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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Ex-NUS Graduate: “I’m a failed product of our meritocratic educational system”

Dear Mr Goh,

Please publish my story under the name “Chua S” if you find it appropriate  for your site.

I am a 35-year-old male home-grown Singapore Chinese citizen. I graduated in 2000 from NUS Business School and harboured high hope of a good life afterwards.

However, when I started work in an operations position, my pay was only SGD 2100 – way  below the general market rate of SGD 2500  for fresh grads.

At that time,  job competition and wage depression were  prevalent and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity as it was better that I have a job than nothing at all.

My situation may sound unbelievable to you but it is true – since then, I have been stucked in a prolonged underemployment and unemployment cycle of which I can see no light for the past ten years!

As of Jan 2011, I have been out of proper employment for 8 months after completing a contract operations job. Contractual work arrangement means that I will be working for a while and stay unemployed for another  long period  before I managed to secure another contractual  work arrangement again.

Its not ideal for work security  and there is no way  that I can even think of starting a family with such unstable job arrangement prevalent in our current work environment.

Relentless marketing of so-called foreign talent by the PAP has reinforced the view that foreigners are   better  even though they may  not be and their services are not actually   cheap either.

I have heard of foreigners earning $5000 when I could barely earn above $2000 and I hailed from the prestigious world-classed  National University of Singapore! Something must be wrong somewhere…

Local home-grown HR managers have told me that foreigners were being hired simply because these people were foreigners. Everyone liked the idea of a diverse workplace until they were badly affected by their adverse work ethics and knowledge.

When I was hired for contract positions, the supervisors were always anxious I would disappear suddenly and they had to find replacement. People of  my profile are  expected to cut and run after 3 months.

This was despite the fact that I have always completed my contract term. They just couldn’t commit to a more permanent work arrangement with me.

From my observation,  organizations generally preferred females (including foreign females) for the positions I applied for. These positions include administration, accounting, banking, finance, operations (office-based), human resources, retail services and sales support.

Organizations only employed males for engineering, sales and  technical positions. I did not have the relevant engineering and technical background.

I have also noticed  that more  sales positions are now occupied by females leaving me wondering what kind of jobs are available for guys!

The only sales area where males still maintain  the majority count was those of a self-employed nature.

I have also stopped applying to insurance companies because they were only interested in me becoming an insurance agent.

Some people have suggested that I go into teaching or tuition. The idea of exhorting young students to study hard for a brighter future is totally repulsive as I am the  clear example of a big failure from our renowned meritocratic educational system. We are encouraged to study hard, get good grades and graduate but in the end, we all struggled to get stable decent  jobs and this unpleasant   situation is not only unique to me… many of my peers are caught in the same tragic cycle too.

What good is it if you have all the A’s in your report card but you  could not find ready employment long after you have graduated?

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education is likely to reject me just like any other civil service or related positions  that I have previously applied for.

As I felt that  my NUS educational background has been either irrelevant or a liability, I have been careful in taking up any  upgrading courses. In 2003, I was even rejected for a position as I was still taking a part-time course!

Other people in my situation would have long  emigrated or become self-employed. I need not describe my frustrations further as this has been repeated by many people here.

I hope you are able to assist me. Please keep up the good work on your website. Thanks.


Chua S

NB: We have assigned a career coach to assist the writer – Gilbert.

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114 Responses to “Ex-NUS Graduate: “I’m a failed product of our meritocratic educational system””

  1. jj says:

    The wage of a fresh polytechnic IT diploma holder working for NCS on a one year contract basis in 2011/2012 is $1850. S’pore economy has showed signs of recovery in late 2004 early 2005. The salary of a IT staff shouldn’t be so low to S$1,200 per month. How come your first job was only S$1,200 per month? What position & in which industry? MNC or SME?

    15 year ago should be 1997, with earning S$2k should be able to support a wife & child cos shares & property price plunge. Inflation is low. It is not too surprising that someone from the banking & financial sector was able to own a few properties cos banking & financial sector pays well. That is why banking & financial courses & jobs are hot. The starting pay of a fresh NUS/NTU bachelor in engineering working for the bank doing market research is $4000.

    High ROI, that is also the reason why many youngsters opt for jobs in the entertainment industry. After becoming popular models, movie stars, singers, magicians or hosts, they can live in the high live.

    In S’pore, it is always good to have a degree, especially degrees from NUS/NTU even if you are not cream of the crop. Having a degree at most times really gives you better start in your career. Your age should be around early 30s and you have NUS degree in Computing with quite a few years of sales experience. You are in your prime years. The rest of us here are not fortunate. We too used to be young & ambitious but things just didn’t work out well for us.

    Agreed that whatever we pursue must be relevant to what the market needs cos this is the theory of market demand & supply. Trying to take control our destiny under circumstances which we have direct influence on, i.e. our mindset and immediate actions is a not bad thing. But once again we are ordinary humans, we can only estimate, guess, pray & hope for the best to come. Life is not always what you reap is what you sow.

    Yes, our government doesn’t do a fantastic job at times and kept on complaining & take no actions to tackle the problems is also not too good. So I think we should kept on complaining & took some actions to tackle the problems & teach the government to do fantastic jobs.

    Pls remember to vote well & correctly in the next 2016 GE.

  2. Angelina says:

    Shenton Way is overrun by Caucasians, Filipinos, Indian nationals and China nationals. Singaporeans are truly a dying breed there.

  3. TH Tan says:

    As long as we are daring to remain competitive and willing to innovate as a society/nation, there will always be opportunities for those who are will to go that extra mile. Sadly for many, the failure stamp from within themselves. Rather than reaching out to seize whatever opportunties, they lament continuously, and always seeking excuses for their own inabilities. And they are too afraid of failures, which IMHO are essential elements for eventual success.
    Open up young man, there are opportunities out there for you. You would need to open up to them and stop looking for easy solutions or excuses

  4. Zee says:

    Amazing! Since my graduation 5 years ago I have already gotten at least 5 job offers offering better and better pay. And I am the bottom of my cohort without even a 3rd class honours.

    My employers are also constantly worried that I leave. Their response is to make sure they look after my incentives and give me pay raise whenever appropriate.

