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Saturday January 13th 2018

5 Reasons Why Foreigners Don’t Respect Singaporeans

As the dust settled for PRC scholar Sun Xu who was duly fined and stripped of his remaining scholarship perks, another incident involving an article on Swiss expats saying that there won’t be jobs available for Singaporeans ensured that the anti-foreigner sentiments will still be in play.

I have never seen such intense anti-foreign sentiments before until the beginning of this year. Xenophobia feelings among locals seem to take on a popular undertone and it is in  a dangerous overplay situation now.

The frequent local-foreigner physical spats played out in the press so prominently also did not help the situation one bit coupled with some dead  bodies lying around  - mostly believed to be foreigners.


Yet, it is most amazing to see how foreigners have treated locals - as if the whole country belongs to them. There is an obvious lack of respect for the country’s local culture and habits resulting in growing resentment against foreigners here.

The fact that they  stole jobs away from us, jacked up our HDB resale prices and clog up public infrastructure  also do not augur well for any social cohesion and integration programmes.

In fact, the whole social situation here looks perilous and some friends were saying that the local-foreigner physical spats will probably increase dramatically if nothing is done to alleviate the current situation.

The same problem happened in Sydney where I stayed for a few years on and off.

Some shopping malls are mostly dominated by Asians and you can hardly see white Aussies around.

Whites hardly mix with the immigrants and they likewise form their own enclaves in their own towns. Some immigrants don’t even speak a word of English!

Many of the whites  have in fact escaped to Queensland whereby the weather is better and housing prices saner.

In Melbourne, however, some Indians were knifed in 2010 in a series of systematic attacks targetted at immigrant Indians resulting in the Indian PM calling Australia a dangerous place to travel for Indians.

I remembered shockingly how one Indian worker was knifed to death in a backlane while travelling to work in Melbourne early in the morning. Several similar knifing copycat incidents soon followed.

I do not hope to see similar incidents happening here.

I have provided  5 reasons why foreigners do not respect local Singaporeans here:-

1. Foreigners proud to work abroad

Many foreign expats were brought in using the covetous EP work permit meant for graduates and so-called talents.

For workers belonging to the third world countries, it is a big success if you travel to work abroad.

I remembered how in China people were sending their loved ones off to work in Singaporean – many beaming with pride even though they are merely here working as kitchen helpers and cleaners.

They thought that they are something when actually they are not.

I also remembered I had the same proud  feeling when I travelled to China for a teaching job.

I was only paid $3000+ but it felt like a $30,000 job as I was working abroad. Everyone congratulated me as if I have struck the lottery.

Your ego suddenly received a tremendous boost and you felt good having all the intention lavished on you prior to your departure.

The same could have happened to our foreign friends here and this may have given them a fattened ego and a big head when they started to call us “dogs”.

2. Our government over-pampering them

It is still a mystery why our government continues to bring in so many PRC students studying on our limited tax payer money when so many of us have to send our children abroad for expensive tertiary education.

They also continue to bring in foreign expats  when many of our local educated mid aged workers are still jobless.

Many analysts have speculated that the PRC Chinese  could be brought in to beef up the reducing Chinese population as many Chinese families prefer to stop at two and some even at one.

Polytechnics are known to have set aside around 10% of their yearly intake for foreign students or scholars –  largely from PRC.

Most of their school fees are paid for and they also get an allowance for daily expenses.

Some local tertiary institutions have even make visits to Chinese schools and invite them to apply for such scholarship study incentives.

If you  woo, dine and over-indulge while  trying to bring in too many foreigner scholars, they may feel that they are one class up on the local population.

Moreover, its a big thing to be called a scholar in China and when you land a overseas scholarship award your whole village celebrates for ten days and nights with wine and dance.

3. Foreigners getting special treatment by the law

All of us will know by now the infamous incident involving the Suntec City foreigner spat.

The accused persons, New Zealander Robert Stephen Dahlberg, 34, and Briton Robert James Springall, 25, face charges over a brawl that took place at Suntec City two years ago.

Another accused, the pair’s Australian friend, Nathan Robert Miller, 35, has since pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three weeks’ jail.

However, shockingly, the New Zealander and Briton pair managed to jump bail and returned to their own country making a mockery of our judiciary  system here.

