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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Mr Tan Kin Lian – Presidential candidate – will be speaking at Singaporeans First Event

Latest update: Mr Tan Kin Lian – Presidential candidate – will be speaking at the event.

Transitioning.Org¬†is planning ¬†a second event at Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park on 25th June (Sat) at 5pm. We solicit your support to make this non-partisan event a success so that it will send out the right signal to our government.

Every one who turns out on that day will count and¬† I always believe ¬†in the power of ONE – i.e. what you can do singly is powerful and together we will be able to influence the decision makers slowly but surely. I am ready however to speak even if there is only one person¬†who turns up on that day…

I want you to come not for yourself but for the someone who loses his job just because she is pregnant, for the¬† someone who earns only $600 a month pushing¬†a ¬†cart round the food court collecting plates, for someone who loses his family when he is jobless because there is a lack of social safety net here in our country.¬† This event is not really all about you…

The event will be¬† set in a picnic-styled environment so do bring along a mat and sandwiches. If you can bring extra food, do share it with your fellow Singaporeans next to you. We want you all to come and relax while our speakers fire away…

We will be focusing our event on the pro-foreign hiring policy including  labour discrimination against our pregnant women folks and matured workers, the hugely unpopular EP work permit policy   and the low base starting salary of our new entry workers here.

During our think tank session last Saturday on 18 June, many of the participants felt that the ease in which employers get to employ younger and cheaper foreign workers  inadvertently help to lower starting salaries of our local workers here. On top of that, they also  provide stiff competition for our local workers  who needs a certain minimal amount of salary to get by.

We are also protesting against the recently-hiked CPF minimum sum scheme to $131, 000 Рa hugely unpopular move which was carried out quietly without much consultation with the citizens here. As the minimum sum has jacked up regularly over the years,  most Singaporeans will have nothing much to withdraw when they reach age 55 years old.

Moreover, Singaporeans felt that they are matured and capable enough to manage their own money even though there will always be the few that will squander away their hard-earned CPF monies.  We should not be punished for the foolish few that do not know how to manage their own CPF money.

The majority of Singaporeans are sensible and capable  enough and we are keen to withdraw  all our   CPF money when we  retire rather than having it packed away compulsorily with  the CPF board Рwhich will then dish out a piteous sum every month to us when we retire.

If you agreed with our message here, do turn out in BLACK this Saturday so that we are seen as united in the same vision.

We also ask any employers out there who want to specifically employ Singaporeans only to contact me at so that we can help you to link up with any jobless Singaporeans on that day.  Your support for the event is most welcomed and I am sure that Singaporeans will honour you.

We also need some more volunteers for the event and if you can do so, email me at so that we can inform you of your involvement.

Singaporeans, this is your event and help make it a resounding success!

Singapore for Singaporeans!

Gilbert Goh


Employ Singaporeans First!

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  1. Richard Tan says:

    I’ll be there at Hong Lim Park this Saturday

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