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Friday January 19th 2018

Top 10 reasons why Singapore is the BEST place to work in for foreign workers

If you are a foreigner and you are finding hard to survive in your own country, then Singapore is the right place for you to earn a quick buck and perhaps to become rich in your lifetime.

Unlike other developed nations who discriminate against foreign workers, the ruling party of Singapore is extremely pro-foreigner and amendable to your interests.

In Singapore , you will enjoy essentially the same rights and benefits as the Singapore citizens without their accompanying responsibilities such as serving two years of mandatory National Service in the army.

You will be welcomed as a “talent” with the red carpet rolled out for you whether you are really talented or not.

Here are 10 top reasons why Singapore is the best place to work in for foreigners:

10. Getting  a  social  visit  pass  or  work  permit  is  relatively  EASY:

You can go to Singapore under a tourist vist ( Social Visit Pass ) and you will be allowed to stay in the country for up to 30 days. This can even be extended for another 30 days so that’s almost 2 months in total. Use that time to find work and chances are, you will find one.

Many women from China came to Singapore to work as freelance prostitutes and they can earn a year of their salaries back home within a month.

If you have the right connections, getting a work permit to work in Singapore is very easy as it is in desperate need of cheap foreign workers. As long you are willing to work long hours for a pittance without asking for too much, you are sure to get a job in Singapore which pays more than what you are getting in your country.

9. Safe  place  protected  by  citizens  serving  NATIONAL  SERVICE:

Singapore is one of the safest place in Asia . All Singapore male citizens have to serve two years in the army followed by another 10 years of reservist. They will be mobilized during times of unrest to protect your lives and properties. In the event that war breaks out which is highly unlikely, you can always return back to your own country with your money and let the Singaporeans do the fighting and dying for you.

Singapore ’s ruling party has no qualms sacrificing its citizens to protect the interests of foreigners. Every year, there are unknown numbers of Singapore citizens who are killed, crippled or injured during National Service, yet there is no outcry among Singaporeans.

8. Easy  to  ADAPT  to  local  culture  and  language:

Singapore is a multi-cultural immigrant society. Regardless of where you are from, you will bound to find your fellow countrymen in Singapore . If you are mainland Chinese, you will realize that certain parts of Singapore resemble some small towns in China like Geylang and Chinatown . One can find Chinese from all the 23 provinces of China congregated along the narrow alleys of Geylang between Lorongs 4 and 22.

If you are from India , you won’t feel lost in Serangoon because so many of your kind is there! You can find Indian cuisine from all across India in Singapore itself! For Filipinos, Thais, Burmese and Vietnamese, you have enclaves of your own such as Lucky Plaza, Golden Mile Complex and Peninsula Plaza where you can hang out with your friends during the weekends.

7. No  need  to  INTEGRATE  into   Singapore  society:

Unlike other countries where you belong to the minority and may be pressurized to conform to the resident population, there is absolutely no need to do so in Singapore where 36 per cent of its population are foreigners. Of the remaining 64 per cents so-called “citizens”, a rising proportion are new citizens born overseas like you.

There are large number of mainland Chinese in Singapore and it is likely that you will be able to find your own clique there without bothering too much about the locals. The Indians have their own gang too and they are now branching out into HDB estates like Punggol, Sembawang and Seng Kang.

In Singapore , foreigners are the kings and you call the shots. The timid locals will not dare to step on your toes so long you assert your rights and they will give in to you like sheep, as they were called lately by a Senior Minister.

6. PREFERENTIAL  treatment  for  foreigners:

Racism is rife in some countries like Australia which saw a spate of protests against Indians lately, but not in Singapore where the ruling party is extremely protective of foreigners to the extent of dishing out preferential treatment to them. Singaporeans will never dare to attack foreigners openly or protest against their presence because they will be arrested immediately by the police under the new Public Order Act.

However, foreigners are free to campaign for their rights and interests without much interference from the authorities.

When over 200 PRC workers protested outside the Manpower Ministry last year over unpaid wages, they were allowed to block the traffic to its entrance for hours. The employer was eventually forced to repay the workers.

In a recent case, a PRC couple together with 3 others “hijacked” a SBS bus for six hours and was given a free cab ride home in the end. The police was called to “escort” them from the bus down to the cab.

5. Get  PERMANENT  RESIDENT  status  easily:

Getting a PR means you get almost the same benefits as Singapore citizen without necessarily giving up your native citizenship which enables you can reap the full benefits offered by both and enjoy the best of the two worlds.

