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Friday January 19th 2018

Graduate Filipino explains why she wants to look for work in Singapore


Questionaire for foreigners wanting to work in Singapore

Transitioning (T): Thanks Michelle forĀ  completing our questionaire, can you please state your nationality, age, marital status, educational qualifications and work experience?

Michelle (M): Iā€™m a Filipino, 31 years of age. Married. Bachelor degree holder, Took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Management. I have 9 years of work experience in a administrative capacity.

T: Why do you want to work abroad especially in Singapore? How long do you intend to work away from home?

M: As I believe that Singapore is one of the most progressive country in the world. I have an interest to find a better job where I can apply my knowledge, abilities and experiences. If chance will be given, then I would rather choose to stay for the rest of time here. I love Singapore Ā =)

T: Are you currently working and in which profession? Salary range?

M: Yes, I presently work as an Operations Supervisor in one of the Financial Institution company in the Philippines. IĀ  handle supervision of 56 branches nationwide. I also have subordinatesĀ whom IĀ supervise on Ā their functions as well as their performances. At the same time, I directly report to the President of the company for the operationā€™s status and other concerns.

T: Do you have any friends working abroad now and where are they mostly? Have you work abroad before?

M: For that, yes I do have friends working abroad, and most of them are working in Singapore and Dubai, but I find my interest more in Singapore. I havenā€™tĀ  any experience working abroad yet. If chance will be given, that would be my first venture abroad…

T: What is your opinion of Singapore? Where have you heard about our country?

M: As what I have mentioned, Singapore is one of the most progressive country and everyone will choose to stay on. Well known because of the disciplined people around, well organized country, systematic and most of all, uncontaminated, clean and green!

IĀ  knew aboutĀ Ā Singapore Ā since when I was young and thatā€™s my dream country I want to go to. The first country I wished to get in as my first international tour. I also dream to workĀ  and to stay in Singapore for the long term.

T: Will you think of converting to another countryā€™s citizenship if given a chance? Why so?

M: If from Filipino to PR of Singapore then why not… I will be more than willing because of my interest to the country. I have favourableĀ impression Ā about the life style and people there. If Iā€™ll be given a chance, I will not think twice as I am so much interested onwhat the country can provide.

T: Besides Singapore, which other countries have you try to look for work opportunities? Why so?Ā 

M: I havenā€™t tried to submit application to other country because I only want Singapore. I have faith and believe that chance will be given in a perfect timing to go Ā to the country I want the most. I stick to that.

T: What is your view of the employment opportunities in your own country? Are there things that can be improved?

M: When it comes to opportunities, there are a lot of opportunities here in Philippines to work with especially if you are a bachelor degreeĀ or even a diploma holder but the problem is the compensation. The salary that we are receiving from the employer is not enough to sustainĀ  needs of our daily life.

T: What are your main reasons for wanting to work abroad?

M: To earn more for my family, to explore more with the use of my knowledge, abilities and experiences while I still can and lastly, in order to find a career path of my choice.

T: Lastly, how much do you have to pay your employment agent to help you look for work abroad and how are you going to finance it?

M: I am willing to give a charge for the assistanceĀ provided Ā in order to find a job but I canā€™t promise to pay in (1) one-time payment as I am not that financially stable yet. I can only pay partial and instalment mode. But I want an interview to be processed via cam if necessary since I am still based in Philippines. Once everything is settled then I will start booking my plane ticket and pack up things. But I wish the agent will help me get my work pass first prior to that.

Thanks and looking forward for a positive outcome… God Bless!

Thanks and end of interview

Editor’s Note:Ā  Michelle has applied for one of our advertised position but we have informed her that we only served local Singaporeans.

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14 Responses to “Graduate Filipino explains why she wants to look for work in Singapore”

  1. Get Lost says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Please don’t come here and we FULL of ppl like you. Go somewhere else!!

    We also DO NOT WELCOME YOU. The SG Local graduates are much 100 times better than you!

  2. Hello ĘĆ¶Ć“Ļ‘ day am Idris by name i also from Nigeria living in South Africa sure i learn a computer digital four colours printing machine and then since when i move to South Africa from Nigeria sure i can see what going on here in South Africa that there is know work for foreigners at all here in south africa so i will be very happy if uĢ…Ģ²Ģ¶Ģ„ĢŠ can get a job for overthere ʮђĪ¬Ģ²Ģ£ā™ŒÄ· in anticipation in your reputable organisation waiting forward fo hear ĘĆ¶Ć“Ļ‘ new from ʮђĪ¬Ģ²Ģ£ā™ŒÄ·

  3. GET LOST says:

    shame on this site for peddling to the lowest common denominator of your social strata. and for using that poor woman,(who naively thinks she is on a job interview) and for posting her picture. (to put a face on the archetypal nemesis your site has concocted)

  4. Afonso da Silva says:

    Go to Timor Leste instead

  5. sg-overseas says:

    Hello fellow Sg

    Please be aware of ASEAN, ASEAN Economic community will be in full force by 2015 and possibly further integration.
    Please search the Net for official info.
    Free flow of skilled labour, etc.
    If you still living in your cocoon, I suggest you wake up!
    The first time I left Singapore was in 1979 after my two & a half years of NS.
    I was never closed to the MIW nor am I a local graduate.
    I have lived in a few western countries and I too feel Singapore has cheated me.
    However, I do believe some Sg are arrogant!
    If you think 2 million non-Sg is bad, be prepared for 2015!
    I had many failures in my past 50 years or so but I rebuild!
    I do not rely on the Singapore govt nor have I taken up Australian or USA citizenship which I had the chance to before.
    What the hell are you doing in Sg being unemployed?
    You may think I have to be rich to have lived in Australia, USA, UK.
    Hahaha ! Typical local graduate or arrogant Sg
    For those Sg who are humble, wake up and find your way out of Sg to survive and fight another day.