    And again, I am the bottom of my cohort. So I assume the rest of the people are doing better.

    And this guy cannot find employment and always got stuck in contract job with employers constantly worried about him leaving hence refusing to give him full time job? SE RI OUS???? I think your employer was hoping you leave. That makes more logical sense.

    Here’s a few suggestions:

    1) Stop blaming the society. It will never change for you because it works for the majority.

    2) Start wondering why the people in your cohort are now VPs or directors and you are stuck writing articles complaining about the society. And i hope you realize how pathetic this is.

    3) Stop competing with foreigners! They are here to fill up jobs which we lose competitive edge in. If you cannot justify yourself against a foreigner. Good luck to you man.

    4) Do something about yourself!

    5) Seek help! Be sincere about wanting to change, not complaining!

  5. Sunil says:


    wth are you trying to say?

  6. Sg_overseas says:

    ThTan & Zee are in support of the present govt
    Policies of importing all sorts of foreigners and do
    Not believe that govt & companies prefer employIng
    Foreigners at the expense of sg citizens.
    Remember what I say and Dont lose your balls
    When you are replaced.
    Hope I dont meet you overseas. Just dont migrate, keep
    Your words and dignity !
    You are free to vote the govt that support the
    Obnoxious policy of getting foreigners to be
    New citizens to gain their votes.
    Nowhere In the world do you find foreigners insulting
    The citizens of a country where their forefathers have
    Built the country for their children’s future.
    All the risks to leave India, china to build a
    Sg nation is gone within 5 years of mass migration
    Of foreign economic cleansing.
    You are entitled to your opinion, so Am I.

  7. Dev says:


    Your post literally angers me. Ok hang on, I will get back to you.

    Firstly, based on my first hand experiences, many people with a degree, specifically with plenty of A’s and stuff, think that the damn world owes them a living. The point is, its not about your results, but how you sell yourself and how good you are apart from your grades.

    Coming back to you JJ, I guess you’ve got a serious problem. I mean come on, own up dude, if you’ve got a problem finding a stable job after all these years then something is definitely wrong. Stop blaming the society, gahmen, policies, blah blah blah. The fact is that, something is wrong on your side. Admit it.

    What makes you think that the Ministry of Education is gonna reject your application? You didn’t try in the first place, and you assume you will be rejected. Awesome, this shows your first problem: Lack of confidence with negativity.

    Others in your situation would have migrated or got themselves self-employed? Then why are you still in Singapore? Or why didn’t you think about starting your own business?

    I’m not adding salt to your wound but the problem with many people like yourself, is the lack of spirit, and a blatant lack of confidence. And its kinda wierd you put up a pic of yourself in your graduation attire supplementing your post. What the hell are you trying to prove? Dude, wake up your idea.

    Stop complaining and blaming every damn thing out there. Get a life. The society doesn’t owe you a living. So wake up and keep fighting. Find you path with confidence. Improve yourself intellectually. Focus on your shortcomings.

    God bless you.

  8. jj says:

    Why do people with a degree, specifically with plenty of A’s and stuff, think that the damn world owes them a living? Could it coz they were told by their parents, teachers or gov that they will have a bright future if they do well in their studies.

    How well you present yourself and how good you are apart from your grades are important. But academic results is also important too. Some companies or org will request to take a look at your transcript.

    I have worked as jobs like retail executive, warehouse assistant, shipping document assistant, security guard, kitchen helper for survival reasons before. The reason why I left is simple – low pay, long working hours, stressful working condition, social discrimination.

    These are the kind of jobs which many don’t want to take up & e2i, wda, sirs, cdc, sii are trying to attract ppl to take up these jobs even they do knew the reasons why ppl are reluctant to take up these jobs. The reason is simple – low pay, long working hours, stressful working condition, social discrimination.

    It is not just only S’porean want to stay away or having difficulties to stay long in these jobs. Some foreigners also tried to stay away from these jobs too.

    Dev, pls go try out working as retail executive in challenger, warehouse assistant in oil & gas company, shipping document assistant in freight forwarding company, security guard in high class condo, kitchen helper in those very busy food court, hawker ctr or coffee shop. Lets say 3 months on each of these jobs. Then you came back & tell me how well you like it or you don’t like it. The manpower turnover rate is high for these jobs.

    Why did you know that I didn’t apply for a MOE position before? How did you know that I have never start my own biz before? Migration is not as easy as learning abc. Base on what I can go apply for migration to other countries? My dad is bus driver, my mum is a house wife & I am a security sup. Which country will accept me?

    I am not a graduate, I didn’t put up a pic of myself in graduation attire supplementing my post. You got the wrong guy, dude.

    “Stop complaining and blaming every damn thing out there. Get a life. The society doesn’t owe you a living. So wake up and keep fighting. Find you path with confidence. Improve yourself intellectually. Focus on your shortcomings.” – Please lah, don’t come & teach me how i should live my life lah. I used to work as trainer with ntuc before, these are the stuff which i have said to my trainees. These are also the stuff that you will get to hear in the courses conducted by e2i, wda, cdc.

  9. Anon says:

    S’pore is a country where even if you want to work and willing to work hard, employers may not want to hire you, or merely hire you for low-wage positions below your abilities and qualifications (e.g. to chalk up Sinkie headcount so that the employer can hire more foreigner grads to do the executive level jobs). If I’m the employer I will also do the same, in order to maximise profits, since this is the legal framework in pro-business S’pore. Some of my relatives who are SME bosses are doing these things.

    The main reasons for structural unemployment in S’pore are:
    1. being 40+ yrs old.
    2. jobless or in “low class” jobs.
    3. no strong / high-level kaki to secure a lobang for you.
    So if you kena the above factors, even if you got degree, your chances to get a job paying $3K or more is 0.01%.

  10. David says:


    Since you are now a SS, have you consider to work as an OE & have a career advancement to OM in Security Industry?

    What qualification do you have and what is your age?

    How much basic/gross salary are you looking at?

