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Singapore PR Rejected? Appeal or not?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singapore PR Rejected? Appeal or not?

If your Singapore PR (Permanent Residency) is rejected recently, you are not alone. Singapore PR is an important to immigrate to Singapore and rejection is a heart breaking experience after long months of waiting and maybe witnessing less qualified people getting approval. But nowadays it is though to get Singapore PR. Since 2009, fewer applications forSingapore PR and Singapore Citizenship are approved.

This is because in late 2009, Singapore Government decided to tighten the criteria for PR and citizenship, to better manage the inflow of foreigners. And they immediately took action! In 2008, 79,200 Singapore PR applications were approved. PR approval numbers sharply dropped down to 59,500 in 2009. This trend continued in 2010 and The Government granted only 29,265 permanent residents, more than a 50% drop compared to 2009. It is almost certain that this trend will continue in 2011 Singapore PR applications.

The sharp drop in PRs is a result of the tightening of immigration policy in 2009 to better manage the inflow and qualityof new immigrants, said Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng on Monday.

A policy change that drew clearer distinctions between the benefits citizens and PRs enjoy also ‘underlines our principle that Singaporeans will enjoy priority over non-citizens’, he said at the Singapore Perspectives 2011 conference organised by theInstituteofPolicy Studies.

Source: The Straits Times  Jan 18, 2011

 It is also interesting to note that the number ofSingaporepermanent residents has almost doubled in the last 10 years,from 287,500 in 2000 to 541,000 in 2010:

Most of the increase is accounted for by immigrants fromMalaysiaand the Indian subcontinent, according to census data released by the Department of Statistics yesterday.

The share of Indians in the PR ethnic mix climbed from 14.9 per cent in 2000 to 20.4 per cent this year. In absolute numbers, they more than doubled, from 42,700 to 111,000.

The share of Chinese in the PR ethnic mix dropped from 76.1 per cent to 61.4 per cent, although the total number increased from 218,800 to 332,000.

For PRs of Malay ethnicity, the share dropped from 4.1 per cent to 3 per cent, although actual numbers went up from 11,800 to 16,000.

Most of the ethnic Chinese PRs inSingaporehail fromMalaysia.

Source: The Straits Times Sep 1, 2010 

This looks like sharp drop butSingaporeis still one of the least stringent country in the  world in terms of approving PR. As far as I know Australia PR or Canada PR are more difficult.

Singaporeis considered one of the best cities to live inAsiaand many aspire to make this country their home forever by applying for Singapore Permanent Residence or Singapore Citizenship. WhileSingapore’s immigration policy remains open, the government wants to make sure that it takes in good quality candidates who can be better integrated into theSingaporesociety and who can contribute economically. There is no formula that guarantees success of an application. Each application is approved on a case-by-case basis.

Source:  GuideMeSingapore 

Singapore PR approval criteria, naturally, is not open to public and subject to change depending on the foreigner policies of The Government at a given time.  But there are some known factors playing significant role in approval or rejection.

For example although it is theoretically possible to apply to PR just after receiving several pay slips, it is wise to wait at least 6 months to 1 year and it is better to pay tax. When I see someone just arriving Singapore and working several months apply to Singapore PR, I always think that “giving Singapore PR to this guy has more good to him then to Singapore”. Probably Immigration Officers feel the same when they see such an application on their desk. And do not confuse them with the typical government employees in your homeland, Singapore Government jobs are so attractive that very bright people compete for them and get them.

Refer to Guide Me Singapore PR articles for more information. They have valuable information there:

The first question that typically comes to the mind of majority of the work pass holders: when can I apply for my Singapore PR? Theoretically, you can apply forSingaporepermanent residence the day you start working in the country as an EP holder. However, one of the requirements is to provide salary slips that go back six months from yourSingaporeemployer which means should wait at least six months.

 In practical terms, how soon you can apply for PR status also depends on the type of work pass you are holding and the unofficial annual quota set by the government. If you are holding a P1 pass, your chances of approval are high if you apply after 1 year. If you are holding a P2 pass, you are likely to have a good chance if you apply after 2 years. If on the other hand, you are holding a Q or S pass, it’s recommended that you apply after 3 years to have a decent chance of approval. Also, make sure you are in good terms with your employer at the time of filing your PR application. One of the sections in the application form is to be completed by the employer. 