Many Singaporeans were also frustrated that many incidents involving expat foreigners were let off easily whereas those from third world countries were harshly punished for similar crimes.

For example, two live 8mm ammo was found on a Aussie woman Jessica Powter aged 34 years old while she transit at our Changi airport on Oct 12 last year.

She was merely let off with a warning only and the case was also unreported.

We only knew about this serious breach when Australia NT News  reported the incident later.

All these imbalanced treatment given  to foreigners only provide them the feeling that they are untouched and even given special priviledges.

It is no wonder sometimes I felt that our foreigner expats talk louder than us and some even walk with a superior swagger.

4. Foreigners getting more pay than us

It is no secret that foreigner expats doing the same kind of work will be getting better salaries than local ones.

Sometimes the salary difference could even be 2 to 3 times that of our  local staff.

Granted that the whole expat salary package will have to  cover our expensive rental and other start up cost but local workers will feel the pain  when they saw how much our expats are being paid while performing the same kind of work.

In fact, Singapore foreign expats enjoyed the second best salary package in the world with the majority  making more than $150,000 a year. It is no wonder they dine at the finest restaurants and stay in swanky condos here with our local gals bidding by  their side.

It is fair to assume  that the class division is more apparent between our foreign talents and local workers.

Even junior foreign Indian IT programmers working in MNC banks  are paid more than $5000/month – some armed with only two years of working experience.

Local staff will count themselves fortunate if they could draw a  basic salary of $3000 and above for fresh graduates working in the IT line.

Such imbalanced salary renumeration has also caused foreigners to feel superior and even look down on their   local counterparts.

Their sheer massive presence in certain industries also allows them to step all over us and also  many locals now have to report to younger foreign bosses.

5. Singaporeans lacking  self confidence and communication skills

I always feel that local Singaporeans lack self confidence when it comes to their communication skills and handling of  difficult work situation.

Perhaps our innate lack of the spoken language has caused us to step back rather than take on someone when there is a  difference in opinion at the work places. We give way and retreat rather than trying to voice out our opinion passionately.

Maybe we are always taught in schools and for guys in the army not to speak out anymore or else we will be punished.

In most work places that I knew of, meetings were dominated by the managers or one of two individuals and the rest of us will be silent or merely nodding in passive agreement.

The real discussion only commenced when all the managers are gone and we are back in the canteen ;later.

Maybe we felt marked out if we always voiced out our own opinion   in the office. We rather behaved properly so that we are well liked and considered not a trouble maker.

Most people whom we knew in class or  the army were punished when they tried to be a hero and spoke out against the teacher or army officer.

However, in today’s working world whereby as much as 40% of our  work force could be a foreigner and many of them  are  our bosses, keeping silent when an idea needs to be presented urgently  is considered a sign of weakness.

I remembered staying in Sydney and saw how articulate Aussies were when they tried to  engage  me  in deep constructive conversation.

Even though some are merely blue collared workers, they could strike up a decent conversation with you and communicated their thoughts well. Some could be rather fiery in the way they presented their ideas.

People judge us by the way we speak and when I saw how some local Singaporeans spoke on TV interviews, it made me cringed.

When foreigners saw how we struggled in our first language –  English  they thought that this must be a joke!

Some could not even make out what we say and many retreated back to their own circle of expat friends. They also began to look down on us as  we can’t even utter a decent mouthful of English.

PRC Chinese also despised our brand of spoken Mandarin  as it is not polished enough and reminded them of how the Hong Kongers spoke when they communicated  in  Mandarin.

How we presented ourselves often cause the other party to either respect or look down on us.


Moving forward, it will be  perilious if we allow the current local-foreign divide to continue.

Social integration programmes seem to have fail and unless the government decides to slow down immigration and relook how this can be better managed, things look rather pessimistic and opportunists may even seize the advantage to exploit the current mess – to the detriment of  the whole  country.

Written by Gilbert Goh


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40 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Foreigners Don’t Respect Singaporeans”

  1. Good analysis BUT says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I agree with most of the points you’ve made, except #5. We have some great debaters/wayangs in parliments!

    In additional I wish to highlight other aspects you may not have noticed, or have not given thought about.

    It’s that even some of our “respectible” selves not respecting our own not as, so called successful, as themselves!