  11. Foreigner Singapore says:

    How can you be a top graduate, or how can NUS be a top university, if your letter is riddled with grammar errors? This baffles me. And I see it all over Singapore. Even mst ads for English tuition centres are riddled with errors. The problem may be you have paper qualifications but do not actually know very much.

  12. Simon says:

    Dear Gilbert Goh,

    First of all, let me start off in a positive way. You have a little talent in manipulating people to think your way. I saw your speech during your stint as an NSP member. Way to go with the story of “Mark”. If he even exists. Really? Mark, a diploma holder, was earning $7k before he was replaced by a foreigner? In what economic climate doea a DIPLOMA holder earn $7k at any point in his life? Am I missing something here? A fabricated story perhaps, to rile the (jobless) masses up? Let me put your whole “Singapore for Singaporeans/Singaporeans First/Support Local Talent” idea into another perspective. You did get quite a number of supporters and fans for your idea, but lets face it. If you put 50 children with Down’s syndrome in a room, there’s going to be a lot of hugging. Nothing against these kids but what I’m trying to imply is that these “special” kids are going to love each other. Same thing for all those who support you. By that I mean the portion of the population who as some of the readers here so justly described as thinking that the govt/society owes them a living just for being born here; not wanting to work hard a single day of their lives and expect everything to be the stuff of fairy tales. When they realise that out there is the cold, cruel world (I’d like to think of it as competitive/realistic world) they start to question why the govt is not holding a silver spoon to their mouths when in reality what the govt is SUPPOSED to do (and is actually doing) is to lay out the goodies evenly to allow each individual to partake of the success as how their abilities and perserverance allows. I believe that individual struggle and eventual accomplishments is what seperates people into lazy and hardworking. And from the ideas you are extolling, its obvious which group you belong to. You and your supporters would gladly sit idly by, blaming everyone/everything else but yourselves for not achieving the same success others are working hard to get.

    All your talk about upgrading skills, your helplines for educated people (locals) who are out of jobs amount to NOTHING if you don’t teach them humility. Many HR Managers have openly spoken (on radio I believe) that they DO want to hire locals. However its not easy when locals are demanding more simply because they are locally born and educated. The world is globalizing. Its a fact you have to face and if you’re not prepared for it, I’d suggest you and your therapy buddies can pool your resources together, buy yourselves an island somewhere, develop it all by yourselves and you can be Emperor Douchebag The First. Set down laws with zero entry to foreigners. Of course it might be pretty tough. The people following you there are jobless for a reason. Its not because they have no qualifications. Its because they have decent qualification and too much pride. Everyone is going to want to be highly paid and highly regarded. However, your hardships while developing your island country of Doucheland will not actually make anyone feel pity, it would rid this country of people like you and that should make the local society a lot better.

    I’m in no way taking any sides when it comes to locals and foreigners. All are humans, there are good ones and bad ones on both sides. The govt is good, not perfect but hey, they DID bring Singapore to what it is today and we should be thankful. Sometimes even ministers make mistakes, as all humans do. But think about this : If YOU could do it better, you’d be up there right now, not here talking about it. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes and you will know how he feels. If you haven’t had the burden of governing an island city state like Singapore, you will NEVER know how it is. You Gilbert couldn’t handle your stint in NSP either, and you’re talking about what the govt should be doing? Should infants be teaching adults how to walk? As a man, I cannot rightly say I know how it feels to have an entire country relying on me to make the right decisions for them; and i might never know how it feels. But I have lead people. People who relied on me to make the right decisions that will affect them. And its not easy. You, Gilbert Goh might have had a good enough education. But books don’t teach you life lessons. When the going got tough, you got bitter/resentful/hateful. You never looked inward to see if the fault lied with you. You did what every immature child does. Cried and started blaming everything else. You looked outward to see who to blame. And perhaps the unfortunate thing was that the capable person who replaced you, just so happens to be a foreigner. Your mentality has inflated your ego to such a point that you can see no fault of your own. I have made many, many mistakes in life. And I am man enough to admit it to others and myself. You are not ready to do that. If a child falls down while running despite his parents warning him not to run, its not anyone’s fault but the child’s own if he fails to listen and eventually falls. Its not right for the parents to restrain the child. Nor is it right for the parents to blame the ground for being hard. The child cries (a bit like you and your friends), thinking/feeling that the ground is to blame for being hard. He wants to blame the parents for not preventing his fall (again like you and your friends) and all the parents can do is to molly coddle him just so he’d stop making a scene and attracting (in your case, international) attention from others. But once he no longer feels the pain of the fall, he goes right back to running around again, till his next fall. And the cycle continues. 2 things will never change : the ground (foreigners) will always be hard and the parents (govt) will never be able to physically restrain (spoonfeed) the child (you, gilbert). If the child does not learn to listen and stop his running around (complaining/blaming) and behave (work hard/upgrade skills), then all he will achieve is to make the parents look bad and eventually suffer a fall so serious he might not recover from it fully.
    The point is, STOP complaining and blaming foreigners for taking away your jobs. If they got your job, it means they proved themselves a more valuable asset to the company then you. Instead of being bitter to them, take it as a sign that you need to look more valuable as well. Complaining just makes you look like a child. Grow up Gilbert and don’t let your inflated ego affect your life and other people.

    “Everyone will make mistakes and have hardships in life. A strong person will admit to his mistakes and rise above any hardships. A weak one will blame others for his mistakes and lament about his sufferings.”

    After everything I’ve said if you realize that you are weak, its not too late to turn your life around Gilbert. I’ll be happy if you realize it. If not, then you’re really beyond help. You’re doing a good thing, helping people get jobs. But do it without the bigotry. Drop your anti-foreigner stance and make purely a help site, not a site for your hate mongering and you will be hailed as a good person; a hero, even by me. But continue with your immature, egoistic ways and eventually you’ll be nothing more then a embittered hate-mongerer, who believes himself to be blameless and thinks he deserves more then the effort he put in. And you will be enemy number 1 to many who are working hard and getting hated just because of your immaturity. And of course I will do everything in my power to eradicate your idea and all that you stand for. Bigotry, delusion of self-importance, vanity, laziness. The list could go on but I’ve written long enough. I just hope you see yourself in the correct way now. Good luck, I will be waiting to see if you mature up or not. Otherwise, Gilbert, I will counter your anti-foreigner petition with a petition of my own. Then we’ll see what the majority of the population and the world thinks of your ideas.

