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Wednesday January 31st 2018

Jobless PMET with master degree: “E2i is a useless organisation!”

Hi Gilbert, your article touches on a lot of sore points with Singaporeans like me Рwho are jobless. 
E2i is a useless organisation.  They claim to train people for alternative jobs but qualified people like me stay on their register  for months and do not even get an interview because we are over qualified and may be over the hill as well.  Are we?
I have been doing so many odd jobs here and there and  I came across employers who cheated the system by employing foreigners under the pretext of EP and SP and pay them less than the minimum stipulated by MOM.  They pay these people the exact sums but collect back the difference that they had agreed upon.  This can be verified by the consistent amounts withdrawn month after month from the bank accounts!
All this is because of the Work Permit, SP and EP quotas.¬† Singaporeans are so good at twisting these quotas!¬† At the same time, for $400, MCYS¬†requires nursing and old folks’ homes to advertise and show proof of advertisement prior to applying for a foreign nursing maid from Myanmar or Philippines.¬† What an irony?¬† They are so dumb or this is intentional?
I am sick and tired and I do not know what else I can do.¬† I have a Masters degree from UK.¬† I attach my CV for your perusal.¬† I have a reputation of enhancing any organisation I go into (except my own)!¬†Please let me know if you can help me…
Joe (not his real name)
PS: We have assigned the reader  with a volunteer career coach and keep the chin up Joe! We are here for you.
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13 Responses to “Jobless PMET with master degree: “E2i is a useless organisation!””

  1. pro my foot says:


    me thought only the Sin President is useless
    and forgot that there are other useless organizations
    such as E2i, Consumer Association, PTC and others.
    What the heck, useless people and useless organizations
    with big pays and grand titles!

  2. philip says:

    Who says e2i is good?
    In fact e2i provides the worst services in Singapore.
    The bad attitudes of the consultants are terribles.

  3. Jean says:

    I feel that e2i has good intentions of helping job seekers. However, there is a limit to what it can do. I have attended a seminar by e2i recently and the few cases of success stories somehow inspired us. But we do not know the success rate of e2i as there is really no concrete way to measure it. Getting a job requires many factors such as personality, skills & experience. I feel that e2i would be useful for blue-collared workers to upgrade their skills, but they could not really help PMETs who already have the basic skills or experience to get a better job. Ultimately, PMETs have to help themselves. Thus, many PMETs end up as taxi drivers and service staff. Those who are capable may become entrepreneurs, but most of the unemployed do not have the capital or gut to start a business.

  4. dolphin81 says:

    E2i has good intentions but good intentions alone do not solve problems.

    GCT also had good intentions. He thought everyone would benefit from his atrocious FT policy.

    The problem is that regardless of what E2i does, the employment issue will only get bigger so long PAP refuses to do slow down the immigration influx.

  5. Singaporean says:

    Please do not waste your time with such organisations. They are only interested to bump up statistics to justify their own existence. In the past, I too believed in them but until I joined one and saw the inner workings. The modus operandi is almost always the same. Most of the junior staff are paid a pittance and the few at the top are paid obscenely. The top used alot of false promises and sweet words to get the juniors to work almost for free. Once they wise up, they leave but there is a never ending supply of new recruits. All efforts go into sending you for paid courses or courses subsidised by the government. They tell the governement that Singaporeans are fussy and they tell the workers they need to upgrade.
    Common sense will tell you that for a Masters degree graduate that when even a PHD is out of job what hope is there for an O level graduate to upgrade to in order to find a job? If the O or A level or even diploma holder can upgrade to a degree or a Masters then why don’t they find a job for the Masters degree holder yet?

  6. jj says:

    In 1999/2000, the gov set up SDC to conduct 6 months only technical training awarded with NTC3 cert. Jobs introduced to the trainees were just some lowly pay blue collar jobs which you can easily find it yourself in the newspapers.

    NSRS was created around 2002/2003 targeting at those lowly pay blue collar job sectors, such as security & cleaning.

    WDA was formed in 2003. E2i & WSQ were created around 2005/2006.

    Caliberlink was set up in 2011/2012 to help jobless PME find jobs whereby e2i can focus on helping jobless non-PME find jobs.

    Gov officials said that the gov was surprised that huge amount of PMET were laid off during 2008 economy recession. OMG, what have they being doing for all these years? They have lost touch of what is happeniing in the labour market. Don’t they know that many PMET were being laid off since 1997 Asia economy crisis till today?

    Ya, maybe they don’t know.

  7. Chen Tan says:

    Most often than not EDUCATION does not provide a leeway for employment. There are people who are less educated and yet much older than anyone of us who are permanently employed by the companies. In fact, the government is encouraging most companies to employ much older worker not in terms of how well they are educated after the age 65 to continue working. Hence, for all those people who are PMET, it is the interpersonal and professionalism skills that is the utmost importance to secure a job and not tons and tons of money spent in education to get a degree to be employed.

  8. Sg_Study says:

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  9. sal says:

    Maybe this E2i is for people who doesn’t have a skills qualification…sometimes its good to have 2 CVs, one for junior n another for senior position. Because the stronger survive in Uniquely Spore.

  10. mchb says:

    I contacted e2i last week asking about an IT job fair held for PMETs because I couldn’t registered on their website as it said the registration is closed due to overwhelming response. The person handling my call was rude (probably thought that I’m a useless jobless chap) and not helpful at all. And guess what? She hanged up my call before I could even finish my sentence!

  11. siann says:

    e2i even advised a PME to go and be security guard. I have attended so many e2i fairs and so on, still cant get a job..

  12. hho says:

    >”E2i is a useless organisation”
    I have only been to the e2i once.
    base on the only one experience I have, I agree with the quoted sentence above

  13. Parmjit says:

    I went to their centre on thurs, 25.1.2018, I was met by an extremely rude staff who spoke loudly and did not smile once. I was referred to coach, who informed me my chances of finding a job after working overseas, was slimmer than others, because Singapore employers do not think too ‘highly’ of them. Don’t know where she got her statistics from. I must say she was friendlier than the reception Anyhow, she signed me on a course on basic resume writing. Quite presumptuous, considering she not seen my resume (she declined my offer to email it to her). After reading the reviews above, I realised that this organisation has not improved since the first review in 2011. Perhaps I should email them and remove my registration with them.

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