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Sunday January 21st 2018

Public forum on Minimum Wages – for the low waged workers on 9 Jun (Sat) at 2.30pm


Transitioning will be organising a public forum on Minimum Wages – for the low waged workers on 9 Jun (Sat) from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

The venue will be at National Volunteer & Philantrophy Centre 04-88 The Central Clarke Quay.

Please use the shopping mall lift at basement one to reach NVPC which is on the left side of the overhead veranda after Bioskin level 4. Nearest MRT station is Clarke Quay.

The forum will be limited to forty participants and  RSVP regretfully. Light refreshment will be served. The dress code is smart casual.

We have invited the following  distinguished speakers  for this round panel discussion:-

1. Mr Vincent Wijeysingha – Secretary SDP

2. Mr Leong Sze Hian – ex-President Society of Financial Service Professionals

3. Mr Wei Chan -  F & B businessman

4. Mr Kumaran Pillai - Chief  Editor of TOC

5. Mr Jolovan Wham РExecutive Director of  Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME)

The  discussion will be moderated and the audience will also be given a chance to ask questions from the panel.  This event is also non-political.

The press will   be invited to the event.

This event is free of charge for local Singaporeans.

Please register early by emailing to avoid disappointment as there are only a total of forty places available.

See you soon!

Gilbert Goh


Transitioning – unemployment support services

 Latest: NWC has accepted the $50 wage  increase  for  our  low-waged workers i.e those who earn $1000 and below.

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10 Responses to “Public forum on Minimum Wages – for the low waged workers on 9 Jun (Sat) at 2.30pm”

  1. jj says:

    Sign. After so many months of discussions & debates since last year GE. The conclusion is recommending a $50 increment for low wage workers!

    But when comes to giving scholarships to foreigners, wage increment for civil servants & wages for their CEO/chairman, they are always so generous.


  2. 3rd Gen Singaporean says:

    $50 increment???

    People like cleaners & road sweepers have been getting around $700 to $800 for umpteen years & they are giving $50 reluctantly?

    What a joke!

  3. jj says:

    After NWC recommended a $50 pay increment, some security companies have started to offset the operating costs by cutting down the relief guard’s daily wage from $70-$80 to $60-$50. They also shortchange or delay wages of the malaysia security guard employees. E.g. Shine security & Elk security.

    These employers are very cunning & ruthless. I think it is risky to trust that employers will listen & obey advice or rules set by the gov.

  4. Angelina says:

    Talk about ruthless & cunning management, they don’t come any less devious than those running Parkway Hospitals. Since they are going for IPO next month, the fat cats at the top have been forcing scores of their managers & executives to resign w/o any retrenchmenet benefits. Refusal to hand in their resignation letters would result in the sack. These staff in their 40s have families to feed, but the fat cats don’t give a damn. They just want to fill their pockets following the IPO. The company is already making millions. but greed knows no bounds. God will punish the management. He is not blind.

  5. jj says:

    Maybe he/she is blind.
    Maybe he/she doesn’t exists.

  6. jj says:

    From newspapers, we knew that low grade ntucfairprice workers & civil servants got more than $50 increment. These are gov or gov related company.

    Private sectors might not follow the NWC’s recommendation. My seccurity job basic salary is still $700 with no sign of pay increment.

    These bosses always said that biz is bad, biz operating cost too high so cannot give you increment or the amount you want but many of these bosses owned cars & houses and they were wearing gold chains & gold watches.

    • Temp says:

      jJ, u r in security industry?

      Yest 1 of my friends told me he came across security guard advert when he went to CDC. The ad was proclaiming min pay of $1.6k for 5-day workweek, and $1.8k for 6-day workweek. Seems too optimistic. R such salaries the norm for security guards now?

  7. jj says:

    Yes, i working as a security guard supervisor.

    This is the common salary breakdown:
    Basic salary($600-$800) + various kinds of allowances with no cpf contributions = $1.6k-$1.8k (Gross salary for 12hr/day 6-days workweek)

    Like many cleaning companies, retail companies, logistics companies & Mfg companies, security companies practiced minimise cost but maximise profits; paid them peanuts but make them work hard & do more. They are believers of exploitation of cheap labour.

    It is norm if you didn’t receive the salary late, salary amount not accurate, money got cut by company for not wearing the tie properly or sleep during work etc, they will fine you. Because working hours is too long, it is the norm to fall asleep due to fatigue.

    You will get to meet all people from all walk of life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the smart, the stupid, the lazy, the diligent, the low educated, the highly educated, the old, the young, the gambler, the womanizer, the bankrupted etc.

  8. jj says:

    Correction – It is norm if you receive the salary late

  9. Temp says:

    Thanks JJ for the info.

    I’ve been out of a “permanent” job for about 2 years already. Doing temp jobs to get by, but these have no benefits such as annual leave or medical leave. Also $0 increment and forget about bonus. Plus temp jobs are hourly & daily rated — so during months with many public holidays such as CNY, the pay will be lesser. Hence exploring other avenues for a more “secure” “permanent” position.

    Today I called the number of 1 of the advert my friend passed to me. The guy on the other end kinda described the salary structure similar to what you wrote above. But of course the guy was saying all the nice things and painting a rosy picture. I probably need to throw away 50% of what he said to get the real picture.

    Anyway since I am so used to hourly-rated pay, I use $1,700 salary to break down. Base on 26 working days in a typical month and 12-hours per day, this means hourly pay of only $5.45/hr. Now I know what you mean by exploited! Especially if the boss and supervisors can still squeeze you somemore by paying your salary late, deducting salary for frivolous fines, pressuring you to do double-shift if the next shift doesn’t turn up or is on medical, etc.

    Anyway, it’s good knowledge for me too. So far my temping usually pays $7-$8 an hour. Sometimes even $10/hr — but these are very rare and always short-term no more than 2 or 3 months max. Of course the working hours also limit the amount I can earn. So if the company says I work only from 9am to 6pm, and 5-day workweek, then my earnings will be max $1,400 gross (based on $8/hr and 8 work hrs a day – lunch-hour is always excluded).

    Currently I’m in the same temp position for 9 months already doing admin/customer service, and the company told me that this “temp” position is basically long-term or practically “permanent”. Good & bad. Good becoz if I want, I can have certainty of work and some salary by simply continuing in this temp job. Bad becoz it shows that the company is simply exploiting cheap temp workers to do a “permanent” worker’s job. I estimate the reasonable starting salary for this job if hiring a perm staff should be at least $1.6K, plus the staff benefits and also usual medical insurance/workman compensation insurance, and the annual salary increments and bonuses etc. Companies are getting more & more cheapskate by utilising temp staff and wash hands of any employer responsibility.

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