Source: Guide Me Singapore  Singapore Permanent Residence – PTS Scheme 

So what to do after rejection? Although there is an option of appeal after rejection, it will have very little effect on the decision if something about you did not change dramatically since your application (i.e. a significant pay increase, an upgrade in work permit, etc.)   But this does not mean you cannot try again. It is important to wait for the period stated in the rejection letter. If they say apply 2 years later, wait for 2 years. But before 2 years time if you have a significant upgrade in job, company, salary, etc. you may apply again after 1 year. If no time period is stated in the letter, you need to wait at least 6 months (from the date of the rejection letter) before trying your chance again.

Singapore PR approval also depends on timing of the application. Do not forget that this is designed to benefit Singapore and there are quotes for races, professional skills, etc.

Yes race is important. Singapore wants to keep its race balance. If Singapore approves more applications from a certain race and the proportion of this race increases for a period, ICA would probably be more selective on this race for the following period of time until desired balance is achieved again. For example Indian PR’s rate increased from 14% to 20% percent probably due to Singapore’s desire to be competitive in IT in pre 2008 boom times. It is probably now harder for an Indian to get PR compared to a Chinese or Malay if everything else is equal.

Currently we are in the following years of high PR intake period (2005 – 2008). And The Government as well as Singaporeans think that they need to slow down the intake.

PS: This post is meant for Singaporeans who are unaware of the Permanent Resident policy for foreigners – Gilbert

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42 Responses to “Singapore PR Rejected? Appeal or not?”

  1. Peter says:

    I am a American-born Chinese. My mother is a Singapore citizen, while I am a US citizen born in the USA. My ethnicity is Chinese, and I am 19 years of age. I may be planning on trying to obtain permanent residency in Singapore.

    Do you know what are the statistics of rejections and acceptances for people who apply for permanent residency as a child of a Singapore citizen? And where can I find these statistics?

    Thank you.

    • anon says:

      Do NS. Sure get PR.

      Anyway, NS nowadays damn senang. Furthermore, you as special case, they may even put you into lobo company, sit in air-con office, surf internet, go coffee breaks, and type some emails for chief clerk once a while.

      These days NS no defaulters parade, no running around parade square with 20kg rucksacks filled with wet sand and rifle overhead, no change parade with 1 min to change from underwear on 1st floor to full combat kit on 4th floor and back again, no being kicked out of bunk at 3am and going for 5km run in helmet & SBO in the cool breeze under the moonlight.

      • Peter says:

        Thanks for the reply anon,

        I also forgot to mention, that I have no university degree AND no income.

        Will these factors affect my chances?

    • Jeffrey says:

      REJECTION of your PR application is highly sure to happen. Do not get your hopes too high on acquiring PR status. Getting PR status here is no easy task.

      You cannot get PR by doing NS, you must first be granted PR status, then be required to serve NS.

      You state that you have no income and no educational qualifications. The authorities do not want to accept just anyone just because they are related to a Singaporean. The authorities only want people that are capable in helping Singapore’s economy to be part of Singapore.

      Just a reminder, anyone that has been convicted of ANY crime in Singapore or another nation will never be able to obtain PR or citizenship status in Singapore. Singapore wants to keep its crime rate extremely low, so it is normal for Singapore not to accept any people with a criminal past.

      There are foreigners that grew up in Singapore since infancy, and both parents are Singapore-born citizens, but these foreigners have PR and citizenship applications rejected, even though they are children of Singaporeans. This is more evidence that the authorities do not care about how related you are to a Singaporean. They want those who can help Singapore’s economy prosper.

      You can still apply for PR and see what happens, but like I said before, don’t count on it. Also, you have to be under 21, which means that when you are 20, it is the last time you will be able to apply under your parent(s) sponsorship. Once you reach 21, you will no longer be able to apply under you parent(s) sponsorship.

      • Jeffrey says:

        For the third sentence on my third paragraph, I meant to say “The authorities only want people that are capable in helping Singapore’s economy PROSPER.”

  2. Stephy says:

    Malaysian can get NS in singapore to get PR?

  3. Shawana Kwaterski says:

    Great post, I believe people should learn a lot from this blog its very user genial. So much superb info on here .

  4. Nyla says:

    I am a Singapore citizen, married to North African. My husband is well qualified and speaks fluent English. Despite job offers, he’s getting rejected from MOM for EP and S-pass. Just received the results of PR through ienquiry, another rejection. What can you suggest?

