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Thursday January 24th 2019

Joint Workshop and Mini Job Fair With Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group


Dear Friends in Transition

We are please  to announce that the esteemed Adam Khoo  Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) and Transitioning will be collaborating a joint workshop and ending of with a mini Job Fair event.

In line with their CSR vision in transforming lives everyday, AKLTG will assist in providing a free personal development and  sales workshop as well as provide part time and permanent positions to suitable  jobless participants.

AKLTG has been providing corporate and educational motivational talks for over a decade and want to continue to advance their expertise to the jobless community.

The workshop will focus on 2 components; Personal Mastery – “how to sell yourself to your employers” and Sales Excellence – “Secrets of building rapport to increase your sales conversions.”

The details of the event are as follows:

Date/Time: 1 Mar from 12.30 – 5.30pm (buffet lunch will be provided from 12.30 to 1.30 pm, workshop commences from 1.45pm onwards)

Location: 10 Hoe Chiang road Keppel Towers #01-05 S(089315) – Tg Pagar MRT

Registration: If you are keen to participate in this event, please email me at providing your full name, IC no and a contact number by 25 Feb.

We only have vacancies  for 100 participants and registration will close after that so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Take care and see you soon. We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh


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4 Responses to “Joint Workshop and Mini Job Fair With Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group”

  1. Irene Ho says:

    You ask him to give a talk? The person that said the following?

    “I prefer to hire expats for my own business than locals. Expats are willing to work long hours, go the extra mile, are fiercely loyal to you and don’t complain so much. They also come alot more qualified and do not ask the moon for the remuneration. Recently, I placed an ad for a marketing executive. Out of 100+ resumes, more than 60% came from expats. While locals fresh grads are asking for $2,500+ per month, I have expats with masters degrees from good universities willing to get less than $2,000! They know that if they can come in and learn and work hard, they will eventually climb up and earn alot more. They are willing to invest in themselves, pay the price for future rewards. Sometimes I wonder how some of the locals are going to compete with this.”

  2. Gilbert Goh says:

    Dear Irene and Singaporean Employee,

    Its unfortunate that this matter has been brought up now when there is an event going on this Thursday.

    Moreover, Adam is not speaking but his trainer will.

    The fact that the Adam Khoo group is willing to assist in reaching out to the jobless community speaks volumes of his willingness to help jobless Singaporeans.

    Let us give the man a chance.

    Gilbert Goh

  3. Andrew says:

    Dear All,

    Gilbert mentioned to me that there are some unhappiness that this event is partnered with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG); due to Adam’s article as mentioned in the previous post.

    As the Point of Contact with AKLTG, I would like to clarify the following;

    It is easy to take out of context the article’s intention if we isolate individual sentences rather than read into the article’s core focus. Adam wrote the article in an effort to spur his readers to face reality and overcome challenges.

    To further emphasize the point, AKLTG Singapore has a staff count of 94 full time employees and only 2 of the them are not Singaporeans.

    The sole purpose of this event is to provide the subscribers of an opportunity to experience the life transformational programs we provide, for free. As well as to provide a platform for possible employment into our organization.

    Having said that, we believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I am not writing to convince anyone otherwise,if you wish to verify or clarify further, I will gladly get in touch with you, my email is

    We sincerely hope that many, if not all will take advantage of this opportunity so that we can continue to plan more of such events.

    Andrew Ling

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