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Friday January 25th 2019

Singapore average earnings fell to $3, 819, unemployment remained unchanged at 84, 400

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3 Responses to “Singapore average earnings fell to $3, 819, unemployment remained unchanged at 84, 400”

  1. The Independence says:

    no need any statistics…
    wages are being deflated at all level in the private sectors, real wages going down, education costs going up, Purchasing power lower, escalated HDB, private properties prices …

  2. Kevin Teo says:

    ‘Average’ earnings do not tell the truth. Such figures can be skewed on the high side by a small group of very high earners.

    A better gauge would be using ‘Median’ earnings. We will find that the Median earnings of Singaporeans are actually lower than the Average earnings.

    Which means more Singaporeans are struggling with high inflations. And when we look at the food prices at food courts and eateries, the price surges are due not so much to imported reasons like flood at overseas farm lands, etc.. but mainly due to Singapore’s high rental costs as our govt issues land to pte developers to make great profits.

  3. Kev J says:

    Median earnings say nothing about individual earnings within a household. They assume everyone shares the same amount via the median. But a lot of people do not even earn that much at that amount, and I earn a pay of less than 1000 dollar per months doing various freelance jobs. My parents earn slightly more doing their own business, but it is not that much near the median of 1400. So, does that mean we are just simply lazy? The thing about a trust in statistics is that it is simply a blind faith. GDP says little about individual income, since corporate income already takes up a large part of GDP.

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