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Friday January 19th 2018

Employ Singaporeans First! Petition Approaching Our Target of 1000 Signatures

Employ Singaporeans First! Petition Approaching  Our Target of 1000 Signatures

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

We have collected a total of 922 signatures to date for the Employ Singaporeans First! Petition and hope to achieve our target of 1000 signatures by August. I will then forward this petition to the Prime Minister’s Office. The signatures have being  a  bit slow coming but certainly worth the effort and wait.

We have also received a few mails from Singaporeans requesting how we can push this agenda further.  I solicit your valuable contributions if you have any ideas on how we can solve this dilemma of a large pool of skilled unemployed Singaporeans. Please email me at or All ideas will be posted on this blog after editting.

We also want to reiterate again that we are not against foreigners here. Their contributions to our economy have being immense and undeniable. What we are most discontented with is the government’s policy of not doing enough for Singaporeans and many have to flee abroad to find work.

I have attached some of the signors’ comments below and do spread the word around for our fellow Singaporeans to partake in this petition together.  Let us send the right message to our government to take better care of it’s own people first before allowing 100,000 more foreigners upon our shore.

922. Lynne Lee Dear Gilbert, thank you very much for doing this for our fellow Singaporean. thank you again and again..
915. steve There are plenty of hardworking people around. Some cost more than others obviously. A lowest cost approach is at best detrimental to the stability and future survival of the company, as you should ask yourself how low is low? Would there be any happiness in the bellies of your underpaid staff, Singaporeans or otherwise? Would unhappy and hence unproductive staff bring monumental growth to your company? Please exercise some compassion, spare a thought and hire people who have entire dependent families and for no fault of theirs suddenly became isolated and were neglected from receiving any free goodies, handouts or love from the state. This rapid and torturous removal of Singaporeans from the workplace gotta stop and an employer can lead by not being accomplice! Hypothetically speaking, an employer may one day end up in the very shoes of those people begging them for a job now. That’s the reality of the world and it wouldn’t be nice when it happens to anyone. Thank you.
909. Yogi Pralia Even yoga teachers are from Indian because Indians are cheaper. They can work for $20 per hour but our market rate is $80 per hour. All those from True Yoga etc., are getting injuries from doing yoga. You know how much true yoga charge you to go there get risk of injury from yoga? Their trainers are cheaper, and better to give you injuries.
788. Shan Lau It’s not really the employers’ fault, since foreign workers are cheaper — the solution is give more incentives to hire equally competant locals instead of making the employers feel that they are losing out. The system we have makes it too attractive for any employer to prefer cheaper alternatives to even the hardworking Singaporean, such as hiring a young inexperienced foreign worker instead of an experienced middle-aged local who could probably do a better job and communicate better with clients or customers. The change can only happen if people’s mindsets change, with some help from the people at the top of our system. (I am from the music teaching industry, and every music teacher here knows that for every ten teachers employed in music schools, nine are from Malaysia or elsewhere)
609. Iskandar B Hassan I’m giving this country 5 more years to consider staying. If the labour and immigration policies do not change. I rather serve my life and money to a country who treats it’s people with respect and dignity.
425. Then Ai Ping It’s not just about talent, but also in the service sector. Some of these foreign workers do not speak English, and neither do they provide good service. I’m concerned especially about the language issue because, what about our non-Chinese Singaporeans here in Singapore? It is just troubling to think that if I want a part time job, I have to compete with these foreign workers, and no, they are no talents. And neither do they have any loyalty to Singapore. I know this may be a private sector thing, not really a place where government would usually interfere but, government’s interference is nothing new. So I appeal to the government to please do something about it. Thank you very much, it is greatly appreciated. If you would like me to contribute any other solutions I would gladly take up this opportunity to help in whatever I can.