  5. Kris says:

    Hi, I am a Singapore PR. And I was done my na 2years ago. Before I ord, I was applied for my citizenship thru ACS, and submitted my documents on 2010 January, but until now, I havent receive any letter of rejection or approval! What can u suggest for me!! Tnx!!!

  6. This article is originally published in Asia Singapore blog. Please refer to the source if you copy and paste whole article.

  7. Wow, incredible weblog layout! How lengthy have you been running a blog for? you made blogging look easy. The full glance of your web site is excellent, let alone the content material!

  8. Shehzad says:

    Hi, I applied for SPR 3.5 years back and still have not get it approved. I have a handsome salary as I am a Senior IT Analyst in a multinational investment bank. I am living in total from about 4.5 years in Singapore now with my wife and daughter. ICA is keep rejecting my application. What else ICA in your view requires from me now ? We are very serious and keen to make Singapore as our 2nd home and desire to become Singapore Citizen as well but still getting rejections? Any ideas ? Reply

    • Sven says:

      It’s mainly about the race. My colleague exact same qualifications (or less) and job. European country born and citizen but Chinese race got approved. Me also European born and citizen but Caucasian race got rejected even though staying longer in Singapore.

  9. Sunil says:

    Hi, I would like apply for PR. Do anyone can help me forwarding the pr application form?
    Because my application got rejected 2 times before.

  10. sal says:

    Is there any migration agent in Spore, where they can apply Spore PR on your behalf with a minimum charges…Good luck

  11. Pradeep says:


    Am an indian. I formed a pte. ltd., company in Singapore in 2011 i.e., Me and my wife were the directors and a local PR. Later after 6 months i applied for Employment Pass, twice got rejected asking for clarification and later got approved.

    As my primary business happening in India, i taught of developing the business in India and i can extend to near by countries too. So, i decided to have Singapore as my business hub. As per my plan i will be start operating in singapore from Apr 2013 onwards. For the past 2 years am away from singapore and visited only 4 times. But i have filed my first year business taxes properly.

    My EP got expired on April 2012. While renewing singapore government questioned the reason for applying EP as am totally away from singapore. I taught any way i will be back to singapore on 2013, i didnt justify anything.

    Now i have filed my second year tax also properly. From April 2013, i will be staying in singapore atleast 15 days every month. But after August 2013, i will be operating my business from singapore only.

    Kindly suggest me:
    1) Shall i reappear for EP. (or)
    2) Shall i try for PR i.e., anyway for atleast 10 years i will be operating in singapore and sometime i may convert as citizen(based on the procedures if possible) because from singapore only i can operate my business in india, middle east, singapore and malaysia.

    Please advise me how to go about. I need your professional advise.


  12. Roshan says:


    We (myself & my wife) are Indian IT Professional working in SG from past 4 years.

    Our PR application got rejected last week. (we applied 2 times prior)

    I wish to appeal against it..could you please guide me on that.



  13. Muruganandham says:


    I am Indian Civil Engineering Professional working in SG from past 5 years.

    My PR application got rejected today. (I applied 2 time)

    I wish to appeal against it..could you please guide me on that.



  14. I applied PR on jan 9th 2013 and got rejected recently. im going to re appeal my application. can any one give me suggestions pl.

  15. johnny says:

    To those trying to apply pr wait long long. Okay.

  16. AzoLH says:

    I am a student, studied here for 12 years liao.
    S’pore didnt give me pr.
    Any ideas where i can get a pr?

  17. satish says:

    Singapore no longer gives Permanent residence as freely as they use to since the last election. In fact there are many changes in the selection of the permanent residence thru the PTS scheme application.

    The number of people given permanent resident status declined to 27,521 in 2011 from 29,265 in 2010. the 2012 and 2013 figures are down further.

    So what are they really looking for?
    there is no one answer.

