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Thursday January 18th 2018

Report on Third Entrepreneurial Event At Chatters Cafe

The third entpreneurial event took off slightly late at 3.15pm yesterday as a small crowd of 20 participants braved the afternoon heat to be at Chatters cafe.

Chatters cafe – a avart-gande social enterprise – runs by the affable Helen Lim, has being Transitioning.Org’s meeting point for many events since it was set up a few years back.

Many people in transition have also frequented the place either to get some peace from the maddening crowd or sought solace from our volunteer career coach Helen.

Helen  has volunteered with us for the past three years and has provided career coaching service for close to one hundred of our brow- beatened PMETs here. Most of her services are provided free of charge and we are thankful for her volunteerism.

Mr Fred Toke, a motivational speaker and trainer, took to the stage first as he¬†zapped ¬†through power point slides swiftly.¬† In his speech entitled: “Mind of a entrepreneuer”, he took us to motivational stuff which few of us won’t be impressed.

Fred has a PhD in psychology and the substance shows in his speech.

Having sat under Fred a few years back during his psychology classes,  I a;lways enjoyed his lessons as he regularly mixed them with video input and real-life stories. The fact that he always laced his lectures with jokes also helped alot.

I am sure that many of us learned alot from him – especially the right/left brain theory and how we can bounce back when we are really down.

Marcus Woo – someone in transition just a few years back and living in a HDB 3-room flat then – took to the stage next as he shared with us his experience in transition.

During his first foray into the battery re generating business, he lost $30, 000 and decided to cut loss and wrapped up the business later.

Though feeling down but not out, his entrepreneurial zeal managed to push him to make a second attempt at starting a IT support industry. He managed to win some sweet deals and has recently swap his HDB 3-room flat for a good-sized condo.

“Never give up on your dream,” he challenged the small crowd.

“Seek the support of your wife and together you can make it by working hard as a unit.”

Our last speaker, Mr Patrick Loke,  was a surprised package as I never expected him to be such a motivational speaker. I have always known him to be a successful business man only.

Patrick runs a chain of enrichment centres and a international school with regional branches.

He is mild-mannered but managed to pack a punch during his 25-minute speech.

Patrick also encouraged us to dream as without dreams, we all live our lives monotonously.

Using his real-life experiences, he encourages entrepreneurs to watch over our cash flow,  take calculated risk and do what we are experienced with rather than venture into the unknown.

Patrick ended up his speech with some job vacancies at his international school and participants gladly took up the job sheets on-site.

During the Q n A session, both Marcus and Patrick took questions from the group and we ended at around 5.15pm. Fred has to leave earlier due to a prior engagement. will be looking at participants’ proposals and forward them to the three experienced entrepreneurs for their input. They will act as business mentors for selected budding entrepreneurs.

Some of us continued our tirade at the nearby Raffles Hospital cafeteria whereby the conversation was more casual and non-business.

As the participants took time ¬†to deliberate on the intense ¬†sharing, it is hope that some will make an effort to turn their dreams into reality – after all we only live once and let us not, when we grow old, ¬†regret the things that we want to do but didn’t dare to.

Written by: Gilbert Goh

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  1. Andrew Soh says:

    Hi Gilbert, thanks for sharing about the event. Got to know it too late if not would have dropped by. Hope to join u guys at the next one. Cheers!

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