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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Local Gen Y female graduate wants to stay single and emigrate to Australia

Transitioning (T):  Being someone from the Gen Y group, do you feel that opportunities are now somewhat muted as both the babyboomers and Gen X have already gained a strong foothold in senior positions in the public and private sectors?

Adeline (A) : Yes, I believe so.

 T: I have heard from the Gen Y graduates that life is getting tougher here as they have to compete not only with their peers but also foreign talents, do you agreed with their views? Why so?

A: I agree with their views. It has been especially difficult ever since the recession. Companies prefer to hire cheaper labour in the form of foreign talents. In addition, the number of university graduates has gone up over the years. Therefore, being a graduate from a local university is no longer special as compared to the past. You are able to find a university graduate anywhere. Unless you are exceptional in your studies or CCA, or from a very prestigious foreign university, you will find it very difficult.

T: After seeing so many record breaking divorces in our country for the past few years, does this statistics frighten you from tying the knot with someone?

A: I have no intention of getting married in the first place.

T: In your opinion, what do you think is the greatest obstacles facing marriages right now?

A: I feel that people might not be as mature as before with regards to marriage. With marriage come responsibilities, but many are not mentally ready and rush into it. I also feel the morals of people today are not as strong as before and the breakup of many marriages may be due to this reason.

T: Many Gen Y have also told me that the work culture here is rather stifling, you work from day to night and during weekend you try to rest and prepare for the next week of onslaught – do you agree with them?

A: I agree with them, especially now where competition for jobs is stiff. There are so many people waiting to replace you if you do not work hard enough.

T: Recently, we have read of binge drinking among the young people here, what is your opinion on this and is this a growing trend among people that you know of?

A: I feel this is due to the increase of stress levels here, regardless of work or studies. Young people have to find an avenue to relieve their stress and some willingly or unwillingly chose this option. I do not know about binge drinking among my group of friends as most of us are teetotalers but I had of several binge eating cases.

T: There is also this growing feeling that the Gen Y population here belongs to the strawberry generation and that they are not as tough as the babyboomers and Gen X, do you think so?

A: I do not think so. If being “tough” refers to being able to live without modern conveniences and probably having a nice place to stay, then, the Gen Y population is indeed not as tough. However, if it was referring to the ability to withstand academic and work pressures, in general, the Gen Y population is just as tough if not tougher. The types of stress and stress level are different from that of the past.

T: What do you think has really change after watching how your parents have toiled and brought you up – do you think this spirit of familial bliss may be missing in the younger set of families right now?

A: Yes, I think so. Younger people tend to want to enjoy more as compared to our parents’ generation whom most are willing to give their children everything they are able to offer.

T: Many young people I met dream of emigration as a w ay out of this stressful environment, do you have the same thoughts?

A: Yes. In fact, I have been thinking of emigration to Australia. The first chance I get to go abroad, I will make sure to grab it well. I don’t care if I am labeled as a “quitter”.

 End of interview and thank you.

Editor’s Note: The writer is working as a temp now and it will end soon.

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18 Responses to “Local Gen Y female graduate wants to stay single and emigrate to Australia”

  1. Dennis says:

    Come on, admit it, there was no “interviewee” right? It has always been you, Gilbert Goh. All your so-called “subjects” speak in the same manner and gives all the same “answers” and all of them end up wanting to go to Australia.

    Just so you know, most of us do not believe in your “whistle-blowers” articles too cause so far all they do is complain and insinuate but they do not take any actions nor do they report to the authorities. Also, “whistle-blowing” means revealing the name of the organisation; I dare you to do that.

    Your credibility is going down with each ridiculous article that you post here like your “pluck out of the air” statistics and your so-called interviews.

    Come on, please, contribute a little to society and go get a job!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I find your comment offensive and defamatory but I will leave it here.

    If you dare to provide me your full name, ic no and address I will sue you for defamation.

    Please email me your contact information if possible.

    If you dare to post this comment, please substantiate with facts what you have mentioned.