If you are a Singapore PR, you are allowed to stay in the country over a long period of time, you can sponsor your family to come over and stay legally, you can set-up a business here, and many other benefits.

You do not have to be a professional or world class talent to qualify for PR. Singapore’s ruling party is so desperate to boost its flagging population via immigration that they will accept any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Even cleaners, masseurs, construction workers and prostitutes are able to become PRs and citizens. Two out of every three applications for PRs are successful and you do not have to wait very long for it.

On average, if you are a professional like doctors or nurses, you will get your PR within half a year of application. A China national and Singapore PR Zhang Yuanyuan who worked as a teacher in a private school received her PR in just 2 months.

4. Take up  Singapore  CITIZENSHIP as  a  springboard  to  greener  pastures   elsewhere:

One good thing about the Singapore passport is that it enables you to travel around the world without a visa to most countries. If you have made up your mind to leave your country for good and wishes to emigrate to other countries like Australia , Canada or Britain , the easiest way to do it is to take up Singapore citizenship first and use it as a springboard.

A Filipino nurse worked in Singapore for a 5 years after which she obtained its citizenship. Within a year, she applied to work in Britain and was accepted immediately. She is now a British citizen and has brought her entire family from the Philipines to Leicester where she now works in a local hospital.

Since Singapore has already offered you a stepping stone to a better future elsewhere, it will be a waste not to make full use of it.

3. There  are  MANY  jobs  available:

There are plenty of jobs available in Singapore and foreigners are usually preferred to locals as they cost less and do not have reservist obligations.

It is easier to get a job in Singapore than in your own country. That is why your leaders are all turning to Singapore to solve the rising unemployment back home. Philipines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sent a delegation to Singapore last year to explore possible job opportunities for migrant Filipino and they were offered a cool 5,000 jobs by the Resort World Sentosa.

As long you are willing to try your luck, you are assured of getting a job in Singapore .

2. The  pay  can  make  you  RICH:

Though you will earn less compared to Singapore workers, you will still earn far more than what you will back in your own countries due to the strong Singapore dollar.
As of now SGD$1 = RM$2.4 = RMB$4.9 = PHP32.

Even if you earn only SGD$500 a month, you will be able to set up a business in your homeland, buy a property and send your children to school if you use your earnings wisely.

1. Easy  chance  to  become  a  MILLIONAIRE  in  Singapore :

It’s easier to become a millionaire in Singapore than in your own country. Just get a PR, buy a HDB flat and wait for a few years for its price to go up before selling it off at a hefty profit.

Though this may seem shocking to you, it is true that the ruling party allows PRs to buy HDB flats meant for citizens in the open market liberally and to pocket the profits upon selling them later absolutely TAX-FREE!

With the prices of HDB flats set to continue rising due to limited supply of new flats and increased demand contributed by the relentless influx of foreigners, you will surely stand to make a profit when you invest in one now.

In other countries, you will have to either rent a place to live in or buy an expensive flat from the private sector, but in Singapore you get to buy public housing at affordable prices and somemore can make money out of it. Where else can you get such a good deal in the world?

Two case studies in point:

1. A Malaysian and Singapore PR bought a 5-room HDB flat in the prime district of Bishan for $150,000 in the early 1990s. He sold it recently for $600,000 thereby making a profit of $450,000 which amounts to more than RM$1.1 million dollars! He became a millionaire in Malaysia after working for 2 decades in Singapore . Do you think he can earn that much money in his lifetime had he remained in Malaysia ? The best part of it is, after his children completed their secondary and college education in Singapore , he packed them off to Australia with his earnings to further their studies so that they can evade National Service. They are now Australian PRs and he is going to retire in Australia together with them.

2. A Chinese national and Singapore PR bought a 4 room HDB flat in Bukit Merah for $250,000 in the early 2000s and sold it for $460,000 at the peak of the market last year, pocketing $210,000 in an instance which is more than RMB$1 million dollars when converted to Chinese currency. She has since returned to her hometown in China where she built a luxurious 3 storey mansion for herself and family. She can live on her earnings made in Singapore for the rest of her life without lifting a finger to work.

So if you want to become a millionaire in your lifetime, come to Singapore now and you will not be disappointed by its extremely pro-foreigner government !