    Holistically, I can assume this:

    If there was a point system under the PTS scheme, i can only assume they would have graded based on this

    1) age – the younger you are the better the chances
    2) Race – To ensure there is a balance in the selection and not have too much of a particular race or religion dominating Singapore eventually.
    3) Children – do you have kids under 18 – That is an obvious advantage
    4) Salary- Singapore is not desperate for HWNI. In fact it even scrap the 10 Million PR investment scheme in 2012 as there was over whelming applicant. A descent salary will be a plus point as they want you to survive in Singapore with a descent leaving. So if you earn above 12 K for the moment, plus point
    5)Are you based in Singapore – Last thing they want is foreigners hogging in Singapore but most of the time leaving in another foreign land. I know of some renewal cases which has been question or not granted renewals as they are no longer paying taxes or economically viable.
    6) Are you married- I have never been able to zoom on this but can only assume that it is a plus point as you will be more committed to Singapore

    So if you look at the overall approval, They are very practical. They want PR who are willing to commit to the long term growth not only financially, it must also be socially, culture and easily integrated into Singapore society

  18. Jessie says:

    I’m a student which studied for 6 years in Singapore already and always have quite good results. But it is very hard to apply for PR. I tried searching the web,mostly are about works. I did asked my principal for help,but she did not know what to do either,plus next year it will be a different principal already. I really wish to be able to be a PR as there are many advantages.Hopefully someone does see this message and try and help me. Thanks.

  19. rakesh says:

    hi,My dad is Singapore PR got expired recently in Singapore.
    basically we are from India, as my education may get disturbed in middle i had not applied for PR when my dad got it.As of now i am a degree holder is there any change that i can get the Singapore PR.

    • One of the Serangoon Road (“Little India”) Rioters was a Permanent Resident (PR) says:


      You have to do conscription and subject yourself to lifelong reservist liability FIRST.

      ‘One of the Serangoon Road (“Little India”) Rioters was a Permanent Resident (PR)’

  20. DC says:

    Hi All,

    I’m Indian and have been living in Singapore for the last 4 years. I work for an American MNC with a decent salary (read: above SGD10K/mo).

    My wife is of French Nationality and we got married almost 2 years back (We don’t have kids, yet) in Singapore (ROM, with a SG marriage certificate). Even she works for an American MNC and has been living in SG for the last 3 years. Her income is above SGD10K/mo as well.

    We have even purchased a property (condominium unit) 1 year back, after paying the hefty 15% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (read: over $200K in just Stamp Duty). FYI – this is not an investment property and we currently live in it.

    Today, we received the rejection letter for our PR application (2nd time). I was the primary applicant.

    Both of us have been filing our taxes on time, plan to live in Singapore permanently (otherwise we would have not bought a place here!), and do not have any criminal records anywhere in the entire globe.

    I fail to understand how this is not showing commitment to Singapore and where we are going wrong.

    Do you think it’s worth appealing and if yes, what is the official process to do it (any website I can visit)?

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks much

  21. Friendly Singaporean says:

    Yes, you may appeal as many times as you wish. But the state of the situation is that Singapore is never meant to allow foreigners to make Singapore a home, without producing any kids for Singapore. We have a low birth rate. Maybe you can appeal again after producing a Singaporean child, and he has stayed here for 21 years, marry here and produces another Singapore child. Also, please contribute to Singapore charities and do more community work. It may make your chance higher. But it is my personal opinion, not of the govt.

  22. Handsomeboy says:

    The best time to apply SPR is 2005-2008. Unfortunately, the best time is over and given the current Sg government policy, the best time may never return anymore. From 79,000 approvals in 2008 to only 25,000 approvals in 2012, it is very clear that getting a SPR is extremely difficult now and will only get more and more difficult as years progress. Hence, i suggest to just stick to your E-Pass which is also pretty good. What i foresee is getting work passes nowadays are also very difficult. Hence, if you are already an expat working in Sg, u should be really grateful. I personally love how the Sg government is controlling the PRs inflow because I feel really almighty and superior when Singapore grants me PR in 2013 – this only goes to show how top-grade and top-quality the immigrants are in Sg -a congregation of top-notch people in this little dot. As a SPR now, I am grateful and proud to be here.

  23. Dear Sir/madam..

    I am subramaniyan sakthivel an indian guy. I have been working in Singapore more than seven yours.I need to apply to Singapore ICA for permanent residence.I m under S pass. salary 2400S$. I had applied my own shelf but not approve!.
    So,can you help for me…


  24. Alice says:

    What mean by NS?

  25. chicai says:


    I am a Filipina EP holder working in Singapore as purchasing manager salary SGD$4800.00/ married to Indian guy who is SPASS operation manager salary SGD$4000.00/ both working in Singapore for almost 8 years. we have 1 child who is currently in Singapore.

