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The woes of an unemployed

This comment appeared in the article “Unemployment Can Triple the Risk of Suicide”

 Nov 25, 2009 4:13 PM

Guest :

I needed this article because there are a lot of new stories on the economy and job losses, all depressing, but very few on associated suicides. I am very suicidal since losing a large majority of my income.

The thought of losing everything including my good credit, and having to move to a bad area or a shelter really keeps me awake at night. I take  sleeping pills to rest.

I wake up stressed about my reality – running out of money. I feel isolated at home alone, and I despise employed people who anticipate weekends because every day is a weekend for me.

I despise their petty work-related complaints, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are at least employed. I despise their job-related joy like promotions and new offices that they brag about on Facebook.

I feel that life is unfair because bill collectors only want their money, so my credit will suffer, and all associated benefits that I’ve enjoyed with great credit will likewise suffer.

I try to socialize. I put on a happy face as best I can, and I continue working toward improving my skills. That does improve my mood until another bill arrives in the mail, bringing me back to reality.

I pray for things to get better before I run out of money. It feels like musical chairs. The music (aka economy) stopped, and I didn’t have a chair (aka job).

I plan to continue trying, praying and networking. But if I get down to my last savings, I will try to make an attempt on my life because it will  mean that God has failed me. I hope not. He has never failed me before.

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  1. leow kian siong says:

    No worries….you are not alone.The good thing is after a while you will get used to being jobless…you will typically go into a state of shock, self denial, low self esteem…but it would soon be over.

    Probably you could start off with asking a lower pay than your previous last drawn to get your momemtum moving again.

    Good luck in your job search and lastly i like your t-shirt can i buy 1 from you…it suit me well.lolz.

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