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Thursday January 24th 2019

Reader Unhappy That Local Weiqi Team Denied Opportunity To Participate in Asian Games

Hi there!

 I am aware of a petition running on your side. Do you know if it works when the petition is sent to the Prime Minister’s Office?

 I am part of the Singapore Weiqi Team invited to play at Asian Games but SNOC has denied us a chance to play. They require team results but weiqi in international competitions hardly have any team events at all. Information and petition can be found on this page!/group.php?gid=140842865936858&ref=mf and respectively.

 Our report is published on The New Paper today but the reply that we  received from Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) is unfair. Like you, I feel unfairness was  meted  towards our local Singaporean talents. I do not wish to make it a political affair, but reading some of the public’s reply  it does seem that the government places more emphasis on foreign talents than breeding local ones.

 We are a group of Singaporeans who have trained very hard from  young  since primary school and are good at the mind sports.  We have been  invited to participate at the forthcoming  Asian Games,  however, we are not  given the chance to participate based on unfair grounds! The whole sporting field is astonished that we are declined the opportunity to participate. Therefore, I feel for you in your cause as well.

 Please advise me on the most effective way the petition can reach the government. Thanks!

 Warmest rgds,

 Susan (not her real name)


Hi Susan
Thanks for your mail.
I am sure  you feel gutted that you can’t participate in the Asian Games after training so hard for the event.
Petition is one good way to raise awareness of the issue by  targetting a wider audience.
It is one good social way to bring like-minded people together online.
However, frankly, I doubt our government will relent even though there is  strong online participation.
Another way you can do is to raise a gathering at the Speaker’s Corner. This way, you may attract the press and even international attention!
I wish you all the best in your cause  and feel strongly that we should raise local sporting talents than merely importing them from abroad.
Let me know how I can help you to further your cause.
Take care and never  give up.
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