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Thursday January 18th 2018

Online Interview with a Tampines GRC Gen Y Married Voter

Thanks for allowing us to interview you Charlie  and please tell us abit about yourself.

Hi Gilbert, I’m a Singaporean Citizen living in Tampines. Married with no kids. 32 this year and planning to have a kid sometime within the next year. Currently working in the advertising/media industry.

How many times have you voted before and what will you be specifically looking for during this coming election?

Once in 2006 for under Joo Chiat SMC. I’m certainly looking forward to a more concerted effort by the various opposition parties in contesting for more seats in the parliament.

Do you think that the opposition finally has a chance to win a GRC during this election and why so or why not?

Its difficult to say, as many Singaporeans have this mentality of seemingly supporting opposition, just not in their ward. But I’m sure it will be a tighter contest in the GRCs. Ground sentiments and the recent forums hosted by ChannelNewsAsia sure points to growing unhappiness and more are standing up to speak out.

What are the pertinent issues that affect you locally during these past  few years?

I was lucky to get a flat in 2006, just before the HDB prices spiked upwards. But seeing the prices now, I’m really concerned about the rising costs of living in Singapore. Still hard to believe a Toyota Altis now costs upwards of $100,000 including COE.

Do you think that Singapore will be better off with a few more opposition parties in Parliament?

Definitely a better check against policies being passed in Parliament.

You have told me that you are unsure yet about which party to vote for in Tampines GRC – what will be the one crucial thing that will affect your decision during polling day?

Broad party policies and the feasibility of carrying them out.

Do you think that the current crop of opposition party candidates are credible and qualified enough to win the votes of the general population?

Some more than others. But that’s always going to be the case. Nevertheless, its good to see people stepping up.

What do you think that the opposition parties can do more to campaign effectively during this election?

There’s a lot of talk that this will be a watershed election, and that young adults 25 – 34 will form the majority of swing votes. So in that respect, it would be good to engage them where they thrive -  which is more online.

Why do you think that all along the opposition parties have fare poorly in the past few  general elections?

Irrational fear of voting for the opposition.

Finally, will you vote for the NSP team contesting in Tampines GRC given the limited knowledge you have of the team?

I’ve spoken with you, and would like to be able to have a casual chat with other members contesting the GRC to have a better gauge.

End of interview.

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