    I believe in human decency, regardless of the societal status. Some basic respect must be due to any person, if for nothing, but the fact they are human beings.

    Another case in point. Facts/Perceptions that our own local employers and government favours FTs over locals, some because of business costs, others because of NS obligations/ CPF contribution/ maternity leaves, etc opportunity costs (all meant to be good for the locals, but cut the other way in business reality). These practices destroy all claims by the government that we value ‘meritoracy’, ‘justice’ and ‘equality’!

    Mind you, we have a stake in this country, and would gladly discharge our duties as loyal subjects. What stake do I, or my children, have in this country, if we’re being discriminated against in our so-call HOME?

    When locals did these things against each other, no wonder the outsiders have absolutely NO respect for us.

  2. no agenda says:

    It could have been a good article if it didn’t have so many inaccuracies. But I guess, if you gave the correct statistical data you wouldn’t have had too much to write about.

  3. Ali Baba says:

    Truthfully Gilbert, what hit me was your caption. Please allow me to share my thoughts and give you 5 reasons as to why foreigners don’t respect Singaporeans.
    1. Firstly, we Singaporeans were never respected by… Why? Take a look at all the changes after changes when come to policies concerning Singaporeans at large, just to name one; concerning CPF withdrawal age at 55, what has happen today?
    2. We are not united as a nation. A nation comprises of the citizens, regardless of race, language or religion. We are a selfish lot now who have lost the identity as a Singaporean, thanks to…
    3. We are a pathetic lot who are not concern about the political arena that effect us, with the exception of a few now, who are making their voices heard like yourself. Sad, a country where a few will defend and the rest will concede defeat.
    4. How to be respected by foreigners, when we are a nation of always complaining about this and that to no end and not doing something about it when come to voting. Don’t blame the policies or others for all your sorrows.
    5. Most of us, individual will sound their voices aloud and hit their chest hard for change. Then, when the time comes to “changing and fair-play”, they start packing, leaving their leaders standing alone to die. History can be rewritten…if only all fellow Singaporeans speak with one voice…if.
    Will it happen…only time will tell? Till then, just lick your wound and don’t cry like a little baby!
    Lastly, let me leave you with a quote by Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz urging those against the death penalty to stand up and fight for its abolishment. / Sunday Star 4th March 2012
    There must be a mass movement and strong opposition from the people…Otherwise, nothing will change.

    • Gilbert Goh says:

      Hi Ali Baba

      I agreed with most of your points especially the one on unity.

      If our own people can’t band together and speak out as one voice then nobody else will.

      Moreover, our individual rights are almost non-existent and people go about doing their own things by themselves.

      This could be due to the competitive nature of our educational system and also the dog-eat-dog world of our corporate ladder climbing culture.

      The fear factor is also so strong that speaking out against the establishment is seen as political and adversarial.

      Moving forward, Singaporeans need to be less selfish and think of others who are less well off and unfortunate and learn to speak out for this group of voiceless people.

      If not, the whole country will sink into oblivion allowing the foreigners to rule over us…

      Gilbert Goh

  4. Pappypetlover says:

    Welcome to SINgapoor!!! Our governance and education system have made many Singaporeans of at least 2 generation to be so compliance to an extend of complacent for whatever they get or actually do not get. First we need to educate our younger generation to speak up for their rights before doing it right. However is our law IMPARTIAL? Are we treated the same as foreigners or vice versa? We dont need protection but we cannot accept double standard in work and in life. The authority can set any rules but when they close one eye or even both eyes on foreign establishment, then our plight will remains the same.

    Already many born and bred Singaporeans are living in a place where we no longer feel the snese of belonging.. Lose faith…that’s the hard truths.

  5. charmer says:

    According to a trainer at the Civil Service College he finds the quality of written and spoken English amongst our senior public servants appalling. He blames the superiors ( current perm sec’s and directors) for not correcting and checking their subordinates on the quality of their submissions.

    According to the trainer a retired civil servant, LKY when he was PM and likes of J Y Pillai used to maintain extremely high standards. Ministers were ticked off for poor command of the language. Officers double checked their work to ensure it met a high standard.

