create a baby boom. Unfortunately, our highly paid MIW only seek the easy way out.

T: Many Singaporeans have cry foul with the ease foreigners has in attaining permanent resident status and then citizenship later on, what are some of the measures you hope to see so that the immigration process can be further tightened up?

M: All PRs who do not apply for SC after 3 years should be downgraded to work permit level. Exception for PRs who have roots  in Singapore.

T:  Many netizens have also commented that bringing in large numbers of foreign citizens is one of the sinister plot of the government to convert them into loyal voters for the next general election in 2016, do you agree with this statement? Why so?

M: Yes , this is a open secret which only first class idiot will not acknowledge. By virtue of PAP past record of unethical measure against political opponent, every man in the street knows of all dirty tactics the PAP will adopt

 T:  Our government has being asking Singaporeans to accept and help foreigners assimilate into our culture, do you think this is happening now? What are some of the things you hope to see plan out with regard to social integration programmes?

M: The government know too late that this open policy is causing them dearly in all aspects. They expect us to pick up their shit. Tell PAP ministers to do a weekly housewarming party in their own homes for the new immigrant.

 T:  On a personal level, how are you affected by the influx of foreigners into our midst and what is the maximum number of foreigners you want to see living in our country at any one time?

Affected in all ways. Ideal ratio is 10 : 2

T: Many people have commented that our government should do more to help our young couples give birth given the chronic work stress and high cost of living here, do you agree with this? Why so?

M: Agree fully. For me, I can pay off housing loan for 20 years base on one income. Can this generation do the same?. They really work their ass off for both couple to repaythe  30 years’  loan and you are talking about public housing!

T: What are some of the other areas you want our government to look into in the area of birth issue?

M: Implement less work week and  stop telling the people that HBD is heavily subsidized  when in real fact – it is not!

T: Do you believe that our country is in one of the worse post-war period now and that the next few years will be tough for Singaporeans given the intense competition for employment due to the huge foreign influx and fight for physical space?

M: This is the worst period for all Singaporeans and  will continue so until Singapore wakes up from their slumber in 2016

Thank you and end of interview.

Number of View: 1931

Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “50-year-old jobless PMET against policy of bringing in more foreigners to solve low birth rate”

  1. Owen says:

    The situation will still be going on from worst to worst en and nothing will change…

    Trust it 2016 or 2021…all will be same and more wost coming up!

  2. p says:

    “50-year-old jobless PMET against policy of… ”
    T: Do you agree with the government’s stand to bring in 20,000 new citizens each year to stem the current low birth rate here? Why so?

    M: Yes and No

    Such answer betray his conviction “against” the policy. U are either for or against; do not sit on the fence!

    Now, U know why you are being ignored. Besides, what have U done to stop the policy? Probably,(guessing) U were indifferent until unemployment sets in.

    Tell us what do U intend to do to rectify the flaw; thank you.

    • To_P says:

      YEs and no answers were explained.
      If yes provided ….
      If no provided such and such. …

      That’s not sitting on the defence or conviction

      Prof p, are you a professor in critical analysis
      Of thoughts ?
      WhO me ? Yes , i am a prof in understanding
      What ppl say through their writing , like yes if and
      No if…

      Would i disagree with 2 million foreigners in Sg
      Only after i lose my job, i fucking drive a fucking
      Taxi, are the foreigners taking over taxi driving?

      What is my solution? Are you paying me millions
      To bring in another 2 million to meet the target of
      6 million?
      Like u r paying the elite?
      Ok, here my solution, bring in that one foreigner to
      Replace your job !
      Asshole !

      Signed off
      Sg living overseas

  3. To_Sg_hdb says:

    I dont see the point of Being replaced by 2million
    The govt wants new citizens to keep them In power
    And you simply go and die when you are old,
    Dont bother to go to charity, you are already
    Insulted by foreigners, have you no dignity?
    The time will come when these new citizens
    Get insulted by foreigners n they become old
    And leave the country,
    So dont be stupid to inform the ruling govt not
    To do everything they can to remain in power,
    Or even care about you when you are old,
    Do other ppl’s children have to feed you if
    You have no children of your own,
    Well, you go begging to the govt and
    Just die,
    So carry on voting for the govt !
    The ruling will only be voted out of power IN 2016
    REMAIN HONEST even if they livelihood or even
    Lives are at stake?
    We can only wait and see
    Or dont bother and leave Sg for good, however
    What is the percentage of 3million Sg capable of
    Migrating ? 10 % ? Maybe less

  4. sal says:

    The FWs come and work in Spore…once they retire they have a choice whether to stay in Singapore or retire in their homeland or 6 monthly in either country. Whereas Sporeans just have to work until you fall sick and die in Spore.

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