  13. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    To Simon,
    A lot of Shxt ! So all other countries allow
    Foreigners to get work permit, PR and citizenship
    As easily as Singapore!
    Yes, all countries protect their own citizens, not
    Getting new citizens for fear of losing power
    So what if I am a down syndrome, at least I am not
    A cuxt like you
    So will you start suing opposition?
    Maybe you should replace the 3 million Sg with
    To make it 5 million non-Sg, except you, Sg
    Belongs to you not other Sg ! go get fuxk!
    Signed off
    Sg living overseas waiting to vote the Sg immigration
    Policies out

  14. jj@39 says:

    I met Mr Gilbert Goh before in his office. So far he leaves me with a good impression.

  15. Simon says:

    To Sgsgsgsgs,
    I’m glad that my post has made you very volitile. You can go ahead and call me names as much as you want. At the end of the day, what matters is that my mentality and your’s is like day and night. The facts can’t be changed no matter how many insults you throw at me.
    1) The reason for allowing some new citizens into the country is not simply to stay in power. There are other reasons for it. Lack of reproduction by younger locals, the need for more males to defend the country and many others even we both will not be able to forsee as we are not in their position. I am neither the smartest person nor the dumbest but I do know that while I am not a complete idiot who doesn’t understand about governing, I at least have the intellect to understand many aspects of it. Having been in a leadership role myself, I understand that it is impossible to make everyone happy at the same time, and also understand that if I am going to “give face” to some people under my lead simply because they are my friends, things are going to be difficult for me since the rest of the team might be working equally hard or even harder then my friends. Thats when problems start. Currently, the meritocratic system in the country is more or less working well. Fairness and recognising REAL talent is the only way any country can progress. Just being a local does not mean you have to taken care of hand and foot. Locals are being taken care of since young, when they reach the working age, the country should be able to rely on them to sustain the economy. And people with attitudes that think the govt still owe them something even after being given a good education are simply ungrateful. If you have been given a good (almost free) education and you can’t get a job, something is wrong with YOU. Not the system. These people should take the blame and not find excuses.
    2) Insults without basis just show your upbringing is bad. Showing anger online through words is empty threats and doesn’t scare anyone or do any good. As a man, I myself am prone to anger I shall admit. But I reserve that anger for right times such as when we are face to face. Online display of anger simply implies you as a keyboard warrior. Go ahead, insult me more and show more of what a great keyboard warrior you are.
    3) I wouldn’t go so far as to sue any parties. My limited funds will not allow me to do something as costly and stupid as that. Only the rich can afford to be rash and stupid. Thankfully my financial situation (although not too bad) makes me smart enough to avoid stupidity infecting my brain. I hope it hasn’t affected you either, but I do see symptoms on you. Also another reason is that even if those parties that promised to get rid of foreigners DID come into power, I still won’t need to worry too much. Everyone can promise to make pigs fly in order to get votes for themselves. But once they’re in power, all promises will be forgotten. This has been proven in history time and time again. So trust me, they won’t get rid of the foreigners even if you do vote them into power. No government that has common sense (regardless of party) will ever actually carry out a purge of foreign talents. If they do, then I believe even some of the locals will choose to leave the country. Let’s take a look at which countries don’t allow foreigners to settle? North Korea, Japan before WW2, Iraq was a nativist country as well, Burma said no to foreign investors/talents as well as they thought foreigners would “influence” the locals in a bad way and compete for jobs with them. These countries also have 1 thing in common, (except for japan now of course, I mean before WW2) bad/incompetent leadership. So we all know the results of what will happen if Singapore goes down that path. And frankly speaking I don’t think many people will be here if that happens.
    4) I admit that your idea of replacing people is rather attractive to me. But the problem is that there is only some people like you who should be replaced. Many others are fine examples of outstanding citizens, who are prepared to work hard. People who are expecting to be spoonfed (like yourself perhaps) SHOULD be replaced. In an office, dead weight will just slow down productivity. So it is for a country as well. I don’t want SG to belong to me like you said, its too much pressure. I’ve never been a fan of pressure. However, I do realise something. You say you’re a singaporean waiting overseas to vote something out??Hmm…perhaps you’ve already done us all a favor by removing yourself from the country. 1 less of you to round up. Such a hypocrite, waiting to vote immigration policies out while YOU are an immigrant in another country..The irony is unbelievable..Maybe they should make a rule to not allow citizens residing outside of Singapore to vote. Its not like its going to affect you since you are overseas. I hope whichever country you’re in, they are as hateful to you as you are of the foreigners in YOUR country. Then you will know how it feels.

  16. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    To Simon,

    You are an idiot to say that I am getting rid Of
    All foreigners from my country.
    You are also an idiot to say that 2 million are real talents.
    Please dont think that fellow Sg dont know how stupid
    Your sweeping sentences are.
    You must be a real idiot to say to me that I should
    Be the one Sg who should be removed from My own
    Country and hoping all Those citizens in the country
    I am living in hate me !
    I never hated foreigners in Sg , idiot !!!
    You dont know me or what family I have,
    Glad you made all those remarks, now fellow
    Sg regardless of political ideas know who you really
    I am taking about wide open immigration policy !
    You are a leader ! Fuxking shxt ! Or a boss of a
    Company ?
    Maybe you should stand for election, hahahaha
    Signed off
    Been to many countries

  17. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Talking which country dont allow foreigneRs!
    Just full Of shit to make sweeping statements
    I do not think that felllow Sg esp. Those 40%
    advocate not accepting foreigners.
    So USA, Australia, NZ, Canada have just liberal
    Policies as Singapore to get work permit , PR?
    I lived in those countries , so I know
    Maybe you want to say you want to insult me
    As you insulted Gilbert about NSP, BTW, I have
    No political affiliation!
    Comparing Sg forefathers and born n bred with
    Mass influx of spass n ep holders
    Why dont USA, Aust. (immigrant countries) Let in without quota,
    Enough of your shit!
    Trying to refer 40% and maybe some of the 60%
    oppose indiscriminate immigration policies as
    Down syndrome ppl to go and setup their own country
    Sg belongs to fellow Sg enough though we are
    You must think you wrote a fantastic article,
    Enough to reply to an idiot
    OK, let get rid of all the 40% Sg to their
    Down syndrome land and replace with foreigners
    Anyway there are idiots who are unemployed because
    They are shit !
    Asshole article, think he wrote a leadership article .