  6. Tim says:

    If you strip away the relative wealth of Singaporeans, there is really nothing much to be proud of. Singaporeans are undriven, uninnovative, penny wise pound foolish, uncultured, unhygienic, superstituous, uncaring, insecure, uncooperative, poor in languages, low standards, boorish, timid, i could go on and on…

    The foreigners are richer than us now and their economies are on the rise. So there is really NOTHING they can admire us for. Notwithstanding, they still respect our government and elites. It is the average Singaporean they dont give a hoot about.

  7. Sg_overseas says:

    I tell you what foreigners respect, they respect
    the Sg PR and passport especially. Being a Sg PR
    or Sg citizen (allowing SG passport) makes it
    Easier for foreigners to migrate to western countries
    Which they want!
    It is not true what you say about the standard of English,
    Are you saying the chinese who entered our Universities
    Suddenly have better Spoken and written English
    Without even passing GCE English. What a bloody
    And many FT filipinos who only knows that preposition has only
    the word “to” , they can be using “to” for words “from”, which
    Is the reverse meaning or any other prepositions, like “at, on,
    By, under, over, ….” and tenses, singular, plural, use of wrong
    Anyway, I do not know what you are comparing
    Foreigners were given the pride by the companies that
    employ them for all sorts of reasons, foreigners say
    we are not as hardworking as them when we have
    to take care of our family but their families are overseas
    A whole lot of bullshit, anyway I need to respect your
    own worth. BTW, I never graduated from the local U.

    They din

  8. Respect says:

    Nice article.
    In general, I think the key reason why others do not give Singaporeans repsect is because most Singaporeans do not respect themselves. Most Singaporeans do not know and have given up their own rights to almost everything in life. THere is very little passion in life beyond the pursue of materialistic gains. The soul and passion in life is lacking among many Singaporeans. Living like a zombie do not command respect from others. Sad to say that Singaporeans deserve the way they are treated by foreigners. But it is also important to realise this and change it if you do not like it to remain this way. I see some hope in this now, but the road to gaining back respect will be messy and bloody given the current political and social systems we have in Singapore.

  9. Gilbert Goh says:

    Hi Respect.

    I think our tame passive nature coupled with a non-confrontational attitude may have give our foreign friends the notion that we are easy to be bullied.

    We are also rather individualistic and seldom gang up at the work places even if our rights are being violated.

    You can see how the PRC Chinese demonstrated in front of the MOM building when their salaries are inappropirate.

    Unity is strength and this is really lacking among Singaporeans.

    Gilbert Goh

  10. aDurian says:

    I may get flamed for being a foreigner here, but i believe that your point of foreigners getting special treatment as slightly misleading. They are after all bound by the same rules, but whether it is enforced properly is the question. After all, more than enough international spats started from one country wanting to punish a citizen of another country with local laws while the other country tries to defend their citizen in what is basically matter of showing off their dick, or more often known as national pride.
    And by the way, foreigners are often sidelined in terms of education as for example, foreigners are required to obtain higher criteria than their Singaporeans peers in order to join a tertiary institution despite having to take the same examination, and we pay about 20 times Singaporean’s school fees.

  11. chillax says:

    Singaporeans must stand up for themself and the best way to do it is 2 ways, one, To get rich!, second, Be ready for confrontation.

    I had a rather fun incident with a half baked ang mo recently in the Paragon carpark. The donkey was trying to overtake me by driving in the opposite direction to get to the valet faster and guess what, i sped up and he jammed brake. the guy came down and before he could open his mouth, i shouted in front of all the bystander, “get your cheap car out of the way, you half baked executive”. and before he could reply there was appaluse in the carpark much to my amazement!

    Just for background info, the angmo was in a Merc C200, hardly a car for real talent!

  12. john huang says:

    whaat to do? we dont have the guts to march down the street, only can complain behind a computer and smile to the foreign bosses when we are screwed.

    we dont have the guts to make a difference for ourselves but expect others to fight our cause.

    what can i say, we are borned with chicken heart.

    now, go ahead and take your frustration out on your wife and children. the sayings goes; inside the home, you are a dragon, outside the home, you are a worm.

  13. anon says:

    Reason why foreigners don’t respect s’poreans is coz the govt don’t even bother to respect the citizens. In fact the govt bend over backwards (or is it simply just bend over) to give foreigners so much perks and leeways that will cause nation-wide demonstrations and replacement of ministers in other developed countries.

