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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Young jobless honours graduate felt there is no future for him in Singapore

Hi  Gilbert.

Ever since stumbling upon your blog 3 months ago, I have been a regular reader. Ya I  know, some stories are really scary and  as of now I’m pretty unnerved as hell.

Well… I introduced to 2 of my friends and they’ve become avid readers!
it’s the stories of jobless graduates that scares the hell out of fresh graduates.
And as for those who were laid off, stories of 9 month long unemployment chills to the bone!
Additionally, I noticed that articles such as IT manager finds job in Australia do count as big hits with thousand of views.
I graduated with a B.A (Hons 2nd lower)  and  started job-hunting in November last year after taking 4 months off to consider my options.

As of now,  I’ve been job hunting for 5 months already and  nothing has turned out well.

Sat for a total of 7 interviews  and  nothing has worked out well so far. In desperation, I will apply for the private sector.

I guess my interview skills are pretty bad. But having flopped in 5 interviews, I’ve learnt quite a bit on one hand  and grown more resistant to rejection on the other.

You know, I’m starting to feel that I have no future in Singapore. Or rather, I’m starting to know that I have no future in Singapore because I’ve already been feeling that there’s no future ever since year 2 of my undergraduate studies.

I’m having a hard time as of now and I don’t know what to do.

But the one thing that I did right was to renounce all religion and  switch to atheism. I’m very convinced that there is no such thing as a God and  that life can be divided cleanly into 2 branches. You either enjoy or you don’t.

Mr Gilbert, maybe my email might seem really negative to you, but I’m depressed as f#%k over last 3 months. Even so, I have been constantly learning new stuff over the period of job-hunting. I may have given up on the world, but I have not given up on myself.

Care to pop in some words of advice?

Best wishes,

Lost & Alone


Hi Lost & Alone

Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear about your predicament.
Its true that unemployment can be paralysing and what more when you are a fresh grad and all your friends are already working.
There are alot of self doubt  and low self esteem.
I remembered searching for job after my ROD almost thirty years ago.
It took me almost 5 months to look for a job and I was sure that I was hanging on a rope then.
Most people emerged from unemployment a much stronger person as it brought out all the  patience and preseverance during a very tough period.
Many people didnt know that they are so tough until they face unemployment.
Of course, on another note, it can also bring  out the worst in us.
We tend to be easily irritable and cranky. Our loved ones usually bore the brunt of our frustration.
I  remembered shouting at my young daughter when I was jobless in 2001/02.
I regretted doing that as she was innocent but stood in the way at times.
I have  also attached my ebook “How to survive unemployment” for your reading pleasure.
If you do need our career coaching services please let me know. I can help arrange one for you free of charge.
I have also attached a questionaire on unemployment for you to fill up at your convenience.
Do let me know if this is ok with you.
Please email me whenever you feel like.
All the best and stay positive always.
Trust me, you will feel better once you land a job.
Gilbert Goh
Editor’s Note: The writer has finally found a job recently and the worse is over for him.
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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “Young jobless honours graduate felt there is no future for him in Singapore”

  1. chillax says:

    come on, 5 months of unemployment is hardly a crisis to feel pressured. i sense an entitlement mindset where graduates expect to be employed in 3 months with a reasonable salary and getting promoted every year for the first five years.

    I feel for you because our government had made the environment the toughest ever for your generation but gave you the weakest education you can have.

  2. jj says:

    I think it is alright to hope to be employ in 3 months with a reasonable salary and getting promoted. But it is unlikely for a working class to be promoted every year for the first five years.

    Being jobless for 3 months, i already felt very boring & worried.

    Our pap government practise elitism & built their own caste system in S’pore. Thay had made the environment the toughest ever for both old & young generations.

  3. Ace says:

    If our government can plan for the minimum sum to be increase and adjusted for inflation for retirement, they should also ensure that the working citizens have jobs and salary increase adjusted for inflation. Why are they allowing entry level PMET jobs to go to foreigners when many of our graduates are unemployed or under-employed?

    The fact that they are not doing that is because they are afraid of the employers who have options but they bully the retiring citizens who have no option as the CPF is controlled by the government. CPF is our money and yet we cannot do what we want with it during retirement.

    Unless we use our vote wisely in GE 2016, you can expect the same FLAWED sh#t shaft to us.

  4. Go_overseas_ says:

    I suggest you do NOT focus your job prospects in Sg only,
    You never state what is your field of study but my advice is
    To go overseas for good if possible.
    Go by way of doing a Master degree in UK or Germany or Hong Kong
    Or go to Hong Kong which will be a stepping stone to China,
    Go overseas will be a stepping stone to migration,
    You will be allowed to work in Germany or Hong Kong as
    A postgrad student on
    A part time basis and later gain full timeemployment after one year or
    Two year , and the world will be yours
    What is your choice, already is clear, the top management
    And middle management and i not going to mention about
    The govt (i will vomit blood!) do not want to employ
    sg but prefer foreigners, you will be wasting your
    Valuable time even if you get a job.
    Fortunately, you still have a chance, i cannot imagine
    What the rest of Sg can do if they do not qualfiy.
    The scenario maybe they become unemployed, become
    Desperate, borrow from loan sharks, become loan shark
    Runners, get caught and go to jail, and the govt says
    They are doing a good job of putting Sg criminals away.
    Well, the govt will feed them in jail after canning them, rehabilate
    Them , after all, is tax payers money to rehabilate them,
    And they are finished even after rehabilation as their
    Children and family suffered.
    So what has caused these Sg to become criminals,
    What do u think!
    How did a successful properous country end up putting
    Law abiding citizens in jail
    Remember the Sg pledge
    “achieve happiness and progress for our nation”
    So will you be achieving that, yes you are for
    The new citizens who take over the country less than
    10 years, dont worry new citizens, the foreign talents will
    Insult you
    You must have wish your forefathers never come to Sg
    If you think I am kidding, well, try it out for a few years
    More and see if you can last in a job for long.
    Signed off
    Finding my way oveseas

