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Monday January 22nd 2018

Singaporean Couple Prefers To Adopt A Kid To Tackle Low Birth Rate

Hi John,

Thanks for participating in this online interview about the low birth rate here:-

You have told me that both you and your wife have decided not to have any kids, why is this so?

There are a few reasons why we choose not to have any kid:

  • Support¬†from ¬†government is not¬† much compare to places in Asia like HK¬†when ¬†the medical bill for giving birth is heavily ¬†subsided.
  • We do not want our children to be ‚Äúrule‚ÄĚ by foreigners one day in our¬† own country since the government has continued to¬†bring ¬†in hundreds of thousands of ¬†‚ÄúFT‚ÄĚ.
  • The world population is already over crowded, we don‚Äôt want to have our own children but we do consider adoption. This will help to cut down on the world population and giving¬†the ¬†child a chance to have a ‚Äúfamily‚ÄĚ

My wife and I also ¬†believe that¬†living in ¬†this world is to suffer, we do not want our children to go through what we have gone through as a human being. This is an ‚Äúevery man for himself world‚ÄĚ, we have to fight, lie, playing mind game with others etc in order to survive in this world.

Was it a joint decision and how did you two come to such a conclusion?

Yes, this is what both of us are looking for since¬† we know each other more than 10 years ago. We¬† love kids but as mentioned above, a life is a life, there is no difference if this life is given by both of us or we adopt one. As long as we give him a place called ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ a lovely family¬†- hopefully ¬†he will be someone useful and be responsible to the country, society, family and himself when he grows up.

What will make you change your mind? Any government intervention that you think will help you?

No, nothing will change our mind, we  have even think of setting up a website to encourage adoption. If the government would like to help, they should  encourage adoption as well rather than always depending on couples to give birth.

Many young couples have complained that the high cost of living has deterred them from having more kids or any kids for that matter. What is your take on this?

This could be the main reason for other couples, as  for us, we are very clear on what we want for ourselves Рwe simply want to adopt.

Another favourite complaint is the stressful educational system ‚Äď do you agree that this will also contribute to the slowing birth rate?

If we  will to adopt a child one day, we  believe in giving him total  freedom to choose what he wants to achieve in life. If he wants to become a sportsman, we would encourage him to go ahead, but he must promise to do his best and never give up if he faces any difficulty along the way. One day, we hope to see him representing Singapore and win lots of medals for the country.

What will make you change your mind about having kids as both of you are still quite young.

Nothing will make us change our mind as we will still go for adoption.

On another note, do you agree with the government’s decision to mass import foreigners to replace the slowing birth rate here?

Before the government¬†starts to ¬†bring in foreigners amass,we must ask ourselves¬†why¬†¬†so many of our ¬†local born Singaporean¬† have ¬†given up on their citizenship by the thousands yearly. Who are they? Can the government do something to bring them back? And who are those people that were brought¬† in by the government to replace us? Can they really replace our slowing ¬†birth rate? Can they be ¬†compared to those Singaporeans who have given up on their citizenship? By doing so, will we lose our ‚ÄúSingaporean lah‚ÄĚ culture in¬†about two ¬†generations’ time?

If the government could improve the financial incentives for couples giving births, will this hel you to change your mind?

Not for us  but as what we have mentioned earlier, the government could encourage adoption as well.  So far, they are silent on this.

This will help to cut down the world population. We are living in the same world and we should do something to¬†manage ¬†the world population. Our government should look beyond importing adult FT and should encourage couples to bring in ‚Äúadopted baby FT‚ÄĚ.

Lastly, are you open to adopting a child in future if you decide to change your mind about having kids?

Yes, this is for sure as I have listed my reasons above.

End of interview and thank you.

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3 Responses to “Singaporean Couple Prefers To Adopt A Kid To Tackle Low Birth Rate”

  1. Seems says:

    Hi Gilbert, I am pretty saddened by John’s answers. I thought he has a rather extreme view on child bearing & the world in general.

    Can you tell him that the world since humans start to walk has never been perfect. And yet humans has been procreating to the point where we as a species has survived through 2 catastrophic wars and even reached a milestone of 6 billion people today.

    As to the competitive nature of this world, tell him competitiveness is part and parcel of nature. Look at the animal kingdom, its all about competition and survival. We humans are part of this web too, just that we have learnt to develop, build, read & write all for the purpose of giving ourselves a better life and in the process, acquire heartware. This is called civilisation. Can you also tell him that no where else in this world can he find such level of government support to your basic needs. (The exception is incentives to encourage couples to bear children)

    Gilbert, we need to take the baton from the government to instil into Singaporeans the one and only holy grail that every Singaporean should pursue. That National Service is not only about putting on the uniform and defend the nation, it also INCLUDES COUPLES MAKING MORE BABIES! Let’s do it for our children & gran-childrens’ sake. Otherwise, there will be no more of this phenomenon called the Singapore Culture. Period.

    I know the saying – The only constant is change. I beg to differ. Certain things don’t change.

  2. Marcos says:

    I tend to side with the OP (John) on this issue. Making babies, in my opinion, is not a national service, but rather for the personal ‘enjoyment’ of a couple and their immediate family. He has rightly pointed out that there are already plenty of human beings in the world – out of these 7 billion, there are many children who have lost their parents or have been given up for adoption. Instead of letting these poor children alone to fend on their own, I think John has been unselfish to the extent of being noble to adopt one of them.

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