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Friday January 25th 2019

Jobless reader unsatisfied with service of employment agencies

Dear Gilbert,

I would like to request to meet up with one of your volunteer career  coach  to review my resume and  to discuss the difficulties  encountered while seeking re-employment.

In brief, I have been jobless for more than a year and  unable to secure a job. I have been to a few interviews but always ended up unsuccessful. Nowadays, recruitment consultants who called me for those jobs that I applied online will not consider me upon  hearing my long period of unemployment.

I am  perturbed as if  this continues, my unemployment record  will lengthen not due to my capability or  inability to perform the job responsibilities listed  but because of   the fact that no one is willing to employ me for reasons beyond my understanding.

Right at this  moment, I have also make the following  observations:

 1) Why must company HR outsources  the recruitment tasks to external parties  (i.e. recruitment agencies)?

¬†I feel a lot of them is not professional and do not know how to match ¬†the right candidates to ¬†the required job profile. For¬†example, ¬†if there is a job opening for ¬†”Unix Engineer”, some consultants¬† will match word by word based on whatever ¬†that is indicated on the resume -¬† job title, ¬†job responsibilities, etc. For someone who is familiar with¬†¬†¬†industrial profiling, they ¬†will know that candidates who ¬†are experienced¬† in “Linux”¬† have ¬†similar skillsets as a “Unix Engineer” ¬†and these are also ¬†¬†transferable skills.

Gilbert ‚Äď I do agree that agency consultants merely want to close a deal and lack alot of the soft skills that you have mentioned. Most of them are also rather young and may not have the necessary experience to job match properly. That is probably why I have never really encourage our guys to depend solely on recruitment agents. ¬†You can view the vacancies listed by the agencies and get an idea what are the current industrial ¬†vacancy trend but never depend on them to help you get employment. You will be grossly disappointed!

 2) Some recruitment consultants refuse my application due to my prolonged unemployment record and mentioned that their client (employer) will question  why this guy is jobless for so long. I am puzzled why  that happens  as most people will know the difficult  job market  since end 2008. It is as if I want to stay unemployed for so long!

Gilbert ‚Äď This is a valid statement by the employment agents as if you are jobless for more than a year, employers will start to wonder whether that guy is medically fit to work or have other¬†side ¬†issues. It is good thus to find some part-time work to fill up that empty slot in the resume. It also shows that¬†he ¬†is still active working ¬†away while looking for a more permanent job. It also reflects positively on him.

¬†3) There are job applications which I applied online and despite the ¬†employer viewing ¬†my resume 10 times, I received no calls from them. I wonder what are the concerns of the employer? (Let’s say I am confident I match ¬†most of the job requirements listed).

Gilbert ‚Äď I can‚Äôt comment here as I did not see the online job ¬†advertisement mentioned, sorry.

I would appreciate if you could email me once the  appointment is fixed. Really appreciate your kind help and assistance.


Peter (name changed)

NB: Peter has met up with our volunteer career coach Helen.

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5 Responses to “Jobless reader unsatisfied with service of employment agencies”

  1. online jobs are easy to get by but a high paying online job is difficult to get,;~

  2. career says:

    interesting post

  3. online jobs are great supplement to day jobs, sometimes you earn more in online jobs;-*

  4. ramesh says:

    how much mark do u get yrs degree?
    why are you not take goldmedal?
    jobleess people 85% in this world — job with correpection worker 15% where is honorable people?
    every company wanted only profit any cast?

    • abc says:

      Holy crap. Is this an example of the typical so-called FT?!? And companies (including stat boards and govt agencies) are actually willing to hire such people over locals?? Jiaklat man.

      WRT the original reader, another thing job agencies and companies look out for is your AGE. The companies won’t say of course, but they will verbally tell the job agencies. Most job agencies are quite frank and will tell you why you’re not selected, if you press them for answers.

      And from personal experience, sometimes it is better to just grab a job beneath your abilities e.g. customer service officer, clerk, etc. And look for opportunities in nearby offices, companies etc. Also gets you to interact with the “real world”, and practise thinking-on-your-feet skills and EQ skills, which will help when you subsequently need to parlay and BS with job interviewers.

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