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Monday January 15th 2018

Message from HK-born naturalised citizen to local Singaporeans: “Don’t hate us!”

This comment appeared under the post “Reader’s rebuttal to article posted: Singapore for Singaporeans!”

Singaporean by Heart says:

My dearest Fellow Singaporean “My Singapore”,

While I understand the fury most Singaporeans have at the crazy amount of foreigners coming into Singapore now, and stressing the systems out, I’m afraid some of your accusations and insults are rather uncalled for. As a HK-born, naturalised citizen, you would probably insult me too, but I beg for a chance to speak for myself, my family, and the people who have come like me.

Singapore was built by migrants. Your forefathers came seeking the same opportunities the current “Foreign workers” are seeking. They don’t get to freeload either – just because they’re foreigners doesn’t meant they don’t have to pay tax, or GST, or rent, or food. They too play an important part in keeping our economy running. Sure, they’re not always very “well-behaved”, but if you really look carefully, sometimes those people raising their voices on the buses aren’t foreigners, they’re Singaporeans. Just listen to the accent, it’s uniquely Singaporean.

I was once a foreigner, but now love Singapore with most of my heart (I can understand why you might not love the land your forefathers came from, they’ve either changed, or you have no idea what they are). Just because a part of me still belongs to my homeland doesn’t mean that I do not wholeheartedly want to help Singapore succeed. In fact, in secondary school, out of all of my pure-bred Singaporean classmates, I scored highest for our National Education Quiz, because I love Singapore and its history, and I care enough to remember it.

Just because we were born elsewhere doesn’t mean our hearts won’t take root here. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life anywhere else, and there’s nothing like the sense of pride I get when I see Singapore’s name in an international publication or in a big movie.

Voting will be my honour. But my focus will not just be on bringing in the PAP government. My focus would be to bring in a government that works for the interests of the people, made up of good, honourable, honest people. The PAP is NOT the government, they’re just a party working for seats in that government. I will vote for them if they have the interests of this wonderful country and its people at heart, but I will not if that’s not what they’re after.

No point getting angry at foreign talent, their  idea is not to drive you out but to coexist with you peacefully. So coexist. It’ll take us back to the days when our forefathers worked together and coexisted (before those racial riots that is.:D).

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5 Responses to “Message from HK-born naturalised citizen to local Singaporeans: “Don’t hate us!””

  1. Roy says:

    Dear Singaporean by Heart

    If you are a male, have you served NS? Anyone can declare undying love for the country. Love is a two way street and unless you are ready to give back to the country, what you say is just words.

    Any tourist in Singapore spends money and contribute in some way to the well-being of Singapore. Should they be entitled to the same welfare as the citizens.

    Let us be clear. You are not in the wrong. The government is. They did wrong by treating foreigners better than the locals. So long as you do not start having an entitlement or messiah complex and start thinking you deserve any privilege that Singaporean enjoy, you will be well received. If you want to have the goodies, go serve your NS. Then you will be entitled to all that the citizen’s deserve.

    • KZQ says:

      It seems that certain local organizations are hiring many PMET PR. Local Singaporeans consist of less than 10% of the PMET headcounts in some of the departments as there is no quota restriction on the PRs who are still foreign citizens. For policies, employment statistics or discussions relating to foreigners, I believe that PRs should be considered under the foreigner categories as long as they have not converted to become Singaporean citizens.
      I believe Gilbert will do a good job highlighting the employment concerns of local Singaporeans (Including PMET Singaporeans in their 40s and 50s).

  2. radlife66 says:

    Then i say, Welcome Home.

    It’s true, i believe the “original batch” of Hong Kongers who came just before 1997…wow! It has been 14+ years. In the course of my work i came across your kinsmen…like us, some of you were retrenched, some set up chicken rice stall in hawker centres and one even drive taxi! i feel an affinity with these.

    During my NS, we had a “boy”, a Hong Konger, we NCO’s especially look after him becos we were concern that he may not “feel” our culture and language. He was eager to do his part. He came back to the unit as a fellow specialist! i cherish such memories.

    But newer migrants, don’t take our Singaporeans’ sentiments for granted!

  3. GTH says:

    “no wind no up wave” … if this is still true in today’s context … then please please help Singaporean whom most can’t be naturalized citizen of any other country, to brave these unexpected and uncalled for “tsunami”, and if you could ask not what these hapless Singaporean can do for you but what you can do for them, you will gain great respect and instant acceptance like the Made-in-HK eager beaver Combat Specialist !

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Well, excuse me. Singapore was built by migrants and moulded into a country with its own identity. Don’t compare the now with our forefathers’ time – even our grandmas and grandpas identify themselves as SINGAPOREANS, not PRCs or Indian Nationals, etc,. You chose to work and live here, of course you pay the taxes here, why did you think you need to even mention that? It is your duty, not something you went BEYOND the duty of a citizen. How about not buying our public flats? How about getting your husband (or yourself if you are a male) to go for NS reservist duties?

    Having said that, the idea that Singaporeans dislike all foreigners is a fallacy. What I, as in individual, dislike is having to be served by a PRC who refuses to speak english. And this IS how the MAJORITY of them behave.

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