    If I were a foreigner on EP pass here, I will also look on citizens as a big joke. I will just hang out with my fellow expat friends in expat-enclave condos, and go to “ang-moh” pubs.

    Oh and btw, the percentage reserved for foreigners in polytechnics and universities is 20%, not 10%. MOE minister has recently said that they will maintain this 20% quota, as if this is doing a favour to local s’poreans! This means that before the GE, MOE must have been thinking of allowing even more than 20% foreigners in our polys and unis.

    • Youtube User/Jemdude22 A MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot Larry Medina Will Be As Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot Robert Viswanathan Chandran says:


      “Yes, here is my take as a Singapore [Permanent Resident (PR)] from a WESTERN country.

      If they made Singapore citizenship more attractive, i.e. allow dual citizenship [i.e. FLEXIBILITY OR ROOM FOR ABUSE], I would [gladly] take it up [I.E. EXPLOIT IT].

      If they force me to give up my existing citizenship, I would SIMPLY LEAVE [I.E. DISPOSE IT(stinkapore) LIKE USED GARBAGE] and go off to one of the many other countries of the world that welcome English speaking highly paid professionals.

      Why wouldn’t I give up my existing citizenship? Well most importantly there are the emotional reasons of loyalty to my country and my ancestors who fought for it.


      If Singapore Inc. thinks that any rational human being [with all these PRIVILEGES that FEW people on the planet possess] would give all that up for a Singapore passport [i.e. be CONFINED or TRAPPED in one of TINIEST countries in the world [17th from the BOTTOM] that is STUCK in one of the most VOLATILE regions on the Earth that has to CATER and TART itself to the taste of ASININE and ARROGANT (mainly ANGLOPHONE) WESTERNERS like US, no matter how PRETTY and PEACEFUL it has to MAINTAIN itself], THEY NEED TO TWEAK THEIR GRIP ON REALITY VERY FAST.”

      [ expatsingapore . com / forum / index . php? topic= 64363.15 ]

  14. Gintai says:

    Excellent article. Yes we may speak many languages and dialects but master of none! The Hong Kongers are mostly mono lingual in Cantonese but theirs is very polished and refined compared to our local Cantonese. Same with English and Madarin also. In fact we half past six in all. That’s a fact.

  15. loans says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be actually one thing that I feel I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward to your subsequent post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  16. CY says:

    The example about the Australian woman being let off with only a warning for carrying bullets into Changi airport is an invalid example. Let me explain.

    Firstly, it may be an unintentional mistake by the woman, and secondly how did that woman get past security checks at the airport where she took a plane from, in Australia?

  17. Mark says:

    I had 2 Singaporean colleagues having to work at our head office in Paris, and most of them time, my French colleagues would tell me “we can’t understand what they are saying. They speak with such a strong accent!”. Gosh, there goes our “English as 1st language” education system. Ironically, when a new Singaporean (PRC) later came over, there was no more “feedback” from my French colleagues!

    • olivier desbarres @ Wimborne Road, Katong says:


      Le français est la plus belle langue car c’est celle des amoureux.

      J’ai été ravi(e) de vous connaître. À bientôt !

      Former banker olivier desbarres @ Wimborne Road, Katong

      P.S. By the way, you may like to check this out:
      [ youtube . com / watch?v=ukvsn5QBGXk ] – you may like to pay attention to the conversation between 5:42-6:33.

  18. Irene Ho says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Could you please provide your source as to how you came to the conclusion that majority of foreign expats in Singapore make more than $150k?

    And the fact that majority of these foreign expats have Singaporean GFs/Partners?

    “In fact, Singapore foreign expats enjoyed the second best salary package in the world with the majority making more than $150,000 a year. It is no wonder they dine at the finest restaurants and stay in swanky condos here with our local gals bidding by their side.”

    • Gilbert says:

      Irene I don’t think facts matter when someone is making an emotional case and hate-mongering. What matters aren’t facts but the effect that distortions have on others. The mindset is, get people angry, it really doesn’t matter how or with what.

      • admin says:

        Hi Irene,

        This response is not make by me – someone impersonated me in responding to you.

        Please ignore this remark but I will leave it here as it is.

