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Friday January 19th 2018

MOM – Foreign employment agent can practise without licence for 6 months?

To: xxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 5:37 PM
Subject: RE: MOMCC Email Escalation – Incident IM0569728

Dear xxxxx, 

                Thank you for your email dated 17 June 2012 concerning possible unlicensed agent activity by xxxx Recruitment Agency. 

2              When you mentioned that the EA is trying to pitch business from you, we assume that this EA is sourcing foreign candidates to be placed with jobs in Singapore and that xxxx  Recruitment Agency is based in Malaysia. We would like to share with you that foreigners who intend to conduct EA work in Singapore of not more than 30 days within a continuous period of 6 months may be exempted if they register with MOM under a special scheme. Otherwise, any foreigner including those representing EAs based outside of Singapore who intends to conduct any EA work here will need to be licensed or registered under a licensed EA. 

3              We have taken note of your feedback. Was there any other correspondence with the EA, and would you be able to provide us with more details (i.e name of the person/middleman that may have conducted EA related works for  xxxx Recruitment Agency in Singapore, any Singapore’s operating address, and any other supporting documents such as name card/ contracts/advertising materials) so that we may better assess the information? 

4              Last but not least, we would appreciate greatly if you could provide us with your contact details in order for us  to contact you for further details if necessary?  Please be assured that all information provided to us will be kept strictly confidential. 

5              Thank you and regards. 


Customer Responsiveness Branch, Foreign Manpower Management Division. Ministry of Manpower . Tel (65) 6876 xxxx . Fax (65) 6835 0730.

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5 Responses to “MOM – Foreign employment agent can practise without licence for 6 months?”

  1. Gary says:

    Your subject heading is rather misleading & inaccurate. When i read the contents, it is stated as “not more than 30 days within a continuous preiod of 6 mths”, so it is not can work 6 mths as an EA. How can you misrepresent information in a website that is funded by the general pubic?

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