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Reader Feedback

77 Responses to “Top 10 reasons why Singapore is the BEST place to work in for foreign workers”

  1. Kev. J. says:

    The fact that it was featured on a blog for expatriates is kind of disturbing, because it assumes that foreigners do believe that they will have it really very easy in terms of life in Singapore. By comparison, it implies that Singaporeans slog way way harder than them and this falls short of the way life goes in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, where you have to assimilate and also learn to accept the cultural norms and customs as given. Obviously, the romantic cliches the article paints for foreigners and expatriates of Singapore do not represent all of it, but just how Singapore might benefit THEM from a vantage point. I had an American friend who told me how he witnessed a home improvement episode on TV about Singapore’s Orchard Drive and assumed that Singaporeans live in houses like those in Orchard Drive, when it was none of the truth at all.

  2. Kev. J. says:

    In other words, that American friend really thought that Singapore was a land overflowing with milk and honey just based on one television program which showed a very luxurious or even prestigious area of downtown living that few Singaporeans could even afford to live in or buy. Part of it has to do with partial media (whatever the source), alongside their absolute unawareness of the real ground situation prior to seeing it for themselves. After explaining the real facts to him, he still could not believe that a majority of Singaporeans could not afford to pay for or buy housing like downtown Orchard housing.

  3. lim says:

    Our leaders should never have confused manpower policy with immigration policy. It is good enough for them to open the flood gates to those foreigners for ‘economic reason’, so often propagandize but there is no need to issue them PR status.

    After issuing PR status, the leaders again are confused and assume that it is related to housing policy. It does not mean that because you are PR, you are entitled to buy public housing when really Im not sure what those PR contribute to Singapore. It so common for them to ‘settle’ here when the kids are young as one gets cheap education and a safe enviornment but upon their graduation, they migrate to other countries like Aus, UK or back to their home country.

    Back to my point, PR should earn their right to buy public housing, by staying a minimum number of years to at least prove they are here for the ‘longer’ run.

    I also really wonder how the HR department assess the CVs of foregin applications for white-collar jobs. When I applied for white-collar jobs overseas in my area of expertise, the headhunters tell me that my chances are slim simply due to the fact that I do not have local experience in their country.

    However, it seems so easy for foreign nationals to apply for jobs here. Look at the number of indians and filipinos in white-collar jobs. Are you sure there aren’t qualified Singaporeans to get on the role?

    Such brilliant polices have resulted in a life of hardship for locals. Well done. our leaders. Congratulations to all locals!

  4. Kev says:

    @ lim Actually when applying to jobs overseas, you have to remember that they actually often do require “local experience” especially in the case of western countries. Many times, unless you were a former graduate from one of their universities and stayed on to look for a job, or have returned to find a job, it is somewhat harder if you do not ever find yourself having lived there with networks of people or with any familiarity with the culture. It differs from place to place and you have to be aware of the differences too. That said, it is not that bad if you are willing to settle for a job even if it is menial in the meantime, to help you pay off some of the settling costs, and then, to work towards getting a longer period of “local experience” under your belt on your CV. Don’t be afraid to ask and to network when there too.

    I am somewhat concerned about the long term sustained effects this immigration policy will have on our country. Opening up the gates to further increase the population to 6.5million when we are already overstrained to begin with is like saying that eventually some will have to be ousted out or gotten rid of as casualties or unnecessary people. This is a byproduct of the laws of selection.

  5. Arlington says:

    I do believe all of the concepts you have offered to your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for novices. May you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  6. Drake says:

    this is totally true… but the thing is its not people are timid, but because its hard to find support. for people who have seem through this system it is hard to find others with the same sentiments, for the government have placed this shroud over us, and the constant emphasis on meritocracy (for those who dont know what this means, its the system where one is rewarded based on their abilities) whenever the government is in crisis makes everyone believe that they too can be successful, rich, and happy as long as the work hard enough. parents are taught that, and in turn their children are too. my 7-year-old nephew told me that he wants to be a doctor when he grows older, not because he wants to help people, but because it can earn him a lot of money and that would make him happy. with these false ideas implanted into us at such a young age, the future looks bleak for the future generations.