  18. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Hypocrite because I am living overseas
    Fuxker does not understand what is citizenship
    All the millions and millions all over the world
    Not living in their countries must be hypocrites
    To care for their countries, haha
    Talk about global, the shit he know about global,
    Those PR in Sg must be hypocrites to love
    Their own countries
    Fuxk idiot, all your statements are just one track !
    Maybe, you are right, get rid all those Sg who do
    Not support govt policies or cannot find jobs,
    Fuxk idiot, insulting the host of a website to democratically
    Air his view To the extend of his personal achievements
    And political views
    Anyway, best for you to do is become the PM and
    Get right of all the 40% Sg, and replace them
    With all foreigners
    Fuxk cuxt can insult me to imply that I hate foreigners
    Netizens can read , you lost your credibility to Gilbert
    Who the fucking shit Am I? I am a fucking Shit Sg
    Who is kind of a down syndrome living overseas

  19. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Oh I am a down syndrome so I am a moron,
    And dont understand why I am a hypocrite,
    Comparing non democratic with Sg like north korea, etc
    Is Singapore a dictatorship like those countries, Burma, etc
    Must think those 40% sg are really down syndromeans
    Dint know about the world
    Oh i see, i am an immigrant in another country n
    I dont allow foreigners in my Sg country?
    DONT ALLOW FOREIGNERS IN SG, sg leader ???
    Asshole !
    If you are fuxking smart like a leader, do u know
    What is the difference between 2 million of 3 million
    Citizens and 10 million of 280 milliOn in the USA, for
    So u want to be a spass to be in germany ?
    So the sg must be fuxking lazy or whatever to
    Lose their jobs to spass n ep,
    All those all shit, they have themselves to blame
    Right ? Leader ! Hahaha

    • Simon says:

      To Sgsgsgsgs,

      Hahaha,’re right..Some of your statements are true..the part about you being a hypocrite, about SOME singaporeans being lazy, and the part about you being a moron..i totally agree with those..

      a few things i want to say about u..first off, cant you write in full sentences like a normal human being??whats with all the capital letters here and there??secondly, I would love nothing better then to be able to rebutt you for all your empassioned replies..however, even with my considerably great understanding of the English language, I am unable to decipher what branch of English you are using..perhaps a trip back to grammer and vocabulary school will be good for you??and the thing that shows what kind of a character you are is when u write “signed off–been to many countries” so by adding that u been to many countries, u want to get more credibility for yourself??c’mon i can say i’ve been to every country in the world as well..that doesnt mean its true..and about u suggesting that I stand for election..hmm be careful what u ask for my friend, if i DO go for elections and DO get elected, there will be changes around here..changes that will get rid of people like you for good..and it appears to me that no one else is getting angry over my comment…mainly becuz i dont talk abt anyone ELSE..i only talk to GILBERT GOH..i didnt make any comments about you nor any other locals..all of my comments from the start have been directed at i can only conclude that YOU (Sgsgsgsgs) is actually gilbert goh using another name (the fact that ur website allows anyone to post with any name they type in is pretty obvious) so if what i am suspecting is true, just let me know..if YOU Sgsgsgsgs = GILBERT GOH..i have 1 thing to say..go read my comments again and think about changing your life back..believe me gilbert/sgsgsgsgs if majority of the foreigners working here know about the existence of your website, i can tell you that the existence of your life will not be that long….

    • Simon says:

      To Sgsgsgsgs,
      First of all, I never called myself first class..u seemed to have drawn that conclusion by yourself..maybe a part of your mind thinks I AM first class, so I guess i should say thank you for the compliment?? u say I am talking bullshit but all 3 of your illegible posts seem to just be a jumble of misspelled insults and nothing about why my comments are wrong or stupid..if u want to say i’m wrong maybe u should write something about why i am wrong instead of just insulting like a teenager who can’t control himself??and yes, technically i HAVE lived in other countries before, i know more about u..becuz all u seem to know is some world leader names like “kim’”, “hitler” etc..u seem to have little snippets of information in ur head which makes u think u know a lot..i myself admit i dont know everything but i DO know that i know MORE then YOU at least..when ur ready to talk properly like me, and start to know more words then profanities then u should reply to me..and also u say this i quote

      “U think Sungapore is like north korea,” no i do NOT think that..what i said is it WILL become like that if they kick all foreigners out..
      “I wonder how much he knows about foreigners” oh my friend you’ll be surprised at how much i know about them..
      “Englush soeakin ciuntry” what in the name of God is that sentence?? is that even a human language??or did u see some form of alien language sent by Curiousity from Mars??
      with this apalling command of English, u expect me to believe you are living in an English speaking country??i find it hard to accept..
      good luck with ur English lessons..I’d help to teach u but I dont work with down-sydrome morons (u called yourself that)