    We just got our rejection letter yesterday. after 3 months and 10 days it is really heart-breaking as we are both looking forward for the future of our child her in Singapore.

    Sadly in the rejection letter no stated that we can apply again only we can continue to reside with our current passes.

    we are serving the community since 2007 RED CROSS / VOLUNTEERS etc as we both love doing and helping others.
    no criminal record.

    Please advise can we appeal? when ?

  26. Nancy Wang says:

    Can i know the reason my two child PR still pending one year?
    We hope that the PR applications for all my 2 children will be approved this year so that they can immediately start their education with Singapore primary and pre-schools.

  27. James says:


    I am a single Australian Nationality Chinese race (Hong Kong born) who has been studying in Singapore for 10 years (from secondary school all the way until my studies in NTU) and just recently started working my first job in Singapore with a salary of $2400 (Started in August). Both of my parents are currently holding PR statuses as well but no longer reside in Singapore.

    I was wondering what are my chances of success if i were to apply PR 6 months from now? if it’s likely i won’t be successful, please advise me how to boost my case in order

  28. bellypro says:

    I believe this statement is very true.

    “Singapore PR approval also depends on timing of the application. Do not forget that this is designed to benefit Singapore and there are quotes for races, professional skills, etc.”

    People moving in to Singapore needs patient and right proof that they are an asset to the country, otherwise PR application will be rejected.

  29. Anjan says:

    hi i was an Singaporean PR older till 2009 but went back to india
    to live with my grandmother for she was sick my parents are still Singaporean PR holders but I am 20years old going to 21 comin june 2016.I want to come back to Singapore as my grandmother died so will I get a pr if i apply for it .

  30. sha says:

    My husband is holding Singapore PR since 2007. we got married in 2009. and we applied PR for than 6 times. we recently appeal for PR. that also got rejected. What to do now? next year my daughter need to go to P1. now a days they are not providing school for non-PR. we got appointment on next june. should we wait till next june. or can shift a date before that.

  31. Parthi says:

    I am working as an engineer in Singapore since 2011, Currently I am Holding EP P1 Category, my basic Salary is $10500 per Month. Last Year I Contribute Income Tax more then $8000. I am also contributing SINDA, NTUC Trust every month.
    I applied PR last May 2015 together with my family members. Myself (BE Mechanical Engineer) + Wife ( IT Profession not working now) + my 2 sons (3 years old & 1 year Old).

    yesterday 14.12.2015 I checked online about my PR status – stated REJECTED.This is the Third Time my PR application was rejected.

    I was very Disappointed. we would like to Settled with my family in Singapore, but my PR application was rejected. Kindly advice what to do next.

    Kindly reply,

  32. Ashwani kumar says:

    HI I am ashwani I apply my PR first time reject
    Then how long time gape then apply back

  33. xyz says:

    You jokers want fast approval?!?! Then apply to become s’pore citizens and give up your old citizenship. Your children must also apply for s’pore citizenship. Guarantee ICA will approve very fast. Especially if you got sons also applying to become s’pore citizens and throwing away your old citizenship. Don’t like this rule?!? Then fuck off. Sinkies also subject to similar difficulties and laws i.e. we cannot hold dual or triple citizenship, and very very difficult for us to get PR for countries that we want to go to e.g. Oz, US, UK.

  34. Ananthu says:


    Can you clarify my doubts on should I apply for a PR or wait for a year.

    Husband – Indian
    PR Status – PR Since 2008
    Degree – Engineering
    Job – Works for an MNC in Singapore
    Salary – 5k

    Wife – Indian
    Degree – Double Masters from a University in India
    Experience – 4.5 years of Experience in Advertising (India)
    Visa Status – LTVP till August 10th, 2018
    Married – June 30th, 2017

    Entered Singapore on July 9th on a 2months visit visa and got her LTVP approved on August 10th, 2017.
    She started applying for jobs in advertising and is unable to get through reason being her visit visa and much-preferred PR job criteria

    Pretty sure she will get a better pay as she is qualified and has work experience.

    Planning to apply for PR after January 2018. Is it a good idea?
    Need advice/suggestions regarding PR application.

  35. Unknown says:

    Hi There,

    My employer applied PR on behalf of me but it got rejected, now they have lodged appeal to the MOM.
    what if its again gets rejected, can they apply for S Pass or business Visa?


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