    We can’t survive long if we fabricate stuff on the internet.

    I have a reputation to uphold else we can’t carry on so well for the past four years.

    Thank you.

    Gilbert Goh

  3. MH says:


    I was the one who did the email interview for Gilbert. If you notice, there are some errors in the interview script that I had failed to notice before. Gilbert truthfully posted the entire interview up. And if you actually compare, the styles of writing are totally different.

    So to which authorities should I report to and what course of action should I take?

    Also, me wish to migrate to Australia is because I have relatives there. If you are in a foreign country, its always better to have people that you can trust and rely on.

    To be frank, I wonder what your agenda is in posting such a comment.

  4. Sg_overseas says:

    Actually Dennis can go screw himself. Fxxking rude on the
    Last remark
    Go somewhere else to contribute ur sick insult to society.
    However, Gilbert, with all due respect, where are photos
    Coming from? Not just this, other photos of persons,
    Are they de actual person with respect to de article.
    If not, is de any infringment if copied from somewhere
    Or permission sought?

  5. To_dennis says:

    I suspect Dennis will Lose his job soon and
    He will not migrate to Australia but will go MAD
    Complaining to the authorities or go MAD coming
    Back to this website to read the articles.
    Woodbridge (IMH) will not have him n he will
    Be “whistling blowing” his organisation who sack
    Him and walking the streets contributing to society.
    He will have credibility – crazy !

  6. Gui says:

    Hi Gilbert, I support you.

    Dennis, you can go fuck your mother for posting such ridiculous comments.

  7. gonzo says:

    I wouldn’t say these interviews were fabricated, but more like something is not right with their sampling methodology.

    I noticed all the interviewees have an anti government, anti foreigners slant, complain about stress, work, want to migrate, claim this generation is much tougher because of blah blah etc etc.

    If the interviewee sampling was done randomly and correctly, one would expect a more diverse response representing a cross section of the society.

    So far from what we have seen, most interviewees seem to be having difficulties and various disgruntlements with life in general. Their views are interesting on an individual level, but probably not reflective of any general social trends or attitudes.

    • Gilbert Goh says:

      Hi Gonzo

      Thanks for your comment.

      Most of those who responded to our questionaire are jobless so I guess the sentiments are rather anti and negative.

      Trust me, if someone is to write something positive we will be most glad to post them online.

      It is not my duty or right to post everything negative -it’s probably the readers who are jobless tend to be rather negative themselves and I don’t blame them under the circumstances. I also don’t attempt to alter what they have written and tried to make it more positive.

      That will be really bias reporting like what the mainstream media is trying to do all along.

      Th truth does hurt and we want to show Singapore the ugly side of the unemployment equation here.

      As a counsellor, I also want to balance that negative aspect as if not what good am I?

      Most jobless readers who saw us tend to be negative and down so our job is to listen to them and push them on to the next lap.

      We want our jobless Singaporean readers to know that if you need a listening ear we will be there for you…no questions ask.

      We may not be able to provide you a job but at least we can show you some moral support.

      Gilbert Goh

  8. Come and watch if u r free:

    S/N CASE NO.
    1. BC95/2012 (OS59/2012)

  9. Colin Yap Kim Cheong (NRIC S7636984D) was sentenced to 2 weeks jail under s.182 penal code as a first-timer half-way through his bar exams by DJ Ng Peng Hong and today, he’s jobless and will not be able to be a lawyer anymore

  10. To_dennis says:

    This website chose to publish one sided unhappy
    sg who feel their are being uncheated of their
    sg citizenship. It is up to the owner to decide
    What he has set up the website for.
    Would a website that supports cats write nice things
    About dogs?
    I did not think this website was too be unbias.
    Wont somebody who likes so many foreigners
    Displacing sgporeans for jobs write or be
    Interviewed by this website owner.
    Those who sg who like to lose their jobs to
    Foreigners n be unemployed in their own
    Country should go n create a website n
    Write how happy they are to be unemployed
    And that your children are happy feeling hungry
    Because u cannot put food On the table for them
    And u have no money to bring ur parents to de
    Emergency room n u like the govt policies to
    Screw u