  5. Daemonic says:

    Being out of job despite being supposedly the cream of the cream can really destroy a person’s self confidence. I was in this situation in the year 1996. Out of job for 7 months, I was totally devastated after sending out countless applications without a single reply. I cursed the fact that I was a local graduate with a worthless business degree. My self-esteem was so low, I avoided many of my friends.

    But now looking back at those dark days, I realized by not giving up something has changed in me. While searching for a job in those 7 months, I was temping for $5/hr. I stumbled upon programming when my supervisor ask me to try to create a database using DBaseIV. I didn’t even pass my Turbo Pascal in my Computing 101 in my first year undergrad. But I actually begin to understand the gibberish language and got piqued. It sparked my interest and passion in IT and I became a programmer in 1998. It’s been overall enjoyable 14+ years in the IT industry.

    I learned 2 important lessons while unemployed. One. Oftentimes, I fail to learn new things because of my dislikes and/or fear of the unfamiliar so it is important I keep an open mind, suspend my judgement and put in the initial efforts. Two.. If I say to myself, “this is not too bad, I can handle it”, I can, more often than not, overcome difficult people, places, work and times.

    Today is my last working day in my company after being retrenched. I am however not fearful, resentful or frustrated like so many years ago. I realize each crisis can help shape a person’s character. But this is only possible if you don’t give up. Looking back at all the difficult moments in my life, they taught me resilience, inner strength and maturity rooted in morality. And as these 3 qualities strengthen, gradually, a sense of inner peace, serenity and wisdom arises. I realize this sense of inner peace and wisdom is something yours truly and no one can take away.

    Whatever our enjoyments in life may be, they can be taken away from us. So can our job, health, relationships, wealth and anything out there…but not this inner peace and wisdom. You are still young. I hope you will never give up and maybe one day you will experience this for yourself. All the best to your life journey.

  6. wilson says:

    There are a couple of questionable thought processes of this fresh grad:

    1) Went for a break of 4 months after schooling to “consider options”. I don’t buy that, this is just plain old slacking disguised as thoughtful decision.

    2)Claims he/she will start to look for private sector jobs out of desperation after 5 months of going nowhere. I can only conclude the writer has only applied for NGO/government jobs for the past 5 months. Add together with 4 months of break, that’s 9 months of not securing a job before deciding to try out the private sector. This is just plain ridiculous, I would have slapped this bugger and thrown him out of the house if I’m his/her dad.

    3)4 months do nothing, 5 months of trying only non-private jobs, 7 interviews and he/she makes it out like it’s the end of the world with no future. Sorry, sissy boy or little princess is the word that comes to my mind.

    4)Proclamation of atheism for juvenile reasons. As an atheist myself, I do not even know what his religious beliefs has got to do with his job hunt. Seems like the writer was simply frustrated with his experience so far and is lashing out randomly.

    • ice says:

      I agree that taking 4 mths to consider one’s option is too long. If lost&alone is a guy, he would have 2 years to consider his option while in national service. Moreover, it is difficult to consider our option if one is not in it to try it out what it is like.

      But having say that, I am not in position to judge other people, and if he(she) thinks that taking 4 mths to consider is worthwhile, than so be it. I do not have this luxuary when I graduated from NUS 20 years ago. My objective than is to secure a job before I graduated so that I can earn a salary to lessen my mom’s burden(she struggle quite a bit to put me through university).

  7. Johson - Australia says:

    Give the kid a break, we were all young once and did not so smart things. I took a 6 month break upon graduating while some of my friends backpacked for a year. I didn’t do particularly well in my first two jobs as I found the culture non productive in non profit organizations as there the job scope was “everything” under the sun and finally during my last job I got into a big organization and did very well. At times, in life we have to go through life to experience and find what we are looking for. For example, there are plenty of accounting graduates who think yip, I’ll get a job at a big 4 and life is rosy but alot of them drop out and change fields completely. There are alot of people not working in their related fields especially arts, history, business and a handful of engineering degree holders. Learn to be more understanding my friend. At least the person is trying to look for a job whereas in places like Spain the unemployment rate for 20-29s is 52%! All the best young man, keep on trying and please don’t give up.

  8. jobless says:

    Well it may come as a shock to people who had good jobs or never faced retrenchment before. But for me I lost my job 6 times already, one thing that I learn is that u got to be positive & not loose hope. Sometimes a person’s career is not as smooth sailing as u think u should call up friends, mix around in seminars more often to get a feel of the enviroment other people are facing in this overflooded island. In the past in 2000 I just made one job application & I got the job in today’s term I made 100 applications I am lucky if I get a call.

  9. Sal says:

    Young graduates….Eventhough you have the paper qualification but you dont have the working experience that most FTs have.It will be more challenging for you nowadays as more Recruitment Manager as FTs. You need to change your mindset to get into the working world…Good luck

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