  7. Jess says:

    Hope you get f*** all signatures, there are more important issues in life than your Singaporean pride… You should probably try to live elsewhere and be in their shoes for once… Then you will know how it feel, lucky that you are in Spore, otherwise you will probaby being head hunted…. If its so bad, leave Spore…

    • Fxxk says:

      What makes you think the writer has never lived
      Somewhere else before?
      You must think Sg never are able to leave Sg?
      Only foreigners are capable! Hahahaha
      Why dont you fxxk off from Singapore if you
      Think there are no truths in the statement regardless
      Of the “sarcasm” or it fucking bother you
      Asking a Sg to leave Singapore?
      Who the fxxk do you think you are?

      Signed off
      Sg has lived in few western countries and Philippines

  8. harley davidson stickers says:

    Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

  9. Choki says:

    I could agree some points but not all.

    1. “In Singapore, foreigners are the kings and you call the shots”. => This is not realy true. Foreigner who live in Singapore must pay more i.e. tax, education and health care. Yet, foreigners always put on the last priority.
    2. “Get PR status easily”. => The preasure from Singaporean has caused the goverment to tighten the policy for foreigner. If your income is not so high, if your company is not “big” enough, if your qualification is not recognised by SG government, if you are coming for certain countries (government will never tell) – then the chance for you to get PR will not be easy or even 0.
    “Two out of every three applications for PRs are successful” => But the fact is: 15 out of 18 of my friends (hold Q/S/EP for >2 yrs) are rejected to get PR last year.
    3. “The pay can make you RICH” => Yes, If only you got a god position (which usually eligible for SG/PR only) and got very high salary. If your income is just within lower medium level, the high cost of living in Singapore will suck all of your income.

    If you have already in Singapore but cannot get what you expected, don’t be discourage. We need to face the real world. The “promotion” period has over!

    • Sj says:

      Excellent Mate..
      What you said is 110% true..
      Now a days getting PR in Singapore is something like seeing the eclipse…very tough..i mean..Unless and until you are lucky around cant even think abt getting PR in your dream even.

      The Singaporeans already were in anger on the govermnet for letting many foreigners in Singapore and allowing to become PR easily.
      They also blame the cost of LIVING is increased in singapore is mainly due to foreigners entry.

      While coming to office today morning in a taxi…..”the taxi driver said the goverment were not doing anything for them…all they take care of is only us (foreigners)…he blamed the govt for almost few mins and i all i was listening..:)….at the end..he said…after some years he will go to thailand and get settled when he attain older age …… as he dont want to get settled here and there is no use of it….:)…..(this is the real mind set of the many singaproeans now)

      –So all i can say is…”Come to Singapore..Earn and save Money nas much you can and leave the country and get settled in your home country” …dont waste time here by dreaming of becoming PR…….>>>>>>>>…(that fruit is very difficult to get that now a days)..:)

      • Nic says:

        wow I totally agree with the taxi driver!;)

      • Nic says:

        its not that I don’t welcome foreigners
        I welcome those who r Singaporeans at heart or would give back to SG (eg by donating or whatever)

        I wont welcome those who come here and steal our jobs so many of us jobless, and then say say ‘oh my heart is with (his/her country)’ and went back there

        can if u look closer to the picture, u can see poverty

  10. Julia Cetotie says:

    This writer is full of shit. Any and every country has its rules and pride of course. Singapore doesn’t give PR to any TOM , Dick Or Harry.
    PR by itself meaning a long term (permanently)resident. Instead of working in WORK VISA, if you are contributing to the nation, then the GOVT will grant you PR.
    YOU CAN’T make MILLIONS in Singapore so easily. Do you really think earning millions is easy? Get life.
    There is stamp duty, legal fees, agent fees…..Do you know what the stamp duty fees no a days?
    All I am saying is Singapore, to this matter any country in the world, is not so easy and smooth.Getting PR is difficult, Saving money is hard
    But still Singapore is one of the best places to work and live.!!

    • FullOfShit says:

      Let me tell you what of FULL OF SHIT, FT is
      Full of shiT !
      There is probably only 10 % of genuine FT amongst
      All the FT . So you think all EP are FT
      In UK, unless you earn £150,000 per year and
      Above, you will not be subject to immigration control
      Similar benchmark for most countries.
      So what the hell is Spass, I see catering , retail ,
      Mcdonalds , Burger King . Etc and all the full
      Of shit jobs, Etc,
      Acccountant from philippines??? , hahaha
      Maybe should employ lawyers from myanmar ,
      China, philippines etc too
      Will contribute corruption to the elite which is
      Better than this COWARDLY agenda of getting
      Votes from new citizens
      Sure you are contributing to Singapore, like the
      Europeans who invaded America and took over
      The american indians or the british who took over
      Australian from the aborigines
      Singaporen ancestors before independence 1963/65
      are original . British did not kill the original malays
      , stamford raffles bought singapore from the sultan
      Of jOhorE
      In the Singapore context, the fucking govt has
      Enough PR to convert them to new citizens to
      Vote for them in the meantime,
      We will survive with the FOREIGN MNC here,
      No fucking point to employ 80% foreigners
      Destroying our original culture , is our singlish
      As it is your tagalish