  20. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Hahahaha ! Use ur own first class englisg grammar
    Not hahaha
    R fuxking pathetic to come and insult the host
    Of the website, if i am gilbert, i will not allow
    U to post n block u , not that i am afraid , but
    Ur fuxking stupid post is Full of shit!
    Fuxjing shit, u sure can make a cuxt election
    Member driving the country’s own citizenship
    Out of his own country
    Y want to get rid of me after being elected,
    Walk the talk, fuxking out, stand for election,
    Sure the ruling party will make u a cabinet minister,
    Dont be fuxking shit n just talk, when u r ready
    To remove me, because of my democratic view
    Come back here n lOok for me,
    U r really a fixking udiot to say u first class n
    How great yr fuzking englisg is,
    What kind of elected member writes an article
    To insult Sg and use analogies to call sg who
    Hv different views on a website, down stndromeans
    Oh, r u right, i am fuckimg bullshitting about
    Having livef overseas in many countries,
    I am actually an unemployed Sg feeling fuxkin
    Piss off of a sg leader coming here to insult
    Fellow sg here about they like dowm syndimeans
    Sg, good for nothing
    Who are the fuxk are u to come here n insult
    Netizens gave their views here
    R u talking shit, my God, u r a fuxking leader
    U claimed n r want to rid of fellow sg off their ciuntry,
    When u hv the POWER to rid of me becas i
    Am a down stndrome moron
    Let me know !
    We will c who is a fuzkinf moron!
    Which fuxkin leader use an anslogy of down
    Syndrome on sg opinions on mass indiscriminate
    Immigration which the ruling party aDmits needs to
    u must think all the Sg here are idiots n rhe
    The 40% sg who likely voted against mass influx
    Of foreigners workers,
    These sg r doing a fuxkin favour to de rulin govt
    To voice out !
    NORTH KOREA N BURMA dont accept immigration
    Indeed !
    Fuxkin MORON to make de comparisons
    Reallt must think Sg r stupid dat u can fuxkin
    Bullshit to
    Oh i see singapore is a dictatorship!
    Oh u going drive all the down syndrome n unemployed
    Sg to All other countries except nortk korea n burma
    N hv they create a syndromeland !!
    Sufned off
    Sg overseas

  21. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Can u imagine this ass saying that if the mass
    Foreigners visit this website, gilbert existence
    Will not b long.
    U mean de will seek out gilbert n kill him?
    Ir what?
    I dont think the foreigners living in sg is going
    To give a shit about this website
    Why would de foreigners feel threaten?
    Or u been u, will put gilbert into non existence
    When u become de PM?
    U think Sungapore is like north korea,
    Sole power of de person in power, no fuxkin
    Rule of power, i dont even think de kim does
    Really full of shit , this guy is a leader n wants to
    Be elected, gahaha. ,maybe , but Hitler was not
    That stupid

    Gilbert, sorry this asshole think I am u!
    U dont me n is not relevant !
    Dont bother with this cuxt n waste ur time
    His post speak a lot of shit about himself
    That how stupid he is
    I not defending u , is just fuxkin hilarious
    That he thinks his remarks are good advice
    How stupid the post was,
    De fuxker says sg unemployed r useless
    So r his Sg relatives n friends who r umployed
    The asshole wants to rid of Sg who have different
    Govt policy views
    Can u imagine he can think that amounts to
    Hating foreigners,
    Has this asshole lived overseas before ?
    I wonder how much he knows about foreigners
    Signed off
    Sg lived in many countries

  22. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Rule of power, i mean rule of law
    My fuxkin english is shit,
    I am a fuckin down syndrome living im an
    Englush soeakin ciuntry
    N i cam write shit !
    Signed off
    Sg hv lived in few includ philippines
    USA, UK ,aust

  23. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    Can u imagine this asshole says sg citizens lIving
    Overseas as emigrants should not be allowed to
    Hahahaha !
    Is so fuckin hilarious !
    This asshole might as well say foreigners can
    Vote in Sg,
    This sg says he might become an elected mbr
    Of parliament possibly becoming PM and
    He probably implement such policies like
    Rid of unemployed sg to downsyndromeland,
    Not allow citizens migranted overseas to vote
    First policy in the world !!!!
    I also find it hilarious, yes , fuckin funny,that he cannot understand
    Why i have no intention of living in Singapore n
    Waiting to return to Sg, when the sensible
    Controlled immigration policy is in placed,
    Protecting the right of citizenship, Like
    In many democratic countries, eg USA, european
    This asshole thinks he can take away my rights
    As a sg citizen, is fuxkin hilarious
    Please get the fuxk out of my face !

    • Simon says:

      To Sgsgsgsgs,
      First of all, I never called myself first class..u seemed to have drawn that conclusion by yourself..maybe a part of your mind thinks I AM first class, so I guess i should say thank you for the compliment?? u say I am talking bullshit but all 3 of your illegible posts seem to just be a jumble of misspelled insults and nothing about why my comments are wrong or stupid..if u want to say i’m wrong maybe u should write something about why i am wrong instead of just insulting like a teenager who can’t control himself??and yes, technically i HAVE lived in other countries before, i know more about u..becuz all u seem to know is some world leader names like “kim’”, “hitler” etc..u seem to have little snippets of information in ur head which makes u think u know a lot..i myself admit i dont know everything but i DO know that i know MORE then YOU at least..when ur ready to talk properly like me, and start to know more words then profanities then u should reply to me..and also u say this i quote

      “U think Sungapore is like north korea,” no i do NOT think that..what i said is it WILL become like that if they kick all foreigners out..
      “I wonder how much he knows about foreigners” oh my friend you’ll be surprised at how much i know about them..
      “Englush soeakin ciuntry” what in the name of God is that sentence?? is that even a human language??or did u see some form of alien language sent by Curiousity from Mars??
      with this apalling command of English, u expect me to believe you are living in an English speaking country??i find it hard to accept..
      good luck with ur English lessons..I’d help to teach u but I dont work with down-sydrome morons (u called yourself that)

