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Sunday January 14th 2018

Singaporean dismissed from $10, 000 casino job due to hidden bankruptcy status

Hi Gilbert,

Just to share with you about my plight and misery as I do not have anyone to talk to.

I am 45 years old and a former Senior Manager with one of the Casino Hotel in Singapore. I was forced to resign when the company learned that I am a undischarged bankrupt as I did not declare my status when I applied for the job .

I am specialised in F&B and MICE and thought that my bankruptcy status  will not affect my work in any way.

The reason for not declaring my status  is not that I am dishonest but  because I was so desperate to return to Singapore due to my children education. The place that I worked in previously  do not have an international school.

I have worked  at an international resort in an island in Malaysia.

In June this year, I  received a call from the Human Resource department from the  casino  that I got the job after a series of interviews with the VPs. They assured me that I will get the contract soon and asked me to resign from my current job immediately so  as not to  waste any more time.

I did just that – happily  tendering my services from the resort hotel the very day I received the call.

After three days , I  received the contract with some clauses for me to send my credit rating and my police record (if any)  to the casino.

I panicked as I could not take back my resignation letter from the resort.

I scrambled  and flown  down to Putra Jaya to get a good conduct certificate and went to the Bank Negara to get my credit rating as I saw from the contract that my point of hire  is Malaysia and sent it back to them all the while  keeping my fingers crossed that this  would not jeopardise my application to the casino.

Moreover,  I have  assumed that being a Singaporean, I will be screened by them automatically during their processing  and that they would have known  about my bankcuptcy status in Singapore by the time they decided to hire me.

Fortunately,  my application went through smoothly but  on 13 September this year   I was called in by the management with regard to  my bankruptcy status as  the security department  did an investigation and  found it out.

The management subsequently forced me to resign or face termination.

I just wondered  if  there was  any sympathy from the casino as  after all I just got a pay rise due to my outstanding performance a month before I was forced to resign. I have a documentary proof that they give me a SGD1000 pay rise  from my original SGD9000 salary.

It has been nearly 2 months now since  I am jobless and I  have applied for almost 100 jobs but to no avail. I have  lowered  my expectation and not expecting to get back my previous pay (SGD 10000 per month) but I have  given  up on my searches recently.

Luckily,  my wife is working but I have loans to service and my savings are getting thinner by the days.

Just need your advice as I am getting desperate, stressful and suicidal at times. Published this email if you want but please kept my email address and name private as I do not want any of my friends,  relatives,  ex subordinates or bosses to know of my plight or complaint.  I do not want to get into trouble with my former employees.

I can attach my CV and Linked in profile if you have any job referral  for me.

In my Linkedin profile , you can see that there are a lot of positive recommendation from my subordinates as well as my superior with  regards to my proffessional and personal life.

Thanks in advance for listening……



Editor’s Note:

Do you think that Simon has a right of reprieve here?  Should the casino also carry out all their checks with the authorities before they decide to hire him? Pen your comments below if you feel that he has a case against the casino or that he is entirely at fault for not declaring his bankruptcy  status to the company.

I also just received news that Simon’s job has been replaced by a foreigner.  Can’t the integrated resort replace Simon with a local Singaporean? Is there no one local that is qualified enough to take on a $10, 000/month senior managerial position from the tourism industry?

We will be assigning Simon a volunteer career coach to assist him in his career transition.

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14 Responses to “Singaporean dismissed from $10, 000 casino job due to hidden bankruptcy status”

  1. kelly says:

    Hopefully you will get a job, and next time do not hide your bankruptcy status when the form or interviewer ask for it.

  2. walter says:

    first and final thing, you are dishonest. thats it.

  3. Michael says:

    Looking at his situation, we should understand his situation at that time, if he tell the truth, do you think that he will get the job. As he said he desperately want to come back due to his children education and as a father myself , I will do the same if I was in his situation.

  4. Lesson says:

    When you were part of the management, you, as a high income salary Singaporean interviewer, has higher priority to hire cheap foreigners and reject Singaporeans because you could not feel how Singaporeans are discriminated unreasonably when applying for jobs.