      Signed off
      Sg has Lived in philippines, USA, UK, Aust

    • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") TALKS UP Singapore but TELLS OFF A MALE SINGAPOREAN CITIZEN says:

      More information:

      eugene nirvan anthony (“nirvan44″ on “The Economist”)
      Applecross, Perth Western Australia (WA) 6153

      Australian Passport #: N2157646

      Noteworthy quote from eugene nirvan anthony:

      “And thanks to those years of working in Singapore and their marvellous savings scheme (CPF), I now live in one of the top suburbs here in Perth with that money I brought over”.

      By the way, “CPF” stands for “Central Provident Fund” (中央公積金制度 / 中央公积金制度) or rather, “Cash-Prior-to-Funeral”.

      It is sure interesting on the train of thoughts that drives one to comment.

      Indeed, it is sure interesting on the train of thoughts that drives one to comment.

  11. Lorenzo Amado says:

    I learned a lot from this post. Thanks a lot! God speed. :)

  12. dZus says:

    I’m amaze no one points out that this piece is completely tongue-in-cheek

  13. peter lim says:

    agree it’s tonque in cheek comments. however, whilst I agree Singapore needs foreigners the criterias n selection process have to be more define.

  14. Chloe says:

    I am so amused at how Kev J even seems to think that this article paints a rosy picture of Singapore when it’s completely tongue-in-cheek :D

    • So tongue in cheek means is not true and is full
      Of bull?
      Maybe you should apply to work or get PR im
      USA, UK or even HK or elsewhere,
      Would. Be easier

      Signed off
      Prsesently in Europe
      Has lived in a few western countries

  15. Samuel says:

    Julia Cetotie, Singapore is only a good place to live and work if you are a foreigner. No need to serve National Service or annual reservist training. Foreigners are well protected at work, while the majority of lay-offs happen to true blue Singaporeans. Parkway is one company which loves hiring foreigners, but when retrenchment comes, they sack mainly Singaporeans because we earn more. Discrimination against locals is plain for all to see. Our govt looks the other way because cheap labour fuels the economy.

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  17. LameArticle says:

    This article is clearly done with the malicious intent to bash on Singapore’s politics and foreigners rather than actually trying to give feasible insight. How pathetic one must be to resort to dedicate his time for such insignificant, pitiful hate mongering content, which would never affect anything in any grand scheme of things. Conscious readers can only sit there, laugh a little, and leave with what that just goes to show the breed of individuals who advocates such opinions.

  18. NewPR says:

    As a new PR, who has lived here for 4 years, worked for local companies, got married here, tried my best to integrate, steered clear of typical expat hangouts and activities (a lot of which really frustrate and disgust me) I find this post a disappointing and sad reflection of some, but thankfully not all, aspects of Singaporean society.

    There are a number of reasons why Singapore needs those dreaded FT’s and I think for Singapore to continue to be a successful and world leading business hub there will always be foreign talent moving from overseas to Singapore.

    If you think the FTs, PRs, EPs and New citizens here have it so easy, please have a look at the UK social security system.. where illegal immigrants arrive and are given house, money, cars and can refuse to work. There are some familys in the UK that are 3rd generation unemployed. 3 generations of people that take money from the government. No wonder Europe is in such a state.

    You only get the people with skills that are needed here and that ultimately will only enrich the local population and raise the bar for things like education and working practices. I am personally a great advocate that foreign companies should invest more in local talent with professional academies, apprenticships and internation standard vocational training. I currently work for an Australian company and our last 7 hires were all Singaporean citizens. All of whom are performing excellently.

    However, Singapore is as successful as it is because the Government created a safe, stable and attractive environment for international businesses to move here to open. It is also fortunate that Singapore has matured at the perfect time to capitalise on the shift of power towards asia that we are seeing in the global economy.