        Gilbert Goh
        Transitioning – unemployment support services

  19. Gilbert says:

    Ridiculous over generalization and xenophobic hate mongering. To make such sweeping generalizations about “foreigners” as if they are of one single mindset is profoundly ignorant and short-sighted. It’s always so easy to blame everything on “foreigners”; that’s just evading taking responsibility for our own failures and shortcomings. Can’t get a good job? Must be that a foreigner stole it. Didn’t do well in school? Because of the damn foreign students studying harder. Didn’t get promoted yet? Must be cos the boss likes foreigners instead of you. Can’t get a girl? She must be dating a foreigner instead. Yeah it’s always someone else’s fault, damnit!
    Basically what the writer and others like him want is to be protected from the world and to have the government act like a pampering parent, shielding darling boy-boy and girl-girl from the other kids in the playground. Get real people. Instead of self-pity how about some self-reliance and self-respect. The world is a tough and competitive place and this country won’t get ahead if we’re all going to be mountain tortoises.

    • admin says:


      This remark is not made by me but another Gilbert.

      I will leave the remark as it is though.

      Gilbert Goh
      Transitioning – unemployment support services

      • Rasiak says:

        Surprisingly this other, fake ‘Gilbert’ has proven to be more spot-on than you and your vile demagoguery.

  20. Irene Ho says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    You still haven’t reply to my question. Please provide your source as to how you came to the conclusion that majority of foreign expats in Singapore make more than $150k. And the fact that majority of these foreign expats have Singaporean GFs/Partners.


  21. Lopez Hill says:

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  22. Simon says:

    Hi Gilbert Goh..just saw ur a foreinger,been here 15 years..i agree with what the other Gilbert said..when i started schooling in singapore (primary 3) my English was terrible and my classmates made fun of me..i vowed to work hard at it and by the end of my PSLE i was the top English student in the entire school..and you’d think some respect would come from the local students but no,they started to badmouth me..and started making fun of my race and lineage..on to secondary school..SSDD (same shit different day)some ah bengs in school even wanted to beat me up just becuz i was “different”..the main point is..they made fun of me for being less skilled then them so i worked the results..but still got made fun of another way for being a minority..think abt it..if they wanted to be better then me,then like me they should have worked hard..but they didnt..i rest my case..

  23. Rajan says:

    I partly blame LKY for this disaster of his frequent trips to China and talking highly of them and especially the speak Mandarin campaign, where English is the mode of business language. He created a docile society by suing anybody outspoken. All we Singaporean can do is vote for oppositions, when GE 2016 comes. We really need a check and balance in this country. One party rule will lead this country to be sold, where few minorities and their families and relatives benefiting while the large majority suffering.

  24. Tan Yan Ren says:

    The reason why I AM SO ANGRY with the Singapore PAP Govt policies are the reasons you have listed and MORE
    The PAP GOVT seems so indifferent if NOT FOR the KARMA that they were taught a MINI lesson due to the by elections and the GRC losses…thanks to the Palmer case and also due to the People’s awakening …the mAJOR will and MUST come soon if they are still folding their arms in the famous COURT word
    The Singapore newspaper MUST be crucified together with the Ministers who keep battering and insulting like the latest by one donkey!!Minister who went to SPain and told the world that Singaporeans are anti foreigners!!!traitor!!!
    I AM FIGHTING BACK fircely NOT ONLY fOR MYSELF but FOR SINGAPOREAN ‘s self respect and REGAIN our dignity , respect, and RIGHTS!!!!
    ONLY!!!…NOT PR!!! did you hear PAP!!!

  25. Tan Yan Ren says:

    Do you realise you and I are so exposed to the world not like the Suppressed Singaporeans who are subdued to obey at all cost by the system here and the leadership style and that is why i said that the product of the singaporeans , whether GOOGD or Bad is the Product of the PAP Govt . ..the education system whereby you are expected to swallow everything they throw at you …the other countries will tell you to F ..F Indonesia…lately over the haze issue..a very typical example…that explains why we are in this predicament ..but DONT GIVE UP….Change!!!!!them!!!!