352. James KS Teo The Singapore Government must take care of its citizens first. The current provisions do not seriously address the urgent needs of the people. Whatever concessions there are are peanuts and an affront – especially to the seniors who had contributed significantly in the past. Schemes such Eldershield, CPF Life, Medifund, etc fall far short of the people’s expectations and needs. The Government seriously needs to address the people’s valid concerns once and for all. When it comes to social needs, it has always been a penny-pinching strategy. Why the heartlessness?!! 99\% of our seniors has an extraordinary deep sense of financial insecurity because of inadequate provisions by the State. For Singapore to survive, the State needs to look after this group of people ungrudgingly. Meaningful employment is just as crucial and being a CITIZEN must mean a big difference to all and sundry, the Government in particular. Let’s get our immediate and long term PRIORTIES correct.
341. Cindy Wong Yoke Mei We locals are feeling sad and frustrated with all these influx of Foreign Trashes who had comes and snatching up our jobs, seats in schools, transportation had become like Sardine Can and still they arrogantly laughing at us for having a stupid govt to let them comes in and enjoy the benefit (pretend to infront when our govt talk to them to be feeling gratitude only in TV but behind they say you are stupid). Really am frustrated how come we are to accomodate them while they not ??? What kind of stupid policies are our govt thinking and keep saying they are right ??? Please go to take MRT and visit crowded Shopping malls it’s now really like we are over populated not as Mr NTUC Secretary General say it’s a Right policy as he not in our shoe and he don’t know as he seat in his comfortable office and when visit people there already clean out the place then he goes and wayang to show off in TV and say his showing face in TV which made people want to vomit and switch off TV !!!
231. Terry Chan Most foreign workers we see are non skilled, working as cleaners, odd jobs, waiter and waitresses in coffee shops, hawker centres and also in supermarkets and fast food restaurants. Why are they being employed? Because it is cheaper . It is not that our locals doesn’t wish to take up all these jobs. The reason the wages doesn’t even meet with their monthy expenses. The locals have commitments like household utilities, children or old folks to look after, phone bills, TV license, etc. Whereas the foreigners can settle for a few hundred dollars and work for long hours. They have nothing to lose except the hours of work and still be able to send home a couple of hundred dollars. They do not have commitments but just rental of a room and shared with a few fellow workers, Just have a few simple meals and even cycle to work or stay close to the workplace withing walking distance. Raise the wages of our local workers to a sustainable level and they will be too willing to take up those jobs.
67. Don I am a PR married to a Singaporean. I support the idea that Singaporeans should always be given a fair chance to obtain a job regardless of age. On the other hand, I do observe that I (and many so-called foreigners) have contributed to the grow of companies that I’ve worked with and in turn these companies are able to employ more people. Of all the companies I’ve worked with, I observe that majority of the employees are Singaporeans and PRs married to Singapore. I am not too sure if the issue about older Singaporeans having difficulty getting job has to do with their jobs being taken away by foreigners or simply because their are being replaced by younger employees who cost less for the companies. I thought it may be good to put up a petition to gain support and create more awareness that Singaporeans of all ages should be given fair chance of employment.
10. L L Seow Pick the best person for the job, but do not shut the doors on Singaporean candidates just because they cost more. Train the local workers well, give them more responsibilities to live up to their higher salaries and familiarity with our country; and have realistic expectations of them. If they still do not match up to foreign workers, redeploy them or counsel them until all avenues are exhausted. That is all I ask.
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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Employ Singaporeans First! Petition Approaching Our Target of 1000 Signatures”

  1. David King says:

    It’s simple, look around you. The Singapore government has signed a memorendum of understanding with the Chinese Government in that they are not allowed to control how many workers from China work in that sector.

    Even if you think you have bought a Flat and that you are safe, think about the future generations, they will forever be fighting with the cheaper, the better and the faster as put so bluntly by someone.

    Call your friends and ask them to invite their friends… this is your childrens rights your talking about one, that your father and mother built for you. Assume that role and sign this petition Now !

  2. Henry says:

    Singaporeans are the ones who will stay behind to fight and bear the shit when troubles come, the males serve the NS to protect Singaporeans from foreign invaders, why are we being treated as 2nd class citizens in our homeland, tell me, will foreigners take the bullet for us?