  24. Sgsgsgsgs says:

    I draw de conclusiOn de u say u hv been in a leadership role
    And will embark as an elected member , isnt dat first class
    Cirizen, and rid
    Of Sg who have different policy views and refer
    Them as children who are down stndrome to be
    Cast away is sickening
    Hope u dont have any children who are born
    Down syndrome !!
    Be careful what u wish for, elected member with
    A down syndrome child !
    Who me? Yes i am down syndrome!
    My children, no , they are not !
    Who r u have yet ?
    Making such stupid analogies,
    Prof english grammar insulting the host of de website
    Decides to insult my english,
    Sombidy who lives overseas has a mindset
    To insult sg poInt of view, was it in north korea or
    Europe u live in?
    Remember, i am d syndrome , cant spell
    U lived in western countries and u imply that sg ommigration
    Policy is similar , hahaha
    Where? Australia wrlcome all to get work permit
    Maybe is usa or uk allow all foreigners to go in
    N apply work visa for retail asst, n all levels of jobs
    Oh u lived overseas n r fuxjin rnglish is superd n
    Of course u dont woek with down stndrome
    U will get rid of all morons, as down stndrom r
    U would get rid of ur children who r down syndrome
    Who the fuxk need u to believe Where i am ?
    In uk? N i write shit english?
    De substance on ur article is appalling, fuxking stupidest
    Anslogies , using analogies to say all those
    Who oppose ur views are morons !
    U r a cuxt n I dont believe they taught u
    Any shit !
    R. Really think sg r idiots or gilbert is to write
    Such insults!
    Not insults?
    A child cannot tell an adult how to talk?
    Hope ur child can talk n not be a moron like
    U writing full of shit !
    All ur statements r attacking de website host
    N fellow sg who hv different views
    No idiot will go to a website to attack de host
    U r a fuxkin idiot
    So de foreigners in those countries u live taught u
    Haha , i dont think so
    And to rid me of living in Sg because u r an elected
    Member n u r above de law!
    Try North Korea,
    So gilbert is NSP, which party will u lead ?

    • Simon says:


      First of, I THINK I might know why your comments don’t make sense..Is someone typing things in another language (possibly chinese) and using google translate or something to change it to English?? Wow, that bad huh?? And another thing is I believe I know why you think that I said people have down syndrome. Its not a literal translation my man. Thats what happens when you use direct translation. Hahaha. I don’t know how to type in a language you will understand but English clearly is not the right choice. But I will try to keep my words as simple as possible so that even a primary 1 child will understand. If you still can’t get the right meaning, I suggest you ask a primary 1 child who speaks your language to translate for you.

      1) I never said I had problems with people who REALLY suffer from down syndrome. Literally have it I mean. Its unfortunate for them. I used it as a comparison to imply that if you put people with the same problems/situations together, there’s going to be a lot of agreement. That’s what I meant, I hope its simple enough for you to understand now.
      2) No I have not lived in North Korea nor Europe.
      3) You think I come here to insult the host of the website, but in my comments I don’t see anything that insults him the way you insult me. AND, even if I DID insult him, I don’t see why you’re getting angry. That’s also the reason why I suspect you and the “host” might be the same person.
      4) And yes I do agree with you that it is prudent to get rid of the morons. I don’t mean those mentally challenged people. I’m not an evil person. I mean those with normal working brains but those who are too self-centred, conceited, egoistic, vain people. Long story short, people like you. And you must understand its nothing personal, its just that people like you are not ready to be part of society and progress. You just want to hate what you don’t understand, be spoonfed, and have a good life without an ounce of effort put in. I’m sure the majority of the hardworking community will agree with me.
      5) So far you’ve used quite a number of things to decribe my comments. But you have not given any explaination why you think this way. You think my comments are stupid then tell me why you think its stupid? You think what I say is wrong, then what do you think is correct? C’mon, saying someone is wrong and hurling insults instead of elaborating what you think is the “full of shit” part, just goes to show that you have no idea what I’m talking about and no idea what YOU are talking about as well.
      6) I never said I was above the law. Since I haven’t said or done anything regarding law of any sort. However, those who think they are above others, like you, should be removed from society entirely.
      7) “De substance on ur article is appalling, fuxking stupidest
      Anslogies” Do explain to me what is the appalling/stupid part of my article is. You seem to keep saying it but you don’t explain what is stupid about it. Tell me them in the best English you can write. By the way, there’s no such word as “stupidest”. Trust me, check the dictionary. I read the dictionary as a storybook when I was young so at least I know what I’m talking about. But I feel I can’t be a grammer police with you here because seriously if there WAS a police force that enforces proper English usage; then my friend, you’d be arrested on the spot and given a few consecutive life sentences.
      8) When I say I don’t work with down syndrome people, I was referring to you and you alone. But of course I won’t expect you to understand. My first mistake was to assume that you had a brain that was capable of thinking processes. But I guess I was wrong. You’ve proven that you really don’t have the mental capacity that even an 8 year old has.

      I have done some research and found some places I think you should go look into, to upgrade yourself.
      You can : a) Enrol yourself in any Primary School where you live (I’m not too sure the age limit of the school but after they hear you talk they might accept that you need some help and let you study there.
      b) If they don’t accept you into the school, you can always try to apply for those “gifted” schools. Every country has a few of those. I hope the “Western” country that you live in has some. What was the country you live in again? Oh yeah now I remember, Imaginationland right? That’s a nice place for people like you to stay. I hope you will have a good time living in Imaginationland. Don’t forget to send me a postcard. Good luck with your studies. Study hard to try to be the top of your class in school. With all the other 7-8 year olds, I understand it might be hard for you to get better results then them. Let me sign off in your style.

      Signed off
      Been to some countries as well but I don’t want to show off here as there is no point to do so anyway. Educated the same level as any average person in Singapore but thankfully has more common sense.
      An average hardworking person in SG.

  25. Gs says:

    stu·pid  (stpd, sty-)
    adj. stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est
    1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
    2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
    3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
    4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
    5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.
    A stupid or foolish person.
    [Latin stupidus, from stupre, to be stunned.]
    stupid·ly adv.
    stupid·ness n.

  26. Gsgsgsgs says:

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

    • Simon says:


      LOL so sad that you have to resort to an online dictionary to find out what stupid’re the only one here who doesnt know what it means you know..and apparently, your English is so poor you don’t even know what I’m asking you. You say I am stupid I asked WHY not WHAT is stupid. Go back to school, trust me, it’s good for you.

      Signed off
      Someone who ACTUALLY understands human language.

  27. Sgsgsg says:

    Resort to online dict. U dick. ! Hahahaha
    Resort to new technology ? This is what we call
    A cunt remark!
    I started using de Net in 1991 when I was in
    I was using British books as a born British subject
    In the 1960s.

  28. Sg_sg says:

    “Tell me them in the best English you can write. By the way, there’s no such word as “stupidest”. Trust me, check the dictionary. I read the dictionary as a storybook when I was young so at least I know what I’m talking about. But I feel I can’t be a grammer police with you here because seriously if there WAS a police force that enforces proper English usage; then my friend, you’d be arrested on the spot and given a few consecutive life sentences.”