  11. To_gonzo says:

    When someone reads the articles on this website
    He will know is about anti , anti , anti
    And that what he wants to share with …
    Shit , why would anymore not anti , anti
    Wants to share his experience here.
    This website is not a battlefield, so fxxk off
    For those non anti , dont bother to put
    Your remarks here, we are not interested to
    Hear your views

  12. Jack says:

    @gonzo: I share your views & this is something I think Gilbert needs to reflect on how he is taking

    While it is to be expected that the readers here would generally be at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder, he as the webmaster has a part to play in shaping the views & attitudes of these people.

    He can either tilt the website towards the center by introducing more positive & balanced elements thereby encouraging them to adopt a holistic view or pander to the audience like a politician by telling them what they want to hear i.e. that PAP sux, their bosses sux and this is all the fault of FT and society.

    What I notice is that when responding to people as a private counselor, he tends to take a very constructive, empathic and positive tone which is good. But he has no editorial & research direction, thus allowing the entire site to be flooded with partisan views that forge a blaming culture and before long it degenerates into a rant box for people with perceived social injustice to gather.

    This is not useful for casual readers who are facing various career issues as it presents them not with solutions and encouragement, but excuses for their predicament that somehow this is all some other person’s fault.

  13. Gilbert Goh says:

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for your comment.

    We try to balance the site by posting Surviving Unemployment articles which are plucked from other sites.

    We also post entrepreneurial articles on and off.

    I reiterate that its not my intention to create a negative site.

    Many readers have told me that the site tends to be rather depressing and negative – especially those written by jobless readers. I can’t fault them as being jobless is no simple feat especially in pro-foreigner Singapore.

    We merely post how they felt about their current situation and it can make quite a depressive read.

    I agreed with you that the site can be rather negative in tone after a while and we have now try to interview employers and people who are currently employed to try and tilt that balance.

    I thank you for your comment and hope to see you more in the site.

    Gilbert Goh

  14. To_jack says:

    This site is for unemployed Sg to give their views
    On the reasons why they are being displaced.
    Reasons being
    A. The govt policies allow all foreigners to
    Work in Sg beyond comprehension
    B. foreigners are insulting Sg n show no
    Respect for Sg
    Would a sample from a population
    Of unemployed Sg provide a good non anti view
    The population is on unemployed sg.
    So will be the sample being bias ! That’s is the purpose.
    Prof. SAmpling methodology knows a lot about
    Statistical research!
    What is the purpose of the website !
    You want to change the agenda to write about
    How those sg who have good jobs and how govt
    Policies are doing well?
    This website is for sg to air their grievances on the
    Those sg above will lose their jobs to foreigners
    Soon! And make you still be happy!

    • manson says:

      I refer Generation Y female PMET comment on Singapore is Malaysia. I think she is finished. Called herself a Singaporean but treated the country that feed her like shit. It will be Singapore blessing if she migrate to another country. Pity the new country she go to because it be another shit as she will leave one day. She is after all a parasite.

      Thank you Gilbert for the good work of sharing the story.
      My advice is hate by all mean the government but love our country.

  15. zarrina says:

    Not all persons who complain are from lower socio economic ladder. I am a grad and had a good job. When i turned into my late 40s, my employers started to find faults to get rid of me, plus i am indian and they wanted to replace me with younger, cheaper chinese person. I did the work of 3 people and helped every colleague but still not valued. I am still angry and i still hate the orgsnisation and the PAP. No worker rights. No minority protection. I have a comfy life as hubby still teaching but what was done to me was harsh and racist. Many friends and relatives also faced same racism and mandarin glass ceiling jn stat board and govt sector. Thats why we are sending our kids overseas to make future. Still minority but with legal rights against hiring And workplace discrimination and human rights abuses.

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