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Sunday January 21st 2018

Reader unhappy with poor service shown by OpenNet foreign workers

Dear Gilbert,

I follow your Facebook articles on problems faced by our local PMETs.

Now I can see  how arrogant our  FTs have  become – once they dominate  the  IT industry here.

I witnessed the same scenario  in Call Centres, where the slogan ‘birds of same feathers will stay together’ came true as they  literally build their own  ’empire’ there.

Frankly,  I don’t see the point where  every hotline conversation will be recorded as the service dished out by such call centre operators are always mediocre.

Here is my brief narrative of what happened between 9 to 10:30 am on Tuesday 17th April 2012.

This morning I witnessed a  rude FT (presumably Bangladeshi) from OpenNet performing  the  free Fibre Installation at my place.

He did installation half-way and  asked me to sign the  installation report. When I said that I would only sign after he has  completed the  job, he threatened me and  then walked out of my house.

I rang OpenNet hotline and  CSO Mr Haresh responded. Another ‘pain-in-the-neck’ as he kept defending his FT fellow workers quoting this is their System Operation Procedure (SOP).

Instead of sympathizing with me, he accused me of being rude to him due to my frustrating tone.

Sensing that I am going nowhere with him, I asked him to transfer the call to his manager but he  flatly said NO!

Frankly,  this is the price Singapore pay for accepting them as TALENT, displacing our young ITE and  Poly graduates who surely can do a better job.

Now, I can understand why OpenNet faces heaps of problem in achieving their level of service!

There is also no vocabulary on customer satisfaction and  we are at their mercy when we there is a service fault.

‘What has happened to our government drive for ‘GEM’ and  WDA Funding to help SMEs improve Customer Service Level?

With so many unproductive rude  foreigners fronting the service line, no wonder our productivity is going downhill the past few years!



Editor’s Note: If you have face similar poor service by OpenNet foreign workers carrying out installation at your home, please email us at We  love to hear from you.

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One Response to “Reader unhappy with poor service shown by OpenNet foreign workers”

  1. Deadly Virus says:

    Another stupid thing.

    Please remember that foreigners do not care about productivity of Singapore.
    They just want a job to support their poor family back home.

    Whenever you encounter any poor customer service, all you have to do is to spread the word around about that company and when the company suffer poor sales eventually will cease operation.

    Better still, tell the director of the company to go to hell.

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