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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Female Single Graduate: “High cost of living, expensive flats and a stressful education system for kids.”

We continue our series on why Singaporeans remain single even though the government has being trying very hard to encourage the single population to get hitched and have kids.

Thanks Nancy for taking up the online interview on being single. .Describe abit about yourself e.g. your age, qualification and work experience.

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I am a graduate in my early 30s. I have been working in admin and accounting jobs.

You mention that you are currently single right now, any reasons for doing so? Is it a choice or a necessity?

I have been single all my life. I think it is fated.  A fortune teller said that I would have a late marriage, at 36-38 years old, but I don’t believe it.

How many guys  have you dated so far and are all of them local Singaporeans?

I have never dated before. I am not someone who makes the first move. I feel that the good guys are either married or have girlfriends. The not-so-good ones are usually not dependable or stable enough, financially or spiritually, to support a family.

Are you open to dating and marrying foreign guys? 

Not really unless the guy can speak Chinese very well because my parents are Chinese   educated, though my father can speak English quite well. I am also more fluent in Chinese and articulate my thoughts better in Chinese.

What do you think are the issues facing our local guys right now? Many local girls  mention that they are hard to please and demanding – do you agree?

Not enough time to rest after working for long hours, not to mention dating. I would rather rest to recuperate myself on off days than go out. With the rising costs everyone is more concerned with bread and butter issues than marriage.

I think in this modern society, most people are hard to please regardless of gender. Guys expect girls to share the financial burden, while girls expect guys to share the housework and upbringing of kids. I also notice that couples are also quarrelling more often compared to my parents’ generation. This may be due to work stress and personality differences. People are less accommodating to the other half.

Are there any difference between our local and the foreign men?

I think there are good and bad apples regardless of their place of origin. It all boils down to human nature. You are lucky if you can find the perfect one.

Besides the difficult dating scene here, what are other barriers that prevent  you from getting hitched?

The high costs of living, expensive flats and a stressful education system for kids are the major barriers.

Do you think that our housing policy is one of the main reasons deterring our young couples from settling down? What are some of the things you hope will change in our housing policy?

Yes, the prices of flats are increasing. I hope that HDB would allow singles above 35 to buy BTO flats, as the resale prices of flats are beyond our reach with a single income. Maybe HDB can restrict singles to buy only 2 or 3-room BTO flats. These singles should have an income not exceeding $3,000 per month.

If you are married in future, how many kids will you want for the family?

2 or 3 kids is ideal for the family.

Do you think it  is better off married or being single personally? Describe your reasons.

I think it is better to be single in this modern society. Singles have the freedom to do what they like without worrying about the kids.

End of interview and thanks!






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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Female Single Graduate: “High cost of living, expensive flats and a stressful education system for kids.””

  1. Sg in Aussie says:

    Sg gov sh do more to encorage all ladies to get married.
    More sigle ladies bar to get hook.

  2. kuala says:

    not to talk abt single…
    those colleguaeas and frenzs that i know
    r waiting for the BTO flats to get marry..

    due to failure housing policy in deliverling the flats.

    couples need to wait for 3 year for a flat to get married.
    and there are couples that break up even before can get their flats…

    while some citizens do wan to get married,,.
    the fail housing policy did not provide flats readily .

    although Minister Khaw had been releasing more BTO flats..
    but due to failed planning , BTO takes 3 years to build …
    meanwhile , couples had to delayed their marriage…
    and birth rate is at all time low..

    cause and effect ….

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