    Best English ? What is best English?
    There’s no such word as “stupidest”?
    Grammer ? What is Grammer? Oh Prof English can make spelling mistake
    Grammer Police with you , what preposition , with??? Haha
    I bet you cannot even pronounce the letter “w”
    And the word “colleague”
    Claiming to have superb English
    Even the down syndrome people whom you like
    To use as an analogy of the fellow Sg who have
    A different govt policy view will not follow you, idiotic leader,
    Hard to believe this idiot is a degree holder and
    A leader in what kind of ideology, maybe you can
    Convince some the Sg cabinet ministers in your
    Critical writing and analysis of Gilbert ‘s article.

  29. Sg_sg says:

    The ruling party would elect u to be their leader
    And make u the PM and in future the President
    As they may really think u can convince netizens that u
    Did not imply that there is no word stupidest after
    By the way, there’s no such word as “stupidest”. Trust me, check the dictionary. I read the dictionary as a storybook when I was young so at least I know what I’m talking about

    End quote
    Maybe you think fellow Sg who agree with the article’s
    Policy to a certain extent are not only morons like
    Down syndrome people but are also blind or do
    Not know how to understand your “best English”
    Or are morOns liken to be down syndrome persons

    Maybe you can be the next Hitler in the Far East
    Reading b

  30. Sg_sg_ says:

    But then, Hitler was not such a stupidest joke !
    Hitler was far from being stupid
    Search online on the Net, not like stupidest
    People who have no chance to gain information
    Before Internet came into being!

    • Simon says:

      To Sg_sg_

      FYI (for your information) I know more about Hitler then you know about yourself. And I suggest the next time you want to reply me, don’t use google translate. It tends to do direct translation, which changes the meaning of everthing I say here. And I CAN pronounce the letter “w” and the word “colleague”. I can pronounce English words VERY VERY well thank you very much. Would you like me to make a call to you to prove it? Or shall we meet up for a chat? (In English of course) Then perhaps you can stop assuming that I don’t know. And also I never said Hitler was a joke. Maybe you got that meaning due to the translator application you are currently using. Can I suggest a better translator? Its called “proper education”. Go get that and I can assure you that your translations will be almost flawless.
      Oh and yes thanks for the idea of getting some ministers to take a look at this website and see what old Gilly is up to. I’m going to schedule a meeting with my area MP to address this issue. Gotta wait till 27th though because coming Monday is a public holiday. I’ll fight stupidity on normal working days. Its a tough job fighting stupidity and trying to eradicate people like you. There’s way too many of you. But someone’s got to do it and I don’t mind it.
      Well congratulations on using the Net in 1991 in Aust. Sadly it didn’t help to prevent you from being stupid. And what are you trying to prove by saying that point anyway? To prove that you’re old or to prove you been to Aust?I really don’t have a problem if you use new technology. But the online dictionary and even the normal dictionary is not a new technology so I hope you don’t think it is. And I love technology. How else can I meet stupid people like you if not for the Internet? My remark meant that its sad that you have to use some translator/dictionary to reply to me. Do tell me what is so “cunt” about my remark? Is it a cunt remark to say you need dictionary or is it a fact?

      • Hala Madrid says:

        Why waste time engaging idiots who can’t even string a coherent sentence together? Waste of time and effort, and it only encourages them, and makes them think that their opinions are worth something to anybody else but themselves.

        I don’t give a rat’s ass about foreigners, despite having ‘lost my job’ to one (hey she was willing to do it at half the wages I was getting, and if she could survive on that, more power to her). I just went about doing something else. We don’t have much but we’re happy. I am raising my daughter to also not have an entitlement mentality just because she was born here. If you don’t like this place, do something to change it, or get the hell out. Complaining on Facebook or on different blogs will get you nowhere. And please, for crying out loud, stop acting like we’re in North Korea or Iran.

  31. Simon must be banned says:

    Seems like lot of immigrants like Simon have developed a hatred for singaporeans today & this is a real problem here & I can’t understand how any government can endorse this or just say I am not responsible after bringing them in, well do they really care & have a heart towards their own citizens. Personally I don’t think anybody should go on a hate campaign in a forum against another blogger that’s bad, but I do have a message for simon don’t expect any singaporeans have your own agenda ramp down our throats that’s Xenophobic.

  32. Steve says:

    Hey guys, Simon is a troll or some sort of plant put here just to stir you up. @Sgsgsg, don’t let him rile you up and don’t let him get to you. I understand what you’re trying to say and much of it is true. Many thanks and much appreciated.

  33. sal says:

    Paper qualification is norm nowadays, if u have a degree the F/T will have a master be prepare to start at the bottom n prove to yr boss about yourself. Knowledge n experience will give u the skills to move forward in your career.

  34. YL says:

    I think the true failure is that our education system does not prepare our children adequately for the world. The world is changing too fast for our education system to adapt.

  35. Hala Madrid says:

    Wow.. this Sgsg chap really has a lot of hatred in him…

    Dude, it’s just an online article.. You’re acting like this Simon guy came to your house and stabbed you in the face…

  36. Anonymous says:

    [...] old news. it was published way back in 2011 jan Ex-NUS Graduate: “I’m a failed product of our meritocratic educational system”*|*S… [...]

  37. sal says:

    Life is getting tougher…its about survival nowadays. The stronger survive, people tend to cheat, back stab n do anything to get what they want…be strong n don’t give up.

  38. sal says:

    Its not about paper qualification nowadays…bit if u have d qualification n d experience. U have better chance, cause company just want someone who come in n do d job efficiently without any hiccups. And skills come with experience n time….so doesn’t mean u have a degree or mba , u can do d job.

  39. Elfred says:

    Do not believe the shit about replacing the aging population. Many, and I mean many FTs are already into their 30s and 40s, in 10 to 15 years, they will worsen the aging problem.

  40. Reto says:

    Sgsg=stupid.full stop…double confirmed

  41. sg-overseas says:

    Reto=cunt! Period.

  42. sal says:

    Sporeans first policy…..Most countries implement this policy, vote for the party that implement policies that benefit the citizens.

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