    I’d like to pose the blogger a question: Without that influx of foreign business, money, talent and investment over the last 20 years – where do you think Singapore would be right now?

    • 馬馳 / 马驰 WAS a CHINESE CHARLATAN C☭MMIE (COMMIE) in a Ferrari who BUTCHERED a Singaporean Taxi Cabbie says:


      By the way, I am pleased to inform you that there seems to be some (recent and subtle) information on BRITISH CITIZEN robert james springall and what he did at Suntec City with some FOREIGN COLLEAGUES and a TAXICAB.

      Ironic on HIS [ youtube . com / watch?v=nMxTcRs3KDU ]COMPATRIOT david sandison mentioned about HEAVEN without a taxicab.

      In the meantime, as far as CULTURAL differences are concerned, if so inclined, you may like to perform an internet search with these terms:

      ” budget cleaner chandra mogan hijacked restaurant smashed ”

      C☭MMIE 袁振華(袁振华) would ENJOY it.

      Singapore is INDEED where EAST MEETS WEST in more ways than one.

      P.S. may I query where you are FROM as well as which country/countries/territory/territories you are a CITIZEN/CITIZENS of?

      From personal experience, I noticed they may NOT be the same — for example, a hongkie/hongkey may possess up to THREE (3) passportS.

      I need NOT have to state (no pun intended) that passports are only awarded to CITIZENS.

  19. jj@39 says:

    “Without that influx of foreign business, money, talent and investment over the last 20 years – where do you think Singapore would be right now?”

    My wild guess is S’pore will be the Bhutan in SEA. Not so material rich but living happily.

    • Josh says:

      Not necessarily true… There will always be unhappy people, and unhappy people talk… ALOT…

      Especially with the internet, it is really easy for a single person to create the illusion of mass dissatisfaction, and cause worry and discord among citizens. The story of the boy who cried wolf, sadly does not apply 100% to the internet.

      • jj@39 says:

        So what is your answer for “Without that influx of foreign business, money, talent and investment over the last 20 years – where do you think Singapore would be right now?”

  20. sal says:

    Uniquely Spore, tourist can bring their resume n apply work at agency while holiday in Spore.

  21. jj@39 says:

    Well, as PAP promoted SG as the best place for foreigners to live, study, work & reside. So many foreigners want to come here.

    PAP like to mix S’poreans & PRs into one group as if PRs are locals too! E2i, wda, cdc, cdac also must take care of the PRs too. You can even find foreigners from regional countries at those job fairs or events organised by e2i, wda, cdc. Some of them are WP,SP holders or on visiting visa. They don’t give a damn whether these jobfairs & events are for locals or not. They will just come & give their CVs to the companies.

  22. Can you tell me the way to find a good job in Singapore.

  23. sal says:

    The FT that come to Spore are mostly on survival mode ….for them there’s no “pai say”, important anyhow they must get a job first mentality.

  24. PG says:

    The government will regret its immigration policies in the future , they are incapable of learning from the errors in other countries , and Singapore will have the same problems ( the UK and France are classic examples) . This is not purely an immigration problem , its an integration problem , and the ICA or government are not capable or willing to deal with this side of the problem . The other problem is allowing people to reside here based just on the quantity of money brought in or invested .
    I can think of many cities I would prefer to live in over Singapore , and in countries where there are real job and career prospects .
    Many SE Asian countries are based on political hype

  25. foreigner says:

    Singapore is more and more fachist.
    You believe all your problems in life are due to foreigners, just like 3rd Reich population of Germany thought that the Jews were responsible for all their misery, and became nazis.

    What’s the next step, opening a death camp for all foreigners?

    I’m really sorry that my son is born in such a narrow-minded nation that believe they have so much to offer while the only thing they offer to foreigners is jealousy and envy.

    It’s impossible to integrate here, that’s why foreigners stay in their enclave, after trying so hard to meet locals, to make local friends..

    Don’t worry SIngaporeans, your city-state is a becoming hell of crazy consumerism and greediness. In the end only you will want to live here.

    You should hurry to get use to life without foreigners, because sooner or later you’ll have to clean your toilet yourself, cook, and clean your ederlies’bottom as well when all your helpers will have been sent home.

  26. VT says:

    I totally agree with this article.

    I was retrenched in April in the electronics industry & until now not able to get a job. As a singaporean, i feel totally short changed & feel like taking this sh**tty govt down anytime.

