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Sunday January 14th 2018

Jobseeker frustrated at interview with Resort World Sentosa

Hi Gilbert

This is to share my negative experience in job application through e2i for a Resort World Sentosa position.

I was called on 14 Feb this week by RWS to go for a swim test  at Queenstown swimming complex the following  morning. There was no email follow up on this swim test. When I arrived, I realize all candidates have to pay for their own entry into the pool and locker rental. After the test we were informed that we should go for an interview at Kallang CC either the next day (Friday) or Saturday.

I was told to report for interview after 9 am for my Friday slot – period.

There was also no email follow up  nor more information on the interview.

When I arrived for the interview at 8.45am on Friday, I was told that interview only starts at 10.30am. Furthermore,  it’s more than an interview – its a job fair. There were presentations by e2i and RWS staff. There were more than 100 other candidates in this job fair. As I had only taken a 1 hour time off from work, I was not able to carry on with  the interview proper.

I stayed for the first 20 minutes of the presentation. I left around midway through the presentation at around 10.40am and really could not stay for the rest of the presentation and the interview thereafter. There were around 100 applicants (the chairs were numbered 1 to 100+).
Just before I left, a  petite female assistant director of HR from RWS presented on the jobs offered. One of these job  categories was Crew for Kids Club. This director said that the crew will take care of the children dropped off at Kids Club so that their parents can go inside the casino. This is an obviously irresponsible system and statement but none of the applicants can voice their comment for obvious reasons.
Thanks for letting me share in your blog but I can’t really put myself forward to share this openly as although I will not be applying for RWS jobs anymore, I may still rely on e2i to help me look for a job.
The entire experience was time wasting and  I felt RWS did not plan the entire interview process well.

Aston Chiam


Hi Aston

I was at the RWS-e2i job fair last year. I found the presentation useful. For example the Human Resource lady told us the progression levels at RWS operations. Crew -> Lead -> Team Manager -> Area Manager -> Manager -> Senior Manager -> Assistant Director -> Director.

However my friends and I found that  their replies were  lacking. We applied and went for first interview for Marine Life Park positions. For example the RWS interviewers were able to provide us with the pay range for the various levels, when the Park will be complete so that we know when we can start work, etc.

Maybe because they are processing tons of applications that they can’t pay more attention to the applicants.

Also to share that they will ask applicants to fill up a questionaire (yes/no) to check if applicants can work shifts, work long, work in the sun, take pay cut, etc. My guess is that if you fill in a No, they RWS is unlikely to shortlist you for the next interview stage.

There seems to be a lot of jobs available but from what I gather, the top jobs were taken up by non-Singaporeans  e.g  the park operations director is a Malaysian, the dive managers and curators are from Australia.

Hope the info helps. All the best everyone!

Yeong Hwee Heng



I agree with Aston above. I applied for the Lifeguard post & went for the swim test in December 2011 at Queenstown Swimming Pool. As I was interviewed before by RWS, there’s no need for me to go for another interview. After completing the swim test, I asked when they will get back to me. I was only told that the Marine Life Park would only be starting in the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2012. Now, it is Feb 2012, so I can assume that I was unsuccessful. There was no notification of any kind. With such a big organization, I would expect them to get back to shortlisted applicants.

The presentation given by the RWS female staff is basically a well polished sales talk. The impression you get from her is that RWS is very receptive towards Singaporean applicants, especially from the way she talked about the benefits. The requirements for the jobs are also very vague. It’s only when you go for the interview that you realize it’s very tough.

RWS have been conducting a few job fairs for the same kind of posts during the last 1 year. If they are willing to provide further training for qualified locals, why are they still advertizing? Especially with so many jobless locals around.

I too, have given up on RWS, or e2i, for that matter. Why e2i? Because their objective is to get locals employed….jobs like security guards, gardeners, waiters, cleaners, etc. They only care about creating beautiful statistics for the Government. For most of us, what we really want is meaningful jobs with reasonable pay. Not jobs with salaries of around $1100. Yes, security guards can earn up to $1800 a month but their working hours is 72 hours per week. Calculate the rate per hour, it’s really pathetic. At 72 hours per week, you just have enough time for travelling & sleeping. What kind of life is that?

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