    • One of the Serangoon Road (“Little India”) Partiers was a Permanent Resident (PR) says:

      Hello Tan Yan Ren,

      You may like to take a look at these comments here:

      ‘singapore are suckers? how about indonesian ex president habibi who murdered many thousands of chinese indonesian, rape, molest ,killed, house burnt, wow, you are no different from your ex president . Your country is big but useless with coconut head like you. Even the recent haze, one of our minister can make such greedy comments like if singapore is to give only one million dollars for the haze then no need you will use your own money, well, looks like you need 50 millions? what a joke’

      –– user/dixieboy68

      ‘if you have more minister like you present president Mr bambang , then indonesia will be save. He is sensible to apologise when make mistakes and this will make the world respect him. you keep talking about confiscating singapore properties, burn them down, you sound more like a terrorist , what a guy or lady!’

      –– user/dixieboy68

      [ youtube . com / all_comments?v=NBfwNLUDrCY ]

      All best for 2014 (and any coconut head[s]),
      ‘One of the Serangoon Road (“Little India”) Partiers was a Permanent Resident (PR)’

  26. Anon says:

    Although some foreigners are disrespectful to Singaporeans, many Singaporeans are disrespectful to foreigners. I don’t think it is fair to say that they all are, or most are. If foreigners were not paid more quite a bit then they would not work here, meaning that the foreign companies would leave. This would ultimately turn Singapore back into a fishing village or into a poor Asian country like Cambodia. This article was not even about why foreigners don’t respect Singaporeans it was about random stuff that happens related to foreigners that you don’t like. A lot of stuff like this you just have to suck it up and deal with it.

    A good idea is to respect them, then they will most likely respect you.

  27. clara says:

    Hi. I work in the IT department of finance sector.
    What Gilbert has written is definitely true – philipino and indian
    Contract programmers are asking at least $5k now (although the
    Agents do get a cut/commission) those who claim to have
    Experience in certain business domain or systems are even
    Asking $8 to $10k. This is reality. Gilbert may not have nice stats
    Or graphs but he has the facts right

  28. Buffetlicious says:

    SG50 is a real island full of shit & crap after all. From local dramas to the various channels on tv available for viewing. It’s nothing educational but full of shit & crap.

    Almost every tv channel depicts nothing but shitty life in SG island. What a bored man ! !

    Is multi racial really so spectacular & superb in real life ? ? Nay ! ! not true man. Multi racial sucks man & so are the locals SG here in SG island.

    It’s either bahasa melayu, bahasa indon,
    chinese mandarin & tamil which hoggs the majority of the tv programs here in boring SG. There’s no life at all here in boring SG island.

    Lastly, it’s the bitches,sluts,whores & the bastards locals here in SG that simply bores the hell out of many including the foreigners visiting here.

    SG island has the majority of the ugliest yet tries to be gorgeous & beautiful f-king locals SG whores here. Outcasts cum condemn SG whores indeed.

    To all SG whores in SG island. Take a look at yourselves in the damn mirror SG whores of all races & ages.

    Thank you very much SG whores. Homewreckers indeed.

  29. reality says:

    When Singaporeans complain about foreigners, they are particularly referring to people from their neighbour country “Malaysia”. They need to use subtle way to complain to Government. Most Singaporeans are afraid to discriminate and complain against Malaysians because Singapore is small and solely depending on Malaysia for many things and their survival.

    Singapore and Malaysia are just across the border and people from Malaysia can come into to Singapore at anytime to get the jobs easily because they can speak Chinese, English and Malay which are 3 main national languages in Singapore. Especially, the people from Malaysia border area can just spend 5 to 10 minutes on the bus to get into Singapore.

    Addition to that people from Malaysia can get permanent resident and citizenship easily. After they got the resident or citizenship status, they can access to education, housing, healthcare and etc from another side of the fence. One of the good examples will be; after they have granted resident or citizenship status, they buy the house to rent it out. Then, they travel back and forth to go to work in Singapore daily because housing and living cost at Malaysia border is a lot cheaper than Singapore due to the currency.

    Singaporeans are so angry about their neighbour country Malaysia is exploiting their benefits but on the other hands they can’t reject them directly. That’s why they are saying Foreigners as overall. Of course, if you go and ask them, they will say it is not true for sure because they don’t want to get sour the relationship with their neighbour for survival. They will always say, “we are brothers and good neighbour”

  30. [...] note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted and it reflected the true sentiment of many Singaporeans here due to the historical and [...]

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