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Monday January 21st 2019

Malay considering filing legal charges against Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths


Thanks Suki for agreeing to respond to our questions on Lee Kuan Yew’s book “Hard Truths”¬†¬†which was ¬†declared as haram.

Transitioning: What actually is a haram book by Islamic definition?

Suki: Haram in Islam means forbidden, unlawful, restricted in each context to be applied and  simply illegal.

In the context of the book Hard Truths, the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have declared it Haram, which means forbidden to be read, believed, trusted, as reference, distributed and  propagate the content therein. The Singapore government had also banned and restricted the AWSJ and many other publications that are deem to be damaging, untrue and unsound for public reading.

Transitioning: Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)  is not a Muslim so is he chargeable under Islamic law?

 Suki: LKY is not chargeable under the Muslim law. If he is a Muslim, he shall be charged accordingly under the Muslim law.

Transitioning: You mention that you are going to the police to file charges against LKY, why are you doing that and when? Can you show us a copy of the police report if possible?

Suki: I have written at length to the President of the Republic of Singapore, the Prime Minister,¬† many other government institution and non government¬† organisation, including the Commissioner¬† of Police and the Attorney General Chambers to pursue the matter. I have include the legal aspect and the ISA¬† that should be applied considering¬†what LKY has said in the book. In the end, ¬†his “I STAND CORRECTED” is sufficient¬† for him to escape the law. A private legal suit may be considered. The letter can be read here.

Transitioning: Aren’t you not afraid of reprisal knowing that LKY is the strongman in Singapore?

Suki: I have no fear nor I am afraid for the cause I am about to pursue. A strongman of LKY stature should be made  for the greater good Рnot to be used selfishly  against anybody, any institution, any government and such. I am willing to uphold the integrity of my religion even if it is against the strongman.

Transitioning: Is this the first time that you have file such charges?

 Suki: It is my first time, and will surely  not be the last.

 Transitioning: What outcome do you hope to see from your action?

Suki: What I am hoping to realize is the respect for the Constitution and Law of Singapore in our multi-tacial society.  What was the outcome of the book? The birth of Jason Neo, Donaldson and many more to come. They subscribe to LKY motion and words, because LKY is a world renowned leader so whatever he said is  deemed to be  the  truth. Even before the recent saga, the book  attracted many comments agreeing to LKY’s  worldview. Mind you, the book is instigating hatred, division, ill intent and such. Who would not trust and believe LKY and his words?

Transitioning: Many analysts have commented that the haram charges coming from the federal Islamic authoirty in Malaysia are the usual cross-straits strife we have all along, do you agree?

Suki: I disagree. It was way back in January/ February 2011 that¬† the book was launched. The Malaysian authorities have known about it earlier, even Mahathir has commented quite swiftly then but there wasn’t any action by the Islamic authorities¬† until now. The matter came to light again because the book was seen in bookshelves and bookstores. Some have got hold of¬†the book ¬†and brought it up to the authorities. The Malaysian government ¬†is not bothered about the book at all, but when ¬†somebody brought it up, the Islamic authorities will have to read and scrutinize the book at length.

Transitioning: Lastly, what is your opinion on our racial harmony initiatives in Singapore, have they work so far?

Suki: Yes the racial harmony programmes have worked well so far, much more can be done though.¬†More importantly, ¬†dont’t let LKY spoils it. He is going to badly damage our racial harmony here ¬†with his brand of HARD TRUTH.

Thank you for your questions.

Editor’s Note: Mohd Nazem Suki is the ex-Sec Gen of PKMS.

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8 Responses to “Malay considering filing legal charges against Lee Kuan Yew’s Hard Truths”

  1. Lily says:

    Just pointing out, you might want to correct ‘hard truth’ to ‘hard truths’ in the letter. I wouldn’t take you seriously if you can’t even get the book title right.

  2. xyz says:

    If the courts allow the suit to proceed, be prepared to lose big bucks, or go jail & bankrupt if cannot pay.

    But most probably the courts will dismiss the case.

  3. Anon says:

    That is one heck of a headline.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a moron – he can’t even string together a proper English sentence, and he wants to be taken seriously as the Secretary-General of some political party?

    Read his Facebook posts and you will see that he makes bigoted declarations and dismisses the rights of LGBT and women as non-issues. Now this clown gets painted to be some kind of bastion for social justice? I’d believe Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe over this joker.

  5. Oh Tham Eng says:


    And he is exonerating and forgiving himself, of course.

    Read my exhanges with Mr Mohd Nazem Suki in Mr Gilbert Goh’s FB at this link:

    Especially my postings there entitled:


    Well, you can alternatively read them in my Facebook too.

    Mr Mohd Nazem Suki himself has committed blasphemy by insulting Allah as “my god”, which is the name of that divine impostor allah. Maybe, he is telling us the truth, that his god is really “god”, allah. So how can the incoherent Mr Mohd Nazem be trusted to succeed with his criminal commplaint against Lee Kuan Yew?

    But MM Lee Kuan Yew did not commit any blasphemy; just his clear and noble intention for wanting Muslims to practise ALLAH’s ISLAM and not allah’s islam. That was why LKY had helped Muslims to build many mosques when he was our PM, something he never did to help the Chrisians or the Buddhists or Hindus, etc to build their places of worship.

    Sadly, most Muslims want to practise islam that is promoted by the petro-dollars of the Wahhabic Saudis or of the Iranian Shiites (mortal enemies of the Wahhabis and Sunni Muslims). That is why they are so angry, and want to put MM Lee KY on a criminal charge, if they could, on the one hand.

    On the other, always remaining so quiet when so many innocent Muslim children, women and men are being continually mass-slaughters by allah’s sex-driven jihadists in Iraq, Afghanistans and Pakistan, etc, for allah’s false promises of the 72 heaven virgins that MM Lee has talked about on pages 237-238 of his book “Hard Truths…”

  6. Two comments in particular, “Anonymous” and “Oh Tham Eng”, what ever that both of you are preaching, so be it. I am not yet confused in anyway. I believe the readers and rationalist are able to judge. “Anonymous” can claim to be a good English teacher, while “Oh Tham Eng” a saint. To all good readers, I seek no judgement, but critics of a kind, and good proposals and ideas. If any of the two commenter has any grudge against me, come out from your cocoon or hide out. I am true to myself and up front as ever. Peace be upon you. Mohd Nazem Suki

  7. Scumbag ed says:

    I bought the MM’s book and never had the time nor the inclination to read it as it’s pretty voluminous but it’s a book collectors’ item. Now with this Suki bloke threatening legal action, I think I am unwrapping the book and will be reading it from cover to cover with relish. Surely, it must be something exciting to get this Sucki so worked up.

    It IS the hard truth indeed, when a book, just a book, can provoke such outburst from his skull.

    When he wishes peace to be upon us, I hope he meant that he wants to live in peace with everybody, including those writing something that he may not agree.

    Yeah, do what you please. We are not taking you seriously.

    Let’s move on. There’s nothing here to occupy our precious time folks. And Gilbert, thanks for making a mountain out of a molehill.

    ho ho ho.

  8. Daeng says:

    In his blog nazem suki calls PRCs pigs and ran an article on lee Kuan yew nepotism. I find him suspicious. I remembered watching him on TV and my goodness his verbal English was horrendous ! I don’t vote for PAP and I certainly would not vote for Nazem Suki and the likes of him. He is a disgrace to the Malay community and his last name suggested Javanese migrant. Bahaya !

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