    Signed off
    Sg living in Europe with family

  6. sal says:

    Degree is a passport to come and work anywhere…..especially Spore (we see paper qualification as smart graduate). But you dont need a degree to do a technical/admin job where ITE or diploma holder can do it. And for Sporeans, you need to pursue a degree qualification…to make yourself marketable local or overseas.

    • jj@39 says:

      Nowadays, may be i’ll still encourage friends or relatives to take up some diploma courses if it’s not too expensive. But i don’t think i’ll encourage my acquaintances to take up those degree courses as it’s expensive and it usually takes one to spend about 2-3 years to complete a degree course.

      In the past, it should be consider as a good thing to have a degree but nowadays having a degree may be seen as a bad thing. Last year PRC alone has about 570000 jobless or unemployed university graduates. USA has about 1.5 million. I won’t be too surprise if someone told me there are as many as 10 millions jobless or unemployed university graduates in the world now.

      I also won’t be too surprise if someone told me there are as many as 20-30 millions jobless or unemployed ‘A’ level, diploma, degree graduates in the world now. If plus those jobless or unemployed PSLE, ‘N’ & ‘O’ levels & Nitec cert holders together, what will the numbers be?

      Won’t you feel disappointed if you’re still jobless or unemployed for a long period of time after graduation from school? Won’t you feel frustrated after realising those education ads & empty promises make by the school lead you to nowhere?

  7. Reto says:

    Hahaha sour grapes

  8. Sg_global says:

    Who me? A sour grape? Are you a lOcal degree graduate, Reto?
    I am glad I amnot! I am happy being an overseas grad!
    So are you doing well competing with graduates from ASEAN ?
    Hahaha, lOcal universities are in the top 50 in QS WORLD ranking
    And you cannot compete with FT grads? Many are grads from
    ASEAN countries whose Universities are hardly in the top 300 in
    QS WORLD rankings.

    If you are a FT, Reto , and if you think I worry about ASEAN integration
    Or FT taking away Sg jobs, hahaha, read the lines!
    Does your T Stands for Trash or Talent?

    If you are my peer , an arrogant Sg, haha
    So you are doing well in Sg, well good for you,
    Vote for MIW and welcome the foreigners to SINGAPORE!

    Signed off
    Sg living overseas at the moment

  9. Jimmy Ong says:

    You have no guts in looking for a job un your own filthy land

  10. Trisha says:

    Local singaporeans are not stupid. That’s one thing that I am sure about. Even if this woman applies for a job in Singapore and she is not qualified, I do not think she will get hired.

    The people who will hire her despite her “incompetent” are the ones who should be blamed. A job seeker will always be a job seeker.

    Singaporeans are intelligent people. So why bash? I dont get it. =)

  11. cla says:

    you are discouraging her. but definitely she will, she can get a job in sg. thats for sure!

  12. cla says:

    I will hire her right now

  13. sg_daughter says:

    Of course she will get a job in Sing for sure, given Sing’s pro-FW employment culture at the moment and the fact that filipinos currently in management/admin positions will not hesitate to fire a Singaporean to fill the position with a filipino or Indian. They even openly admit to having done so already.

    Before we get all glossy-eyed over being kind, generous and charitable, dig a little deeper into the cause of why so many filipinos are clamouring for work anywhere but their own country. Rather than bash this website for publishing the interview, we should acknowledge the level playing field this site is offering to all who have an opinion to voice and a case scenario worthy of public awareness.

    Filipina Michelle is one of the biggest reasons why her country is the epic economic fail it is today – where the well-educated choose to seek greener pastures elsewhere rather than stay to build their own country. As to why filipinos are so poorly paid, this is a matter within their own country and their own responsibility to solve.

    Not every filipino or filipina is clamouring to work overseas. There is a good number who choose to stay and build their country, low pay and all. Remember that they have a population of 98M and how many are clamouring to come work in Sing? The former are the patriots with national pride and self-respect, not “deserters” who clamour for what’s to be had in someone else’s country. This should give us an idea of the quality of character Sing is importing from the Philippines as F”T”s.

    In the 20 years when Corporate America was outsourcing like there is no tomorrow, why didn’t the Philippines benefit from the outflow of employment and manufacturing opportunities to Asia. After all, there is a g-zillion unemployed filipinos sitting around waiting for Western Union remittances from foreign countries, not to mention the close ties between third-world Philippines and the USA. Instead, China (the target of America’s international stance on human rights issues) got all the American outsourcing business to become the world’s second largest economic power today. Corporate America will outsource to any country that can produce to quality standards, on schedule and at a low enough cost to leave them with maximum profit margins. It is all business. The people of the Philippines never got any of that business because they are either incapable of or choose not to rise up to the occasion even when opportunity presented itself. In the years when millions of Chinese women travelled thousands of miles to industrial zones to make the pretty things Americans enjoy, filipinas were busy setting up online dating profiles offering themselves as young wives to old western men. This is a fact for all to see, just take a look on the internet to read about what these men (after being burned) are saying about their filipina wives/fiancees and their leeching extended families.

    Charity begins at home – Singaporeans should not forget that. It is all fine and dandy to give and share after we have adequately provided for our own survival. That is certainly not the picture of Singaporeans today.

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