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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Jobless IT PMET Gutted At Rejection By URA As Car Park Executive

Hi Gilbert,

Just want to  hear your input/comment regarding the following  job application.  I’m more than willing to work for such  a job if given the opportunity:-

Executive Officer (Car Parks) with URA

Your main duties include:- 

  • Supervise a pool of admin staff
  • Schedule field operations and plan duty rosters                                                                                                                            
  • Analyse and compile operation and admin reports
  • Maintain and operate a fleet of 5 vehicles
  • Handle enquiries, requests, and feedback on car park related matters
  • Conduct field patrols and audits at car parks


  • A polytechnic diploma
  • Good working attitude
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proficient at handling computer related works and use of Microsoft Office
  • Possess Class 3 driving licence

  I met ALL of their requirements but was  not even granted an interview and received a  straight  rejection!!


1. Am I over qualified –  perception that I won’t stay long in this job and  just want to  get in for temporary shelter…..etc?

2. Better still…now latest Singapore  retirement age pushes  to 68 years old. Can’t even get a decent job at forties….talk about retirement at 68 for true blue   Singaporeans?!    

Sad, sad, sad……….


Stanley (not his real name)


The rejection note from URA:-
 Dear Stanley,

Please refer to your applications with the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Our Selection Panel has considered your application and regret that we currently have no suitable position for you.

We thank you for your keen interest in URA and we wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

< User Name >
Human Resource Department
Urban Redevelopment Authority


A Brief Note About Stanley

Stanley is  an IT professional with 15  years of regional experience in IT service delivery in banking sector. After working 10 years with a US bank, he  was laid off in 2007 due to internal restructuring.

 About one month later, he  managed to land a job (contract) as a Business Analyst with a local bank. When the  contract ended, he  was jobless again for few months before securing  a job as IT Risk Mgr with another bank in Feb 2008.

 He left the bank in Jul 2009 to be a full-time care-giver for someone at home who  had a cancer relapse.     

 He  started actively  job searching in Feb this year but so far  has been  firing blanks. Though his forte is in financial IT, he is  open to other career options.

Stanley  has a second upper honours degree in business information technology from a top UK university. He is willing to scale down his expectations to get back to the workforce again.

 Employers keen to interview Stanley for any job opening can email me for his resume – Gilbert

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Jobless IT PMET Gutted At Rejection By URA As Car Park Executive”

  1. GUGUman says:

    too many people fighting for the post and likely could be your degree working against you. HR will always think that we are only in a transition period for job that might not be in our professional experience.
    The government tell us to not be too choosy but in fact many of times ..we are not even granted a chance to discuss with the HR as they are too busy working and want only to be cheaper, faster and betterer.

  2. Kevin Teo says:

    I went for a industry preview on Building maintenance conversion course, subsidised by govt, conducted thru NTUC e2i training center.

    I saw mostly 40s to 60s citizens, all with diploma and some with degrees (required). Why? Because we have too many mid to older citizens out of job due to high influx of foreigners working in S’pore !

    The question is not about whether we need them or not – It is about about many ? Why so many – 1.7m of them that makes up 36% of our total population ! In USA, it is 13% ! In South Korean and Japan, even lower %. Most developed nations have foreign workers making up less than 20% of population.

    So what the hell is our govt doing ? Importing them in to replace us ? So that many PRs can be converted into new citizens to vote for PAP in the coming election ? That’s what I read on some forums and blogs. I too believe so that is our govt’s intention !

  3. Ivan (not my real name) says:

    Stanley (not his real name),

    That’s the problem with employers these days. More acute in Singapore (other ASEAN countries less including China, go watch Chinese job ads to feel the difference).

    But should you one day be the recruiting manager and in the middle of another economic crisis, will you do the same and ignore older applicants?

    Meanwhile, as usual, there is no need to downgrade job level, not your level means you won’t get it. There are at least 3-5 more appropriately “qualified” applicants in the folder, anyone of them can knock you off course easily. Your age and experience is a weakness, strange isn’t it?

    IMO, the problem with/in Singapore is:

    1) employers’ thinking and

    2) Gov policies to force re-employment of older workers. Otherwise Singapore inherent workforce will experience steep sudden contraction and the Gov has no choice but to continue import younger workers.

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