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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Jobless ex-IT Manager who used to earn $100,000/year applied for fast-food job

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for posting two earlier mails on my jobless situation. I hope that the articles  have helped other jobless readers  caught in similar circumstances.

I am penning another article here and hope that you can publish it.

I do not get much help or moral support from my own relatives – some of them are working either in Australia or US.

Instead, they chided me for not being humble and not trying hard enough to look for a job in Singapore (I am not making things up … one even told me to look and take any job even if is a cleaner or waitress position and she does not believe why the employer wouldn’t accept me when I am far more qualified than the usual applicant).

 I actually did some of these suggestions  they insisted me to do.

For example, I applied for job at a fast food restaurant but the manager there thought I was ridiculing him. Even then, my relatives think I should continue trying.

My relatives do not even see a need to advise me on how to go about getting a job in Australia or USA which is why I have  to ask you or search elsewhere for information.

I suspect my relatives abroad do not realise how serious the situation in Singapore has become. My relatives probably do not know what is  practical anymore  because they have not been in this situation before.

I do not think my relatives realise the seriousness of the debt my family is in when I am not earning and my husband had to take $70K of unsecured loans from 7 banks to pay for his father’s gambling debts which nearly resulted his parents’ flat being confiscated by HDB. Knowing how selfish the Singaporean culture can be, perhaps all these tasks are just excuses for these relatives not to help me.

The reason for asking you to  post this mail  is because, rather than just rejecting upfront the advice from these people and get chided again, let’s see what others would have to say. Someone else may share that he has tried a method that has being successful in helping him get out of the rut.

After all, I just want to solve the problem  whichever way possible.

By the way, I got my scholarship from my university in USA. The scholarship  was  not from Singapore government.

My last-drawn salary was around $100,000 a year including perks and bonuses.


Kim (not her real name)

NB: Kim is looking for  any career  path that may lead to IT- related advancement such as training, consultancy, entrepeneurship, IT functional or any project management  in a new industry. Her previous work experience includes  directing, managing else executing delivery and support of supply chain specific IT applications. Employers keen on her resume can email me at - Gilbert.

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6 Responses to “Jobless ex-IT Manager who used to earn $100,000/year applied for fast-food job”

  1. The Independence says:

    Hi Kim,
    Perhaps you would like to look for IT training schools, Private schools which and try. i remembered a friend who just came back from UK with a first class honour degree work as part time lecturer in a private school (have to say many years ago). But now there are so many more perhaps more opportunities.

    Depending on relatives are useless, sometimes even friends..will only come to you when they need you.

    • admin says:

      I do agree that our experienced PMETs can try their hand at teaching private schools or even polys.

      Their industrial experience will help students better understand what they can only learn in theory.

      However, teaching in the private education sector needs alot of referral and openings are often through word of mouth.

      If matured PMETs here want to try out teaching in business subjects, I can refer you to EASB (East Asia School of Business). It is paid hourly though full time position is available if there is any vacancy.

      They can also refer to their website for more details:

      I taught business English in China EASB two years ago and throughly enjoyed the experience.

      • Kev J. says:

        Hi Gilbert, about teaching Business English or English for communication purposes in the EASB, what kinds of qualifications and experience do they specifically need at that level? Do you need to have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in English(mine was in English Literature)? Or do you need to go through some form of training such as the short term training courses held by the RELC or the British Council to do this teaching?

  2. Anon says:


    I don’t think it’s the Singaporean culture that’s selfish. I would think the Chinese culture in general is a selfish culture. I believe it’s got something to do with Confucianism. Amongst my own relatives it’s the same. My aunt despite knowing about my predicament still continually brags about her son (who’s currently working as a surgeon in the UK) and not even lifting a finger to help me nor even acknowledging it! Yet years ago my mum helped her husband get his first footing into the insurance business by getting him his first commission.

    Like yourself, I am turning to strangers for help and strangely, these strangers go all out to help!

  3. HSI Trader says:

    Ha! This is competitive evolution at work. Why are all these high earners complaining about their plight. First of all, they are overpaid for what they are doing in the information age where the efficient market hypotheses lower the cost of doing deals and getting things done.

    Why in the world should society let these people enjoy the perks of life when the value-reward ration awarded to them are skewed. They got filtered out and that too bad, now they must realise their real value in society.

    Besides it is their own fault if they had not planne for any contingencies while they are earning it easy. I say ignore these group of parasite, they will find their way for better or worse and society continue to be competitive.

  4. I seemed to be aware about this previously, but nevertheless there were some useful bits which completed the image for me personally, thanks for your time!

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