    Not only have they shortchanged singaporeans males by needing to serve NS for 2 years & NS obligations every yr, not only have they caused the HDB to be unaffordable to ordinary folks, not only have they caused the transport system to jam up, but now they have caused job misery for locals.

    Every aspects they have failed utterly miserably in their deliverance to the citizens. If you compare with even HK, they have benefits for the unemployed. Even their medical is cheaper than SG.


  27. PG says:

    I think a lot of future foreign workers in SIngapore are going to be in for a real shock , when they get there and start working .

  28. Dico says:

    One of my new colleague has a dependent pass. He can easily get a job and is not under the quota.

    There are hundreds of thousand of dependent pass holder who does not face any issue with quota.

    PAP release dependent passes like toilet paper to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

    The dependent pass is a loophole of the quota system intentionally employed by PAP as a backdoor strategy.

  29. Guest says:

    Wow, look at the losers here. This article is full of NONSENSE!..You Singaporeans get all the benefits and advantages and yet still complain that foreigners are treated better!! What losers! For instance, the employers prefer foreigners over locals bullshit..Oh yeah?? the last I checked, I saw many job postings requesting for Singaporeans ONLY…Wake up, stop complaining, look at yourselves, improve and try to compete in the real world!!!

    • Bill says:

      Losers, huh? Yeah. We’re a bunch of losers trying to turn a losing situation to a winning situation. So what benefits do Singaporeans get? Unemployment benefits? Military service ( or as our govt calls it – national service) for 2 years? Our country has the 2nd longest military service in the world – second only to Israel. And while you can go back to your country and interview for a job strictly for your own citizens, there are plenty of paleface corporations over here giving jobs to retards from their own country who have lost their jobs back home.
      Maybe you may consider giving up your job to a Singaporean and going back home to look for one while we losers figure out how we may use what we learned in national service to protect our country from the invasion of foreigners.

  30. Shawn says:

    I am 42 year old and want to settle in Singapore. What is the basic cost of living monthly for a family of three. My baby is 4 years old and want to know also the best school in low fee structure.

    • Ng HB says:

      This is a well-respected site to help jobless Singapore citizens.

      Foreigners who want to post hostile comments here, you may like to refrain from doing so. You are welcome to read and be aware.

      Give the local a chance to share and map out the next steps. This is an internal affair which foreigners (PRs & pass holders) working here should keep respect our sovereignty.

  31. FLY says:

    singapore is a safe place?? pls consider and reconsider again. open newspaper everyday you will find thousands of unsolved murders cases happen just outside your doorstep. next door neighneour can turn into killer withoutany sign at all. at least thousands of loanshark harrassment cases umsolved. they will lock , burn your houses as and when they pleases. nobody to stop them at all. look at our geylang areas. thousands of illegal immegran , overstayers , and unknow people all harbouring in that areas. at least 30 to 50 persons pack themself into one small unit without any checking and monitorong. 体会inkagain。

  32. FLY says:

    1in3 singaporeans has suffer from terminal cancer diseade suddenly and mysteriously. safe?? thousands ofsubgaporeans had been cheated by scam ovet unknow phone calls . hundred of tbousands dollars has been cheated. safe?, police has no ideaswhete these phones calls are from or who call the victims at all. hightech securitycountry? safe ??? think again. LOANSHARK PROBLEMS are more tjan enough to for our people to handle not to mention the theforeignet riot recently. more tocome.

  33. FLY says:

    LOAN SHARK in singapore is mire powerful than our minister and police. why? just look at how the loan shark put a bag of shit outside the minisyet office after he declare war against loanshak. you can imagine tjey dont evrn give adamn on minister. what ate the residenr singaporeans to them? we are safe???? eat shit.

  34. FLY says:

    kidnap rich people happen again. in daytime and with so many people around. loanshark strike and burn houses again in jan 2014. never ending story.hai. not enough police on foot patrolling lah like lasttime. all inside airconoffice. too many foreigner hang ard estate without checho

  35. FLY says:

    in han alibe at least 160 oersons arrested involved un losnsgark activitues alredy. another 100 more last yr oct. the polic should arrest those ah lon callinh fr oversea to control th runners here. if not the root of the ah loan problems will never b over. they shoyld double the jail term to 20 years and twenty cane. see who dare cross the line.

  36. FLY says:

    s many LOANSHARK HEAD giving instruc tion fr oversea to local runners . as long as they are free and uncaught our local problem will nevwr end. so are we really save???