  3. Rishi says:

    I’m a youngster in Singapore. From where this ”Foreign talent” policies is going, i don’t see a great future here. I aspire to be a pilot, it has always been my dream to fly, especially with Singapore International Airlines.
    My gut feeling is telling me that i can forget about flying with Singapore Airlines. As i’m sure in years to come, the pilots as well as the stewards would a PRC. I’m not against them here, however i’m against the fact that they’re are stealing our JOBS!! and seats in the Education institutes!!!!!!
    They have already conquered our jobs!
    and recently i read in a social studies text book, that a PRC had been given SAF scholarship!!! ok frankly he’s a foreigner and he’s in our army (he holds a quite a high rank) HE”S A FOREIGNER!!!!! HOW SURE ARE WE THAT HE’S GOING TO STAND FOR OUR COUNTRY DURING TIMES OF CRISIS!!!!! Since he’s not born here neither was he raised here, so he wouldn’t have the form of patriotism am i right to say that ?
    Do other countries do that ????
    I don’t think so . As a foreigner i don’t think you can be part of the forces that easily
    So why in the world is he Sponsored ? I’m sure that our fellow Singaporeans would have fought for that same sponsorship(as that is not given out easily) so he basically stole that away . So why won’t this kind of this anger we Singaporeans?
    Do we blame them or the government?
    Frankly i don’t blame them, our government opened our doors to them and they are here. But its like our government didn’t put a limit. Instead they opened our doors fully and went overboard.
    I agree with what Henry said”Singaporeans are the ones who will stay behind to fight and bear the shit when troubles come, the males serve the NS to protect Singaporeans from foreign invaders, why are we being treated as 2nd class citizens in our homeland, tell me, will foreigners take the bullet for us?”
    Exactly, will these foreigners take the bullet for us?
    will they stand beside us in our times of crisis?
    Or will they go scrambling back to their country??
    Why is the government is bringing them in in the name of” foreign talent”? IS THIS REALLY TALENT??????/
    the most annoying thing is that they work in places like coffee shops they don’t know what is MIlO PENG!!!!!
    this is not big but is our culture!!! OUR SINGAPORE CULTURE! WHICH WE ARE LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bus drivers are now them !!
    fine, on that the basic need of a public bus service driver is that you need to know the directions so that when passengers ask you can help them and ENGLISH !!!!
    they don’t speak English !!! ain’t that our main language?!?!?!?! i see them everywhere in our jobs!!!
    from Macdonald’s all the to BUS DRIVERS!!!
    I’m not hating them or against them i do have friends whom are PRC’S!! BUT ITS GETTING ON OUR NEVEVES
    I REALLY REALLY HOPE THE GOVERNMENT CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. It would defeat the purpose of we Singaporeans sever the nation and be loyal to it when the government itself is not loyal to us!

    • KEANE says:

      ask yourself will you still be there if your stated TIMES OF CRISIS is really happening?? your way of expressing isnt showing any respectful. plz reflect and repent on yourself.

      GOod day

  4. KEANE says:

    Its all because you guys cannot compete with the foreign talent.

  5. Charles Allsopp says:

    Quote from Don: “I am a PR married to a Singaporean. I support the idea that Singaporeans should always be given a fair chance to obtain a job regardless of age. On the other hand, I do observe that I (and many so-called foreigners) have contributed to the growth of companies that I’ve worked with and in turn these companies are able to employ more people.”

    I agree Don, and the task of integrating work and processes into regional HQs for Asia-Pac, in new offices in Singapore, requires those from overseas, and those with overseas experience. Then down the line more work comes to SG and clearly more staff are required at both professional and operative level: good for S’poreans. It could be difficult, and it would not be expected, for a non-travelled S’porean to manage a new office Infrastructure project (technology, apps, people, data centre) and people who travel the globe often do this.

  6. Jack says:

    I know of PR and foreigners working in NIE and MAS. When a vacancy is published, huge volumes of applications are received by the from Singaporean and non Singaporean. The HR will choose a PR if he/ she is a PR. The criteria for public sector jobs should be Singaporeans ONLY. Afterall, we have eg of private sectors specifying non Singaporeans even.

  7. Jack says:

    Charles – even if a Singaporean is employed in place of you, he would have also contributed to the company. Its not as if just because you are a foreigner, then the company benefits from your contribution.

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