    One of this day, your superior felt that you were more expensive than cheap foreigners. You were paid $10000 per month with CPF whereas foreigner under employment pass only need to be paid $2800 without CPF. The decision by your ex-company was to ask you to resign or terminate you by using the excuse that you had not declare that you were still an undischarged bankrupt at the point of joining the company. Nevermind the validity of this excuse, the ulterior motive was to make you leave the company because you could be replaced by much cheaper foreigner.

    Now, you have to apply and compete for jobs with cheap foreigners. You have to lower your expected salary from $10000/month to $2500/month with CPF to at least match the salary of foreigners who are paid at $2800/month without CPF under employment pass.

    Isn’t this the stories of typical Singaporeans management that we have seen, heard and read and we are seeing, hearing and reading again and again?

  5. chillax says:

    I sympathise with you but all these wouldnt come to terms if you had told your casino employer about your status before you resign from your resort job. if they know about your situation and still employ you, you will have no problems.

    by the way 2 months is barely clause for getting desperate. when you say 100 jobs, you simply means you blast them a generic email fo your CV right? most qualified young men and women get their jobs in 6 months. unemployed PMET is within 12 months. the unlucky ones get it in 2 years. So please cheer up and keep trying.

  6. xiaop says:

    Of all the articles I’ve read in this website, I find this article the most absurd.

    To Simon the author:

    I feel no pity for you whatsoever. You were not victimized throughout the incident, nor were you unrightfully terminated. From yr writings I conjure you are a genuinely selfish, dishonest and a very naive person. You seem the type that would lie and hide facts just so they can get ahead in life. And you justify your actions with lousy and pathetic excuses.

    Being an undischarged bankrupt is no laughing matter. You must have a staggering amount of debts uncleared. Your employers have every right to terminate you before you become a liability to the company.

    For someone of the managerial level, you are ludricously ignorant when you dont realize that alot of companies continue to screen employees despite already offering them the job. When you are unsure of something, you just naturally assume and hope things will go your way. Plus being a senior manager of a casino, there is all the more requirement and sensitivity that the person hired must be a transparent and honest individual. The decision to hire you by the casino initially was a big mistake in the first place.

    Another thing is you earning 10k per month is a serious lot of money as compared to a lot of the locals here. Yet just 2 months after termination you are complaining you are running thin of your savings? How do you spend all that money, makes me wonder. It is of no surprise why you are a bankrupt at all.

    And i reckon you failed to learn your lesson in this instance. Because not only you failed to provide the facts to your employers, and you continue to hide the circumstances behind your bankruptcy here. Why? Did you get your job at the Malaysian resort by lying in your CV too?

    If you are that concerned about your children’s education, i worry for them too. How would they look up to a dishonest hypocrite for a father? What can be done to prevent them from following in your footsteps?

    • Christel says:

      There is also unfair discrimination against bankrupts… Hence, even if you do declare, HR (NOT HIRING MANAGERS) can also make the call to NOT let you in despite your honesty. I recommend you try to be a bankrupt and walk a mile in this guy’s shoes…

  7. Hum Yee says:

    Thank god Malaysia kick out this useless, lying Sinkie.

    No your own country doesn’t want you.


  8. KD says:

    The “not declaring you were a bankrupt” thingy aside, you should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER EVER resign from a current job until the new one is secured – like, signed and confirmed.

  9. what an idiot …! with your 10k pay why can’t you start repaying whoever you owe …! God is always very fair…, you deserved it.

  10. easyyoke says:

    In the beginning we should be honest in our declaration. We reap what we sow…

  11. colin says:

    Being honest will get you stabbed and not being honest but discovered will also get you stabbed. No matter what happens, you will still get stabbed. If you have a chance to work abroad, go stay there because overseas value human rights, overseas company take care of their staff more than local company who treat staff as disposable like paper plates and paper cups. :( good luck

  12. Linda Ng says:

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  13. Knobby says:

    I can certainly understand not declaring bankruptcy to anyone who is not a creditor or prospective creditor as typically unless asked, you are not obliged to say and it’s not something you necessarily want to volunteer. However being senior in a Casino goes in line with other work in finance or anything else relating to the handling of money/credit. I don’t believe you would not know or suspect that this needs to be disclosed in these situations. I’m not saying out right lying, but I think you knew or had suspicion it was the case but held out until it was asked of you which turned out to be the wrong move.

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