  37. singaporeforFT says:

    wish to get out of Singapore, welcome to foreignpore

  38. Shini says:

    Most are completely false. It’s never easy to work here. If you are not caucasian, most likely you’ll get the worst treatment/ discrimintaion in your life. But I guess here you become tough and you get to learn when to shrug off their racism and continue living for a better future.

  39. Shini says:

    i find this a VERY XENOPHOBIC post by the way. You guys don’t know how foreigners feel too. Most foreigners go here to find a living to help their loved ones, do sacrifices and hope for a better future. If you felt your life here is dwindling down, why not explore other opportunities abroad yourself? Everyone deserves to have a better life. IT’S UP TO YOU TO SEARCH FOR IT UNTIL YOU ACHIEVE IT.

  40. FLY says:

    So many family s commit succide together again. why??? because this is a nice place to have family. thats why. all fees are so affordable. water and electrocity bill keeps going up not yearly but monthly. hospital fee sky rocket hih if you have to go for opeartion. the jobs pay are so lowand keep going lower as more foreigners coming in to replace singapireans. where else can we go but jump into the unknwn. i think they must feel that nomatter where is better than here. thats why all jump together with their family.

  41. FLY says:

    just saw on cjannelnews asia a few days ago. our pm argueing with wp low. both were trying to prove themselves a winner in the words . i have been a wp supporter pass two elections but i support pm this time against wp low. WHY? pm is right on the throat of wp when he pointed out that wp members are so low profile all pass years after election and suddenly turn into tiger lion when near next election. in short they do not play their role as opp party for the supporter in paour daily lives. HE IS SO RIGHT THIS TIME.

  42. FLY says:

    police announced in may alone .they arrested at least 100 more LOANSHARK harraser and runners but never have they caught one money finnacer nehimd all yhese runners. WHY??? are these money financers abov the law???

  43. FLY says:

    Such a small country has harbour so many tjousands of loanshark runners. it is so contraditory to the SAFE image which singapore trying her best to show to the world.

  44. Dylan Hughes says:

    This is a sarcastic article, but has truth and point about it. Getting a PR status is not that easy now a days, and you must be competitive to go and find a work there. Singapore is rich, economically stable and has a strong government. If you’re form the west and would like to earn more than what you are getting from you own country then Singapore is the place to work and live.

  45. Me says:

    I’m a professional Malaysian and work for multinational company. Recently, I went to a clinic in downtown and when the receptionist realized that I’m a Malaysian, she treated me like a construction worker in Malaysia. She even asked me do you have a work permit? Hello? Are you from immigration dept? Yes, I agree if you’re not caucasian or westerners, some of the narrow minded Singaporean whom their salary not even 1/3 of your monthly salary, will try to make you unhappy working in Singapore.

  46. I tend not to drop a leave a response, but after browsing through
    a few of the responses on this page Top 10 reasons why Singapore is
    the BEST place to work in for foreign workers | Support Site for The Unemployed & Underemployed.
    I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind.
    Could it be simply me or do a few of these comments come across as
    if they are left by brain dead individuals?
    :-P And, if you are posting at other social sites, I would like to keep up with you.
    Would you list of all of your social networking pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  47. mh says:

    why oil price has come down more than 50% yet our singapore busfare mrt fare continue to up. why the price of all basic food all up by at least 30% amd still going up. ANY gov body controlling any thing.

  48. mh says:

    i just saw news that if simgaporean cant pay the monthly insurance money whicj they are forcef to buy where they need it or not. THEY WIll BE JAILed. Goodluck singaporeans. only solution to this 2016 Election CHANGE them all.bring other party in.

  49. mh says:

    SAFE here. you must be joking. hundred and thousands of decent peoples being cheated and conned of their lifetime saving by buy gold invest company and so many other con scjeme and cpy. evem when you buy car and payed the var company can dissappear overnight. all these just happened in jan 2015. MORE to cm. SAFE ? be careful.

  50. mh says:

    WAKE up singaporeams it s time to change.OPEN your eyes see clearly what iis happening here. the people at the helm are clearly not doimg tjeir job well. remove them while you still can. before its too late. before they cause more harm and damage to our home and our life. before they jail anyone who cant afford to pay them. nefore theu increase all the basic living cost to even higher .before they bring in more foreigners to take away.your wellpay jobs and your children future. WAKE up please.

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