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Monday January 28th 2019

Jobless Reader Found Us in Reader Digest’s Article

Dear Gilbert

 My name is Helidor (not her real name)  and I am a middle-aged  Singapore citizen.

 I came to know about you and your website after reading a Readers Digest article entitled “Lost your Job? Here’s what to do”.

 I have great respect and admiration for you after reading about your effort to help others who have lost their jobs. It speaks volumes about your altruistic nature. There are not many people out there who have the courage and graciousness to start such a website to help others in need.

  At the moment, I am unemployed and looking for a job which suits my abilities, experience and qualifications.

 I am  unhappy with myself as I feel kind of useless not being economically productive. I believe I will only regain my full self confidence when I am back to work again.

 I am also fine tuning my resume again and intending to send it out to a few  more job websites. Whilst I am waiting, I am applying for part time jobs to stay relevant.

 Meanwhile, I am reading this inspiring book entitled “Be Happy”. The author has enumerated and addressed at length issues which makes one unhappy. One very authentic point he brought up was the fact that our true self or spiritual soul is  “inherently pure happiness, pure joy and does not need any further improvement”.

 Its our self belief which imposes conditions on how  we can experience true joy or happiness. What he says  made a lot of sense but unfortunately, living in this materialistic, competitive world which often measures a person’s worth based on his material possessions and wealth leaves one no choice but  to adapt, accept and meet up with those unkind expectations.

 Looks like I have become philosophical to some extent here.

 Emotionally, I also am at a low point and could certainly use some encouragement and advice from your counsellors. I would be grateful if I am given an opportunity to talk to your counsellors.

  Thanking you and Best Wishes for your continued sucess in this admirable project.



PS: We have assigned career coach Helen and counsellor K Mong to assist Helidor during this rough period – Gilbert

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