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Sunday January 14th 2018

Indian IT Permanent Resident Earning $6000/Month Won’t Convert To Citizenship – Why?


Questionnaire for foreign executives working in Singapore

Transitioning (T): Thanks Kumar for responding to our questionaire on foreign executives working here in Singapore.  Can you please state your educational qualifications, salary range, age, marital status and work experience?

Kumar (K): My education includes MBA (IT), B.E. (CS), PMP, P2P, PSP, and some technical certifications. Salary approx. 6K SGD per month. Married. 9+ years of IT experience. 

T: How long have you work in Singapore? Are you on a work permit or already a permanent resident?

K: 5 years. 4th year SPR.

T :  Describe how you view Singapore both as a place of work and residence?

K:  Residence: very expensive now. Work: A lot of bullying irrespective of Work Permit Holder, SPR or Citizen.

T:  Why do you choose Singapore to live and work in?

K:  I did not have the option to choose. I was asked to work here by my company. 

T: How do you feel about the recent anti-foreign sentiments brewing in Singapore?

K:  This is the real need of the hour. Victims like me need to be guided and helped to overcome such situations. There should be a proper jurisdiction/law in Singapore against such bullying irrespective of the resident status (citizen, permanent resident, or employment visa).

T: Personally, do you face any xenophobic reaction from the local people here?

K: Racism is visible clearly in public transport like MRT, Buses, OR in employment opportunities, OR while trying to get a house on rent. It hurts because we feel that we can never merge in their society, no matter what ever we may do.

T:  What do you think the country should do to better integrate foreigners into the society?

K: MOM should change the employment act to accommodate bullying complaints from anyone on WP, EP, PR, or citizen. Labour laws of many other developed nations have already recognized this and given provision to listen such complaints.

T:  Do you have any good local friends in Singapore that you can go out with or talk to?

K:  Even  citizens accept that they have been bullied badly at some point. Everyone is aware of it but eventually no one can help in this.

T:  Will  you take up citizenship and sink your roots into Singapore?

K: Never. The way new citizens have been treated here, never in my dreams also.

T: What one thing do you hope to see change while living in Singapore?

K: Think of the poor people (household income < 8000) also. Singapore has the highest intensity (1 out of 6 is a millionaire) of rich people in the world. The bullying victims are mostly from this poor category.

 End of interview and thank you.

Editor’s note: We wanted to meet up with this FT to discuss more about his office bullying issue but so far he has rejected us. He prefers a voice chat online which we are not comfortable with. His story is highlighted in our blog before –  Indian IT professional suffering from office bullying.

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15 Responses to “Indian IT Permanent Resident Earning $6000/Month Won’t Convert To Citizenship – Why?”

  1. india says:

    there are already way too many “ft” from india in S’pore.

  2. U&U says:

    So our prostitute govt need to legislate a LAW( which they are damn good at)that a PR needs to convert to full citizenship at which point of time. other wise they are enjoying every cents in this little red house(brothel)at the expense of native singaporeans. We have too many free loaders for far too long and it spreads like cancerous cell.

    • Reto says:

      Free loader???. They are working their asses for any single penny they get. Unlike “others” who only want high pay and demand like this and that without doing anything. Ah of course, the cert…hmmm

  3. Patriot says:

    He keeps talking about bullying – whats that all about?

  4. Al says:

    Correct me if i m wrong.
    What he means about ‘bullying’ is workplace bully. Put it simply; – it is a top-down management approach whereby you will have to obey your superior’s order ALL the time (else you will get ‘fired’ if you say no).

  5. Don't be daft says:

    To U&U: There are a number of reasons why a PR may not want to become a citizen. For eg., he may not have any family in Singapore other than his immediate family. It is simply absurd to force PRs to become citizens just because Singaporeans are jealous of the perks that PRs enjoy.

  6. ichigo chua says:

    K: Think of the poor people (household income < 8000) also.

    omg, to him <8k is poor people. Like that, most of us are in poverty.

  7. jj says:

    Kill the PR scheme immediately now & stop all the headache.

  8. Ryan says:

    My fellow Singaporeans,

    We born here..our parents born here….We must not leave here because of this. We should on to fight till the very end!!!!

    In Singapore the only way is to vote them out. You can post millions of posts all over the net, nothing helps…I have done my part in GE 2011.

    GE 2016 lets make history!!! Lets do it!!! no matter how hard we tried…they will continue to let FT come to replace us… can you imagine our own government invite FT to eliminate their own kind?

    Shouldn’t we eliminate them first before they do?

    GE2016 brothers please vote with PRIDE!! not with fear!!!

  9. 2016 says:

    Is true, SINGAPORE belongs to us, our forefathers built the
    Basic fundamentals for us
    And the foreigners take away our jobs because of the policies
    I dont know if 2016 will work, the PAP will realign the electoral
    Boundaries which they have been doing before and before and before
    Is a fucking joke to bring in 2 million ppl within a period less than 10
    Years to replace less than 3 million Born Sg.
    Most of the new citizens will vote for them.
    There must be another way.
    I suggest you go overseas and cOme back as a foreigner.

  10. MarineParader says:

    Marine Parade, Amber, all now districts of Mumbai. Local condo manangement 11/12 NRIs, they do not integrate, they want to CHANGE Singapore into Little India. Year before last it was Chinese food and Lion Dances to welcom our local MP. This year ? Pakora, birinani and flower garlands, with a naseous Indian MC (local) who dared to say .. and here the MP Mountbatten is receiving the traditional welcoming from the condominium residents association. Traditional ? Certainly NOT SINGAPOREAN TRADITION. (Kings Mannsion, Amber Gardens)

    They have no love for the country. Many PRs in the past came here for the society, safety, efficiency, and enjoyed the racial mix that made Singapore a truly integrated society.

    Its very hard to tell a Malay here, becuase we are all Singaporeans. Until a few years ago. The huge influx of snooty, upper caste Hindoos looking down on Singaporeans, arrogant, treat service staff like shit, are taking over.

    They do not see Singapore as a nation state – they see it as a resource to be milked, then when the party is over its back to India (they NEVER surrender their Indian citizenship) and move on to the next sucker country so tied up in anti racism laws, multi culturalism, and minority promotion. That they can use. The first FTs in the workplace to yell bully and racist are NRIs.

    I have never met an Indian in ten years who wanted Singapore citizenship, just a job thats all. Excepting Malaysian Indians who have a much much better attitude.

    Where this will all end is anybody’s guess. But it will be Singapore, just not as we know it.

  11. [...] our online interview with him, he has indicated that he is not keen to convert to citizenship due mainly to the xenophobic sentiments here:- Transitioning:  Will  you take up citizenship and [...]

  12. [...] our online interview with him, he has indicated that he is not keen to convert to citizenship due mainly to the xenophobic sentiments here:- Transitioning:  Will  you take up citizenship and [...]

  13. Goose says:

    The Northern Indians thought they were from the Aryan race. But, to the Caucasians… who cares.

    It’s not that I’m trying to speak ill of Singaporeans. You have chosen the difficult path by supporting a plutocracy.

  14. sal says:

    Indian culture believe in cast systems, so until this day some Indian race still believe they are top of the chart among the Indian…top is brahmin. If in their own nationality they have this mentality, how would they see other nationality…Sporeans?

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